Guilty even if proven Innocent.

I have a lot to do today, but I can't focus on anything. I have to write about this. Have to.

Some of you who have been following my blog regularly now (thank you) know of Kamel's story my relative who has been detained by the Americans on false "insurgency/terrorist" charges.

He was then transferred from a U.S prison to another Iraqi prison controlled by the racist sectarian Shias. In this last prison, the Shia prison guards asked for extortion money in exchange for his release, since there was no trial and no real charges.
The money was gathered and given as asked. They double crossed us and Kamel was not released.

Kamel is a frail over 60 years old man. In prison his health deteriorated greatly and visits were hardly allowed. He also contracted scabies and I wrote about that in my post called "Skins in Captivity". (see right at the end for links)

Yesterday, we were informed that he has been transferred to an American prison again.
And we were also told that he was found not guilty - again, and that there are absolutely no charges against him - again, that he is innocent and that he will be released "some day"- again.

As I said before, no trial was conducted in the first place.

What do they mean will be released some day ? The man is very ill.

They said he needed some paperwork done. What paperwork ? The man is innocent and they said so themselves.

"So when will he be released", we asked , "we don't know" they said "paperwork."

Omar, (another relative) on the other hand has been finally found.

I have also written about Omar. He was found in yet another prison in the South. He was shipped from a Baghdad US prison to a Basra (Shia controlled prison) about 2 years ago. Omar has been illegally detained for over 2 years and was underage at the time of his arrest. Again no charges, no trial. The only reason for his detention is because his name is Omar and he happens to be a "soooneeeeeee"

In Basra, he was placed in a prison that got bombed by the Mahdi army just before he was supposed to be released a year ago. Everyone thought he died and we could not get any news. Then his mother heard he is in some hospital for severe wounds but we did not know where and what hospital.

Yesterday, we learned that Omar has been transferred again to yet another prison in X location (will not reveal location from fear of reprisal). They informed us that he will be released - again, because found not guilty of anything - again. We know for a fact that Omar has been tortured since his arrest.

His poor mother, an elderly lady, travelled all the way to X. And once she got there to take her son, the sectarian Shias guards and I am starting to believe all of them are sectarians, asked her for 3'000 dollars - more extortion money.

This woman is in a very precarious financial situation. She begged them and told them "where can I get the 3'000$ from ? We are living off charity, the neighbors give us food when they can. I don't have such a sum."

They said to her "No money, no son"

And she returned to Baghdad empty handed...

So both Kamel and Omar are totally innocent, yet still guilty in the "new Iraq" simply because they are Arab Sunnis.

Sometimes I wonder who are more clement - racist Zionists or racist sectarian Shias !?

And Shias who are not sectarian and not infected by Iranism/ Khomeinism, do come forward and prove yourselves.

I made a similar request to the Jews in one of my posts. I said "Jews who are not Zionists do come forward", only one or two showed up.

I don't expect much difference this time around.

P.S : I just saw this article on Azzaman that very much corroborates what we've experienced ourselves. A must read.

Some of the previous posts on Kamel and Omar

- "Skins in Captivity"

- "From Sadr City with Love"

- "Fresh from the Iraqi oven"

- "A postcard from Iraq"

- "Excuse me Sir, how would you like your torture?"

- "Flash News"

Painting: Iraqi artist, Falah Al-Saeidi, 2007


Layla Anwar said…
Western shia sectarian shit,

I have already told you that this blog is not a platform for you and your friends who also post here under your pseudo ---not a platform for khomeinism and shi'ism.

You and your friends can go and make your ideological contributions to the Sistani, Sadrists and Dawa websites.

I am sure they will welcome political whores like you and your friends.
Anonymous said…
Baghdad Bob was a Shia too.
Layla Anwar said…

and you're a raving idiot.
Anonymous said…
I don't have any pseudos Layla, do you?

So you're back to deleting my posts because you fear that your truths are not exactly the entire truth and you don't want for them to be challenged on your blog?

When you delete my posts, you are proving yourself to be even more dishonest not to mention anti-secular Layla......
G.Gar said…
Western Iranian shitting Mosquito,

"who Baathists and Salafis like to claim allegedly hate Sunnis because they are Sunnis and not because they assume they are Salafis or Baathists who are anti-Shia)"

Your stupidity knows no limits; you have taken the entire universe as a domain for your mental illness.

There is no such thing as Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq. The majority of Iraqis are Arabs!

Both the fanatic salafis and the fanatic Khomeinist Shiites were struck by Saddm who wanted to drag Iraq, and consequently the rest of Arab nation, into the 20th century.

So now, can you see how ridiculous your bull shit is, when it is subjected to a simple reality test.

A significant portion of high rank officers in addition to top Baathists were Shiites.

Do the above qualify to your sick mind as crimes against Shiites?

It was Shiites who killed the invading Persian dirt and wiped them out in thousands.

So what is the inevitable inference anyone, provided that is sane, can obtain from this undeniable fact?

Let me tell you, since definitely your disgusting mixture of lowliness, ignorance, malevolence and deceit will render your Iranian constipated single-dimensional minded self unwilling to admit what is just and "true"

Majority of Iraqis are Arabs with loyalty to their country first and to the Arab nation secondly.

The only ones who were persecuted were those who showed sympathy or loyalty to the criminal medieval Khomeini/Khameini worshipping Iran. These were mainly”Iranian-Iraqis or, ultra-religious Shiites.

Sunni political Islam was in fact a red line not to be crossed in Iraq, as well. Thus any claims about a systematic persecution or state bias against Shiites are in no way whatsoever founded on any sorts of grounds, if any. For these ridiculous claims, schemed by the Iranian-American occupation, defy common sense, logic and reason. They only make sense to the malicious Iranian enemy and those who are addicted to the rotten speeches of mighty mouth Najad.

Then who is committing the crimes in Iraq and working in the open with Both the American and Iranian occupation to create an artificial sectarian division?

Answer is clear but-head; it doesn't take much speculation to say that it is the Iranian-Iraqis, who had been deported to Iran during the glorious Arab-Iranian war, lead and trained by Iranian intelligence elements in addition to being deeply infiltrated by the Iranian padastran and elements, leave alone the Iranian Quds brigades that are operating on the ground in collaboration with Americans in killing Iraqi officers and all those who stand up to the shrewd dirty Iranian influence in Iraq.

What are the alleged crimes the Farting khomeni-Khameni-Khatamy -Naiad Multi-headed hydra claim to have been committed against Shiites?

I tell you, for complex historico-cultural reasons the south of Iraq was poor and dragged down by myths that are related to its geographical proximity to the non- Arab, non-Middle Eastern Iranian Asian sphere”.

Hence, the martyred president tried his best to pull these people out of their misery and liberate them from the viscous circles inflicting the entire southern hemi sphere- these are poverty, illiteracy, and passé enervative religious beliefs. For the Arab hero to do so, he had no alternative but to break the back of the eternal enemy of Iraq and the Arab nation-Iran, as it was trying its best to export its Persian nationalism wrapped in an Iranian Black framework of retrograde khomeinist, childish pseudo-ideologies which are only to be bought by fools.

Ironically enough, Iranians themselves don’t buy much into this Khomeinist shit; although they are nevertheless very aware of the complex and subtle fashion Persian nationalism and political Khomeinist Shiisim are intertwined.
Anonymous said…

I hope people like Kamel are innocent and that they are released soon. Justice is a central pillar to the US COIN strategy in Iraq.

If the "Resistance" took over there would be fewer people in prisons. They would all be dead.

"Now, 12 years later, Mr. Shaati cannot remember if the women and children beside him screamed as the bullets hit, or whether the men in the hole moaned as they died. He only recalls a moment of hollow silence when the soldiers stopped shooting. Then came the throaty rumble of a backhoe and the thud of wet earth dropping on bodies. He survived but saw hundreds of other innocents buried in another of Saddam Hussein's anonymous mass graves."
-- The New York Times, June 2, 2003

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…

Justice is a central pillar to the US COIN strategy in Iraq:

From Ghosts of Anbar:

"Iraqis respond to a sense of justice. The importance of this fact cannot be overstated, and it is this sense of justice on an international scale that gets undermined when people are held in prisons without being charged with any crimes.

To many of the Iraqis I’ve spoken with, terrorists are fair game. Kill them. But if we kill justice while doing so, we will create terrorists out of farmers. Here the Marines are creating farmers, police officers, shepherds, and entrepreneurs out of insurgents. To do that, they have to be seen as men who respect and honor legitimate systems of government and justice."

1-119. The presence of the rule of law is a major factor in assuring voluntary acceptance of a government’s authority and therefore its legitimacy. A government’s respect for preexisting and impersonal legal rules can provide the key to gaining it widespread, enduring societal support. Such government respect for rules—ideally ones recorded in a constitution and in laws adopted through a credible, democratic process—is the essence of the rule of law. As such, it is a powerful potential tool for counterinsurgents.

From “Counterinsurgency/FM 3-24/MCWP 3-33.5”

Where is the Justice, Law, and Order that the "Resistance" will provide?

Greg from USA
G.Gar said…
Greg from USA,

You have no business telling Arabs how to run their countries. Our societies are thousands of years old with a civilsation that surpasses your material plastic Hilly-Billy one by milleniums.

So do you really think that a pig-headed retard like yourself, or your ilk of buffaloboys- with nasal-accent can teach their Arab lords what to do!? If resistance prevails, no one will suffer except the collaborators. Fair enough. Huh? I guess your brave boys must have learned by now that messing with Arabs is a big mistake.

With love from Russia...oops I meant Iraq.
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar is a nymphomaniac just like her ancestor the queen Semiramis.
Samer Dallasheh said…
Well, i know whats it like to be imprisoned for no reason...

Layla, you must keep visiting your relatives and give them motivation and have only positive thoughts. Just positive thoughts, never doubt. EVER.

If they don't free them, then bethen ellah, when all the Iraqi resistance form up try to direct them to the prisoners your relatives are living in then those guards will just be killed and your relatives will be free and so will many others...

Or you can try to send an email to the united nations, i tried they never replied to me, or you can meet with the united nations.

Its illegal to drag the arrest, its illegal to keep people in prison after they have been 'cleaned' of all charges. This looks like more pin on the U.S. Try to contact humanitarians... They help with these cases...

Remember Sami Al haj? 6.5 years in prison no charge, then the official u.s leaders deny his existence after he was set free... But if you tell them who Gilad Shalit is they go on blabbing endlessly about who he is....

Like i said i wish you the best and i will pray for you and your relatives. Just remember cheer up something good may come out of this .... Who knows.... Have faith.

And remember the past 100 years? all those writers and poets praising the West... Now look the west is pitiful and nothing but a house of cards that just collapsed (if you love gold, printed paper so much... I'll print millions of it to you and mine billions of it to you, does that help anything or make any sens?)...

Best of luck layla. Remember keep it positive. Am going back to defeat the System.
Anonymous said…
Amre el-abyab:
"If resistance prevails, no one will suffer except the collaborators."

So....who's going to be in charge? And "US Arab Lords" what US Arab Lords? Isn't that an oxymoron?
G.Gar said…
Arabs are free in their own countries, that reads in Arab mind-set "lords" and masters of their own destiny. This is what is meant by lords, as opposed to slaves licking the asses of occupiers.
Anonymous said…
thanks for the clarification....having a hard time determining who hates who....would be like a Muslim trying to understand the differnces between all the different sects of Lutherans or Mormons!
Anonymous said…
Ok, you got me. Good move.
Tell crocodile tears to stop the flood. Good lord, where'd you find talent like that? I havent shed that many tears in 20 years.
Anonymous said…
Paper work? Well that's bullshit. More likely they are planning to release a large group at once and use it as a propaganda tool. Probably waiting for the schedule of some dignitary to clear up so he can make a photo-op. If he is really sick we can't release him. He has to be treated. Wouldn't want people to think we neglect our prisoners.

This won't mean anything to you, but we do have strict orders to treat detainees humanely. It's not like what it was at the beginning of the war.
Layla Anwar said…
Amre Al-Abyad,


Thank for having the patience to do all the explaining. Am personally tired of their shit, and my level of tolerance has plummeted.
Layla Anwar said…
Samer D,

I suppose you have been a prisoner too, hence your words...

Allah yekoon be awnak.

Just by coincidence, and I don't believe in coincidence, a couple of hours after I wrote this post -- I saw this article that confirms every single thing I said.

Iraq Jails : Injustice, bribes and Torture
Layla Anwar said…

You still like like you breath.
Hopeless case.

Part of your rehabilitation program is to read DAILY and on a compulsory basis.

Start with this article for instance ---

BBC uncovers Iraq lost and stolen Billions of Dollars - MR ETHICS of my butt that you are .

or this one US army uses phosphorus of a family in the picture Grrrreggg you bastard.
Layla Anwar said…

hey long time no see...

I can tell you're still your old obnoxious self . Some things never change do they.
Layla Anwar said…

So I assume in between your drunken bouts, you are one of them brave boys eh ?

Well got news for you "brave boy" you and your army you're nothing but a bunch of murderous thieves.

Your murder, you rape, you torture and you steal...

check the links I provided to Samer D, and your buddy grrrrrrrrrreg from the United Asses.

And bad faith is your trade.

Shameless that you are.
Anonymous said…
What a fine company: the mental castrato ameronazi greg from usa, the mental castrato arabonazi amre el-abyad...
Anonymous said…
heads up:
A poem will be here in five minutes.
Anonymous said…
It’s a riddle for all and a few can claim
Exactly how many and who is to blame.

I.D.’s were many and the chat room was full
When Layla came thru like a raging bull.
Who is this chick that thinks she’s right?
And why is she always picking a fight?
She cracks me up with her sarcasm and wit
It’s amazing how many put up with her shit.

She argues with Sunshine and all the ladies
Hitting on men and driving them crazy.
Sunshine, Negar and Noola the Jew
Then there was Princess, to name a few.

It all started one day when I heard the hate
That was aimed at me and the U.S. of A.
So I searched the web and found a few things
Only to realize that Layla had wings.
How can it be that this woman is here?
When she claims to be way over there?

Next I found her fishing up north
Dancing with friends and smoking some pot.
Then she went down South to get plenty of heat
Without realizing that Lisa was tracking her feet.

The gig is up and I’m onto your game
Even with skills that are pretty lame.
My original plan was to leave it be
But then I found the AWB.
I had to keep quiet and not mention the hints
That allowed me to follow the web footprints.

Curiosity piqued and not one to back down
I started to read and look around.
The writing was great and decided to stay
Only to realize I could be the prey.

It all came to an end when I decided to confess
About how I was watching you make a good mess.
It was fun dropping hints about what I had found
When no one knew I was even around.
Cover your tracks and anticipate the game
Offense and defense are needed the same.

Who is Layla and what does she do?
A riddle and mystery without a clue.
She’s the lady of blues and adding more sites
Writing like mad late into the night.
A modern day Sybil wit hall of her peeps
Cruising the world and searching for creeps.

Little Deer and Jr are part of the clan
But I’m still Layla Anwars number one fan!
Layla Anwar said…
An Anti-Tribute

A fine tribute was for all to read
Had your say and it’s all been cleared.
My memory fails me today,
Maybe am getting old despite my way.
You haven't forgotten, wish I can say the same.
When all am able to remember are stupid and lame.
Sounds like I poked at you and that stirred you up.
And since then you’ve never given up.
What am I to make out of all of this ?
Apart from the clamor and the hiss.
You’ve dropped bags of names,
Like in some contest party fame
you leave marks for all to see,
and you stalk me with a sly glee.
OK you’re one up on my track,
I’ll do you a favor and cut some slack.
Unlike yourself with your many id’s
cowardly sitting and hiding your ip.
Lisa, Sunshine and Noola the Jew,
are none of my concerns, neither are you.
And if being a fan is your hobby and trade,
be a man, show up and uncover your head.
Unless you’re a female in a dress
in that case, you’ve hit on the wrong address.
Anonymous said…
I looked at the links. Can't really defend any of that. Their all true I'm sure. Was surprised at the use of Napalm though. Well if you will excuse me, I'm gonna look for my humanity at the bottom of some bottle.
Anonymous said…
"Amre El-Abyad"

"You have no business telling Arabs how to run their countries. Our societies are thousands of years old with a civilsation that surpasses your material plastic Hilly-Billy one by milleniums."

Your age sure does show. Somebody needs to show you the right way because for hundreds of years you have been fucking it all up.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
tribute surely is sick in the head
Layla's fan? you're better off dead
She hates everyone and you too
She'd shoot your brain and spatter the goo
You make the point she has sarcasm and wit
But the vision she sells is a pile of shit
Blood and vengeance is on the list
But Sunnis reject that and now they're pissed
Rebuilding the country is what its about
Iraqis have no time for this hateful lout

Greg from USA
G.Gar said…
Certainly the the shallow, ignorant, cowrdly U.S is not on the list of those who can guide our way out. In fact it is us who must teach the stupid nasal Hilly-Billies civilisation from scratch, leave alone manliness.

But since you apparently are so keen on fixing us someone who would get us out of the tunnel, then perhaps you could explain to us why whenever we are blessed with a good man who has got enough will, integrity and dedication to help us out, you come along and murder him like the mean hyenas you are. Does protecting your bitch, Israel really worth that much!?
Anonymous said…
I'm not the one tracking IP's and fishing online. Actually I think the real problem is that people are really pissed that someone with so little talent was able find something that shouldn't have been found. Hence the 24/7 stalkers.

It's ok, I understand. Someone has a seriously bruised ego.

How much money and resources have been spent on little old me in the last few years? It's really sad.
I think at this point, nothing less than killing me is an option because so much has been expended only to realize all I did was google a name.




I'd be very gracious if someone called me a genius, but somehow I don't see it
KM said…
anigitli ale awi unadena

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