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Women -- the perfect Bitches.


Anonymous said…
Women - the perfect bitches....

Layla, you're definitely hanging around with the wrong type of women...Come to Western Canada and I'll introduce you to some real women....Good Prairie stock pioneers who don't give a damn about your size, looks or marital status...and can out work most men.
Anonymous said…
KARLMARXWASRIGHT--I have to agree with the comment, above, from anonymous #1, from Canada. However, I would NOT necessarily recommend you go to Western Canada! Try someplace alittle closer to home. Or, a different group of people.
By the way, apropo of nothing in particular, I was watching a documentary about Sir Issac Newton and his theoretical physics, and, it was mentioned, in passing, that a fellow named John Wickins became his "roommate" and "assistant" in university for 20 YEARS, living together in one room, or, a small space, apparently!! Nothing further was elaborated about this unusual situation. I had always heard about the eccentricities of Newton's behaviour, his reclusiveness, etc. I never bothered to persue the details of his life. Suddenly, a little light bulb went off in my head. The obvious answer. Newton was homosexual. If I had 5 lifetimes, I would love to try to prove this hypothesis. But, other matters are more fruitful to me at the moment. Just thought I would add a further non sequitor to your food for thought, something to chew on besides these dumb women.
Anonymous said…
"9 out 10, in their personal dealings with other women, their jealousies, enviousness and petty retarded insecurities take over and rule their thinking, feelings and vision"

Your comment projects on the whole Arab world
Filled with nationalists who wait for life to unfurl
If your friend or neighbor races ahead
Your jaded conscience would fancy them dead
Why are you trapped, resentful and jealous?
Who can be patient when it feels so good to be zealous?
The fight is over, the enemy lends a hand
You refuse to trust them so you form your own band
Join your resistance, lacking a vision
Maybe someday you will stumble on fission
But if you manage to hold back the lead
Thank us now for rapping you on the head

Greg from USA
bARABie said…
"If your friend or neighbor races ahead
Your jaded conscience would fancy them dead
Why are you trapped, resentful and jealous? "

The west even has a term for the above, "tall poppy syndrome"....
Meaning, greg ya donkey, that you shouldn't throw stones when you live in a glasshouse yourself.

bARABie said…
Oh greg ya donkey, go back to drinking and leave "poetry" (roflmao) to POETS.
Anonymous said…
Layla, what is your exact weight and height, I can tell you if you have to lose those 3-4 kg or not.
bARABie said…
"Layla, what is your exact weight and height, I can tell you if you have to lose those 3-4 kg or not."

No you can't because you don't know if that weight is muscle or fat.
Anonymous said…

Thank you for making my point. Who are you calling a donkey?

"You cannot strengthen one by weakening another; and you cannot add to the stature of a dwarf by cutting off the leg of a giant" -BF Fairless

How tall are you?

Americans believe that prosperity and happiness know no limits. If I lift you up and out of the pit, then I will be expecting a rope thrown down to me shortly.

Look at what Saddam taught for 30 years. Trust no one and keep them down.

Greg from USA
KM said…
I trust Nobody 100 per ciento and expect nothing from anyone. As soon as you have expectations..you can be setting yerself for a 'fall'. But everyone should learn how ta fall.

Don't expect any ropes . . .

Greg? Yer a 'brave' soul getting in this type of subject matter. :-) Why go look for trouble ??
Anonymous said…
Shitan howa akbar adounna.

Layla, ta visite sur PP nous manque, ils ne sont pas tous pro-iraniens la-bas, ils essaient de decouvrir de nouvelles cultures.
Dreamer said…
Women post..
My take on it, is that people criticise others on something they're unhapppy about within themselves. So the weight situation could be that they themselves are not satisfied with how they look.
I enjoy your uncensored blog a lot.
Ian said…
Three to four kilos on a size six frame sounds good to me (damn good in fact) but I've never been one for stick-figured women.
Anonymous said…
Layla, me parece que tu lector más afanado es Greg de gringolandia...que mal!!! Sigue escribiendo mujer!

Norte America es la metropolis de la anorexia, lo que tus presidentes enseñan a la humanidad gringa no es mas que puro MTV por ojos, nariz y boca. Tú te crees el más inteligente, pero si tienes que traducir esto significa que NO lo eres, morón!
Anonymous said…
"ils ne sont pas tous pro-iraniens là-bas, il essaient de découvrir des nouvelles cultures."

Alors qu'ils aillent lire Abu Nuwas ou Omar Khayyam, le Khomeinisme ce n'est pas de la "culture", c'est du barbarisme organizé.

La Palestine est Arabe et c'est aux Arabes de la libérer, les criminels lobotomizés de chez Qum n'ont rien à y foutre.

Dis à tes copains d'arreter la branle intellectuelle et de soutenir la résistance irakienne.

Layla Anwar said…

Well thank you...

Do you live in an all women community ?:-(
Layla Anwar said…

Been in "feminist" groups as well, they are worse.
As for Newton's homosexuality, I also noticed the same bitchiness in gay groups - amongst lesbians as well.

Maybe the "modes of production" has nothing to do with it, but the human psyche with its shadows, which cuts across class and gender-- does.
Layla Anwar said…

Kindly welcome with open arms, our new contemporary poet Grrrrrreg from the United Asses. An "original and interesting" mixture of Chaucer and Yeats, with a definite Yankee Bushist flair to him. Am sure he will be recognized by the New Yorker (along with Cockburn) as the most astounding contribution to today's American literary scene.
Layla Anwar said…

Am afraid Barabie is right, maybe am all muscle ;-)

And that's why dietologists are always begging for new clients --- they keep missing the point.
Layla Anwar said…
Steven Rix,

Ah ! grand merci pour ton invitation chez les mullahs.

Remarque, je peux toujours être "dorloter" chez moi, à Baghdad par les mêmes têtes, sauf que peut être là-bas, je cours le risque d'avoir quelques trous en guise de bienvenue.

Ce peut-il que tes amis là-bas sont non seulement des FAUX CULS mais aussi des tarés ? C'est fort probable.
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Dreamer,

Thanks for visiting.
I agree with you, it can be projections and displacement, but it can go beyond that too.
The aim of that post was not to discuss my extra kilos- obviously, but to point out to some truths that women in general (including "feminists") in their self righteous stands,deliberately deny.

I enjoy writing on the uncensored blog too...It's a different kind of politics and maybe less emotionally taxing than having to write about Iraq.
Layla Anwar said…

Yes and ?
Layla Anwar said…


Greg es como se llama en Iraqi un pappaz - clown.

Guardo por las risas.
Anonymous said…
El Espanol speaker who deserves no name:

Yo hablo muy poco Espanol pero usted es un idiota por su estupido habla. Gringoland es mas bien. Mujer es muy bonita aqui. Hablo Ingles porque Imperio Espanol es muy muerto. El Imperio Espanol viola Suramerica. Castro, Che, y Hugo son criminales morón!

Gregorio de los Estados Unidos
Layla Anwar said…

LOL, that was very funny.

Les vautours et les faux culs là-bas -- eh bien on le sait. Un survit grâce à des pots de vin Iraniens, l'autre n'a aucune personalité ou autonomie intellectuelle donc se penche là ou le vent souffle le plus fort, et les autres sont prises d'hystérie collective à la mention de leur gourou preféré, et encore d'autres s'amusent tant bien que mal.
Layla Anwar said…
Ah! el perro Gregorio habla espanol tambien, que buenito..lol
Anonymous said…
Hi Km,

There are very few ropes, but they are there. It only takes one rope to get you out of the pit.

An Iraqi Girl and Her Teddy Bear Save American Troops

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
anonymous: (the mexican)

Chupa me panga mojado. Pick the strawberies then get out of my country. We don't need a fence at the border. We need men with riffles and a hunting permit.
bARABie said…
"We need men with riffles and a hunting permit."

You already have them. Does dickhead cheney ring a bell?
KM said…
Yes, I saw that too Greg.Interesting.

Very good Spanish by the wat, but don't ferget what I said about learning the up & coming World language....'Chinese'.

Just my take on it anyway but with the North American Union being in the works, Spanish will do fine I'm sure.

The North American Union is to combine Canada, US and Mexico ( probably moving Southward from Mexico ) and China will begin using Mexican seaports to begin their shipment of products into the Western Hemisphere at even more increased rate. You have kids you may want to prepare them to be ready for this new adeventure that will be taking place in the Western Hemisphere.

I believe too that the US has an alternative energy source waiting in the wings but in the meantime, the corporate-governemnt will milk the oil sectors for all they can, plus a huge oil find is waiting to be tapped in the Montana & surrounding areas.

I agree with you about them 'Mexicans' coming over into the US....shoot the fuckers if they wanna make sport of it. 'We' need to absolutely close our borders. No more Asians. No more Europeans. No more Arabs. No more Latinos. We have enough already. Immigration here served it's purpose and in the 21st century a new approach has to be put in place.
Anonymous said…
KARLMARXWASRIGHT--In my comment about Newton, I was not trying to say anything in relation to your blog entry. It was meant as a diversion, that's all. It was truly just fascinating to me as an explanation to reports I'd heard all my life about Newton's "eccentricities," reclusiveness and so on. Suddenly, hearing that one fact, it all fell into place.
Anyway, was not thinking either about such "groups" as you mention above. Rather, best to think about it in the following. Family life, nuclear and/or extended, can be both good and bad. SOME families exist that are truly supportive. On the other hand, MANY families exist which one can simply label "dysfunctional" and are the opposite of what one might label healthy and supportive. Same for people, cultures, etc. However, as the proverbial "they" say, "One can't chose one's family, but, one can chose one's friends." So, it's always best to realize the above and search for/chose those who are supportive, IF POSSIBLE. Sometimes, there are very few of these folks around from which to chose. Then, solipsism is more or less the only answer. The best friend you have is yourself--at least, it should be that way. If it isn't, you've got troubles and no amount of other people will resolve those difficulties.
Anonymous said…

"'We' need to absolutely close our borders."

We need to secure our border. Anyone who wants to come to the USA should be able to somehow.

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

The Islamists better leave their Taqiyya home, though. It would be a disaster for an entire population to be forever mistrusted due to a cultural flaw.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…

Who cares if Newton was gay? You are gay and nobody cares. Karl Marx was gay and supports gay marriage. Get a new hero. Fat Commie Germans don't count.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
I'm not against immigration. I'm against illegal immigration. America is a country of immigrants. It would be stupid to say we don't want them.
bARABie said…
"Fat Commie Germans don't count."

That disqualifies your mom then.
Anonymous said…
@ Layla: ah oui Lucia, on ne la voit pas trop dernierement, je me demande ce qu'elle fait, et elle s'enerve tres vite celle-la la aussi.
Pour Tony, je ne pense pas qu'il a un opinion definitif sur la Palestine et l'Iran, les choses peuvent changer d'ici la, mais bon on verra bien. C'est la faute aux USA et a l'Europe qui veulent mettre un embargo sur la Palestine, alors d'autres pays en profiteront, notamment l'Iran. Je l'avais signale il y a quelques annees qu'il ne fallait pas faire cela, mais personne ne m'ecoute :)

@ Francophone: je ne suis pas un Mullah, mais je m'interesse a tout et plus particulierement a la philosophie islamiste (theologien amateur) car je veux comprendre leur forme de pensee. Les Shiites irakiens sont rejetes par la population iranienne, a cause de la guerre Iran/Irak pendant les annees 80, et c'est un sentiment qui je pense n'arrivera jamais a s'effacer chez les Iraniens.
Bien sur il y a le mahadisme qui les unit dans leur facon de penser, mais ce sont leur racine tribale.
KM said…
mmm, I would like to see the borders secured AND stop all immigration for those wanting to live here.

There will be those of course with talents that want to work here but I think for now..no more US citizenships.

By thw way...just heard that FOR THE THIRD TIME NOW, the US Supreme Court has ruled that GITMO detaines have 'rights' and can have their day in court. As usual, the US corporate government will go back to the drawing board to write / pass laws to fight this.

Back to speaking of immigration. I saw on Mosaic News that France, Spain & Italy are leading talks where they want to try to control the flow of immigration into their countries from Mid Eaterners & Northern African countries. Namely the countries surrounding the Mediteranean Sea. They are immigrating into the Southern European countries bordering the Mediteranaean in search of work and are creating a burden.
Layla Anwar said…
Steven Rix,

I will respond to you in English so everyone can understand what am saying.

You said that Iraqi shias are rejected by the Iraqi people!

Now where did you get this BULLSHIT from ?

It was the Arab Iraqi Shia who fought Iran, they made up the bulk of the party and the army....

Please STOP, JUST STOP repeating nonsense...

Furthermore ALI, HASSAN, HUSSEIN, FATIMA were not persians, they were not shia, they were ARAB MUSLIMS.
Layla Anwar said…

Ha! Great, your colors are finally shining through.

All foreigners should leave the USA, that in all likelihood includes you AS WELL, and your buddy Grrrrrreg, the lousy poet.

You're all immigrants, sons of immigrants and grandsons of immigrants. And most of you are sons and grand sons of ex convicts too.

And since you are so concerned about your american borders, then Iraq has no borders with america and you and your ilk are requested to get the fuck out of there!
KM said…
Oh are you talikn to me ? whatever

You seem to be confused.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with defending borders. Iraqis have a right there and so do Americans here. Pretty straight foward. When they come over the borders shooting there way in , which they do do, yes self defense can be relied on. Again. Straight forward.

I think based on yer personal emails you have sent to me over the past week, I am more true to my words than you are. I will leave it at that cuz I did give you my word. Remember??...and yer anger at me won't change that.
KM said…
Immigration. Thru the ages people have immigrated to different lands. If you have prrof that a god or allah created a man and then a woman and placed them in a specific part of the World and said, 'Stay!'.

So is Adam the first Human ? Anybody ??
Layla Anwar said…


And I did not send you mails, I replied to yours.
KM said…
Anonymous said…
///You said that Iraqi shias are rejected by the Iraqi people! ///
I did not say that;)
Read again
Layla Anwar said…
Steven Rix,

OK my mistake. You said Iraqi shias are rejected by the Iranians.

That still does not hold true.

If anything, it is the Iranians who coopted a good deal of the Iraqi shias with money, bribes, arms and funds to do their dirty work for them -- that of ethnically cleansing.
Anonymous said…

How did you manage to alienate KM?

KM, Why should our enemies in Club Gitmo have more rights than people who come here to work hard for a better life? It's not about due process. In wartime, you release POWs at the end of the conflict.

I have worked with many day laborers. Most of them pursue the American dream. Most are good people who work hard and therefore deserve respect. In 20 years, through pure blood, sweat and American Exceptionalism they will be even better off than me - good for them! Remember, these people refused to settle for inferior conditions. They got up and did something about it. These people make America great.

Greg from USA
KM said…

I do not personally know the people that are being held in GITMO. I strongly believe the 'War on Terror' is a smokescreen for corporate interests and since governemnts are fueled by business interests and since the US government is 'corporate', this is what I see taking place under 'spreading democracy'.

These persons in GITMO must have rights. Being that 'must' is the strongest modal verb I can think of, this is what I will use.

Yes,persons immigrated here under many circumstances & conditions. Mnay are law- abiding and work hard. Many are doing very well.

I think with conditions being what they are in the US that allowing citisenship status should be suspended. Like I said above, if they believe they want to come here to America to work, great but get a green card / wprk permit.
Anonymous said…

I agree, just make the permit process easier.

Greg from USA
KM said…
Arabic People especially are having difficult times in getting here for whatever the reason(s).

I been thru the visa-shit process not too long ago and the hoops many are now forced to jump thru is BS. Here we have well educated people,. never having committed any crimes and TRYING to do it the 'legal way' and we have South-of-the Border neighbors illegaly walking into the US.

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