Colors of an Occupation.

You know something, I still can't get over it...

However much I try, however much I twist it, turn it upside down, look at it from a thousand angles, I still can't get over it.

I simply can't come to terms with a very simple fact--this Occupation (Zionist American and racist Iranian - and I will never cease repeating it) has managed to turn a modern country, a modern state, a functioning entity, a sovereign nation into a rubble of sectarianism, corruption, theft and murder.

Think about it for a minute...In the space of 5 years, this country has been turned into a disfigured entity, a monster.

Many of you can't see that. I'll tell you why - because in the recesses of your minds, you have this automatic voice like a tape that keeps playing and which says - "Saddam was a dictator, he was a bad man, so yes, it is unfortunate but..."

We really need to get to that voice inside your heads that keeps repeating these injunctions and turns you into parrots, because it is these injunctions that prevent you from fully recognizing how Iraq has been deformed into a grotesque place, and it has become only a place, nothing else, a place of bloodied thorns...

Make no mistake about it. What do you expect from a Woman who has been repeatedly gang raped for over 5 years? Close your eyes and try to imagine any woman you personally know who has been gang raped for 5 years, daily, daily, daily...

What will she look like now ? Can you see her ? I do.

Here was a Woman, who had a mission, a function, laws, a system, a state... Here was a Woman who like the Queen of Sheba commanded an army, an economy, a polity...Here was a great ruler who cared for all her subjects, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or gender...She had a vision. She had a plan. She had a dream...

Here was a Woman, tall and proud, characterized by her perseverance, endurance and dignity, cognizant of Her own history, of Her roots, of Her past battles, Her defeats and Her victories.

Here was a Mother struggling along, "tant bien que mal". Here She was patching up, making ends meet, feeding hers, ingenuously fixing things, rationally prioritizing...Her aim was survival. Yet She still found time to beautify herself, spread her knowledge, culture, art, music and even supporting others during Her hardest times...

Here was a Woman I knew...I once knew. I had met Her, cohabited with Her, lived inside of Her...I embraced Her, loved Her, and She took me to her generous bosom...She took it all, the ugly and the pretty...Until,

They arrived at dawn, just when the Light broke and scattered the night, like golden dust...And they pulled the thick black curtain down, and exploded their fiery projectors...Balls of fire fell like yellow snow flakes, breaking through the thick curtain and showing bits of indigo sky...The earth shuddered and shook, and the Light recoiled back...far back.

And since that day, they took turns, armies of men, colored of mud, and everything else took on their colors, a feces brown mixed with a green, a darkish green the color of mold...

Her the chameleon, turned into a desert lizard, a desert dragon, spitting back...

And Noah's ark a flood of blood, engulfing young and old...

And the brown and green turned into a crimson red, rivers, oceans of red...

And She turned into arrows, like poisonous thorns, red, bright red...

Then the bodies multiplied taking on a dark navy blue, a blue black, and blue black colored everything...

She became the endless blue black velvety night. Darkness all over. But Her's was a smooth darkness like a touch of satin...And She is satin to me.

At night, when all was silent, she would scream in the abyss, scream and scream...and during the day She would run from morgue to morgue gathering in more blue black for the following day...picking limbs from streets, heads from ditches, engraved names from pieces of flesh dispersed in markets and alleys...

She'd pick them up and remember. Here is Ali, and this is Omar, and there is Fatima and over there Aisha...and these are the left overs of Hanna and those of Marie...

She picked up them all up, and found more in anonymous mass graves, and She recognized each single one of them...

She would roam the streets, in rags, pick up some more, and beg for food and shelter.

She'd look around the corner and see them all lined up begging with her...

Do you recognize the Woman she has become ? Do you recognize the Woman you have turned her into ? Do you recognize the brown, green, red, blue black Woman.

Do you see the color of excrements, the color of mold, the color of fire and blood, the color of bruised clots, of bloated dead bodies, where life has stopped flowing...Do you ?

Can you see Her ? I can.

And I can't get over the fact that this what You've done to Her. Will never get over it and will never accept it.

I will never accept your colors. Ever.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Jabel Al-Saria, 2006.


Anonymous said…
Dear Layla I copied this onto midsummer issue of Handstand.Someone with the finance ought to be arranging with you to publish your texts.slan jocelyn
Unknown said…
Your eloquence is unearthly. The perpetrators are collapsing in on themselves, although not fast enough.
Anonymous said…
What u say about Iraq is true.

Why can't you be honest ALL the time?
Why do u lie about people who have done NOTHING?
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Jocelyn,

Hi and many thanks for your efforts.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you. Yes, not fast enough...
Layla Anwar said…
Janice and/or her "rescue friends"

If you were sober enough and stopped spewing your hate on this blog, maybe you'd remember what you said yourself...out of the blue.

"A bitch, lives in a red light district, a ho, a slut, a liar, a hateful, etc etc...."

Are all Australians so fucked up, or do you represent a particular specially delineated segment.

I tell you, you'll make a bad tourist attraction.

Now bugger off, all of you.
Anonymous said…

It is obvious you know sod all about drinking.

If you did you would know it takes a LOT of alcohol for someone who is used to it to get inebriated.

When I called u a bitch, slut etc I was COMPLETELY sober.

I meant it too and most off all I'm calling you a LIAR

Not about Iraq I believe u when u describe the state it is in.

But in what u said about me for NO reason at all.

I hate u now

Reap what u have sown Slut
Layla Anwar said…
Janice hates u4eva,

Oh, ok. LOL.
Anonymous said…
janice is a closet lesbian and loves barabie but barabie prefers layla so janice is jealous.
Anonymous said…
Janice is not Lesbian sorry Anon.

Janice is Online Friends with Barabie

Janice knows Layla is a lying Trollop

This comment is New
It's True
This is Your Cue

Bring it I Know u want 2
Anonymous said…
If Iraq was not Occupied would Layla have anything to say

Yeah I went there
Anonymous said…

The following is from John Pilger's graduation address at Rhodes University in South Africa in May of 2008:

Take, for example, the “war on terror”. This is an entirely bogus idea that actually means a war of terror. Its aim is to convince people in the rich world, and those otherwise in thrall to great power, that we all must live in a permanent state of fear: that Muslim fanatics are threatening our civilisation. In fact, the very opposite is true. The greatest threat to our societies comes not from Al Qaeda but from the terrorism of powerful states. Ask the people of Iraq, who in five years ago have seen the physical and social destruction of their country, mass killing, torture and impoverishment. President Bush calls this “nation-building”.
KM said…
Yes, they want to put a price-tag on every damm thing on this planet..and anybody that stands up and opposes them in gonna be a 'terrorists' or some other little niche-name they invent.

"War on terror" seems to be a way to abuse rights, invade countries, remove leaders, install corporatists that are protected by 'private armies & contractors'.

Here we have this oil/gas situation that is effecting the People of the World, we have strange weather patterns and now extreme food shortages, an insane 'war' on Iraq..what's next?...a bird flu pandemic thrown into the mix?

I see it with what they are doing to Iraq, in Iraq and to a full blown exposure of what they are willing & capable of doing to try to carry out bringing people into alignment.

Maybe one day they'll stick a barcode on our ass and they'll try to force us to get it scanned every morning and every night.
Anonymous said…
And that'll be the day for layla the civilization craddler!!!! SICK, totally SICK!!!!!!!! I wish her mamma could craddle her in the cave!!
Kosta said…
Please tell me that you people who attack Layla aren't Aussies.
You're a disgrace to your family.
What exactly have you idiots lost?

FYI Layla, John Pilger is also an Aussie.
KM said…
Saying 'sorry' for the 'old' occupations.
Kosta said…
From your url KM.
"All three forcibly separated children from their families, communities, and cultures. And ironically, these same three countries were among the four (including New Zealand) who voted against the recently adopted UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples."

that's not the only irony IMO.
The other irony is that 'we' in the Anglo-Centric nations are very free in our use of the word 'sorry'; and yet 'we' resisted using it in this issue.
One visit to Australia and you will probably hear the word used on your day of arival; even if it's from the mouth of someone who has intentionaly jumped a cue, for example.

Bruce Trevorrow, the 1st Australian Aboriginal to be compensated 3/4$Mill for being abducted from his parents died last week.
"The SA Government is appealing technical points of the case"

Well, my little Aussie countrymen;
It seems to me, that this is 'our' fear.
Litigation and compensation.
For many of 'us' [not me]the morality of this issue has a price.
We argue that 'sorry' will open the flood gates to litigation...
well I say 'bring it on'.
I have more faith in our judges, for now, than our politicians.

To my aboriginal brothers, even though my parents were born in Greece and came out after WWII; I too do 'enjoy the fruits' of our colonial settlers and am truly sorry that you have suffered because it was somehow viewed that it would be better for whites.
May you tear us a new ass; because we need to be taught a lesson of respect for other cultures.

You owe us that;

Has any Aussie found out which Aboriginal lad bowled [contrived cricket legend] Bradman for a duck yet???
John Pilger can tell you; watch his doco 'Australia'.
KM said…
Thanx for the reply phoneyid.

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