Rock-a-bye Baby...

Do you remember this nursery rhyme ?

Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby, cradle and all.

I woke up humming it and have not stopped since...I remember humming it to the babies I rocked to sleep. I wished, I was given the time to hum it to my own before he was gone. And now am not so sure anymore...

I am not so sure, what is worse -- losing yours or waiting for 9 months, going through the motions, the nausea, the aches, the heaviness, the labour pains, the blood, the tears -- the birth pangs of the new Iraq.

Imagine you're an expecting mother in the new Iraq or a father to be. Imagine the anticipation, the preparations, the plans you dream for your child. You dream, there is nothing wrong with dreaming, unless you want to pull these away from us too.

So you dream, knowing full well, that a lot of them won't come true. It's difficult, all is difficult. All is survival. No more prenatal care, no more decent hospitals, no doctors, no nurses, no midwives... But you dream nonetheless. Maybe your husband is still lingering, rotting away in a prison, and you dream that by the time he comes out, if he comes out alive, he will at least be greeted with fresh new blood, an untainted blood. His child.

Maybe -- you say to yourself and authorize your self to dream a little more...

You may be worried and anxious that you will not find the means to support him/her, but something in you trusts that the One who made it possible, will also somehow, somewhere provide. Hope-- this new little one gives you hope.

And then arrives the day. And you're either lying in some dirty hospital bed with no sheets, or on the floor in your home with no furniture, and you say to yourself -- patience, it's coming. You keep propping yourself with more positive thoughts, and despite your miserable conditions, you still find the tears of joy flowing on your face, washing away some of your pain. You have managed to give Life in a sea of Death.

And then...the reality of the new Iraq hits you, slashes you away, cuts deep inside of you like a sharp knife, another tear in your soul.

And you're told you've just given birth to a monster baby. A deformed thing. You can't tell his eyes from his nose. Or maybe she looks like a fish, with her deformed mouth and her skin scaling away in your arms. Or maybe his head has a thromboblastic tumor the size of a grapefruit. Or maybe, her spinal cord is missing several vertebrae so she falls over like a shrivelled vegetable, like a wilted flower...

And you sit and watch him/her, slowly agonize and die, or worse still, living life lying on his/her back unable to sit, crawl, walk or talk...

The birth pangs of the new Iraq -- all there, for you to witness.

White Phosphorus, Napalm, DU, cluster bombs...a few colors on your criminal artistic palette -- the art of murder. The colors of your rainbow.

During "Operation Desert Storm" in 1991, it is a well known fact that Depleted Uranium and Napalm bombs were used in Baghdad and Basra.

During "Operation Iraqi Freedom" - from 2003 until this very day, again depleted Uranium, white Phosphorus, Napalm and cluster bombs were and are used.

Two sure documented cases -- Falluja in 2004 and Mosul in 2007. (for the Mosul pictures - click here. Warning - graphic images that may shock you - To hell with you.)

And more studies show that the ever growing rates, of the following -- child deformities, cancer and other diseases, in particular of the neurological kind are a DIRECT RESULT of these weapons of mass destruction. You wanted to know where the WMD's are -- they are right here in Iraq being used by YOU.

As far back as 1991, I collected hundreds of pictures, from Iraqi pediatric hospitals in Baghdad and Basra. I showed them to a visiting Western consultant pediatrician. He sucked on his pipe and said "this is all very strange. I can't tell for sure. We need to wait longer to see if more of these "cases" are reported."

And we have waited from 1991 until today, and these "cases" are multiplying at a vertiginous rate. So how many more "cases" do you need ? O' so civilized members of the international "scientific" community.

I wish I had a scanner, I would have scanned all of them for you to watch. But knowing what kind of people you are, you'd probably have a fit of ecstasy at the sight.

Infants born with holes in their backs, two tumors instead of two eyes, no kidneys, no mouth and no lips. three hands, no toes...and not mentioning the cancer wards where thousands of Iraqi children have died thanks to your colorful "rainbow."

Only a few days ago, Al-Jazeera interviewed a doctor in Falluja who spoke of the deformities of Iraqi newborns and the long term effects of these forbidden weapons and agents, on the DNA make up of the Iraqi population. Another doctor from the South, by the name of Haidar Shama'a was also interviewed and he confirmed that he saw similar cases in Basra as far back as 1991.

But being the typical sectarian bastard that he is, he added -- " we can't be sure that the cases in Falluja are due to DU or Phosphorus, it may be something INHERENT to the genetic make up of the people of Falluja.".

He reminded me of the Western consulting pediatrician. But I somehow found him even more repugnant than his western counterpart, who sucked on his pipe, while examining the pictures of our little ones, our little monsters, courtesy of USA, GB and Iran. Yes, Iran -- seeing the heinous, sectarian, racist, fascist attitude as per the uttering of this piece of shit called Dr.Shama'a regarding the little ones in (Sunni)Falluja.

So where was I ? Ah, yes - the nursery rhyme.

Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby, cradle and all.

And the wind blew, the bough broke, the cradle fell. And since, we have not stopped rocking our babies into a total silent hush, into an eternal sleep.

Further readings :

- IRAQ: 'Special Weapons' Have a Fallout on Babies report by A.Fadhily and D.Jamail.

- My posts: The Iraqi Holocaust part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. The video linked on DU, Radioactivity and Cancer has been REMOVED from Youtube. But try nonetheless.

- VIDEO Iraq: The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium and The Dying Children.

- A list of nursery rhymes you can sing to your children when showing them pictures of deformed or dead, Iraqi babies.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Rahman Al-Jabri.


Anonymous said…
A load of Bull. You will look for anything to make us into monsters.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Here is some info about an ACTUAL nuclear bomb:

"...Most sources refer to a great number ... born with deformities ... [this is] commonly accepted urban myth and unsupported by the actual events and studies.
... Both Japanese and American medical institutes launched a massive and thorough epidemiological study after the war. ... deaths from nuclear effects are not the alarmist tens of thousands up to 105,000 claimed in several sources. The subsequent deaths are actually less than 1,000 from the combined cities. ... from the pregnant women irradiated by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bursts only 30 fetuses subsequently developed mental disabilities after they were born and no physical deformities were noted. There have also been no significant birth problems ..."

Don't try to lay this pile of poo at our door and make us own it. Saddam did far more to poison the environment for Iraqis. I am sure those massive oil well fires caused plenty of cancer

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla, was it the criminal embargo that killed your baby ?
Anonymous said…
Those little "monsters" are now God's most beautiful angels, their condition is to be envied compared to ours on this fucked-up planet, not mourned for.

Tell your countrywomen to dry their tears, harden their hearts and live for the struggle alone, all dreams put off until the reality is recomposed.
bARABie said…
"Saddam did far more to poison the environment for Iraqis. I am sure those massive oil well fires caused plenty of cancer "

You went to all that trouble of denying Iraq was poisoned by yankee nuclear weapons but then try to convince SANE humans that Saddam poisoned the environment with "OIL WELL FIRES".

Are you a comedian by day?
I am being serious!
Are you?

Btw, if the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were so harmless, why haven't the yankee retards used them more openly since?
bARABie said…
Wait people, nuclear weapons don't contaminate the environment.........


Oh it's a Saturday night, so greg the porkified pig must be on the piss (aussie slang for being drunk) again.
bARABie said…
"You will look for anything to make us into monsters."

Layla doesn't need to as you yankee morons do a good enough job yourselves.
Anonymous said…
Greg, why don't you just dry up and blow away, or better still, do us all a favour and put a bullet in your brain? It's dead, anyway. Your stupidity beggars belief.

Sorry Layla - this US idiot really makes me sick. I had planned not to post a comment but to just acknowledge your post, out of respect to all the innocents who have suffered at the hands of these savages. I guess you know what I mean when I say that this ignoramus makes my blood BOIL.

In solidarity.
bARABie said…
"do us all a favour and put a bullet in your brain?"

Well that will never happen as porky greg has no brains.
Anonymous said…
Sorry Layla, that should have read:
'innocents who have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of these savages.'

There's thousands of pictures of children who have all forms of cancer as a result of DU; lots of adults too. And lots of pictures, including the ones on the link you have added of victims who have lost their lives from the use of phosphorous by USans - did this savage not see them? Why are USans so dense?

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Very true, I guess, Barabie!
Kosta said…
Greg from USA;

Imagine that I had gate crashed a party at your house and you fell asleep drunk, just after I arrived with some big burly gay boys, who's company I thought you might enjoy

When you wake up, you find a condom, 1/2 hanging out of your asshole.

How did it get there genius??????
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,
Great post, yet again.Thank you.
I am deeply sorry for your loss/losses.Allah yi3awithlich bil ahsan insh'Allah.
You said and rightly so :
" During "Operation Desert Storm" in 1991, it is a well known fact that Depleted Uranium and Napalm bombs were used in Baghdad and Basra.

During "Operation Iraqi Freedom" - from 2003 until this very day, again depleted Uranium, white Phosphorus, Napalm and cluster bombs were and are used."

I would like to add, lest the greg's of this world forget or deny, that throughout the SANCTION years -i.e between 1991 and 2003- Iraq was continuously being bombed also and it wasn't with coloured marshmallows, of that we are sure!!!!
Kosta said…
You think it's beyond your nation to treat a whole group of humans like animals?

Wake up and smell the nepalm.

"The United States government did something that was wrong—deeply, profoundly, morally wrong. It was an outrage to our commitment to integrity and equality for all our citizens. . . . clearly racist."
—President Clinton's apology for the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, to the eight remaining survivors, May 16, 1997
Kosta said…
The nazi's didn't loose the war greg; they just moved to America.

Operation PaperClip

and NOT just to make rockets.
Anonymous said…
I think Greg harbours a lot of jealousy against President Saddam Hussein. Every time a topic comes up, he never fails to mention Iraq's LEGITIMATE President, like a child going tit for tat. I guess we shouldn't be surprised - after all, Iraq was led and held together by a MAN (who remained a MAN to his untimely death at the hands of the USans and their stooges) while the US has to make do with an imbecile with nothing in the space between his ears, a pathological liar and murderer of innocents - men, women and children, someone so out of touch with reality and the rest of the world, he is a laughing stock globally. And, yet, he continues to blabber on the world stage hoping someone is listening, but the entire world has tuned out.

Go and enlighten yourself, Greg, before you write infantile posts. It may be possible that even a USan might develop some intelligence, insha'allah.
G.Gar said…
Layla sorry to sway off the topic of the post, but I really want to know what you think about this:
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Everyone,

Will reply to some of the comments, later.

Janice the Junk,

All of your comments have been DELETED. Am not having your filthy racist Australian abuse and threats here on my blog.
Anonymous said…
Think I'm not thinking straight today: Above comment should have read: '... harbours a lot of jealousy towards President Saddam Hussein ...'

Sorry Layla!
Kosta said…
"Janice the Junk,"
I don't know what happened;
but at this stage it seems to me that Layla has given others a fair go.

If any Aussies would like to express some racist oppinions.
Let me remind you, that we are a country of imigrants, unlike others.
45% of US are born overseas or have at least one parent born O.S.
Attempts at racial division in this country are like poison.

And I don't care what colour or creed you may be.

ps.Layla, check out Kundara
Anonymous said…
Here's one for Janice and other Aussies like her....

A Criminal Record ...

The story is told of a very rich Pakistani millionaire who went to Australia to watch his 'boys' play cricket. The Aussie at passport control sat fingering through his passport for ages, looking as unfriendly as he could manage.

At last he growled: 'Have you got a criminal record?'

The Pakistani businessman smiled sweetly and said, 'I am terribly sorry, Sir; unfortunately, I don't have one. Nobody told me that it was still a requirement to get into your good country.'
bARABie said…
"The Pakistani businessman smiled sweetly and said, 'I am terribly sorry, Sir; unfortunately, I don't have one. Nobody told me that it was still a requirement to get into your good country.'"



:) :)

Good one.
Anonymous said…
Re: Kofi said...

That's so funny!!! Thank you!!
Anonymous said…
I don't understand how anyone can be inspired to feel anything else but love for such an intelligent, creative, wise, generous, honest, virtuous people as the Iraqis.
Greed, power lust, racism, religious obsessions, nothing can explain such a perversion of the natural instinct of attraction towards the Beauty.

Our human race is really gone "haywire".
Maybe the Creator should think over another deluge.
Anonymous said…
Great job, my daughter, absolutely wonderful. I am very proud of you. Know that you are awaited here, but with no hurry. I will be delighted to show you round the shadowy verdures of this place of content and peace. Until then, stay always yourself, keep fighting and have faith in our Arab nation. She merits it, I tell you. She merits everything...
Anonymous said…
Some of you need to get on your knees and throw your sin on the alter and say…
'Lord, I'm tired of living like this...
tired of the games...
tired of the lies....
tired of the alcohol....
tired of the phony relationships...
Teach me your ways, so I can live with strength in my heart and peace in my soul.
In Jesus name, I cast all my burdens onto you Lord.
Take me Lord and give me a new life.
Make me an instrument of your peace.
Not my will, but your will be done!"

Then wait patiently for the miracle to happen within you. Watch as the Holy Spirit makes the hate dissolve. Your anger will disappear. You'll laugh at those who come against you, because you know that God is with you. Listen, as the Holy Spirit guides you through the trials and tribulations. Be amazed by what God will do for you!

It's amazing that some people claim the bible is wrong, yet we can flip thru it and see ourselves within the pages. Over a thousand years old and the human condition can still be studied in it’s pages. The names and faces have changed, but everything else is still the same. You’ll see haters, betrayers, friends, saints and sinners. Most importantly you’ll see the grace and mercy of God.
Anonymous said…
My cat is prettier than yours, so there !
KM said…
Hey faith

Go sell every damn thing you own and give yer money to the needy...every last penny.

Take a big chewy bite into that 'faith' of yers you hypocrite.
Anonymous said…
Keep dreaming. Your dreams make the world a better place.
Anonymous said…
My Dear Faith,
Yes, indeed. You also need to get down on your knees. The military recruitment center on 42nd and Broadway in Times Square, NYC has been shut down. But the plot or portion thereof is still vacant. You may consider keeping the faith yourself by practicing what you preach. Hold up a placard advertising your services for $5 a shot and the sign should read "Blow Jobs for Jesus". Practice what you preach and get down on your knees!
Anonymous said…
Re Kofi,

I never have dreams, in fact I am always bored at night.

My cat is not a dream, I really own it.

You should consider buy one too.
Anonymous said…
Layla u r a self righteous slut. YOU started the anomosity between me and u for NO REASON AT ALL.

I hate u bitch fuck u.

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I HOPE so because I hate u

Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Janice is mad.

Pity her.
Anonymous said…

"greg the porkified pig"

That's the most intelligent thing you have ever said. Maybe with some time and a grade school education you can learn to say something that actually contributes to an adult conversation.

little deer,
"put a bullet in your brain" You must be one of those peace activists.

"the Resistance" is just another shortcut to losing your smoking fingers. Does this truth take the wind from your sails? You can sense it is true.

When Layla loses the argument for supporting the "Resistance", She blasts us with a hysterical rant on how the USA is now responsible for birth defects.

Barabie and Little deer ready another volley from the third grade. Phoneyid dreams of gay parties and creams his pants.

Feeling better now? Does this re-energize your hatred and drive to support the so-called Resistance?

Whatever. Here is another story about a deformed child for you. How does this fit into your orgy of rage?

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Gosh, we have a rejected NUTCASE on this site!!

I don't understand what difference it makes whether Layla is in Iraq, Jordan, the North Pole or on the moon ... it's not anyone's place to question, but Janice seems to want to make it her business.

Takes all sorts to make the world go round, I suppose.

Layla, to be honest, I am laughing at some people's utter stupidity!
Layla Anwar said…
The previous racist comments made Janice the Junk, earlier on, at the top of this thread WERE DELETED. She must have been drunk again.

Janice the junk, is an unknown persona to me. A troll who sits and backbites and gossips from Australia, a waste of space and brains.
Layla Anwar said…

Yes dear, anything you say dear, usa is the best, you are the best, your govt is the best, you're the most humane, the most honest, the most POOP on.

Barabie - well said.

KM - seems a tad too angry at religion these days.

Little Deer,
I suppose some would like to see me arrested or see harm done to my family. But they won't be able to catch me, am as slippery as mercury. Now you see me and now you don't.

I saw your link on Kundara. Am sorry I have no time to check out the chat room you mentioned. I stopped wasting my time with these muslims, they are full of nonsense and hot self righteous air. I suggest you do the same. Start blogging instead.

Saddam Hussein,
Hello from earth, thanks for the reminder, not that I have forgotten.

Amre Al Abyad,
Thanks for the link, I had a look at it and will have it translated soon inshallah.

Please keep your sermons to your sunday classes. This is a blog not a church.

Now that was a GOOD ONE, LMAO, remind me to tell you one about the Israeli visitor in Heathrow airport. wait, I think I'll do it now below.

say hello to your cat and do get treatment. you remind me of this guy who'd visit jupiter and junod, say hello to them as well, just in case you're the same person. lol.

Dear S,
Many thanks, you are right, I should have mentioned the non stop bombing from 1991 till this very day - that makes 18 years of continuous bombs.
Layla Anwar said…
re: KOFI and this is the joke.

An Israeli was in Heathrow airport (not so) GB, and had to fill a UK entry form but forgot to fill the occupation bit.

- the custom's guy - occupation ?

- the Israeli - no, no just a visit.
Anonymous said…

Sorry missed your comment. Thank you for your kind words.
Anonymous said…
I ACTUALLY made the Jordan comment on the post below.

I DIDN'T comment on this one until the LYING Trollop said she was deleting my Racist comments, which are actually non existent.

Making things up Slut? Looks like it.
Layla Anwar said…
k, janice the nazi junk from perth australia.

you're right dearie, am in jordan, in Zarqa to be most precise, and I live in Thawra street, no.13.
Prior to that, I was in Honolulu, surfing and tanning my ass then I decided in 2003, out of the blue to go to Zarqa. I had just discovered Iraq.

Just like you just discovered Iraq and the net, in between your drunken bouts and your welfare checks. Am like you janice the junk, a good for nothing.

Anyways, if you ever want to visit me in Zarqa you're very welcome.
I have a few Iraqi and Palestinian friends who would love to "meet" a pinkish, australian drunken cow like yourself.

But if you're really itching to meet me, I can always introduce you to some of my Iraqi australian friends who would just relish the idea of "visiting" you in Perth.
Anonymous said…
I never said I wanted to meet you stupid slut. The world doesn't revolve around u.

What Racist comments? Go on tell me what they were.

You can't because it's a FUCKING

Layla Anwar said…
lol@janice the junk,

no the world doesn't revolve around me but you do, you've been on my site for the 48 hours....hahahahahahaha

your racist comments have been deleted you australian drunken moronic, imbecile, retarded cow.

k, janice the junk from perth. my friends would still love to visit
Anonymous said…
48 Hours? What non stop?

You wish bitch.

Still what were those racist comments? Oh yeah u made them up.

Don't threaten me Slag.

Anonymous said…
Lying bitch

This is the last time I ever visit your blog.


Anonymous said…
the fuckin' slut layla anwar is in cairo, she taught one course @ auc. i know cuz my friend on an exchange prog met her.
Anonymous said…
Thank God! And what a trash mouth she has, this so-called Aussie Janice.

And she's now posted under 'anonymous' about Layla being in Cairo!!! Layla, why do I feel that 'Janice' is the same person as 'American woman'? The obsession about your whereabouts is a common link!!! One thing which is common with Anglo-Saxons living everywhere - they just love to GOSSIP and back bite everyone, are petty, and make everything their business - it's a common trait that I have observed. Too idle - I suppose because their leaders are so busy stealing on their behalf in other lands (such as in Iraq), they don't really need to work to earn their daily bread like some others do. Welfare systems are there to serve their needs!

In solidarity, Layla - look down at me from the moon - I'll be waving!!! (And dear Janice might just get to see you as well!!!)
Layla Anwar said…
Hey Little Dear,

Good riddance, I agree.

If I waved at you from the moon, would I be considered a lunatic ?

I am very lost now, where am I exactly, Cairo, Amman, Honolulu, India, England, the USA or the Moon --- am like Jules Verne around the world in 80 days, but without a compass.
Anonymous said…
"I never said I wanted to meet you stupid slut. The world doesn't revolve around u." - Janice

Layla, I see you have succeeded in charming yet another visitor to your blog. How does it feel to take what you dish out?

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
"Yes dear, anything you say dear, [the] USA is the best" - Layla

Ah, finally. Much, much better.

Kosta said…
I’m sorry to hear about your personal loss.

My closest friend died when we were 22 yo;
I can remember his mum crying and saying ‘oh God; why didn’t you take him when he was a baby instead’.

As a father of 4; I can tell you in all honesty that I have often wondered if having children at all today isn’t just a selfish act.

How difficult and deeply hurtful and frightning it must be for children in the Middle East to learn that many in the Anglo-Centric nations, (particularly America) not only wish; but are taking actions; to see them dead because someone who shares their skin colour pissed on an American flag; or because someone’s RV has high gas consumption.

Greg from USA.
½ you guys are confused I’m sure, when they say ‘compassionate conservatism’; Why do you embrace the philosophy as being one of conservative on compassion.
Rest assured that I am not the only citizen of your nation’s allies [Australia] that would gladly do away with ties to you.
I know too well that if we ever need your help, it will be there for us, as long as we pay in cash. There will be no shortage of pimps to set up the deal; the Kissingers, Bushs, Cheynes, Wolfowitzs, etc, etc, etc.
Ps. You didn’t attempt to solve my earlier conundrum.
Anonymous said…

While I can understand why you chose to delete many of Janice's rude and hateful comments, even though she seems to speak the same street language as you and others here, why have you deleted many of my comments which are not hateful and only present a different perspective based on different truths than yours? Are you opposed to the voicing of different perspectives based on different truths because they may challenge your allegations?

By the way, I am throughly detested by what the U.S. and Israel have been using in their wars against the innocent, such as depleted uranium and cluster bombs, both of which should be banned by international law so that the they can be charged for war crimes against humanity. The illegal and unjustifiable wars being waged should be enough for a charge of war crimes though...
Layla Anwar said…
western shit,

This is my blog, I don't work for you even though I understand that you are getting paid by Hezbollah and Iran to do some propaganda work for them. I chose what I publish and not publish.
Besides you've had your say and we've all read your sectarian drivel...
Go to another blog, lots of ass licking mullahs like yourself around or better still start your own.

And by the way, my shoe is cleaner than your face - let alone my "street language".
Anonymous said…
And my ass is cleaner than your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!
KM said…
I'd like to see some proof of that please.

^ ^
Anonymous said…
"And by the way, my shoe is cleaner than your face - let alone my "street language"."--Layla

Which shoe exactly would that be Layla and what does it have to do with my face?

Shoes as you have claimed may offend Arab people but they don't offend me and neither does offensive name calling ....

And your street language Layla is ....

"street language" that you should certainly consider isn't going to help you on judgment day...
KM said…
' Believers, make war on the infadels who dwell around you, Deal firmly with them.' Surah 9:121
Layla Anwar said…

with all of your gratis leasing your ass to small kemalists, bet you're like an old garbage,
Roger said…

Your comment about the certainty of use of DU bombs is totally false. There is no such thing as a DU bomb. DU is not used in bombs. It was used in kinetic energy penetrators used only against armored vehicles. There were no tanks in Fallujah, so DU was not used in either of the two intensive infantry assaults on dug in Al Quaeda and Sunni insurgent forces that had turned Fallujah into a mini-Taliban like state within Iraq. Are you the voice of the Sunni insurgency? If not, do you believe in the truth or just like to post lies? Your readers deserve to know.

The monstrous birth defect photos first appeared in a German Doctor's book after he came back from being indoctrinated by Saddam's government in 1993. At least one of his photos was immediately challenged when it appeared in the British Medical Journal. Had the other photos also been published in a medical journal, I am quite sure that did that every single one would be challenged by a number of the physicians who view it as being due to rare genetic diseases and not due to depleted uranium as claimed by Saddam (and Layla's) propaganda.

Dr Tillman Keller of the German publisher advised as follows: the first two of your photos show babies with the Harlequin Fetus Syndrome, see

The British Medical Journal published this correction (the misattributed photo in question was the only photo that they had previously published with the article)

BMJ. 1999 August 28; 319(7209): 535. PMCID: PMC56826
Copyright © 1999, British Medical Journal
Gulf war leaves legacy of cancer
This corrects the article "Gulf war leaves legacy of cancer" on page 401b.

In this news story (14 August, p 401) we published a picture of a “boy with unknown skin disease thought to be linked with use of depleted uranium.” This caption was incorrect. We received several electronic responses ( pointing out that this disease is dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa.

The following are more recent and comprehensive references about depleted uranium

Depleted Uranium in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Postconflict Assessment

Tab - F - Use of DU in the Gulf War
The effectiveness of DU as an anti-tank munition and as armor is vividly demonstrated at the top of this page

Radiological Conditions in Areas of Kuwait With Residues of Depleted Uranium
Includes Appendix III - Experiments to Examine Resuspension

These and many more links are provided at provides a temporary user name and password to access the Yahoo Group DUStory as a guest and view the Files Section which has documents about Douglas Lind Rokke and Leuren K Moret, two of the most prominent anti-DU crusaders
Roger said…
Depleted Uranium and cluster bombs are two entirely different things. Cluster bombs have a bad habit of not all exploding when they are dropped, but are one of the only munitions that are effective against a wide area, such as an area where someone is launching missiles. New cluster bombs are going to be required to defuse themselves at some short period after they have been used so that they no longer will kill or maim the innocent. Depleted uranium is not used in bombs and is not banned by any treaty. It is not considered a weapon of mass destruction and it is not a "nuclear weapon". DU kinetic energy penetrators were exceptionally successful in destroying Saddam Hussein's massive armored force, so his government began this propaganda campaign that has been continued by Layla and the ignorant peace activist posters who support her distortion of the facts. If any of you want to write me, I will be glad to point out some facts - I don't deal in myths; and if I can not verify information, I don' post it. I work for no one, I am an independent researcher who in the beginning just knew enough to know that DU had nothing in common with nuclear weapons or nuclear fallout and since then have dug very deeply looking for facts. In the process, I found out that many of the frequent posters and people quoted by other frequent posters such as Douglas Lind Rokke, Leuren K Moret, Chris Busby, Asaf Durakovic and others were liars, more interested in having people idolize them and come to their personal appearances or buy their books and DVDs than putting out factual information about either themselves or DU. I have exposed these con artists and will continue to do so. The DU issue has poisoned relations between US and many Iraqis and others in the Mid East and it has been a manufactured controversy that began with Saddam Hussein's propaganda.


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