The Sword of Damocles...

Cicero in his 5th Disputation when referring to the Sword of Damocles allegory asks

"Does not Dionysius seem to have made it sufficiently clear that there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms?"

An everlasting fear is what looms over Iraqi heads, for this is no ordinary occupation...

On the one hand we have the Americans and on the other the Iranians, both gluttonously vying for this ancient piece of land, like two vultures ready to pounce on the last carcass.

Sometimes I ask myself which is more tolerable in the long run - The American or the Iranian ? My whole being rejects both...but,

I know the American scum will be driven out sooner or later, but what to do with these fucking Iranians who live next door ?

What is worse - being occupied by a total stranger or by a neighbor who pretends he's a Muslim like yourself ? What is worse - being raped, tortured and murdered by a stranger or by a neighbor with whom you've cohabited for centuries ?

This is a question I ask myself often, as if I had the choice to start with!

America is clearly the enemy. No doubt about that. It's presence is all too clear. You can spot the motherfuckers, their death merchants and their spies.

But the neighbor, how do you spot him, when he has infiltrated everything ? When he has infiltrated every single room in your home ?

And this is exactly what Iran has done to the Iraqis and in particular the Arab Iraqis.

It managed to co-opt a section of the Shia population with an archaic political ideology which I call political Shi'ism, another synonym for Khomeinism...but really behind this ideological banner is nothing but Persian imperialist aspirations.

I buy NOTHING from the past and current Iranian "revolutionary" discourse.
None of it. I can actually use their "anti-imperialist", "anti-Zionist" propaganda paper to wipe my toilet but even then, I feel my toilet deserves better.

I know exactly how the Iranians operate...

You need to understand that Iran pulls all the strings available to it. ALL of them.
From the Maliki string, to the Al-Qaeda string, to the Nasrallah string, to the Muqtada Al-Sadr string, to the Jaafari string, to the Sistani and his rotten Hawza string...and last but not least, it also pulls the Kurdish string, the Talabani-Barazani duo farts.

Iran will do whatever is necessary to achieve its full aims in Iraq. It has already made some real tangible strides but nothing is enough for Persian greed.

Some argue that Iran is only concerned with its nuclear dossier - rubbish. This is only one aspect. Others argue that Iran is only concerned with its strategic security
- another rubbish. This is only another aspect.

The beast is multi faceted. And at the core is one main tenant, one main pillar, one main banner - Wilayat Al-Faqih.

Wilayat Al-Faqih - the state of things where all conditions are re-united for the coming Mahdi.

Combine this ideological nucleus with historical Persian imperial ambitions and you will understand what am talking about.

You will understand that the neighbor's sword is as lethal as that of the stranger...if not more.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindi, 2007


Anonymous said…
O my, between Wilayat Al-Faqih, the Promised Land and the Second Coming of Christ, seems like mankind has flushed the gift of Reason down the toilet again like in the pitch-dark Middle Ages.

Let's hope at least the Iraqis who fight back will cling on to their enlightened, progressive thinking, otherwise in a few centuries we will all be back in caves waving cudgels and eating the raw meat of each other.
Anonymous said…
Did anybody ever tell you that the language of the oppressor in the mouth of the oppressed becomes the language of the conquered?

Well congratulations! You now have a far worse potty-mouth than those disgusting, and ignorant, Yankee Christians who infest the internet.
Anonymous said…
In times of trouble there are those who rise to greater glory, and there are those who sink into the depths of depravity, and your potty-mouth reveals that you are one of the latter.
Anonymous said…
Hello Layla. Long time no see. Do you remember the book I was looking for, "Trilogy of Self" ? Am still desperate to find anyone who knows the name of the author. Do you have any new clue on the matter ? I would be grateful. Stay safe and keep writing your stupendous articles. You are the best. Regards. Fleur-de-Lys
Anonymous said…
The Persians should stick to poetizing about wine and making carpets.
Anonymous said…
Hey you filthy Sunni: Iran is Shia, just like 80% of Iraq. So go screw yourself, because we are brothers in faith and culture. We not Bakri's or Osmanis!!
Anonymous said…
Good morning, Layla

Compliments of the fine US soldier in the poster.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
I actually agree with everything written on this post... Man, I need to stop drinking so much.
Anonymous said…
This is an open invitation to the person who put the hospital gown on my sidewalk after my mother passed away.
Come out and stop sneaking around at night. Are you afraid of a little lady like me? It's obvious you are spineless so I'm not surprised. You are nothing but a pansy, I know and YOU know it.

You don't impress me, scare me, intimidate or fool me. May God repay you all that you do a hundred fold!
Layla Anwar said…

This is what one gets when one posts on a Saturday night !

Me thinks all of you should quit the booze - except maybe for "sane in a nuthouse" who sounds more like a Voltaire, if anything...
Layla Anwar said…
Fleur de Lys,

Thank you and KEEP LOOKING!
Layla Anwar said…
I agree with Anonymous III
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous 4,

another brainwashed pasdarani- on a hefty pay roll.

There are no such things as osmani's and bakri's you wanker. These is THE FOUL language invented by the raving fanatical deadly Khomeinists and Zionists like yourself.

And NO, Iraq is NOT majority shia, this is another lie you spread along with Perle, Wolfowitz and the rest of the animals in the US.

Wanker !
Layla Anwar said…

keep drinking - it suits you.
Layla Anwar said…
grrrrrrrrrrrreg of the United Asses,

I have never come across someone who can spurt so much bullshit in such a short span of time. What are you the American Army's robot transmitter.

Man, you have no fucking backbone, you spineless twat. Think for yourself for once in your life.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymouse I and II

Same person.

So what are you, some sort of teacher in a religious school ?

Another ninja or turbaned hypocrite spreading morality on the net and secretly engaging in muta'a at night ?

How come my "offensive" language did not bother you in the previous posts ? Or have you just discovered how much I hate people of your kind ?

Fuck off!
Anonymous said…
"Combine this ideological nucleus with historical Persian imperial ambitions and you will understand what am talking about.

You will understand that the neighbor's sword is as lethal as that of the stranger...if not more."--Layla

"historical Persian imperial ambitions "? That sounds like it is based on a paranoid Baathist account of history to me. When is the last time Iran attacked, invaded, and occupied another country in the region Layla? When was the last time Saddam did? When was the last time the U.S. did?

And please don't try and claim that Iran tried to do so during the Iraq/Iran war that Saddam himself started.

Why do you choose to blame Iran for the U.S. blunders in the region that have freed Iran from what were two hostile neighboring leaders, Saddam and the Taliban? Why do you blame Iran for doing what is natural, aligning themselves with their neighboring countries new leaderships who are friendly, in order to protect themselves from another U.S. blunder in the region added to all of the rest, or for promoting their interests as a truly "sovereign" nation in the region. Is it Iran's fault if the Arab nations are not truly sovereign? You have to thank the U.S. and hold the U.S. presence, interference, and continued occupation(s) responsible for this outcome, not Iran.

I suppose the hypocritical, U.S. allied neighbors leaders in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, who receive billion of dollars in military equipment, and whose hired medias promote U.S. interests and the fearful Shia triangle are just innocent bystanders in your book Layla? The same neighbors where many Al Qaeda fighters have come from to help create the environment for a civil war in Iraq ?

In regards to your definition of the "Wilayat Al-Faqih - the state of things where all conditions are re-united for the coming Mahdi.", this is largely based on ignorance and false propaganda that U.S. friendly dictators and allies in the region have been promoting. As Shias we should aways prepare ourselves for the coming of the Mahdi, even though we do not know when exactly it will be. We cannot create the conditions nor can re-unite conditions, for if we did, we would be of the hypocrites and the true Mahdi would not arrive based on hypocrites trying to create the conditions for his arrival. The conditions have to be created by the non-believers, and not the believers for the appearance of the Mahdi.
Layla Anwar said…
Western sectarian shit,

Another bout of your khomeinist, nasrallah à la Americaine - Libanaise, mouth diarrhaea.

You have the worst combo ever. Poor kids of yours. Combine the female neurosis of America and the dark religious fanaticism of the Lebanese.

Poor kids indeed.
Layla Anwar said…
Western Sectarian shit,

You've had your say and I've read your iranian drivelling crap.
You're only allowed one comment per post and you've had your say.
All your other comments will be deleted.
KM said…

That's another thing about Life in America that I do not agree with.

Yesterday I was at a cafe-style restaraunt. Next to me was a Black woman about 40-ish. On the other side of her was a father, a mother, 2 teen-aged boys and a girl about 11. This family was setting at one table. So there the 3 of us were.

I heard a commit by the father saying to get outside. I didn't hear all of what was going on but one of the teenage boys left.

The father then made a comment about it to the Black lady that was setting at her table. The talk then went on about kids and this & that. The Black lady said just 2 more months and her daughter will be 18 and 'out she will go'. This meant then that she will abort responsibilities and force her daughter out of the house. Wow! What motherly love I thought to myself.

Anywho...the father then pipes up and says that there is no guidance and his boys will be goinginto the military whether they like it of not. Wow! What fatherly love.

They went on for about 5 more minutes like this.

American families in generel, seem to lacking a strong bsae of sorts. My friends for the MidEast, India and Asia have a totally different bsse of the family unit. I like that.

I thought when I was overhearing those Amerian parents talking is that ..damm...those kids didn't ask to be brought into the World and here yer gonna be tossin 'em out of their homes..or in this case...what they thought was their homes.

I see all my friends from Asia, MidEast..including India, put an emphasis ( especially my Chines friens I know )..put an emphasis in trying to keep the family name well respected. ALL of them put education first and trying to make sure the next generation is better than the prior generationa nd then the duty is for once the children are taken care of, educated and have good careers, they then turn and take care of the parents or the greater family unit.

Americanized families lack this.
Anonymous said…
Western shiite woman's stupidity is one of a kind!

she has the head of ant whose shit is bigger than her torso.

She has got nothing to say but parroting all the time some words she hears in soap operas, American commercials and plastic shows like hate, dictatorship, Saddam attacked Iran...etc

It is indeed a waste of recourses to engage her lowly likes in any serious conversation.

Disregard her like an ant. Leave it to her hate which seems to be her favourite word(do I detect some Freudian projections here?) and she will eventually implode.

As an Arab woman first and foremost I assure you that most of us Arab shiites despise this parasitic entity imposing itself on the Middle-East aka Iran.

Hope you won't judge the rest of us - Arab shiites by the hatred and stupidity of a minority of us who have sold out their soul to the retrograde disgusting Persian vampires of QUM.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

Very interesting today, and your comment about posts on Saturday nights made me laugh!

Arab Shiite woman, just to reassure you (and Layla) that nobody's taking notice (I think!) of 'western shiite woman' and the garbage she's spewing here. I've found that these types are the worst: those who have converted to Islam think they know everything and try to teach Muslims about the faith; then, there's those like the above moron, who seems to think that since she's married to an Arab (Shiite, as she claims!), she has the authority to teach others, even if what she knows (second-hand knowledge, at that) is bullshit!!! And I speak with authority because I've come across so many of them!

Besides, as a 'WESTERN' Shiite (?) woman, how dare she come here and preach ethnicity?

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
"Thank you and KEEP LOOKING!"

You too, Layla... You too...

Anonymous said…
Am not sure that sounding a Voltaire is a compliment or a critic from you... If you want to know, I do believe in God, but not in the tyrannical, capricious, warmongering, petty, FALSE image of Him/Her/It which too many around (such as your enemies) worship and sacrifice to.
Layla Anwar said…
Western sectarian shit,

I have already warned - all your comments will be deleted. You've already had your say and we already know you stinking hypocrisy.
Now get lost.
Layla Anwar said…

It was no critic.
Anonymous said…
Speaking of hypocrisy Layla...

Have you seen the latest news, which very much resembles your propaganda written here about the non-Baathist Shias...

By the way, are you a Baathist Wahabi Layla?

Remember what I said about the U.S./Zionist/Baathist /AlQaeda/Saudi Arabia axis? I think for the most part it is anti-Shia and is conspiring against the Shia's who believe in resistance to U.S./Zionist hegemony in the region....How can those who claim to believe in resistance against the U.S./Zionist occupations and hegemony of the region like the Wahabis and the Baathists conspire against others who have freely sacrificed themselves in the name of resistance such as Hezbollah against Zionist occupation for the dignity of all Arabs and Muslims?

Saudi clerics criticize Shiites for destabilizing

An excerpt:

"In a strongly worded statement, the 22 clerics savaged Iranian-backed Hezbollah militants, saying the Lebanese Shiite group has tricked other Muslims into believing it is against Jews and Americans.

The statement appeared on several Web sites Sunday, including , which is run by Sheik Nasser al-Omar, one of the signers. The 22 clerics are known for their radical views and have previously released virulent anti-Shiite statements.

A Saudi official told The Associated Press that the clerics who issued the statement do not represent the official Saudi religious establishment, and their views do not reflect those adopted by the government. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue."

Are the Baathists and Wahabis in cahoots with each other Layla?
Anonymous said…
I should have said are the so-called secular Baathists and the sectarian Wahabis in cahoots with each other Layla? Why do they feel so threatened by Shia lead resistance against U.S./Israel Zionist hegemony in the region if they are against it and not a part of it?
Anonymous said…
hahahahahahahahahaha @ western sectarian shit.
Anonymous said…
LOL...the OSMANI is laughing. It reminds me of the great Persian Abu Lulu laughing when he dropped that big rock on your kalifa Omar. Ommmamaaaaaar
Anonymous said…
hahahahahahahahahaha @ the anonymous wanker above. Osmani ????
hahahahahahahahahha, wanker !
Anonymous said…
"Let's hope at least the Iraqis who fight back will cling on to their enlightened, PROGRESIVE thinking"

...are you fucking serious
Anonymous said…
The “Iran & Friends” strategy is built on five principles:

Principle No. 1: Always seek “control without responsibility.” In Lebanon, Gaza and Iraq, Iran & Friends have veto power over the politics, without being held fully responsible for the electricity. America’s allies, by contrast, tend to have “responsibility without control.”

Principle No. 2: Always insist on being able to both run for political office and bear arms. In Lebanon, Gaza and Iraq, America’s opponents are both in the government and have their own militias.

Principle No. 3: Use suicide bombing and targeted assassinations against any opponents who get in your way. In Lebanon, Syria is widely suspected to have been behind the spate of killings of anti-Syrian journalists and parliamentarians. One suicide attack on a major official in Iraq can neutralize superior U.S. power.

Principle No. 4: Use the nternet as a free command and control system for raising money, recruiting and operations.

Principle No. 5: Cast yourself as the “resistance” to Israel and America, so any opposition to you is equal to support for Israel and America and so no matter how badly you are defeated the mere fact that you “resisted” means you didn’t really lose.
Anonymous said…
Does everyone have to believe we crawled out of caves, eating flesh, bloody and cruel?

I say its in these times we are descending.

Neanderthal man was as articulate as we are...the fossil voice box tells us so.
Canine teeth are so-called, why? To prove we are meat eaters by nature and evolution. That's equivocation (and so fallacious reasoning), a great example for the student philosophers amongst us: it is so because we call it so. So I'm a dog with human teeth. All pointed teeth are human. All humans are dogs. All dogs are human.

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