A short note on the American-Iraqi Deal.

I am swamped. I am swamped with emails, I am swamped with articles, I am swamped with ideas, and swamped with posts in draft form and swamped with comments - 75% of which are pure GARBAGE.

There is much I want you to know. A lot of it comes from Arabic articles which I simply have no time to translate.

You must agree with me, I can't write posts, reply to 1000000 mails, read 100000 articles, reply to comments and translate - all at once...I am not the Goddess Ishtar, not yet.

So I kindly ask you and yes I can be very kind at times -- I kindly ask anyone who can read Arabic and has spare time to come forward and contact me. There are articles where I can use some help.

Not only me, but also URUKNET is looking for voluntary translators. I promise you, I will not harass you with long articles and will not ask you to translate word for word. Will just ask you to alleviate some of the workload on my back.

If you don't want to help me, then help URUKNET who is even a more important news source on IRAQ and which I urge you to consult daily --- a good place to start debunking a lot of your myths regarding Iraq.

Why this introduction you may ask ? Simply, because I am about to give you a very brief note on the US-Iraq agreement by linking to two sources.

One is the infamous Cockburn from the Independent and the other is from Al-Safir newspaper (thank you A). And this the ensuing analysis.

Basically Cockburn argues that Bush is trying to have this deal signed before he leaves office. Cockburn got a few facts wrong as well. It is not 50 military bases, it is 4'000 military posts around the country. Never mind, we will not quibble over a few thousands. That is not the point am trying to make here. You can read the article for yourself for all of its contents. A grotesque colonisation of the 21st century.

Now the Al-Safir in yesterday's article, in Arabic has another twist to the story.

Their reporter, Ali Al-Haj Yussef in Tehran reveals that high ranking sources in Iran have the perception that this is what Bush is looking for and that the recent moves by the Sadrists and Sistani in Iraq who supposedly "oppose" this deal are part of Iran's pressure on Bush to tell him that if he badly needs this agreeement with Iraq, he will have to sign with Iran a COMPREHENSIVE deal. A good sharp insight, I must add.

This explains the "resistance" speech by Nasrallah when he alluded to Iraq by saying that some "resistance" can be part of the political process and others should fight the occupation. Read my post "A toast to the Charlatans."

And that explains that after 5 years of fighting the occupation, it is only a week ago that Nasrallah suddenly remembered the resistance. And not the true Iraqi resistance who has been fighting the dual occupation for 5 years now, but the so called "resistance" of Muqtada Al-Sadr - the chief ethnic cleanser of Iraq and who is nothing but another tool for Iran. Like Nasrallah himself.

And this also explains the "miraculous breakthrough" in Lebanon following its last political crisis.

In other words, Iran is telling the US and the US is listening - trust me on that one - "WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER REMEMBER HOW WE HELPED YOU IN IRAQ."

Hmmm, I just "love" this kind of Iranian "anti-imperialism, anti-zionism" Don't you ?

A good critique of Nasrallah by the TRUE Iraqi Resistance - the 1920 Revolutionary Brigade can be found here. Again it is in Arabic. Hence my introductory "cry for help" in translation.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go and finish cooking dinner.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Shaker Al-Alussi


Anonymous said…
KARLMARXWASRIGHT--A long note on your short note. First of all, all the English language spin on this is garbage. Anytime you/one starts hearing about some sort of Bush deal and conflicts with Congress and Obama's supposed plans, etc., you can forget about it. It's as much fiction and spin as everything else. There are NO conflicts with Congress. Period. Congress is a lapdog. They do what they're told. All of it is posturing. I never for one moment doubted the continued, long term military presence in Iraq. That was a given to me from the very beginning. Cockburn is as much fictional narrative and spin about Bush, Obama, Congress, etc., as he is about everything else. I never bother reading these people for just this reason. It's simply regurgitated, rehashed garbage. It's not just him. These narratives get repeated ad nauseum in the corporate media and then the fake Left, as well. Ahmadimidget can't do any better than he's doing by providing the further pretext and rationale for extended American military occupation and presence in Iraq and the region. It/he is perfect. Iran's role is perfect. Perfect for McCain. Obama is irrelevant. This is going to happen no matter what.
Meanwhile, regarding translation. I will give you a further burden. Ironically, I was thinking about you in just this area. FYI, "For Your Information" AND AMUSEMENT and any others. Yesterday, June 4, the "Congressional House Foreign Affairs Subcmte" held a "Hearing with Iraqi Parliament Members." Iraq's Parliament Members testifying needed translators, who sat next to them. I thought of you and said to myself, how much better a job you could do and how much more entertaining, interesting and amusing would be your ad hoc remarks, commentary and contextualization in addition to direct translation. I only heard alittle bit of it. It was a few hours long. If you want to see/hear it/them, what they said and how it was translated go to the www.c-span.org website and look for the video with the above named event and date, "House Foreign Affairs Subcmte Hearing with Iraqi Parliament Members," June 4, 2008. It's on the www.c-span.org homepage listing of recent events at the bottom/middle of the page.
Anonymous said…
Same problem here
Anonymous said…
"And not the true Iraqi resistance who has been fighting the dual occupation for 5 years now"

So...who are the true Iraqi Resistance?

This is a sincere question by the way, and cursing Western ignorance will not help. Who's side are the Iraqi police on, it sounds like they are helping the Americans? I read i study but I can't find "a name" or face of the folks you hate, beyond the West, Sunni's, Shia's.AJB
Samer Dallasheh said…
Hello i already have left Uruknet.info an Email asking them if they need any help, its been weeks and they never replied.

I can help you at my spare time, although i have many exams right now i can still help if you need anything.

My email is samerdl@gmail.com .

Am an Arab Palestinian with an Israeli id card. I write Arabic Fusha, Hebrew, and English. And i try to write them all with the fewest errors possible.

So if you need anything just email me and i'll see if i have the time.

Samerdl@gmail.com .
Thank you, Jazak allahu haira, wansha allah noharer el Iraq.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank your for your comment.
I will disagree with you on one point -- namely the re-election of mc.cain,

I doubt very much, unless the Americans are absolute, irreversible, irremediable idiots--something I don't preclude by the way -- I doubt very much the republican party will be voted this time around.

Not because Americans suddenly saw the light - oh no, but because a lot of information has been coming out from ACLU, Human rights org, even mainstream media overtly criticizing the bush admin for gross human rights violation, lack of transparency- not that they care about iraqi money.--its the dollar dear, it's the dollar they love and worship, and today senate stated that there bush basically lied...compound this with the fall of the dollar, etc...and the democrats singing to the Iranian tunes who is by the way pumping lost of money in the so called "american left" for propaganda purposes --and you will get a fuller picture.
Layla Anwar said…

Yes it is a problem indeed and I suppose you have it as well.

By the way since you are "here", I need to tell you that your last post on the 1920 RB and Nasrallah is totally off line.

You accuse the Resistance of being sectarian when in fact you overshadow and ommit to say that Nasrallah did not support the Resistance in the past 5 years of occupation. I think that is quite shameful of you.
Layla Anwar said…

Since after 5 years of occupation you don't know who is what but give yourself permission to condemn those "terrorist who blow themselves up" -- I will not dignify you with a response.

As the proverb goes -- you can take a horse to water...Or was it a donkey ?
Layla Anwar said…
Samer from occupied Palestine,

Hala wa Marhaba,

Thank you sooooo much. I will definitely write to you. And will write to uruknet as well to tell them you have offered your help. A lot of the emails get lost by the way ....so am sure they will get back to you.

Jazak Allah alf khair, Long live Iraq and Long live Palestine-- Free and dignified, insha'Allah.
Anonymous said…
"This explains the "resistance" speech by Nasrallah when he alluded to Iraq by saying that some "resistance" can be part of the political process and others should fight the occupation."--LAYLA

Let's get something straight here Layla, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah clarified in his speech that he is ideologically with resistance against the occupier to end the occupation, not with those who participate in the political process with the occupier to allegedly end the occupation.

Hezbollah is a Lebanese national resistance movement. If Hezbollah gets involved with the resistance in Iraq, which it has already been accused of by people in the Bush administration, it will be giving the Bush administration the ammunition it is looking for to use against the movement in the international community. Resistance against occupation has to come from the people within each country that is under occupation for it to be considered in today's so-called War against Terror climate as a national resistance movement.

The only thing Sayed Hassan can do in the present situation is encourage resistance as opposed to participating in the political process. Look what happened when Hezbollah decided to join the political process in Lebanon, they have had nothing but problems from people in the government who had aligned themselves with the U.S.

When the U.S. was going to attack and invade Iraq Sayed Hassan advised the Iraqi people to have an agreement drawn up with Saddam Hussein and join him in resisting the invasion. Yet they didn't take his advice and see what happened...
Anonymous said…
western shia woman,

kiss emmek a3l emm nasrallah tab3aek ya americaniyeh ya a7beh.
Anonymous said…

i am uruknet editor. I thank you so much but I didn't get your message (i checked again the old mail and nothing at all). However, i've just emailed you.
Anonymous said…
What a great site. Balances the always Fair and Balanced Fox news network :)
KM said…
nish-nah-tah-wana-keeyah :-)
Layla Anwar said…
western sectarian shit,

you lowly, debased, blog scrounger - you must be orgasmic at the name of nasrallah being pronounced. Sorrowful, pitiful specimen of a "woman" that you are.

nasrallah, your "sayyed" and american women love to be ruled and abused by male turbans including local white ones -- is a sham, a masquerade, an iranian clown of the first order...

As your American "poetess" Sylvia Plath said, when speaking for AMERICAN neurotic, masochistic women like yourself -- "every woman loves a fascist." And you just keep proving her right.

So tell us, how many nasrallah types did you have to suck up to so one can finally agree to bed you?
Layla Anwar said…

did your gems of wisdom come after or before your 24th budweiser ?
Layla Anwar said…

Speak Arabic or English or nothing.
Anonymous said…
powerful blog.
Anonymous said…
dear layla,

you have a way with words, thank you.
Samer Dallasheh said…

History of Gaza if any one cares..

Just a few Errors, the Population right now is nearly 1.5 - 1.6 million.
G.Gar said…
Western shiite woman

It is very annoying for us, the readers who come here to read Layla, to find you spamming the blog with your stupid bullshit.

Start a blog where you could jog down as much of your mental diarrhoea as anybody can , or else, just fuck off and stop poisoning the blog.
Anonymous said…
HE Izzat Ibrahim Addouri speaks:

Anonymous said…
Layla, dearest, that was a dirty mouthed, shoddy comeback with no substance whatsoever to back it up...
G.Gar said…
Western Iranian lowly crap.

Don't you have any blood running in your muddy Iranian veins!?!?

You have been so far sprayed with truck loads of pesticides that theoretically are quite sufficient to exterminate the entire populace of QUM, yet, still, you come over here buzzing and drivelling with your mouthful of puke.

I swear to Allah if I get to see your detestable self in person, I will take off my shoe, dip it in a toilet full of shit then bang your head with it along with any Iranian who happens to have gulped down enough pills of courage that can cap his daily dose of 3ajmy "Persian" carpet lice, as to make him stand in my way.
Debi Brand said…
I'd like to join the conversation here and, while we aim to identify just who is it the Resistance is comprised of, hoist to the fore, the recent comments from Addouri.

The link to the Addouri interview is listed above. If that fails you, try this one:


To me, his comments concerning the Resistance are sound: it is Iraqis, seeking to liberate their nation from all foreign occupiers, chiefly, from those from the US, because they see the US as invaders (not Liberators), there to efface their nation's identity and steal their oil.

My question is this: if the mission of the US was to "liberate" the Iraqis, why are the Iraqis fighting for Liberation fighting the US?

If the Iraqis are fighting for freedom from US occupation, that answer seems simply: to give the Iraqis the freedom "we" stated was our purpose in this venture (hence, "Operation Iraqi Freedom"), we need to pull out. Cease "the occupation" of Iraq.

Anonymous said…
response to Layla and Karlmarxwasright re Obama v McCain

When it comes to whether Obama or McCain wins the US elections. It will depend who Rupert Murdoch backs. Murdoch backed Obama for the Democrats. The undeniable historical facts show that running true to his usual form, when Murdoch backs a candidate they never lose – hence Obama. for Democrats. I would suggest people should take the opportunity to give themselves a rest from all the useless and unnecessary political forecasting and usual media nonsense,and wait until near the elections to see if Murdoch switches sides. If he does then McCain is in. If he sticks with Obama, then Obama is in.
Also bearing in mind that Murdoch is a power behind the neocon/zionist throne. So whoever he backs will have had to agree to his conditions.
Anonymous said…
So...if miraculously all the American occupiers left Iraq, who do you want to govern your country?
Layla Anwar said…
western shitty woman,

Do you really want to know what is shoddy and dirty mouthed ? YOU and your garbage.

you have no morals whatsoever...while Iraqis are still being kidnapped, tortured and killed by the sectarian shia militias you have the fucking audacity to come to this blog - when there are a 1000 other blogs singing the praises of your sayyed and turbaned snakes, to preach to us , to me . You lowly, worthless piece of garbage - who can't show the minimum of Respect. If we wanted to read your FARS news, we know where we can to go.
And if you can't respect anything but your mortal shits that you worship like a God, then don't expect respect in return. And do keep expecting more truths thrown in your dirty face.
Layla Anwar said…

I am no clairvoyant, but I definitely see the winds blowing towards the democrats. Not that I particularly care - For me all Americans and all of their politics is an endless game of deception, perversity, ignorance and arrogance.
Layla Anwar said…

yes I read it, will reply to you you know where...
Layla Anwar said…

hello and thank you.
Anonymous said…
"re kofi,
yes I read it, will reply to you you know where..."

Layla, sorry to say this, but Re Kofi posted a link to an article/interview about the Resistance published on Uruknet, not a personal message about some private matter between you two.

Can ALL of your readers here be informed of your greatly valued opinion on such a delicate subject ?

Thank you very much and God bless.
Anonymous said…
I am drinking bud light tonight... can't say how many cans because we have a keg for tonight. Have a great weekend everyone :)
Anonymous said…
KARLMARXWASRIGHT--Bluegum is closer in her analysis than Layla, sorry to say. I'll be doing more blogs on this. I think it's clear that the first part of what I said is/was correct. The outcome of the election is PREDETERMINED, then,the strategy is put into place to make it look like a real contest. It's rigged, fixed, just like any other sort of event whose outcome is fixed,but,for the sake of political facade, i.e, the democracy canard, it must look like the "people decide." The point being, the people decide nothing.
One little footnote regarding translation. Speaking in behalf of myself and POSSIBLY other English language consumers of translated material,the grammer, precision, "correctness," quality, etc. of the English translations definitely DOES NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT, precise. This is totally irrelevant. I can understand most any English in any form, no matter what grammer and words are chosen, etc. Besides, most people who speak, read, write English barely know their own grammer. I've always said, English is a very forgiving language. I can figure out what is MEANT, the information that is trying to be conveyed. I and I hope I speak for we are eternally grateful for the effort that goes into ANY translation for those afflicted with the one and only language disease.
The rest is for the hair splitters, the linguists, the academicians, the professional translators. They can quibble amongst themselves about the manner in which something is translated--an art form, I know.
Anonymous said…
Hey Layla, not that this comment has anything to do with anything, but it does address the "Powers That Be", huh? And being as how they are so needy for attention, here it is.... hope you don't mind.
Your pal in solidarity, Anonymous2.

A foul stench permeates the whole city. It is an acrid, choking stink that burns the mucous membranes of the eyes and throat and singes the nose-hairs like a feather held to a flame. Grown men faint and the city's feral dogs pause from licking their balls, look up and promptly keel-over. What has for months been an unpleasant pong in the streets of Napoli, has turned unbearable with the arrival of Silvio the Slick, Imperator Parvenu Revenu. Astounded, shocked and enraged that his edict, uttered from the marble halls of his Milanese palace soon after seizing power, was not obeyed, the Imperator Parvenu has descended on the stricken metropolis to have a look at the situation for himself and, always one to lend a helping hand, has brought his household trash along to contribute to the mountains of garbage already there. "Eh…!!! Clean up-a that-a fuckin-a mess you dirty God-a Damn-a Wops," he had proclaimed, taking a pause from licking his balls. Or perhaps they were the balls of his Mafia bosses. But no matter whose balls they were, lick them like a scoop of melting gelato he did. About to ask the US Air Force to fire-bomb the city, the smirk was wiped from his cosmetic surgery-enhanced face by one of the people hired to do the thinking for him. "Que!!!??? You gotta be fuckin-a kiddin!!!! You-a kiddin me, right?", he asked in disbelief when informed the EU would not tolerate such an action. "What's-a matta with those-a God-a Damn-a woosies in-a Brussels-a anyways-a? This-a she's-a de perfecto solucione to-a da problem, eh? My-a fren Giorgio Booshie, he gonna send-a da planes, drop-a da nice-a phosphora bomba and da whole-a thing be-a take-a care. And-a Giorgio, he-a solve-a two problem at-a once for-a me-a, He ees get-a rid of-a all-a that-a garbage and-a teach all-a dem-a other Wops that-a don't-a get fry a big-a fuckin-a lesson they don't-a soon-a forget, eh?" But informed that his friend was currently busy licking balls in another part of the Mediterranean and would be unable to come to his aid, the Imperator Parvenu said, "Eh, fuck-a him! I gots-a me de better idea, anyways-a." He told the citizens of the ancient city that he would import boatloads of African refugees to collect the garbage and dump it into the crater of Vesuvio. "And-a if-a couple of-a dem guys-a dey fall in-a, fuck-a dem, eh? They-a use-a to de hot-a place-a anyway-a. Is-a already God-a Damn-a hot-a where-a they-a come-a from." And with that, the Imperator Parvenu boarded his jet and left the city, which immediately smelled less foul. Feral dogs lift their heads again and resume licking their balls.
bARABie said…
"I and I hope I speak for we are eternally grateful for the effort that goes into ANY translation for those afflicted with the one and only language disease."

I must have this "language disease" because i can't understand what the fxxx you are talking about in the above sentence.

Btw, i disagree with your opinion regarding badly translated articles.
One generally doesn't want to waste the time trying to figure out what is being said. In fact, most times when the English translation is bad, i move on to the next article or try to improve the translation. Which in itself forces me to concentrate on other things besides the gist of the article, like bad grammar.
bARABie said…
"Also bearing in mind that Murdoch is a power behind the neocon/zionist throne."

Not quite true!
Murdoch does have power to influence the election but doesn't have the power you speak of.
Remembering that Murdoch was nearly declared bankrupt only a few years ago, how did someone come from near bankruptcy to become the "power behind the neocon/zionist throne"?
If i recall during these past 8 years of dumbya mayhem, fox was towing the government line not the other way around.
bARABie said…
"Still deleting my comments Layla?

Why would you be so afraid of what I contribute here blah blah blah"

Do you know what boring is?
It's when your momma is awake, ask your daddy.
Anonymous said…
Just a thought... from Anonymous2

All too many of us, when reading, responding to, or thinking about the words of others seem to perceive those, or react to them through the filter of our own issues, desires and impetus. This is perhaps entirely natural, but should we not accept those words for what they are expressing rather than what we cannot express but long to: but having no original words of our own with which to express our longing, force those words before us to do our bidding? And resent them when they do not?
Anonymous said…
response to Barbarie - Murdoch power - not quite true

One may find on the News Corporation's company profile, the CEO and Chairman, Rupert Murdoch's 'famous quote' “FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE, OUR COMPANY IS A REFLECTIONS OF MY THINKING, MY CHARACTER, MY VALUES.”

Well, we are all aware of Rupert Murdoch's views and values aren't we. THIS IS THE MAN THAT SPASHED ACROSS OUR MEDIA ''THE TURKEY SHOOT” His view of the horrific human scenes of death suffering, and carnage the US carried out against the Iraqi soldiers and civilians in the Gulf War.


Then we should look at MURDOCH'S support of Israel/Zionists power. What would they have done without Murdoch?

MURDOCH AN AUST. NON-JEW HAS BEEN THE MAJOR VOICE OF ISREAL SINCE 1968. His pro Israeli/Zionist daily views and values on this issue we still read for news. For this in 1982 he was honoured by the American Jewish Congress as “COMMUNICATIONS MAN OF THE YEAR' in recognition of his continuing support of Israel and Jewish interests in the United States.

Again in Feb.1997 New York, Denver, we see Murdoch guest of honour of the United Jewish Appeal at the King David Society (e $25,OOO is bottom-line membership) he was presented with 2 jewish scrolls – price not disclosed.. Then in the following May at the Waldorf-Astoria he is was guest of honour receiving a night of tributes that climaxed when Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his personal eulogy to Murdoch and officially named him HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR - THATS POWER!

When Kevin Rudd was gearing up for the political leadership in Australia. His first stop for support, was to fly to the US and visit Murdoch, not the US President. For Murdoch's support Kev would have agreed to full support for the US/Aust alliance in Iraq and Afghanistan!. Full support for Israel/Zionists! Full support for Murdoch's business interests in Australia! - Kevs in now of course. THATS REALLY POWER!

And by the way Rupert has more empires than the media. i.e. US military weapons industry, aerospace industry ,private health industry, tobacco and cig industry, sports industry, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. THATS MORE POWER!

From this Murdoch definitely sits secretly in the room with the the corporate US neocons/zionist-israel cabal. Wait for the US elections and see. THAT POWER!

Author Neil Chenoweth in his book “Virtual Murdoch” makes a very interesting observation of Murdoch where he states, “Murdoch is arguably the most secretive figure in the media world”. To me Murdoch is not only the most secretive figure in the media world, but also in his other worlds. And he has been able to be secretive and powerful, because we have failed to efficiently dissect and expose him.
bARABie said…
"Rupert's father Sir Keith Murdoch [see below] attained his prominent position in Australian society through a fortuitous marriage to the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, née Elisabeth Joy Greene. Through his wife's connections, Keith Murdoch was subsequently promoted from reporter to chairman of the British-owned newspaper where he worked. There was enough money to buy himself a knighthood of the British realm, two newspapers in Adelaide, South Australia, and a radio station in a faraway mining town. For some reason, Murdoch has always tried to hide the fact that his pious mother brought him up as a Jew..."
bARABie said…
I came across the following by sheer chance.

"Spotlight [a rightwing Washington weekly published by Willis Carto] in fact examined Murdoch in considerable depth in no fewer than three issues, 30th January and 6th and 13th February [1984]. My friend Ivor Benson whom I regarded as a very judicious observer and commentator, reckoned, along with Spotlight, that his meteoric ascent was completely artificial, and that he was a front for far more powerful super-rich subversives, Michel Fribourg, Armand Hammer and Edgar Bronfman, "all of them part of a super-rich 'Zionist Mafia'", to quote Benson, who added: "By comparison with these three, Murdoch is just an ambitious midget who has been given the job of drawing all the public attention away from those who make the real decisions." (Benson's Behind the News, March 1984)"
Debi Brand said…
Layla, this is an interesting conversation going on here (plight of the women in your area). I do sympathize, greatly, with your plight, as you state it is.

My question to you is, what changes would you like to see in your nation and region? How do you think those changes can become realities? How can the western world help in that, if they can help at all.

Additionally, if I could again, direct your attention to the recent interview with al-Addouri, on just who the Resistance is, I am, as other readers here have also indicated, eager to hear your comments on his.


Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

You should like reading the following article I ran across:

Iran fumes as Syria nods to Arab world
By Sami Moubayed

KM said…
Layla Anwar said…

since you are follower of Iraqi politics, you must know what the pre-occupation status quo ( minus the sanction years)was like - right ?

And the only way the western world can help is by not helping at all- in other words - STAY OUT OF IT, because they are the root cause of our problems.

As for the interview, I have nothing to add to what Al-Dourri said.
Anonymous said…
mother fucker...ugly Arab bitch
Layla Anwar said…

you have really hurt my feelings now---will I ever overcome this sense of injury ? ha!
Debi Brand said…
Layla, thank you for responding to my comments.

And I do understand you clear. What's more, I agree fully with you.

The US has no damn business in your country. We are the biggest damn fools to state, this "expearment" in Iraq is "Operation Iraq Freedom," while, the Iraqis are, and understandably so, fighting us, just like Addouri states, "unarmed and armed," for thier freedom.

I agree completely with what you state. What you all do in your country is your business, not ours.

Iraqi Freedom means Iraqis free from Occupiers.

I know, if someone invaded our nation, as a resident of this nation, if one wanted to defend oneself against that invader, one would do what ever one could to do so.

I believe, the Iraqis need to send that message to DC and to every American City; tell America, boldly, "you are unwanted in our nation, we seek freedom from you."

I even suggest you start a campaign and call it "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

Do that, for the Iraqis, who, clearly, want freedom from the US and others.

Paste the name of your campaign--"Operation Iraqi Freedom"--for freedom across the globe, for the world to see and the world to know, Iraqis demand freedom. So so, at the UN, and across the world, help us put an end to this idiocy.

Iraqi Freedom means, just that: Iraqis free from occupiers, free to run and govern their own nation, free to enjoy the benifits of right choices or suffer from wrong choices, as we all are.

Thanks again, for responding.

And for anyone reading this who has yet to read the truth on the Iraqi Resistance, refer to Addouri's interview.

Wake Up, Amercia, Iraqi's want to be free--free from us,our meddling, our occupation of their nation.

Debi Brand said…
"So so, at the UN, and across the world, help us put an end to this idiocy."

Opps. That should read "Do so (not "So so"), at the UN . . . .

Cecilio Morales said…

The West is not the "root cause" of Iraq's problems -- unless you mean that the British foreign office is responsible for having invented Iraq in 1931. For actual root causes in the socioeconomic and political structures of the Mesopotamia and near by regions, you have to go a good deal farther back than that.

Debi Brand said…
Layla, or any other Iraqi readers that would like to comment on this article, if you would, please read this article and comment on it accordingly.



Thank you.


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