"Detritus of Knowledge"

Iraq, once famous for its Libraries, Universities and Schools...Once famous for its best educational system in the Middle East, for erasing illiteracy, for producing top notch academics, scientists and doctors, for supporting overseas students in their studies free of charge, and only God knows how many Palestinians, Egyptians, Somalis, Sudanese, Mauritanians, Jordanians...graduated from Iraqi universities...

Iraq, the center of knowledge, culture and publishing...Look at it now, just look at its educational system. There is no educational system left, it is in debris, in ruins.

This American-Iranian occupation needs, demands, that Iraqis revert to a state of ignorance. And that explains why the American and Iranian secret services with their list of academics, went hunting for them one by one. And most Iraqi academics have fled and over 1000 have been murdered by the CIA, Mossad and the Quds Brigades from Iran. FACT.

This Occupation necessitates burned down libraries, empty school benches, torn books, stolen university equipment, militias on campuses, a sectarian government that will hamper any real educational development. This Occupation necessitates empty university halls, empty class rooms, empty bookshelves, empty bookstores...

It needs to erase all past knowledge so it can substitute it with its own. Its own interpretation of history, its own political agenda, its own ideology. And that is why the only books you can find in today's Iraq are books from Iran on Shiite theology. These are the only permissible books today.

But it doesn't stop there...

Ideological brainwashing requires that people stop learning. Specially if they are from the wrong sect. And that is best achieved through Terror. The Occupation and its puppets are terrorists of the first order. Real terrorists.

Terror is a tactic, a strategy to prevent you -- from sending your kids to school, from encouraging your sons and daughters to pursue higher knowledge, from embracing academics, doctors and scientists...Terror is used to keep the people you dominate in a chronic state of ignorance.

If you are looking for a model of what a tyrannical dictatorship truly is, have a look at Iraq under the American and Iranian Occupation. There is REAL dictatorship for you. Right there under your nose.

But this is not the main story tonight. The story am about to tell you, and I doubt very much you will read it in your media, happened yesterday at 11 am, in Adhamyia and was covered by one Iraqi satellite channel only. I need to remind you that Adhamyia is now an all Sunni walled neighborhood - ghetto.

It is year-end exams in Baghdad. Around 1000 students from the College of Education in Adhamyia had to walk two hours to get to their exam hall. They were only allowed to carry pencils and an ID card. The exam was to start at 9 am. They are in their final year. They arrived at the hall, many names were missing from the exam list, deliberately so. They waited till 10.30 and no one gave them the exam questions and they had to hand in their papers by 12.00 pm.

They grouped together and demonstrated peacefully in front of the exam hall. The Minister of "Education" arrived. A sectarian Shia by the name of Khdayer Khozei'i. I think he belongs to the Sadr party.

The students explained to the Minister of "Education" that many names were missing from the exam list, that by 10.30 they still did not receive their exam questions, that they walked for 2 hours in the heat and there was no drinking water available, and no functioning toilet...In sum, the students were angry.

The militia/bodyguards of the Minister of "Education", started shooting at the students with real bullets. Six were severely wounded, and 2 died in hospital.

The exams were, of course, postponed.

The Ministry of "Education" was not available for comments but it circulated a fabricated statement claiming that the Minister was "under physical threat" from the unarmed students.

They interviewed a couple of students later on that day. One said "They shot at us exactly the same way the Israelis shoot at the Palestinians..."

The real terrorists from the "Iraqi" government, from the Ministry of "Education" shot at Iraqi students during their final exam. Killing 2 and wounding 4 others.

Of course, the fact that these students were from Adhamyia, hence Sunnis, made them Halal meat, Kosher meat...Just like the Zionist Jews view the Palestinians as Halal meat to slaughter.

This is the American-Iranian, sectarian Shia Occupation. It is evil Ignorance backed by raw Terror.

And the Americans being the evil, ignorant, corrupt, terrorists themselves had to pick someone in their own image to rule the "new" Iraq.

Congratulations to you -- debris, detritus of History.

Art Work : Qais Al-Sindy."Detritus of Knowledge", 2007.


Anonymous said…
How about if the Iraqi Sunnis tried pretending to convert to Iranian-style Shiism just as a stratagem to be allowed to live, study, work etc. until they find a way to leave Iraq and organize themselves for the revenge from a safe place ?
Anonymous said…

Could you be just a little more imbecilic.

machiavelli ... you ain't ;)
Anonymous said…
Thank you for writing about it, this horrific incident has been very well muffled by the media.
Anonymous said…
machiavelli ... No Way, that would make us the same as Zionists and much worst than the Iranian death squads. Thanks but no way, and it's really a revolting idea.

The Iranian-Iraq Shia "health" minister killed Sunni patiants on their sick beds, hundreds of Shia doctors broke their oaths, and the ambulances act as death squad cars - killing Sunnis is what the Iranian trained death squads are all about it is what they call "Islam" in Iran.

If Muslims have to become like "them" to win then we chose death, this is called Jihad.
Anonymous said…

So you prefer to be martyred in mass (and thus leave your land all for "them" as in "their" delirious hubristic dreams) rather than resort to some strategic survival ruse in your fight ?

Have you already renounced your Earthly Paradise for the makeshift hope of the Heavenly one ?
Anonymous said…
Machiavelli, according to your logic, one could say that Saddam Hussein would have been wiser to "pretend" to recognize the Zionist Entity, "pretend" to let the US oil corporates govern Iraqi economy, "pretend" to let Khomeinism take root among his people, "pretend" to be a nice lip-sealed obedient slave like the other Arab rulers, etc. etc. and a lot more "strategic" ruses" in order for himself and his government to be "strategically" spared, and so much for the Iraqi, Arab, Muslim and human values of honor, integrity, fortitude, faithfulness and everything else that makes us different from the wild beasts in God's eyes ?

Man, what do you think, that Life is some sort of joke ?

Have you ever heard of something called CONSCIENCE ?
Samer Dallasheh said…
نحن مش ارهابية , نحن امة عربية ! احتلونا وبسمونا الارهابية


اسمعوا يا شباب اسمعوا
Anonymous said…
Shareef said:
"...the Iraqi, Arab, Muslim and human values of honor, integrity, fortitude, faithfulness and everything else that makes us different from the wild beasts in God's eyes ?"
You have got it right. Saddam Hussein was a man of honour and died a man of honour. He chose to die on Iraqi soil knowing full well he might be captured and humiliated as opposed to compromising and living in exile. Few Westerners, especially Americans, Brits and their Zionist allies undertand what honour means.
What the latter understand is greed.
Anonymous said…

If the USA is destroying the schools, how do you explain Operation Iraqi Children or the many military sponsored school reconstruction projects?

The Islamists and Baathists (Layla) will always tear down what the US helps build, no matter how much the people suffer. This is because they are selfish and will only permit an Iraq rebuilt in their own image.

You accuse the US of seeking to destroy schools so that you can build credability for your accusation that 2 students were massacred by the "Iranian American occupation".

What a load of crap. Thank God He has someone like me point out how corrupt and void your arguments are.

You have never beaten the USA in the arena of ideas.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
"Thank God He has someone like me"

Another "chosen" one like Bush, how quaint !

Could you share His phone number with us too ?
Anonymous said…
machiavelli ... Look up the meaning of Jihad to see what I mean - or wait a bit untill Iraq and Palestine teach the world, again, what Jihad really means - Hint: It's why the Pope and the Khomayne worshipers hate the name Omar :)
Anonymous said…

"Saddam Hussein was a man of honor"

That sums everything up. Even the Russians had the sense to recognize Stalin as a blood lusting murderer.

Who taught you it is ok to murder your political rivals, fellow Sunnis, which what Saddam openly did, much of which was recorded on film?

Evidentially you do not have the moral capacity to recognize Saddam as anything but a nationalist hero. Did your parents teach you it is ok to murder rivals? Is there some minimum age before you can take them out back and shoot them?

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
"Another "chosen" one like Bush, how quaint"

I hope my work pleases God. What's wrong with that?

Our "chosen ones" use reasoning. Your "chosen ones" only care about their 72 virgins and boooooys.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
>>You have never beaten the USA
>>in the arena of ideas.

Typical Zionist - they are taught that Cain won and Able lost - kill your Red brother and steal his wealth and his land and rape his women and the tiny white god will forgive you - yeah right, "America" has never been beaten in Korea or Vietnam, just murderting their Brow and Black brothers as their White, Blond Blue eyed god taught them to.

America created 4 million Orphans in Iraq - 100,000s of thousands of them starve to death each year with America actually forbiding food and aid from reaching them - so go praise your Pentagon propaganda in the American blogs where the brain dead zombies can only understand and belive zionist lies.
Anonymous said…

Yes, I get your hint: Byzantium and Persia, again...

Believe me, I do warmly hope that the Iraqis and the Palestinians may soon get rid of both the US and Iran plus the international Zionism.

All I was suggesting is that you also use shrewdness and elasticity in fighting so that you and your children aren't completely eradicated before getting to see the victory of your Jihad.
Anonymous said…

Zionist! Zionist! Zionist!

Bad Americans did this and that wah wah cry baby!

What is that crap about Cain and Abel? Of all things you try and attack my religion using this? How weak. There must be way worse stuff in the old testament.

What did Iraq (under SADDAM) do? Forget about his illegal invasion of Kuwait. What did he do for the greatness of Iraq, besides put himself first till the bitter end?

I will tell you. In his early years he modernized Iraq's infrastructure, improved education levels in general, for women in particular. Then it was all downhill as his megalomania took over.

You are so good at rattling off America's so-called crimes (for which I have ZERO responsibility). If you dared look up America's accomplishments, you would crush yourself under our mountain of achievement.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Yeah Layla Anwar is a highly educated cunt.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for this news, Layla. I haven't seen it anywhere else, not surprisingly. It's bad enough that the students are preparing for exams under terrible conditions, and then, this ...

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, yeah, if it wasn't for you and your brother, we'd all be painting a ghastly wall in a cave!!!??? Give me the date that when Irak's women were allowed to vote and be voted for and then compare that date to what ATATÜRK gave us TÜRK WOMEN!!!!! That will give you and your brother, an idea or TWO!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
My heart goes out to the brave and determined students who were killed and to their anquished parents who are drowning in sorrow. These vile acts and this vicious genocide by the US seem formidable and unstoppable, however the Iraqi resistance will patiently and intelligently end both and begin the long healing process to decency and normality for the Iraqi people - count on it!
Anonymous said…

There is a clear attempt to rewrite Iraqi history by Wolfowitz and co.

We need to preserve a database of audio, video and oral history of the Iraqi Genocide.

There is a need to post a countervailing argument on their very turf.
Anonymous said…
Would it be possible to use a universal term for the people of Iranian descent who are helping out in the Iraqi Genocide as "Irani Neo-Conservascists" Or "Irani Collaborators" or "Irani Neo-con Collaborators". This way, there is an implicit acceptance that many people of Iranian descent do not agree with the minority of bastards who are helping out in murder of our fellow neighbours without giving those minority of murderers a pass.
Anonymous said…
We need to show empathy to those collaborators who out of necessity and because of the suffering of their families are forced to commit crimes against humanity in Iraq. This does not mean that they are forgiven but merely that they should be helped, advised and guided to the fact that they are causing suffering of innocent people and that the very people who send them to Iraq are the same people who fail to protect Iowa from floods, who deny them and their children health care and who export their jobs to China. These internationalist criminals, who follow in the footsteps of the East India Company _ almost literally in geographic, familial lineage and ethnographically - need to be called into account for their crimes against the Arab nations.
Anonymous said…
American Zionists murdered 6 million Afghanis and over one million Iraqis, and are now screeming for more blood and murder - their White priets push for the eradication of the "lesser" races and "false" religions so they can get their oil and gold - and you think I am dumb to mention your murderous religion - I do not care if you worship anything or do not - just stop killing humans.

Iraqi is a show piece of American racsism, and the one million humans America murders each year with it's cowardly soldeirs is all the proof the world needs - Americans can only see the death of their bloody rapesist, child molesting soldeirs, while the murder of millions of civilains are ignored as easily as if they were dead animals or insects.

Iraq - Afghanistan - Somalia - Sudan and Lebanon, America cries for the few soldeirs who get hurt during the slaughter of civilains -death squads by the hundreds armed and trained to kill civilains for the cowardly American soldiers to - I will see them all in hell, along with the sheep who just know how to hate and kill for Israel and others who pay them.

"our mountain of achievement."
It is all pure murder from the day America was founded, and finding new ways to murder is the white AmeriKKKa's dream - over one million humans murdered per year for your white preists and rabbis - and America will not stop murdering for it has no other goal in life - when America stops murdering unarmed civilianz of "other" colors and religions you can claim pride - till then keep on killing till someone finally stops you.

True, rants will not help, your ears are just as useless as your American eyes - but it is very educational to watch you Zionists justify and defend the same Nazi ideals and methods you used to rant against a few decades back.
Anonymous said…
The following URL references an article entitled "Terrorism and American Foreign Policy" - this is what America really stands for...

Anonymous said…

"American Zionists murdered 6 million Afghanis"

You can't get accurate information by pulling a string on a child's toy.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
People on this blog should be rooting for US success in Iraq. If Iraq develops the way we are claiming, they will be the richest most powerful country and democracy in the Middle East in 10 years.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…

Palestinians voted for Hamas. Hamas shoots rockets into Israel all the time. Those rockets are not aimed at troops or tanks.

Is this the Arab nation you speak of? Sounds like something else to me.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Accuracy in numbers of innocents murdered is secondary to the main premise that the US has no business in being in either Iraq or Afghanistan. I am rooting for the Iraqi people to rebuild THEIR country as soon as the US invaders are driven out. Our own country is a mess, how dare we try to tell others how to live!
Anonymous said…

"as soon as the US invaders are driven out"

Lets say you had a broken hand but needed a house. So I built a house for you.

It is a free country, so out of jealousy and rage you yell at me for being so arrogant and burn the house down.

Me: What are you doing?
You: How can I rebuild with you zionist pigs around here?
Me: But you just burned your own house down.
You: I cannot live in an infidel house made of wood.

So you wait till your hand heals, mix up some concrete and start rebuilding your house, and you create a really nice house, borrowing money from your brother. Then your neighbor comes over and at the point of the gun takes your nice house and gives it to one of his party cronies. You get to live in a run down apartment building. You are very unhappy but you know if you complain you, your family, your friends and anyone you have ever known will be tortured and killed.

So you get used to it, and come to admire your neighbor because he is powerful. You wish you could be just like him. For being such a good party member, he gives you a job at the government ministry of bullshit where you review forms for mistakes.

Don't mind me, just trying to understand this pervasive loser mindset.

The US made mistakes at first, with a heavy hand and ignorant of how protect the people and deal with AQI. But we turned it around and built up a lot of trust, especially with the Sunnis. None of you would understand that because none of you live in Iraq or even care to learn the truth about the turnaround there.

Just keep clinging to your fantasies about defeating the superpower. Maybe some day you will, and as a prize you will get to follow the 1992-2001 Afghanistan model.

Greg from USA
G.Gar said…

I really don't think that mentally crippled people like Rice , Bush, Clinton and Mcaain can help Iraqi Arabs- the holders of an 8000 years old civilsation that happens to be the heart of the briliant Arab culture build their countries.

Iraqis defeated that much bigger Iran and brought the freakish Ayatollahs down the drain. Iraq in 1989 was about to break loose of poverty, ignorance and illiteracy. So please don't tell me that killing more than one million Iraqi and driving another 4 milions out, and settling 2 Millions Iranians in Iraq is your idea of giving Iraqis a hand build their house, because if you do I will take you either as complete lunatec blundering into issues too sophisticated for his American mind or a dirty colonial trying to advocate his colonial doctorines.

I personally opt for the second. Therefore I think that your likes desrv nothing but being beaten up to near death. The fact that I am not Iraq prevents me from expressing my opinions freely regarding Iraq. However, still, I will crush you like the dirty roash that you are, for foul mouthing my Arab civilsation.

Bottom of the line, Arab civilsation is older, more resilent with profounder impact on humanity than your Michael Jackson and Monica Clinton one. Thus it is utterly absurd to see an American trying to tell Arabs what to do.

From now on I think that it should be the other way round. You have corrupt elitict fascist system in the united states selling itself as democrcy to one of the most ignorant populace in the world. That is why I think Arabs must exhibit their well- known generosity and kindness and help these Americans through their dark ages.

Hope you have watched the movie Mad Max beyond thunderdome ( I am sure that you, being the sort of honky tonk moron that you are, must have watched it) where the futuristic barabrians harnessd Hi Tec bikes and laser guns. yet they, nevertheless, will have been a lot of red assed pigs- since civilisation really has got nothing to do with the calibre of the pistols at hand.
Anonymous said…
The longer America stays in Iraq the faster Islam spreads in the world, same with Israel - "the light to spread from Israel", that the white preists rant and shout about, is Islam :)

Stay a while, Yankee - this is going to get very interesting soon in Iraq.
Anonymous said…

"I think that your likes desrv nothing but being beaten up to near death"

You know nothing about me. Your mouth writes blank checks your body can't cash. If you can win against the average US soldier, then you can beat me. I bet you are too much of a coward to duke it out, preferring to sneak up on people.

Go mouth off to a US soldier and let us know when he knocks you into the middle of next week.

Finally, Iraq is home of the fertile crescent, the cradle of civilization. Thousands of years of proud history. But I will tell you that you suck if you are dumb enough to advocate killing Americans. These are good soldiers putting their life on the line to save your ass you POS.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…

Take a look at what more Americans are calling home - this in Ontario, California - who is going to build a house for these people???

bARABie said…
"You know nothing about me."

You dumb ignorant yank.
Just one fact we do KNOW about a moron like you is that you are a yank.
So i have just proven you wrong and a typical yankee liar.

Of course there is much more one knows about you but i will leave that to your paranoia to wrestle with. ;)
bARABie said…
"These are good soldiers putting their life on the line to save your ass .."

:) :) :)

I did tell you previously you should be a comedian.
bARABie said…
"But I will tell you that you suck if you are dumb enough to advocate killing Americans."

Let me rephrase that for you.

blah blah blah advocate killing INVADERS!
Killing INVADERS is enshrined in international law and the invaders this time around happen to be yanks.
To wrap it up for you ignorant stupid yank, international law is calling for the death of yanks (INVADERS).
bARABie said…
"Take a look at what more Americans are calling home - this in Ontario, California - who is going to build a house for these people???"


They are still living better than the Iraqis these same yanks invaded.
So what do you want me to do, give a shit about how invaders are living????????
I would rather watch the grass grow.
G.Gar said…

That did happen. When I was 19 I slapped an American marine and kicked his balls in Hurghada. The marine took it like a real woman.

If the marines were so tough then how come they getting all this beating in Iraq!?
G.Gar said…

That was an Iranian asshole:))

look at this an Iraqi 13 years old wiping the ground with a big marine's ass.
G.Gar said…
Anonymous said…

"the longer America stays in Iraq, the faster Islam spreads in the world"

Is that your personal version of Madeleine Albright's notorious "worth it" thinking ?

Go tell a broken-hearted Iraqi mother that her poor child had to be born with two heads from American WMDs radiations so as to ultimately make one religious opinion prevail over another !!!

Allah (SWT) is NOT a bloodthirsty tyrannical god such as the Jews see Him, He would NEVER demand the sacrifice of innocent creatures like the fake pagan deities did, He would find other ways to bring mankind back to Him which reflect His justness and mercifulness.

So don't commit blasphemy and don't insult the pain of the brave and patient Iraqi people which is to be sourced to Satan and his slaves and not to Allah.

bARABie said…
"He would find other ways to bring mankind back to Him which reflect His justness and mercifulness."

"Go tell a broken-hearted Iraqi mother that her poor child had to be born with two heads from American WMDs radiations..."
Samer Dallasheh said…
" Greg from USA said...


Palestinians voted for Hamas. Hamas shoots rockets into Israel all the time. Those rockets are not aimed at troops or tanks.

Is this the Arab nation you speak of? Sounds like something else to me.

Greg from USA"

What hamas? did you even understand what the song says?
The first line is :Nenha Mesh Arhabieh.
"We are not terrorist"
Darabona Sawareh Darabnohom Hjarah
"We hit them with rocks they hit us with missiles"
falastin Arabieh.


I see so when ever you hear Arabic you think its narrated to hamas songs?.

Anyway i'll give you some facts that won't help you sleep tonight.

hamas was democratically elected and whatever Israel does its illegal.
And what ever action hamas does is perfectly legal.
As it obeys U.N resolution of resistance.
Bush is not democratically elected he bought the election in Florida and Ohio 2000 and 2004.

What American Republic is that?

Your income Tax is illegal, 9/11 was an inside job.

America aims for entire Civilian population like they did.

Another fact:

America is over debt and it won't manage to run a war in Iran. but it will strike.

Another fact:
You will be deployed with many americans to the front line.

Did you see that video where Hamas shot a Qassam rocket at IDF soldiers trying to enter gaza and 2 of them died?

Did you see that video where 2 Islamic Jihad kill 8 IDF soldiers? then the pussy IDF goes on a revenge trip enters a Palestinian house and shoots to dead an entire family combined of an 80 year old 50 year brothers and sisters and children.

Meanwhile a tank hurle through Iraq destroying a car and killing the civilian passenger inside it.

Greg your not built up for this life, what you dont understand just because you have the luxury right now doesn't mean your going to have it later. You laugh at hamas using rockets eh?

I hope you laugh when they use Anti-aircraft weapons then they go enter America and they show you what Hamas really means.

Hamas HAMAs shabab! Allhu Akbar.

Oh by the way for once go to google before you try to convince people...

I don't even know what your doing on this website your speech and time are nothing, its nothing. Like you say, its shit its shit.

Yeah 9/11 was an inside job eminem said it bush said it cheny said it they all said it one way or the other its you who refuse to accept it.
Kosta said…
How apt that in Australia we call you a 'septic tank'. because it's obvious that only crap comes out of your brain.

the truth is that 'septic tank' is originaly Cockney Rhyming slang for 'Yank' and so it's clear that your other so called allies.. the Brits; think that you're a wanker too.

Those US forefathers that inspired such a title must have been directly related to you.

If you are happy to 'swallow' your prez's theory; then no wonder you are so screwey; having to live with the understanding that USA is so piss weak that 1/2Dozen Arabs with box cutters can circumvent your entire deffence system.
If 100 can swim over there via Cuba or somewhere; then you're fucked.
Anonymous said…
Greg, for God's sake, or for whatever is sacred for you, please shut up!!!!!!
Anonymous said…

You are a joke. Your video of a "13 year old beating a marine" was very disappointing. I didn't expect to see a marine flip over a

20-something Iraqi soldier. Here is an Iraqi doing a better job knucklehead

amre: "When I was 19 I slapped an American marine and kicked his balls in Hurghada." Yeah, right. We know what you slap while looking at naked pictures of samer.


Which rock did you crawl out from? Have you ever posted ANYTHING intelligent? Monkey see, monkey do: I will give you an example: "Why

should we trust the USA to do the right thing in Iraq when billions of dollars meant for reconstruction have disappeared?"

Now stop eating dog food so that your brain has the nutrients to converse at a human level.


"they go enter America and they show you what Hamas really means"

So your Hamas "heroes" would like to come to America to fire rockets? Hamas probably would be stupid enough to attack the USA. Then we would be glad to give billions more to the Israelis, Einstein. Do you even know or care what you are fighting FOR? Hamas is so

brainwashed, having been raised to hate infidels in general and Jews in particular. All they know is hate. If they ever beat Israel,

they would turn the guns on each other until their host was consumed. There is another type of organism that operates this way. It is

called a virus.

How can 911 be an inside job when Bin Laden himself admitted to


US Public Debt is 36% of GDP which ranks better than Europe and 65th of 128 countries

Why don't you use your brain before using the first link off of google all the time?

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…

I found a drop of intelligence in your post:

"If you are happy to 'swallow' your prez's theory"

That is exactly the case. No matter why we are in Iraq, we are in there now, and if we secure Iraqi freedom, then we will have started the transformation of the Middle East and ultimately deny Al Qaeda a recruiting base.


I'll bet you don't have the balls to say something bad about Hosni Mubarak. That's because Egypt is not free. Once Iraq is a successful democracy, then it is safe for Egypt to follow.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Shut up, KM!!!
Anonymous said…
Shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!
KM said…
blessings to you too NUR.

yer post was the only one to bring a smile to me tonite. :-)
Anonymous said…
I didn't think people could be that jealous.

Especially jealous of the USA.

Then I saw this cocky kid on youtube. He reminded me of myself when I was young - cocky and confident.

This kid totally rocks on guitar hero and other people out there can't stand it. Instead of practicing hard and working at it, they suck and they try and pick him apart instead. They are looking for any possible hint that he is faking. Meanwhile he just stands there and rocks.

Just like the USA rocks. Sleep on that, children.

Greg from USA
Samer Dallasheh said…
Oh child you are probably 40 or something.

Watch this video.

You should really watch it.


If you don't watch it, then your not a real American and not an adult.

None Americans understand America better than you, and better than most Americans.

Your no Man, your no Adult, go watch T.V.

Anyway am not going to warn you that your country is headed into civil war.
Anonymous said…
Folks, this Greg is SO STUPID, ARROGANT AND DUMB, it beggars belief, and one tries so hard not to respond to his stupidity. It is apparent that he has a rock between his ears, similar to his saying 'the USA rocks'... yes, for sure, it ROCKS, immune to everything going on in the world. God, these barbarians (rocks) are sure to get a rude surprise when they wake up.

Keep up your great work, Iraqi Resistance. You are admired world wide. ROCKS can only be shattered and you're doing a great job so far. Make sure you keep Iraqi oil (they are looking for PSAs right now, through the stooges based in Iraq) and its resources where they belong - for Iraqis (through legitimate trade and not grand theft. Scum of the earth, Usans and all others who are involved in this genocide and rape of Iraq.

In solidarity, Layla.
G.Gar said…

It happened and I can provide youwith contacts who witnessed the incident.

The marine who who getting a sun tan along with bunch of pigs kept the ball we were kicking for so long, I asked the pig to be quick. He mumbled something in his nasal accent which I couldn't understand. So That was it. I came up to him slapped his face and kicked his balls calling him an American fagget. he fell on the ground squealing like the drag queen he is.

You know what, an army using neutron Bombs, information technolgy based weaponery and the latest in the American kiiling machine yet recieves 34,000 casualties, according to the highly dubious American figures, against Arabs armed with RPGs and an Iraqi army who had been warring for 21 years with no air force, and equipped with useless lot of scrap metal T55s, CERTAINLY DOESN'T WORTH RESPECT.

It is clear that whoever had spermed you out, didn't take the time to teach you that you should check your facts whenever you are taken over by one of your eating- away- at the- slime- Pig-shit- rooted- inside your- skull
psychosis rounds that you come over here to the blog of Iraqis to spew your ignorance.

Google up, you son of a whore!
Anonymous said…
Well done and well said, Amre!

Just imagine - supposedly the 'most powerful army/nation on earth', with all their advanced technology, has not been able, after FIVE years, to gain an INCH of Iraq. The GZ has not been 'gained' - they're holed up there in fear!

And why have they not gained an inch in Iraq despite the fire-power and advanced technology? You see, to use all these things, one requires INTELLIGENCE, sadly missing among USans. They're just good with a lot of hot air steaming out of their jaws (perhaps their rock brains exploding!), murder, rape and killing those weaker than themselves - typical school yard bullies - seen the swagger in their 'leader', for instance? They've now met those who are stronger, intelligent and patriotic - THREE CHEERS, IRAQI RESISTANCE!

Why don't you go to Iraq, Greg? Although Iraqis don't want you there, IR will do us all a great favour, if you do!

In solidarity, Layla.
Anonymous said…
To preemptly invade and attack another country and kill innocent men, women and children is a war crime writ large. When you kill and it is not in self-defense it is called murder. The Iraqi resistance that is fighting the American invaders represents all that is honorable and noble - they, as the Vietnamese, will prevail. America will pay dearly for the atrocities it has committed.
Anonymous said…

Lets assume most of what your video says is true.

- Assume Iraq & Afghanistan invasions were pre-ordained
- Assume there is a group of powerful people who are behind the plans

Neither war would happen if bin Laden didn't attack the USA

- Assume bin Laden is a stooge of the USA and acts on our orders


So again, you terrorists are killing innocents. The USA will leave Iraq when it is stable. You don't believe this? Well the so called powerful group of people who "control everything" have rebuilt every country the USA has ever conquered. That is an indisputable fact.


So what did the Marine's buddies do, or was he playing with your beach ball all by himself? Let me know when you wake up from your dreamland.

Your "heroes" are doing quite a job on our boys. If they won it would be the most pyhrric victory in the history of humankind.

Little Deer,

Rock and Roll will live forever. Some rocks will never die.

Greg from USA
G.Gar said…
They didn't interfere. They quietly and smoothly quitted the scene. Had they had guts inteat of cunts as to interfere with their masters, they would have had every inch in their body broken to tiny pieces.
G.Gar said…
Are any of the people here..I say people as opposed to Persian dogs and pigs familiar with an American shitting all over the web under the pseudo of programmer Craig? as I think that he may well be the same person as Greg.

Greg...try to find a girl that would be impressed by your pimpled red ass. You know a very wise man once said, there is someone for everyone....
KM said…

There is a percenatge of truth in what you've mentioned about the US going into countries and then 're-building' them.

The American automobile manufacturer Ford and the computer company IBM were heavily invested in Germany's NAZI program. These are just 2 Unites States companies that continued to make huge profits. Business was booming in Germany.

War is about control. Iraq did not attack the United States. But this does not matter to you. You view the United States as the best damn thing that ever happened to planet Earth.

You obviously are entitled to yer beliefs & opinions but so are others.
Yesterday, I accompanied a friend to an Indonesian party about an hour's drive from my place. Most were Indonesians but here were also Chinese & Japanese there as well. The food was great and the weather was perfect. There were a few 'bulays' there too. Bulays are White folks.

There was no heavy drinks. The kids were al well behaved. No loud music that disturbs the neighborhood but they did put on a show with their musical instruments and did a little singing.

I spoke to one of these bulays for a while. He is married to an Indonesian lady. He knows that when many Amercans say the US is Number One, it really doesn't hold water.

This bulay told me of some of the American he met that have left the US and are happilyy living in different parts of Indonesia. One is a welder from Iowa, another is a guy from Florida that owned a few Radio Shack stores.This bulay told me he owns a house in Bali also and will move there fulltime after he retires.

The friend I went there with has a very close freind I talked with a long time. She is half Japanese and half Indonesian. Her husband is bulay,they both live & work in the US and have 2 kids. They own a hotel in Bali and own 2 houses in Indo and some vacant property there as well. They also will be leaving the US and will be living in Bali full time.

Its interesting to sit and talk with these people because they can do a comparison between living overseas and that with life in the US. Every single person, whether they come from Pakistan, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, China, India, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, China, Japan, France...have all said to me thay 'yes', the US does have some good traits, but it defintely is not the US that is preached to the World and how great it is. Along with this, most see the changes that has been taking place in the US.

Recall how when Europe invaded the US and many moved here? Many times the indigenous people were systematically rounded up for fear. The same thing happened during World War 2 with rounding up and detaining Americans with Japanese heritage. Today it is those of Arabic ancestory or those that follow Islam.

War is about control; controling borders, managing the People, setting up and establishing self-serving laws, installing self-serving policy makers in that occupied country, manging resources to provide and secure investments.

Why is it important to you that the US remain inside Iraq ?
KM said…
" try to find a girl that wil be inpressed by your pimpled red ass "


Thats another thing amre el-abyad. Many of the women Ive talked with that have come to the US, (including yesterday's Indonesian gathering) have expressed themselves about the typical American male.

They ( the typical American male )do not think with their heart & mind. Their 'commitments' are subject to change depending on their need at the time. Same with many American or Americanized women, in many many instances. Divorce is easy and then too many times it's get all you can and screw the other person and use the kids as pawns in the divorce.
Anonymous said…
This one's for Greg from a fellow brother, Stephen Green.

An update on Abeer Qasim Hamza al-Janabi's story. The Washington Post is carrying a story on Private Steven D. Green, the child's rapist and murderer. Green was interview in February by Andrew Tilghman, who quotes him as follows:
"I came over here because I wanted to kill people. The truth is, it wasn't all I thought it was cracked up to be. I mean, I thought killing somebody would be this life-changing experience. And then I did it, and I was like, 'All right, whatever.' I shot a guy who wouldn't stop when we were out at a traffic checkpoint and it was like nothing," he went on. "Over here, killing people is like squashing an ant. I mean, you kill somebody and it's like 'All right, let's go get some pizza.'"
Samer Dallasheh said…
For your sake greg i hope your right and i hope the conspiracy theorist are wrong (even though the have about 78% evidence that support them, all they need is a confession from bush).

Anyway its your right to believe whatever you want, and there is no point in debating sens your opinion has no effect on you're governments decisions.

Hey why should we debate? they the citizens have no power.

After America slips into Civil war we aint going to help you, after the judges decide to remove the right to bare arms and the vets and soldiers defect from the army (they won't invade Iran, they will try but the fight won't be inside Iran)

And at Civil war no one helps poor AMericas.

Because every one wants to see the American Empire collapse, important events that took place that started to prove the American empire is weak: The failure to control Afghanistan, the Failure to control Vietnam, the Failure to control Iraq. Most important the failure to control Palestine.

Just greg who ever you are or what ever you are, don't give up your guns pretty soon you'll be fighting for your life.

Am not wishing you good luck. Have a nice life.

Look at the history books its not rocket science
Anonymous said…

"There is a percenatge of truth in what you've mentioned about the US going into countries and then 're-building' them."

I appreciate that you hold different opinions than me but you are still willing to engage in a logical give and take. This requires self discipline and confidence in the strength of your viewpoint. Every time you post I feel you make a sincere effort to respect others. Debate with you is a worthwhile endeavor.

The reason why there is a percentage of truth to the "re-building" argument is that while some Americans truly are evil and corrupt, even worse than samer and amre can imagine, most Americans are idealistic and altruistic based on their Christian heritage. OIF started with a lot of ignorance and mistrust, but most of the soldiers who are in Iraq are pure of heart and really wish to help people they don't know.

"Why is it important to you that the US remain inside Iraq ?"

We know that if we give up and leave Iraq before it is a secure prospering democracy, the strategy to deny Al Qaeda a recruiting base will fail. Worse, we will be doomed to fight Vietnam type conflicts where the amount of suffering for all involved is maximized. Right or Wrong, for the good of humanity, we must show our enemies that choosing a bloody war of attrition, from this conflict onward, is a mistake.

I cannot change samer, amre, little deer, etc. Their hearts are cold and hard. However, if I tell them the US is a force for good, and events on the ground in Iraq reinforce what I am saying, then this undermines their will to financially or physically support "the Resistance", saving heartache for our soldiers.

One "ace" I have up my sleeve is that nobody has come up with an example of a large country that is better in terms of freedom, prosperity, and exceptionalism than the USA. That is why I kept pressing you on where you were moving to. If you told me then I would rattle off a list of advantages the US has over the other country. The only disadvantage the US has is that we are divided 50/50 and this division could rapidly lead to our undoing. If the euroweenie side wins, then it is all over but the crying. Right now the US is the most competitive country which is the secret to our greatness. There is a "culture war" at the grassroots level where half the country wants to "make everyone a winner" - which also means that everyone is a loser. If we give up on the concept of American Exceptionalism (whether or not it is true), the USA will rapidly decline. This may sound great to the Islamists, but the next in line to superpower status is China. Is a world order that is guaranteed and enforced by the Chinese desirable? Who trusts China any more than the USA?

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…

You may be right about the decline of America. There is already a civil war going on in the form of the Culture War

However, it is more likely that America will simply swing left for a time, swinging back to the right when the Islamists make the mistake of attacking again. The chance I will need to use my guns to defend against my fellow Americans is slim to none.

The reason the USA may last longer than you or I imagine is because we are driven to succeed. We are composed of people who were motivated to leave their homelands and travel thousands of miles rather than give up on their dreams. The extraordinary will of millions of our forefathers is captured in our culture and possibly even in our DNA.

sameer, I may not like you, but I wish you well nonetheless. We try to forgive our enemies, just as we hope God forgives us. Besides, it is much more painful to bottle up and store hate than to let it go.

amre, you are so full of shit it is coming out your ears. I can't believe you tell such a stupid story so full of holes.

Greg from USA
KM said…

America is not the only destination for People from around the World. America is not the only country comprised of people of different nationalities.

Driven to succeed for a 'better life' or for productive personal goals or accomplishments is one thing, but to overtly or covertly control a country's population is another.

This can be accomplished in many ways and war is just one of them.

WHat would happen if every country the US is economically tied to closed all ties? The US would sink. The US needs the World more than every single other country needs the US. Life on planet Earth would continue along without a United States.
KM said…

I will respond to yer 7;04 post.

...running late...
Anonymous said…
"but most of the soldiers who are in Iraq are pure of heart and really wish to help people they don't know." Well, for one thing it would help if the soldiers could speak Iraqi and had some background in Iraqi culture which is hard to do if you're in Camp Cupcake or any of the other US Megabases that are replicas of a US mid-sized town. But then again, proficiency in language and knowledge of the local culture are such minor, trival matters. Why bother? Also, what better equipment to help the locals than a M-16 rifle, grenade launcher, machine gun, attack helicoptors, unmanned drones, napalm, etc. to improve living conditions and raise the standard of living - our great country certainly has all the latest gadgets to make sure that the citizens of Iraq are bestowed the blessings of democracy with endless freedoms and rights throw in as a bonus. Killing a million people, creating hundreds of thousands of widows and orphans, five million refugees with no or little immediate hope - these are to be expected when you're "helping" people.
Anonymous said…

"Killing a million people, creating hundreds of thousands of widows and orphans, five million refugees"

First, stop blaming the USA for this. Blame AQI. They moved into Iraq after the fall of Baghdad. There are no victims without AQI. AQI's strategy was to create a civil war. They did it by murdering tens of Shia every day. In response the Shia formed death squads. AQI took over towns and coerced the Sunnis to fight in the chaos. It almost worked, except AQI was arrogant and started enforcing their brand of Sharia. The people rejected their brutality and SWITCHED SIDES.


They should trust the Americans more. Our soldiers were raised to love. AQI were raised to hate. The Americans may be bungling, ignorant, and lack cultural intelligence, but they never gave up. Can you imagine how much heart it takes to lose your buddies steadily to injury and death, but for the most part have the discipline to resist reprisals against suspects in the population? Their perseverance is a reflection of their leadership, starting with George Bush through the commanders in the field.

Second, I doubt 1 million are dead. You get that number via some bogus survey.

The US was isolationist before 911. The US has no desire to control populations. The US has a desire to protect our security. Hopefully the US will switch to Nuclear power and then we will no longer need to protect energy supplies in the middle east. Then maybe these countries can spend their money to protect us for a change.

Greg from USA
G.Gar said…
amre, you are so full of shit it is coming out your ears. I can't believe you tell such a stupid story so full of holes.

Does it hurt your balloon-like hollow American ego to know that marines are treated like rabid dogs?

Allow me to inform you that incidents like this are not rare
Anonymous said…
Lol Arabs are humans you know?


look at your war mate. Yeah you sure are defending them and their human rights wooho! wave the American Flag and say Oh say can you see Lala something else who knows whats the rest hehe. Olmert owns you baby.

The world should be scared of the worlds scariest deadliest people caught caught i mean the stupidest people caught i mean the loving people! god bless AMerica.

Its actually Elohim in the bible not god.

Woho you did good. Thanks man thanks for leaving our iraq nuke waste land, hehe you used amout of radiation like 29 hiroshimas.

After all you've been told Arabs are nothing but a mess, all trouble and scream :Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar ALlahu Akbar, all the time and kill people for no reason and aim at Jews and strap them selves with bombs and blow them selves up and bomb children bomb women oppress women kill women they are all moslems they are all bad they are all bad. Then you see in a movie all the bad guys shoot at the good guys and the bad guys are always people who say allah allah this and that allah is good allah is great, then they shoot people for no reason with silencers, then they love gold and oil and fuck up everything for money and allah. to go to heaven to get their 72 virgins and to have sex all day long.

All the movies show Arabs as people who shoot and kill for no reasons, All the movies.

back to the future shows arabs shooting at the good guys for no reason! they just pop out of no where and open fire!.

But what do you know the producers of that movie were terrorists Israelis haha :). there is two real terrorists that made about 40 of these flicks. And don't be mistaken they are terrorists (the makers, they killed people in real life.)

Pretty interesting, and all the time its all good kill the Arabs kill them Hoorah. Marines black hawk down kill Iraq fuck Iraq USA USA USA, NFL, Arabs no BOOBS all ugly KILL THEM. Open fire over and over!. Hooah. Yeah!.

Yeah i saw that video where a US soldier shot an innocent wounded civilian when he cried out for help (cried means yelled, yelled means screamed) the US soldier like the smart ass he is, aim with his m16 and shot the dude to death, Hooah, the Camera man just looks at him and the Soldier is just about 19 and the guy he just killed was civilian age 40 or something. Later he committed suicide, HOoah! (soldier).

Hooah! fuck yeah! America fuck yeah! blowing shit up all the time for no reason! hooah!.

Did you ever notice movies like Rambo style where the good guy aims to the left and some how a guy on the right dies? and its always an Arab or some guy goes to kill 1000000000 people by him self like Arnold and some how the Arabs aim but never hit HOOAH!.

Hooah! America fuck yeah!!!!.

But your not hopeless Hooah! what?

Blow the shit out of the Arabs they are not humans! hehe.

Anyway you got all the guns its up to you to decide who cares anyway... You don't obviously.


Hooah! go play Americas army all you shoot is masked men all the time and never U.S soldier! hooah!

Hoorah! Bow bow checky Bowbow!

Anyway Sorry Layla.... These people just make every thing insane.
Anonymous said…
greg from the US

the zionists missiles that are used daily ALSO kill civilians everyday and they are deadlier than rockets . 48hours ago the Israelis killed a 17 years old palestinians and shot at the funeral crowd and injured many.
you have no idea what is going on in the ME , fox news does not cover the full story.
Anonymous said…

"Does it hurt your balloon-like hollow American ego..."

No, but always looking for a fight can lead to this

Nasser offered so much promise for Arab nationalism, instead his belligerence and a pointless war squandered the opportunity.

Why repeat history? Make something of the opportunity that presents itself. Work with the Americans.

Greg from USA
G.Gar said…
I suggest that you go and check a wound in the forehead the dying tub of lard- Ariel Sharon!

KM said…

America was not an isolationist country before 9/11. From SouthEast Asia to Central America, Hawaii, the Soviet Union, Japan, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East, US foreign policy has been heavily engaged for decades.

But you and I see the "founding' of the original colonies from fifferent perspectives. I see it as giving birth to a deformity based on anchoring ships offshore and then installing a racist / religious / genocidal program of coveting.

You see it as a birth of a great country with justice, morality, equality that was founded by people themselves that were seeking freedoms & rights from the European homelands.

Its founded upon hypocricy.

Legal rights in the US may be present on the books, but in reality it is a different story and the scales of justice tend to go towards those with the deepest pockets.
Saudi Arabia may cut off a hand for theft but one may be able to leave their Mercedes Benz running at the curb.

The drugs in the US are a threat to our body's health. These drugs that the Food & Drug Administrartion allows on the markets are basically man made chemicals. If one spends some time doing research on the Food and Drug Administration, the working relationship it has with large influential pharmacueticals and members of Congress, a clear view of what is happening exists. You support the military and you can also see how the soldiers have been used for testing new drugs over the decades.

There is also the genetically modified foods that exist in this country. Im not to keen on ingesting man made drugs or food that has been tampered with to prouduce profits at my expense.I value my body and my health and try to be keenly aware of what I put into it.

Millions of Americans are homeless. A great country would ensure the wel being of the homeless or those without healthcare. A primer on this would be the movie Sicko. You may not look into it though because it was put out by Michael Moore but to me, regardless of who put it out, it does speak truth.
We have a Health Care system that is more interested in turning profits that ensuring a health life for those that are insured. Treatmant & operations are routinely 'denied' because it is too costly even though the insurance covers it. People are left to die and this is no joke. This is for those that HAVE healthcare. Others simply die because they have no means to pay.

The educations sytem is in shambles in the United States. Just as in healthcare, the US is far down on the list of turning out educated people. Along with this, the cost of college is continually rising, insurance premiums are continually rising, wages for the general population have been stagnant.
When hurricanes hit or fires or earth quakes hit, the costs of insurance premiums rise and this increase is spread accross the country and avergaed out. I dont know about you but I dont feel Im responsible for a millionaire that chooses to build a huge house on a hillside in California that an earthquake collapses or one that decides to place his house on the Gulf and a hurricane blows it away.

Its damn near the same thing with football or baseball stadiums that take public money to construct these stadiums and then privatize the profits.

I dont believe in American governemnts investing in corporations thru stcok ownership. This creates a conflict of interest. At the end of the year, governemnts should have a balance sheet that zeroes out; not this leftover money that they use to invest in the US and International markets to enrich themselves...all the while they whine they are in debt.

I also dont believe in the US government allowing companies to have tax havens or establishing shell companies. If they wanna move 'offshore' or to other countries, then by all means, slap a tariff on their asses.

I dont believe in giving the Federal Reserve Bank control over Wall Street..which is in the works. This wil be the mother of all Con Jobs that is yet to be experienced.

I never believed in NAFTA. One thing is this gives another country/company that has been violated, the power to sue in US courts. I dont think the North American Union is going to be a benefit. It will benefit the World elitists.

Air quality, water quality, food quality and drug quality is taking a back seat more and more to public safety in the US. Bush has opened up parks and Federal forests to open season on logging. Oh well, they can cut down every last tree for all I care and make a parking lot out of every meadow.

There's alot of issues Greg if one simply looks and pays attention to what is going on that never makes the 'news'.

I am fortunate enough to have a very nice job. I have this week off but I will be working a minimum of 60 hours per week when I return. This is not my idea of smelling the roses nor living the life of Riley. It is for many though. All they see is money amd making more and more of it...but at what expense?..not having the time to enjoy it or Live? Is social security going to be there when that time comes. Is the money invested thru Wall Street even going to be there? Many American thought there invested money would be there too but found out later the cold hard facts.

I dont like taking chances with my life or leaving my well being in the hands of others. I seek to control my choices and my destinations in this Life. I am free and was born free. No government will install sanctions upon me in this country or the next country. No corporatist will demand I use their goods and services in oredr to live. I would rather use holistic medicines that have been passed down thru the ages over any corporate chemicals the profiteers seek to fill my body with.

I would rather work 24 hours a week and still earn a good living and having time to swing in a hammock along a beatiful coast than be in a rat-race where the future is still a gamble.

My goal is to help people in other countries so they can be in a better situation, to explore and hopefully enjoy this One World in this One Lifetime.

Life is like looking at an elephant.

I dont believe in privatizing roads, bridges or public utilities.
KM said…
Healthcare in America

from the documantary SICKO

KM said…

KM said…
The United States Food and Drug Adminstration that is supposed to be a government agency to protect citizens from harmful poisons & chemicals.

KM said…
Sorry for the repetitive posts.

Greg, what incentive is there for America's big paharmacuetical companies to make us all well & healthy?

There is none.

Perpetual sickness is where perpetual profits come from. Pahramacuetcil companies need sick people. If all were cured of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and so on, what would they do?

These are systems that feed off one another. In America one may really have to look hard to find healthy food. Even when in the fresh fruit & vegeatable isles..do you really know where that food came from and what is in or on it?

Has it been engineered and what chemicals are in and on it? What are yer kids eating. What are we all eating?

The stores in America are full of garbage or 'food stuff'....food stuff that is just crammed down one's throat to fill that gut and give a feeling of being fed. In many many instances it lacks real nutritional levels. Even the food stuff that says its 'fortified' with calcium or iron or vitamins are not that they appear.

We in America are simply productive units; the means in which the corporations can grow ever and ever wealthy while they advertise, market and package their cheap, artificial goods. Greg, from the moment you open yer eyes in the morning til the time you go nitey-nite, you are being managed.
Anonymous said…

If you are looking for faults with the US system, your list is a good start but only 1% of the total.

The important question is whose system is BETTER than the US one?

Also, a lot of what you assert is a bit misleading: "Greg, what incentive is there for America's big paharmacuetical companies to make us all well & healthy?"

The US is 5% of world population. US pharmaceutical companies invent about 50% of the worlds new medications. The next time you need to take a statin to lower your cholesterol, thank Pfizer.

Impressive list, and I think you believe in what you say. If my belief system matched your list, it would be illogical for me to come to the conclusion that the US is #1.

One question has me really curious. What country were you educated in? Or at least tell me did your school teach you that the US was "bad"?

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
In a 1973 White House conversation between Kissinger, the national security adviser, and Al Haig, then Nixon’s chief of staff, Kissinger said military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy.

The quote is found in “Final Days,” a book by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Kissinger has never disputed it.

Anyone extolling the virtues of the American soldier needs to look a little further up the chain of command to understand the real objectives of the elites and therefore the "real mission" of the soldiers. Forget the fairy tales about "helping" other people, it's all about power, control, management, theft, murder - except this time the elites have gotten a little bit more than they bargained for. The Iraqi resistance is winning in a big way just by virtue of the fact that the US is spending $500+ Million dollars a day just to keep the wheels spinning in place on the military machine - does that sound like victory? The days of the US in Iraq are numbered, then will come the day of reckoning for those responsible. Count on it!
KM said…
Yes, the things I mentioned were just the tip of the ice-berg as far as things that I dont agree like in the US; havent the time to write a mini-series on line.

In elementary school years I recall saying the Pledge of Alegence to the US flag, standing there with my right hand over my heart; like most school kids were made to. Thst's really when the brain-washing tried to be instilled in me and other school mates. It probably took hold in many of them.

Ive always questioned things even at a young age and have always been much too independant to follow the herd just because everybody else was. Guess it make my Life much more adventurous that way and leaves an interesting trail of memories. Oh well.

But I dont recal any teachers or college instructors saying much "bad" about the US. History books are usually written in such a way where America is the good guy end everyone else is a lesser human being, backwards and motivated by wrong ideas.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

Which part of the "brain washing" pledge did you disagree with?

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Greg from USA, stop wasting your time. These Muslim bigots were taught from birth to hate anyone not Muslim. Islam may grow, but 6 million people per year leave Islam. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2006/05/six_million_african_muslims_le.html

Suck on this Muslims with your child-raping prophet.
Anonymous said…
Layşla'scontribution to Islam: Now all the world thinks it is all about pedophilkes, and a prophet is being accused of child raping. Although they are confusing their church and their sick minded priests with the prophet! Thank you Layla, your (and your brother's) contribution has been ENOURMOUS!!!! YOU AND YOUR BROTHER CAN REST IN PEACE NOW!!!!!!
And for Irak, don't worry, will see better days, when you PERVERTS are finished!!!!'!
Anonymous said…
go take it easy, layla, like you slimy turds have a habit of doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KM said…

The pledge is nothing ta me. There's far more interesting things in Life...

I get bored rather quickly
annie said…
Layla : what you describe is horrible, unspeakable and why does no media mention this ?
It makes me sick.

TAke care
Anonymous said…
Hey Greg,
Just like your brave boys in EyeRaq, here's a fresh tale from your finest health care system in the world. There is only a slight problem: Just like your Freedom excludes EyeRaqis, so does your health care excludes "Niggers".
Keep right on masturbating and deluding yourself dude...

Anonymous said…
Anonymous 12:32 you are funny. I guess they learned pedophilia and abuse from your kind. yes, down with you perverts, NUR
Anonymous said…

When you move to your new country, will their pledge mean nothing to you as well?

I am going somewhere with this.


Your article points out people who failed to do their job. Now they are being sued. What more do you want done about it?

Greg from USA
KM said…
@ Greg

No, I dont believe it will. Again, as in so many cases, its all 'man-made' and its man that puts such elementary emphasis on such meaningless things in Life.

I cant see me pledging alegiance to any flag that is afterall, made of cotton, nylon or polyester.

( Im going somewhere with this too )
Anonymous said…

Whatever country you live in, often there are men who fought and died in the belief that their fellow countrymen would be better off as a fruit of their bitter struggles.

All children should be taught to be loyal to their country and to respect it's ideals. This does not prevent anyone from having their own opinion about what is wrong with their country or prevent them from working to fix it, even in China.

However, if you don't respect your country enough to say the pledge, then are you likely to try and fix what is wrong? Why take ownership of the country's problems if you disown the country itself?

Right now the USA is divided 50-50. If the Democrats win, we will probably exit from Iraq and apologize for our "crimes". We will declare that we will not interfere in the affairs of sovereign nations, and probably back away from such strong support for Israel. Additionally, we will "care" for the poor "better" by adopting euro(weenie) health care and maybe even pay reparations for slavery and broken contracts with the Indians, etc.

Form YOUR point of view, this sounds like a good start, no?

But how can it happen if you do not identify yourself as being loyal to the country where you live? How can it happen if you don't participate and try to change things. How can it happen if you run away?

The same is true for all the "Resistance" members on this forum. They are willing to kill millions of their countrymen as "collaborators" rather than try and work within the system that is already set up.

They may be loyal to Saddam, but they are treacherous treasonous traitors to the flag of Iraq, and the republic for which it stands.

Greg from USA
KM said…
A new way for some Americans to eat.


Cut to the chase; lobbyists should completely bypass paying off US 'elected officials' and begin buying off the public.


Greg, if a child, woman, man or even you had been without food for 30 days..and a nice meal was placed before you, a bible and a flag...which would you choose?

Yes, many People from around the World thru history have died for many many reasons and motivations. Individuality knows no bounds; which is a good thing.

But with yer United States pledge of alegiance; I do not believe in 'yer god'..the one that you do. he is much too hypocritical and blood thirsty for me. Besides, I see it as a failure.

'One Nation Under God' hahaha ---funny stuff

'for which it stands '--really????? exactly what does it stand for?

'with liberty and justice for all ' --hahaha,. funny stuff indeed Too bad its all BS
Anonymous said…
@anonymous of 9:49
were you given a name when you were conceived, born, baptized or circumsized???!!! Or should we just call you an 'asshole'???!!!
Anonymous said…
You can call it having a point.
Anonymous said…
@asshole point???!!!!
Anonymous said…
cause that's the only point you have, and out comes a lot of SHIT!!!!!!
Layla Anwar said…
Hello All,

I've been reading the comments...Some are VERY good, some good and some below average - the usual...
Will not be able to reply to each and single one this time around...So do forgive me.

Except maybe for Grrrrrrrrreg...Nah forget Grrrrrrreg....

And lunatic, ottoman Nur - my message still holds true...

"shove it" and am adding another one...


chok teshekurler...

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