Psychopaths seen from Beyond...from Above.

People have a very naive simplistic view of what a psychopath is. Watching too much TV and reading serial killers novels have something to do with it.

But just as there are different levels of human vice and corruption, there are also different levels of psychopathy.
As a matter of fact the two go together. The more contaminated a person, country is - the higher the level of psychopathy.

Now there are two kinds of psychopaths, grossly put. One is dumb and one is more sophisticated.

Both are terribly boring though, and truly there is absolutely nothing fascinating about them.

Because apart from wanting to destroy, (and again there are many levels of destruction - from outright killing to morally eliminating "opponents", using others and the rest...) psychopaths are really pathetic people. And in turn they form pathetic nations...

Whatever their level of "intelligence" - and I do not believe in the intelligence of the psychopath - he/she is very easy to unmask, despite his/her so called outward sophistication.

Once you get beyond the charms and the language/verbiage (and some can be eloquent - very rare but possible - most are blathering idiots though), once you get past the aura of strength and cold calculations - that the psychopath takes much pain into constructing, once you go beyond his/her ultimate arsenal, weapon - which is really to kill (again don't be a literal imbecile - there are different levels and many ways of killing) ---once you go beyond all of that - you will find that the psychopath is nothing but an amass of pure envy, someone driven by Impotence in the largest sense of the word...

He/she takes on all the allures of the Devil...and the devil is their best friend...

Satan, Al Shaytan had a conversation with God (as related in the Holy Koran). The shaytan  expressed displeasure for not having been the chosen one - for not being the object of worship by Adam (the primordial being as per Islamic cosmology). He/she felt outraged that all the Angels were commanded by Allah to prostrate to Adam and not to him/her. So the shaytan said to Allah - You have created me out of Fire and you have created Adam out of clay (meaning that Fire is eternal and Clay is not). The shaytan was very envious. He was not going to be the object of worship by the Angels...someone else took his/her place. Someone made of clay. A humble element, a fragile, easily disintegrating, easily broken element...nothing comparable to Fire that consumes and cannot be consumed...

I am putting all of this in relatively simple terms...and I shall continue...

So Allah/God patiently listens to the outraged, indignant shaytan, terribly crushed in his pride...and replies to him.--I know things which you have no knowledge of. Again terribly hurt in his pride, the shaytan replies to God - I will wreck havoc on earth. And again Allah replies  Go ahead and do so, and you will do so for a limited time only and remember you will never be able to detract /touch those who are faithful believers in Me.

So God decided since the shaytan was so full of it, full of his own fire - his abode will be the house of Fire - Hell. And he was cast down to the pits of his own element, his natural home... And God added - you shall do so (wreck havoc) for a "limited appointed time"

The shaytan felt absolutely no remorse in wanting to wreck havoc with Adam (human beings), his envy drove him away from God into his/her finality which he/she will never be able to transmute...or escape from.

The problem with the shaytan is really his idiocy. He/she is truly pathetic.

I find this character to be a classic cretin. He/she thought that his/her nature is unchangeable, eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent, ever living...but God - the All-Mighty said otherwise. He said for a "limited appointed Time" and He also said "you will not be able to touch those who are faithful to Me".

And the rest is history...the miserable, self consummated, self consuming shaytan sitting in his corner of hellish envy, lecherously coveting, started his/her own strategies - plotting, planning, scheming and his/her arsenal of weapons looked more and more sophisticated. All kinds of firearms - bombs, guns and the rest - brute force. But not only - other weapons were also devised - lies, deception, manipulations, rationalizations, denial, minimizations, justifications... and more weapons, subtle ones - eloquent glossy speech, charm, seduction, praise, humiliation, denigration, silence, indifference, apathy and the rest...I am sure you can complete the picture...all serve one purpose - kill, destroy, to appropriate the object of envy.

And throughout this shaytan's odyssey, the one thing that remains constant is this characteristic - a total lack of remorse.

Now this characteristic is what defines a psychopath par excellence. And if they do show any remorse, you can immediately tell that it is insincere - you know it - because something visceral, primordial in you -- makes your skin crawl with the depth of the insincerity.

Psychopaths, males and females -- are doomed.

Beyond their boring arsenal, their ultimate aim is nothing but to destroy you (remember the many levels of destruction I spoke of earlier on). But take heart, because they cannot and will not be able to do so. Here is the shaytan and his/her plan and here is God's promise.

I extrapolate from this "simplistic" level to other levels and I juxtapose it across, beyond individuals -- you or I may have encountered to -- peoples, borders and nations...

And my conclusion is all too obvious - from the many years of blogging and dealing with "people", I can tell you that the great majority of Americans fit the profile of the Psychopath. But not only, you can also add other countries. I'd favor Iran and Israel as psychopaths, as well...

I know so, because those you tried to destroy, obliterate, kill -- out of envy, greed and covetousness -- hear your rationalizations, minimizations, denials...and silence, daily, and they smile....They look down upon you and see you in Hell.

Oh, and they find you terribly boring imbeciles, too.

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.

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