News from "Kurdistan."

My relative N. finally got a post as a geologist in "Kurdistan."

He left his family, wife, kids, behind - he lost his home in Baghdad to the sectarian Shias (and I would really like to meet any Shia who is not a sectarian, in vain...)

He comes to see his family once every two months or so. He visited us today and this is what he had to tell me , word for word.

- In Erbil's airport and in the streets of this city, I frequently came face to face with Israelis. Kippa, curls and all...There is a direct line from Erbil to Israel but it is all kept secret. The Israelis are everywhere in this city.

- All the Iraqi Airways planes that were stationed in Jordan were confiscated by the Kurds. They re-painted them in white and use them for their flights, pretending it is their own airline.

- The extra 8 oil fields discovered in the North, you would not believe what is taking place there. Kurdish families pull oil out with buckets and sell it on the black market for 40$ a bucket. There is no control, no accountability, everyone is stealing every one else.

- The Kurdish families of Talabani and Barazani are the biggest mafias in Kurdistan. They are the most corrupt and the most tyrannical. Everyone knows it but everyone is too scared to utter a word.

- I have never seen anything like it before Layla. Iraq is being raped daily and in total silence.

So "dear" Arab "lefties" of my butt, who bought into the massive propaganda, spun by the US, the Zionists and the Iranians and cried along with Chomsky and the anti-war gigolos about "Kurdish" rights -- Enjoy.

So "dear" Iraqis who clamored and danced for their "liberation" and exhibited their purple fingers dipped in "democratic elections" ink -- Enjoy it too.

Not that these two groups really give a fuck. One has filled its pockets with propaganda money coming from the US, Israel and Iran and I am referring to the "left" in the West and in the Arab world. And do include some repugnant "Arab" bloggers in the lot.

And the other, the so-called "Iraqis" who filled theirs as well, because daddy, hubby, bro, or uncle works in the Green Zone and/or is affiliated with it.

But from the two groups above, the ones that I hold most in contempt and utter disdain are the "Iraqi" sell outs. They are the ones who sold it for our blood.

And my wish to you, you sons of whores -- is that every penny your made out of our corpses, every single penny, will turn into venom, the deadliest of poisons and slowly gnaw at you, deep inside of you, eating you away...

Painting: Iraqi (kurdish) artist, Serwan Baran.


Anonymous said…
I came across your comment posted in response to an article posted on Info Clearing House entitled "Intellectual Violence" / Angie Riedel / 06/06 ... You felt it was shameful Iraq was not mentioned at all ... Yes I can share from YOUR perspective it must be shameful ... but pause for a moment from your perspective and acknowledge that it is of utmost IMPORTANCE that this perspective is written and shared AT ALL! and that, from MY perspective is good news indeed!!!

I've written you a few times in the past ... expressing the lament that America at large COULDN"T CARE LESS about the suffering that it government inflicts on the international scene ... we're too busy being amused to death!

I have noted a very significant undercurrent of disgust and change building ... there have been a very notable number of articles posted on the subject of "War Crimes" ... a few days ago a Medical Group in Australia charged John Howard with War Crimes for committing Australia to a course a action led to committing the supreme international crime ... a WAR OF AGGRESSION.

Yes, it is unfortunate that the Wheels grind this slowly ... but the Hypnosis is STRONG! ... and not easily breached. Another posting to this article mentioned aver 5 million casualties in the Congo Madness ... and I can assure you that virtually the ENTIRE atrocity going on there is below the radar screen of the average dim-bulb in America ... as a matter of fact, who cares ... they're just a bunch of generic darkies & who cares what ax is being ground by which side ... just like the Hutus & Tutsies in Rawanda in the 90's. I KNOW Americans too well! ... and the fact that it is surfacing AT ALL that WAR CRIMES is label that must be used to describe the actions of this regime, and our COMPLICITY of silence, is a GREAT change of consciousness indeed!!!

Keep the FAITH ... as best you can under the circumstances you find yourself in, my friend!
It is of utmost importance that YOU Bear Witness!
You are a SOUL OF GREAT LIGHT ... even if the DARKNESS you find yourself in at times overwhelms you.

Peace / Out ... Tom Schuessler - San Francisco / Bay Area / California ... Namaste!
Layla Anwar said…

YOUR perspective is a wee bit too late and utterly irrelevant.

The article in question, of course an crap American one, talked about current violence, rape and violation -- and it made absolutely no mention of Iraq, while it did mention geography and referred to Africa.

So no, Tom, it is not from MY perspective, it is and should be from THE perspective of any "decent" human being---but then that word is really lacking from your folks vocabulary - be them masturbating intellectuals or commentators alike ---

And a very good evening to you.
Anonymous said…
haha. Get that pansy pudge packer Layla! Yeehaw!
Anonymous said…
UUHH ... That HURT! I would not have thought a compassionate attempt to understand your situation would be met with such VITRIOL! ... be dismissed as "Utterly Irrelevant." And since "YOUR" perspective is the only "Decent" one ...
It is sad to see this SOUL OF GREAT LIGHT consumed by such bitterness ... cause, cup cake, I'VE been bearing witness to the ENTIRE PLANET going to hell in a handbasket for over 50 years!!! ... so don't presume to have the market cornered on witnessing human suffering. I have managed to keep a sense of COMPASSION towards my fellow travelers on this planet - as much as it hurts at times and as much as bearing witness disgusts me at times.

So ... GROW UP, cup cake ... stop spewing Venom ... your only providing a spectacle, instead of doing anything more Positive ...
& to stoop to your level of discourse ...
Blow it out your Ass & tell it to someone who cares!

Send me an e-mail at
when you have something "more positive" to say.
"And a very good evening to You"
Kosta said…
Pretty impressive Tom.
This woman has been blogging here for less than 1 year, and already has such a following that people interested to learn about her profile alone have numbered over. 20,000, and she’s gonna keep a record of your email, coz she’s so impressed with & hung up on you that she wants to be your pen pal….

You would have gotten more respect if you’d just come out and said what you were feeling.
I here by forthwith extend to you a token symbol of sympathy for which I expect full and complete consideration in the form of empathy. Failure to reciprocate in a manner as previously outlined may and will be held against you and may or may not result, at my discretion, in a retaliatory response with extreme prejudice.

Are you prejudiced against any and all Semites or are you only anti-certain-Semites

One question, if I may…I’ll owe you one…
Now… I know there were many hundreds of others during operation paperclip,
but I’m just wondering, did you guys take in Herman Goering after the war to embrace as your own to assist in shaping and directing your national psyche…
I though you did, but I must be wrong, coz your diplomacy skills stink.

….. O H S O R Y Y Y Being that you and I are allies, I should be more helpful ...perhaps ‘a little sentence’ for pep talk, something more positive, and some constructive criticism, a bit of a ‘glass is ½ full’ sort of thing……here you go…..mate.
I hear the US body count was down last month….that’s , um, a, great… but.
You should be hanging your head in humility, like a humble man of God that needs to get off his camel to pass through…. (If you’re speaking my tongue).
so don’t think bowing is beneath you, because you bend over for the other Semites daily…. Just trying to help;..just trying to help.. that’s all.

Not to mention that you make the others of us from the Anglo Centric Nations like yours, appear as though we’re missing a few chromosomes.
I’d wager that even though I speak two languages, most of these people have mastered 3 or 4 and you probably only speak one and even butcher that.
If you can try not to say too much; people will think you wise.

Just between me and you….If these cave dwellers think we’re so dumb, what’s to stop’em from thinking they can kick our buts with a six-pack of box cutters.

Are you keeping up, should I type slower?
Ps. Did you know that your Prez Dumbya’s grandpapy Prescott Bush Sr was convicted under the ‘trading with the enemy act’ when laundering money for the Nazis During WWII, and also had his company confiscated.?
Not to be confused with his uncle Prescott Jnr,, he’s the bloke that traded com’s satellites with China when the US had a trade embargo against them.

You know that ½ full glass thingy I mentioned,;
what’s the deal with the US suicide rates over there in Islamistan… they’re way up…. What’s up with that?
Anyhow, cheer up, I’m sure you’ll all be home soon. After it’s ‘mission accomplished..
Kosta said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kosta said…
Kudos to you, for keeping it frugal,
You writing flair bears witness to the fact that you seem to have a uncanny ability to identify with the cerebrally impaired . You are truly presidential material.. Got any contacts at Dibold?
Kosta said…
ps are you from West Virginia
Kosta said…
what can i say;

I thought I was embarrassed 2 days ago; but by today, having read as much of your bloging and comments as time permits me;. the reality has been thrust in my face like a turd from AbuGraib after having been 'dragged backwards by the hair' to face it. And I can only concede and say;
I have never seen such a collective humiliation of my ‘coalition of the willing’. as you have given us, along with your friends here from the cradle of …. axis of evil.

The intellectual bitch slapping, I have witnessed is of real concern to me; if only for selfish reasons.
What Is it?.. Is it the fact that we eat too many regionally mixed dishes which knocks us about like the mixing of drinks perhaps?

I don’t know to be sure…something to do with a melanin impairment perhaps
I’d like to place my bet with mother nature if I may; and although I wouldn’t presume to double guess her, we all just know she loves genetic diversity.
Any chance of a melanin ‘injection’ coming our way guys…I mean … shit, I don’t know what I mean, I’m rattled, ….. mother nature seems to be pissed off with us or something, she really tans our hides,………… intellectual problems?.. That’s nothin’
we get skin cancers left right and centre every time we show our lovely faces in God’s sun.
We are currently seeking immigrants on variety of grounds; be you From Asia, Arabia, Europe, Africa , Pacific Islander, South Americas, we are willing to pay cash,
well not straight up, but a couple of hundred a week if you can’t get work or something like that, oh, and we pay $4000 cash bonus for any new baby born here…. I’m telling you… that’s desperation to get that population up, you know, safety in numbers in case those lazy people from USof_AlQaidaistria (did I get that right) start coming out here.
Forget America, they got no social welfare, Forget Canada… I mean…they’re nice people and all, but you only have to look across a river to see the neighbours.
Like I said if you’ve got genetic diversity to offer, mother nature calls.

Bear in mind, I’m trying to speak a little, ‘tongue in cheek’ as we say, so don’t think we are desperate just because we are advertising ‘paying cash’ and think that puts you in a position to haggle…. I know it’s widely practiced in some culture., and we have heard that most of you are offended if your price is not haggled down before a settlement is often reached, but some of our more ‘delicate’ breading stock finds it a little crass. .

I would personally offer a spotters fee if someone can entice some specific genetic groups to immigrate to Australia . They would be… anyone born in the village where Hugo Chavez grew up; any members distant or direct of the Malcolm X aka Shabaz(sp?) family , or any Blood relation to the British MP George Galloway; and anyone that has directly spoken with, shaken or kissed the hand of, exchanged an email, letter, or fax or spoken by phone with any of these people.
In the case of Malcolm X, I will also consider anyone that thinks they may have brushed shoulders with him during his Haj (sp) or their 1st or 2nd generation offspring.
I would also be willing to throw a party for anyone that can just a range a ½ hour conversation for me with Gore Vidal.

Layla, please send me an email telling me to back off a little or something.
I’ve Loved your work, .in the short time I”ve been here, and have read some to my wife and son.

I’ve hardly slept the last couple of days that I’ve had off of work., as you may have noticed.

Come the millennium, month 8,
In the home of the strongest power,
The village idiot will come forth
To be acclaimed the leader.
Nostrayamamus, 1555.
Kosta said…
Layla, re your relative N’s observations of people he called ("dear" Arab "lefties" of my butt,).
I have tried to be aware of the developments since the invasion of Iraq 7 years ago, I’d tried to meet the right people to inform me on-line but got no where really, until I have stumbled on so many of you here.
Even though any old common tourist guide will tell you to get involved with the locals, it somehow never occurred to me how important that is, especially in politics until after I strated reading what so many of you are saying.

People like me have tended to get tied down in what seems to be a never ending stream of incriminating forensic details, which should have been long accepted by everone as a given known by now, as though WE are going to mount a legal prosecutor’s case against the so called Neo-Conservative Conspiracy and as such are too often, although decreasingly, dismissed when talking to others, as fringe conspiracy theorists.
We’ve wasted years of lives again.
We should be talking to you, without our so called ‘political representative’ who largely seem to misrepresent or do nothing to often; as though we, the odd ‘grass roots’, will ever sway anything.

In the start I read on-line about some of America’s earliest equipment approaches to Iraq. Bulldozers that is, could I believe the source, was it true. Their purpose I read was to make mass graves.
and this was at the time when our ships were allegedly on nothing more than manoeuvres, as though nothing more than an exercise it seemed they’d have liked us to believe.

By the time I saw pictures on the media of apparently jubilant Iraqi women and men holding up there fingers to show the ink after voting BUT the groups in the images were smaller than a wedding party, and therefore, knowing that Rupert Murdoch will be supporting Bush etc to claim victory, I was confident that all was not well and those few shown happy here probably nothing more than a good photo opportunity of some naive suckers.
I’m sorry to hear that, as I understood, your relative believes that these seemingly common people were actually ‘sell outs’, dupes, and not just suckers.
Like things aren’t hard enough for you already.
Believe you me, we saw many of those images.

We also saw many many images of the acts of barbarity committed to some US soldiers burnt and hanging from a bridge but they never ever tell us how they got to be there.
I mean clearly the men jumping for joy around them were satisfied with the result, but what were these USA’ers doing there in 1st place. The same as the English soldiers that were shown on film?
The ones that were driving around in a civilian car covertly shooting and killing selective Shia or Suni in an effort to enflame sectarian war.
And how in the hell England got them back is beyond me, that Iraqis would actually hand them over???????? These men that viewed there role as nothing more than a job, like a plumber views a toilet.
When they got released back to UK; anyone with a brain would surely just guess that there was no justice in Iraq. You’ve got to wonder what happened to the brains.
When money comes in the door, morality climbs out the window.
And there was lots of money getting around I heard.
US$900,000,000 in one shipment, distributed around to high ranking Americans without so much As weighing it, in cash.
it had to be cash they told us….Iraq will be rebuilt quicker that way.
We all know how cash works. Like a lubricant for morality.
Layla Anwar said…
Tom Sh,

What a warm hearting patronizing, paternalistic, dishonest comeback.

Intellectual bad faith is your trade and your game.

AGAIN --- The article talked about LIES and VIOLENCE and it mentioned AFRICA --and NO mention was made of IRAQ which happens to be the biggest lies.

Your rambling about tutsies and hutus and the congo ARE IRRELEVANT.


Iraq where a genocide and a holocaust is taking place right before your very eyes and you have the fucking audacity to come and to preach to me in your paternalistic holier than thou your compassion ?!!!!!!!!!!!!

You and a good lot at ICH - those little democratic liberal yuppies are what we can call " intellectually" DISHONEST.

Hence I hardly ever visit that site anymore. I only did become someone sent me a link to that article. I should have been less naive and expected the same shit from you lot-- the anti war crap, I've been hearing for the past 5 years - not 18 years.

Not 18 years because you folks have only discovered Iraq 5 years ago and even then...the other years of sanctions - you were sleeping dreaming of "compassion"

Forget the rest- I will not bother to reply to you anymore. You are a USELESS bunch.

With my respects,
Layla Anwar said…

My you've said a lot.

I have a problem with most readers and some of the people I correspond with. This is NOT to imply that you are one of them by any means.

It's as if a HUGE GULF, GAP, ABYSS separates my reality from theirs.

And sometimes even though we talk a "common language" which happens to be English, and even though I try my very best, in my own ways, and sometimes my ways are far from perfect ---the message gets lost.

In fact, the message does not get lost, the message is willfuly thrown away, burned, buried, or twisted around.

Why is that ?

Why is it that IRAQ is a "happening" that has past virtually unnoticed ?

How come ? HOW COME ?

Everytime a new reader comes to the fore --- I find myself having to explain it all over again - from A - Z, as if IT was all happening in a parralel world.

For God's sake will someone explain that to me ?

Hope you get some rest -- we need people with fire and passion in them--- like yourself.

My regards to your family.
Anonymous said…
Tom, you are Layla's bitch. How fitting th It's so much fun watching you lackey Americans kiss her ass only to get shot down time and time again.
Anonymous said…
Don't understand the objections to Kurds maintaining close relationships with the Israelis. All non-Arab nations in the Middle East have an interest in opposing the Arab efforts to wipe them out and steal their land. If the Iraqis don't want to have relationships with the Israelis that's their business, but Kurdistan is an independent country and has the right to make whatever alliances they wish. Iraqis have no say in their affairs, and need to learn to mind their own business an restrict their affairs to their own countries.
Anonymous said…
Kurds have a country? Man I need to get some new maps. Would that be a -stan?

no sympathy: haha yeah Tom is a bitch. Being from San Fran he is probably used to it too. Being someone's bitch.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous above:

If I remember correctly and if my facts are correct: Kurdistan happens to be northern Iraq - or has something changed the demographics overnight? You say: " ... Kurdistan is an independent country ..." - since when?

And, secondly, the Kurds tend to call themselves 'Iraqis' to suit themselves, whenever the need arises - such as when they are trying to garner sympathy abroad, where it's more convenient to be known as 'Iraqi' rather than 'Kurdish'. To make things worse, it's difficult (possibly impossible) for IRAQIS to travel to Northern Iraq/Kurdistan - never heard of this happening anywhere in the world where people need permission and documentation to visit parts of their own country.

Somehow, as time passes, many ugly facts are rising to the surface, and happenings in "Kurdistan" at present are not impressive at all.

In solidarity, Layla
Layla Anwar said…
hey cowboy,

oh the surprised air !

As if you were unaware that your little darlin' of a govt and country supported the zionist kurds by crying for their "autonomy - independence".

But I guess you were too busy cheering your favorite team and getting your belly filled with Bud and singing God bless America.

Maybe one day you need to tell me what kind of God blesses America.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Good reply!
Anonymous said…
Ok you got me :)Lovely mountain side villages in Kurdistan, but it's still not a country. Not yet anyway. As for what kind of God would bless America, we know there is only one God layla.

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