From the 1920 Revolution Brigade.

The 1920 RB is one of the factions of the valiant IRAQI Resistance.

The following is the translation of the article I referred to in my previous post - namely an interview on Al-Jazeera with Dr. Abdallah Suleiman Al-Omaree, spokesman for the 1920 Revolution Brigades. (original article in Arabic here)

I would first like to sincerely thank AMRE AL-ABYAD for having spontaneously translated this long article without me asking him. I know that he has a very busy schedule and yet he still managed to find the time to do it. So a big THANK YOU Amre.

And here comes the translated text - which I believe will dispel many misconceptions and lies and will clarify where the True Iraqi Resistance stands on various issues.


The spokesman of the 1920 Revolution Brigades asserted that the operation launched by the Iraqi forces in Mosul is ”a major conspiracy rather than a military operation per se

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Al-Omaree explained that Resistance has watered down the intensity of its operations according to a self-agenda, as opposed to a status quo imposed by the enemy - in light of recent emerging challenges and factors that require caution and reflection. As regards Nasarallah’s speech, Al-Omaree said “ Nasarallh speaks on behalf of others”

Main Text

• First, he identified the Resistance in Iraq as mainly Islamic. Consequently, a variety of factions sprouted reflecting the various Islamic methodologies of action and discourses. Al-Omaree welcomed this multitude of resistance factions and considered it a point of strength that muddled and scared the enemy. He also noted that more than a year ago, several factions joined and made up two fronts -“Jihad and Reform” and “ Jihad and Liberation” while some other important faction remained outside thesetwo fronts.

• Al-Omaree stated that his group was the first faction that started resisting the Occupation. He added that their faction had sternly warned, from the very first days of Baghdad’s occupation, against the division of the Iraqi people along ethnic and sectarian lines. Consequently, they (the Resistance) divided Iraqis into two groups: those who have been co-opted by the occupier and those who oppose him. He also said that "It is true that we did not totally object those who undertook political means in confronting the occupier. Yet our stance remains clear, the occupier has ruined and wrecked our country; hence those who took advantage of this state of affairs – ie. The Occupation to settle old scores, or to gain some privileges are to be considered enemies. The occupation is an illegitimate act; thus whatever this occupation brings about remains illegitimate and to be opposed. But those whom we respect are those who are using non-military options in resisting. Alas, so far, the current participants in the political process are counted out of this category."

• Al-Omaree assures us that Bush and his army will leave Iraq humiliated and defeated.

• He also adds that martyrdom and the capturing of resistance elements do not affect the resilience and determination of the resistance. “Resistance has been our way by our own will, it has been our choice and through the blood of our martyrs and distress of our prisoners, the spirit of resistance flares up.” Concerning the recent operations in Mosul and Ninevah, and the official announcements of the capture of some of the resistance leaders he says they have served nothing but to ridicule and expose the excuses given by those who claim to be fighting only Al-Queda, and nothing else.

He adds that Mosul and Ninevah will remain defiant and shall never accept humiliation, while the traitors can be assured that they will regret their deeds; sooner or later, for their treason will backfire. If the current generation doesn’t achieve victory, then the next ones will do it, he adds.

• Regarding the reasons behind the Mosul operation – he says that it was the outcome of certain settlements among the participants in the political process. Their way of dividing power over different parts of Iraq before the implementation of Federalism –a thing opposed by the majority of Iraqis. The recent governorates law is actually nothing but a step towards Federalism. Secondly, the operation in Mosul served some vindictive aims as per the agenda of a neighbouring country keen on changing the national and Islamic fabric of Mosul (referring to Iran). He also said that scheme was clearly revealed when one thousand Iraqi officers who served during the Iraq-Iran war were arrested. In Mosul, a special neighbourhood made solely of ex-army officers- “ the 17th of July” was the first to be surrounded and the arrests started there first.

• Al-Omaree reiterated his view that the awakening councils- whether intentional or not- are helping out the occupation.

• Regarding the statements made by Nasrallah - where he (Nasrallah) urged the Iraqis to resist, Al-Omaree made it very clear that he (Nasrallah) was pushed to do so by the neighbouring country (IRAN) who is working on destabilising Iraq. Al-Omaree adds that these statements by Nasrallah came at the right time (for Iran) as a bargaining tool on other issues.

• Furthermore, Al-Omaree didn’t exclude the fact that Nasrallah's statement was an attempt by him to gain a free ride on the resistance struggle and achievements. A move that would polish his image in a last minute propaganda stunt.
Otherwise how can one explain that he has just remembered the Iraqi resistance now? It would have been timely, had Hezbollah come out and called the dead resistance fighters as martyrs when the Resistance had asked them (Hezbollah) to do so. But this latter did not .

• Regarding Muqtada Al-Sadr, Al-Omaree asserted that Resistance is not his way.
His movement may have a fall out with the occupier sometimes, but over some parochial interests that serve his own goals. These goals are firstly, more posts and money for the movement, even if these are done in the most unprincipled of ways. Secondly, they (the sadrists) are the malignant items on the Iranian agenda whose aim is to get even with Iraq because of the previous Iraq-Iran war. Finally he added that the Resistance’s perception and stand vis-à-vis the Sadrist movement will never change, unless they (the Sadrists) undergo dramatic changes in their orientation, options and methods.

End of article.



Samer Dallasheh said…
We will see what the American occupying forces are up to.

rayhen yedamaro... Not from the Iraqi resistance but from within them selves. Because all those vetrenans who go home they know this war is all lies, they have the experince and the guns to go after the people who started this war in the first place.

They made Iraq like Palestine, what do the Arabs do? nothing. Lets just hope it won't be another 60 years of struggle... But it does seem like that.

If Muqtada and the Iranian are not to be eliminated there won't be any progress for the resistance. Then you can take care if the fat people and get rid of them once and for all... Who knows maybe in 50-100 years we will be walking in the white house spreading Islam :-). And fixing humanity.

Other than that i can't really say much, i hope all the humans can solve their problems without escilating to use violence, or let others die for their own personal mission... I hope the Arabs share my vision of a peaceful world... Because its been over 600 years of oppression, some times it was good and most of the times bad... From the mamluk to the Ottoman to British now to the Zionists and Americans... We know we know... And won't forget.

And we love being Arabs.

So lets just pray to God, or pray to who ever listens to our prays (where do our prayers go anyway..?)
to show the Americans the right way and hope they take it and save humanity... And please don't Bomb Iran they are good people... I know their leaders are opportunists but they aren't that bad (the people).
Layla Anwar said…
Samer D,

I agree with you.

And no one here is advocating for the bombing of Iranian people - not me for sure.

But that does not mean that I have to keep a closed eye on the fact and for Iraqis it is a FACT - that Iran has used to this US occupation and has inflicted as much HARM as the Israelis have inflicted on the Palestinians.

However with one big difference.

Israelis are jews and the Iranians consider themselves muslims !

So it's not just a question of opportunism only as you mentioned it - it goes beyond opportunism. It's blatant racism and sorry to say but the Iranians are known for it.
Anonymous said…
What Can I Do About You You You?

Gonna Spam all Night on the Blogosphere

Anonymous said…
The various factions and fronts of the resistance should unite under one banner, one leadership and one program for the post-war period, and come into the light before the whole world.

Otherwise there will always be enormous confusion and fertile ground for the Iranian Propaganda seductions.
Anonymous said…
FREEDOM! I'll drink to that.
Layla Anwar said…
none of your business,

if moronic can be scaled from 1 - 10, you get a definite 10. Congratulations.
Layla Anwar said…

I am not sure I agree with that statement of yours.

The Resistance in Iraq is made of the Iraqi people who group themselves per the areas they live in. And as you may know in each area they face different players. Some are shia militias strongholds, others american army strongholds, and others mossad strongholds, and others kurdish strongholds, and and and Am not kidding.

So I think diversity in the Iraqi resistance is not a bad thing because the enemy is multi faceted.

This occupation cannot and should not be compared to for instance Palestinians who are fighting one enemy the Israelis, or the Lebanese fighting one clear enemy Israel.

The Iraqi ground is subjected to a multiple occupation and this is an important fact that many simplistic people tend to overlook.

I am not referring to you per se, but am just stating this reality.
Layla Anwar said…

I'll drink to when am free of your ilk....Meanwhile I urge you to continue drowning yourself, facilitating our task. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
can you be a little nicer?

It's very offensive to read a blog by a women who curses like you. My head is hurting trying to dicifer all your hate.
Good lord, If you need a hug, just ask! The world isn't as bad as you think!
Layla Anwar said…
Oh JR!

The one line cursing, one man show. Who abbreviates with fuck, sod, bugger, hag, cunt, dickhead...

Oh JR how we miss your lingo !

Had I known that "paternity" had such a "calming" "Ghandian" effect on you, I would have suggested you get laid ages ago...
Fuck off JR. You have no lessons to teach me.
Anonymous said…
JR if your country were invaded, and the citizens of the invading country were clueless and uncaring about the suffering their army caused, you would have more than a few curse words to throw yourself. Either put yourself in their shoes or shut up.

I am relieved to know Layla that you don't wish bombing on Iran. I'm an American of Iranian (Bahai) heritage and my prayers are for you and your people.

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