Political Schizophrenia...

At times, I feel am going insane...

There is a well proven theory in systemic psychology, that in a highly dysfunctional family, the ones that are the most lucid of the family dynamics, are the most likely to go insane...

A dysfunctional family has many characteristics some of which are - lies, excuses, justification, manipulation, cruelty, violence, rigid thinking, impulsivity, passivity, silence, punishment, repressiveness, authoritarianism, pretense, depersonalization, dissociation, secrecy, shaming, and much more...

The main defense mechanism that keeps the family operating in its dysfunction is DENIAL. The greater the dysfunction, the greater the denial.

So children coming from such families are always told - it's not happening, you are imagining, this is not true, people shouldn't know, you need to get your head examined, you are crazy....etc. This lack of validation and denial, causes a dissociative disorder in a child or an adult, and can border on psychotic episodes if not a full fledged psychosis one of which is schizophrenia.

Of course the worst part is when onlookers say " My, have you seen Mr and Mrs Jones, they are such a wonderful family!" Keeping up with the appearances and pretending everything is fine and "normal" is another mechanism that keeps the family deeper entrenched in its operative madness.

When talking, thinking or writing about Iraq, I experience the exact same thing a child or an adult experiences in a very sick family.

I am constantly put on the defensive. I am insulted. I am told that what I am seeing, witnessing, hearing is not true. I am told to shut up. I am told to keep silent. I am threatened. I am harassed. I read cruelty. I smell violence. I am shamed for saying what am saying. I am manipulated so as not to write what I see and experience. I am called all kinds of names...and the comment section is there to prove it.

The purpose of all of this is for "them" to make me shut up so they can keep in their denial, manipulation and lies so the dysfunctional family can continue doing what it is doing -- and in this instance the dysfunctional family represents the occupiers of Iraq. The Zionist America, Iran and the sectarian Shias that have been bought by both.

And like in a dysfunctional family that wants to keep the secrecy of its illness and sadism, they want to silence any member of this country -- Iraq, that will come out and speak against them and say it like it is.

They have tried driving people into psychosis, madness - from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo to the shadow prisons. They have used every single method available to coerce, repress, silence - from torture, to rape, to harassment, to bribes, to manipulation, to insults, to threats, to displacement, to prison, to murder... So the lies can continue and so the occupation can continue as well.

And just like in a highly sadistic psychopathic dysfunctional family, they want to keep up the appearances. The appearances here are two-fold.

Iran and its sect want at any cost to cover up its presence in the occupation of the Iraqi family.


American wants at any cost to prove that the Iraqi family experience has been a democratic success.

That partly explains why you hardly read anything about Iraq in the news. In other words that explains the Cover-up.

But I intend to keep my sanity and hence I will not stop denouncing your madness and expose your political schizophrenia. I am out of this dysfunctional family of yours and I shall keep on and on and on, screaming to the world -- what a sick, perverted, dishonest, deceitful, criminal bunch you are.

So let's start.

- While some are singing to the tunes of the biggest mass killer in the 21st century, the biggest ethnic cleanser of the most hideous type and whose name is Muqtada Al-Sadr, singing to his tunes, and calling him the "patriotic" member of the Iraqi family when he is nothing but an Iranian cancerous malignancy that has eaten up half of the Iraqi population and is one of the main causes of the mass exodus of Iraqi refugees.

Today Amnesty International in a damning report states that 5 million Iraqi refugees represent the WORST refugee crisis since World War II. Even worse than the Palestinian one. One of the main culprits behind this mass exodus is none other but Muqtada Al-Sadr whom some of you shamelessly praise.

These 5 million Iraqis are subjected daily -- to deportation, imprisonment, insults...They are not allowed to seek any form of employment. Their children are not allowed to go to school or universities. They are not allowed to move around. And they are not allowed to VOICE themselves.


It also says that the TOTAL forgetfulness and abandonment of the Iraqi refugees by the international community is unprecedented.

- While others are singing to the tunes of the new Iraqi family and it's "democratic" structure, over 250 journalists have been murdered in Iraq.
This new Iraq is considered to be the most dangerous place for journalists and free speech. Under the "dictator", no journalist was murdered. Today, anyone who speaks against the government, the sectarianism, the sectarian shia parties who form the government, anyone who speaks against the militias tied to these parties whether it is the Jaafari clan, the Dawa clan, the Sadr clan or the Badr clan is silenced by death.

I will never forget Atwar Bahjat, a Sunni Iraqi journalist from Sammara her hometown, when she was working for Al-Jazeera and reported the bombing of the Sammara shrine. She was later found naked and murdered in a car and everyone knew it was the Mahdi army that murdered her in cold blood. And there have been many Atwar Bahjats since...Many.

- When some are singing to the tunes of the new Iraq and its air of freedoms, report after report come out and prove beyond the shadow of any doubt that today's Iraq is the most corrupt country in the world. From corruption in higher echelons to billions of dollars missing, to bribes, to smuggling to plundering of the country's resources, to shadow projects that never take place, to payments of salaries to people who don't exist, to falsification of diplomas and C.V's and the list is long... Iraq is not only considered the most corrupt country in the world, it is also considered the worst country to live in.

- When some are singing to the tunes of the mullahs from Qum and praising their "anti-imperialism" and arguing that there is no proof that Iran is also occupying Iraq despite massive evidence of Iranian infiltration in the state and army apparatus, in the militias, in the civil services, in the prisons, even amongst the torturers themselves, in the streets, in the shops, in the neighborhoods...
When we say we deal in tooman in the center of Baghdad or Basra, we are told we are lying. When we say that Iran has bought half of the South for peanuts and controls the southern oil fields, we are told we are imagining. When we say us Iraqis, us Iraqis who are the ones who are occupied, have to fill forms in Persian in our country, we are told that this is a mirage of our imagination. When prisoners who escaped alive say that their torturers were Persians, they are told they are fabricating...and the list is long.

And what I have expounded above is nothing but the TIP of the iceberg. Because there is so much more. The drugs dealers from Latin America, the US, Iran, Afghanistan. The pedophile, prostitution and pornographic rings from the West, Kuwait, Iran...The selling of children, of organs, of selves....Again we are told this is nothing but more lies, more imagination, that we need our heads examined.

So you try to corner us, me, into a defensive stand and say prove it if you can.
But even if I provide a million evidence - proofs, links, stories, articles, facts, figures, statistics -- you are and will remain like this dysfunctional family built on denial, a deliberate, willful, calculated, criminal, denial.

And the only way not to be sucked into and by your collective psychosis, your deceitful, dishonest, psychopathic, anti-social, morbid, paranoid, cruel, sadistic, manipulative, political schizophrenia -- is to expose and denounce you.

And since you obviously have no intention of seeking any form of treatment for your acute politically diseased minds, do expect more coming from me...much more.

I can't be blamed, I need to keep sane from your malignant Occupation, its symptoms and its panoply of deadly side-effects.

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Alia Al-Wahab.


Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
you are the proof and the evidence.
Anonymous said…
X is a robot.

Please Layla ignore him.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

The process you describe has a technical name; "Political Ponerology".


On the other hand, you could just say that scum always rises to the top.

HTH :-)
Samer Dallasheh said…
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته يا ليلى

I listen to what you told me earlier and found out where exactly the Arabian - Persian conflict is.

It started ever sens history started being recorded.

After a while... Problem developed between the Arabs and Persians.

At some era's, the Persians were more powerful than Arabs, and at other Era's Arabs were more powerful than Persians.

We don't know who started the fight, we don't know who's winning, we don't know if its ever going to end.

The fight is like this:
War ignites between the two tribes... Actual physical conflict between the two ethnicities, one win and takes control of the other but leaves at the end because of resistance... Till the next war, then the Victory flips to the other side and so on and on....

Each side tries to either Arabize the other, or Persianize the other according to who ever wins, but they both always fail because Allah is not interested in allowing that to happen. And none Shall defy the will of Allah.

So yeah this is nothing new, and i can't really blame the Persians now days, they are just taking revenge under the pretext of Islam

(Am not siding with them, nor do i support them at all)

Beside: الأخذ بالثأر هو كفر

Now days the Persians are winning, it might end up in a war of Saudi Vs Iran. Syria on the other hand is just trying to save its Ass from the much predictable U.S invasion to its region.

(didn't you hear bush warn Syria?, Remember?).

There is no way in hell Iran would stand up for Syria anyway.

Although the Iranians are not as brutal as the Americans are, they are brutal. But they can be dealt with, sens we're not so different from them.

But no tribe should be held accountable for what his parents or ancestors did, whats done is done, no tribe should suffer because 1000 years ago his tribe assaulted another tribe... It juts not fair nor logical.

Much like Germany, they shouldn't be held accountable for what their ancestors did. Am not saying they shouldn't acknowledge it, but They shouldn't be made to think like :Its your fault to be born.

Anyway the Arabian - Persian Conflict is very interesting indeed. We Arabs are going to need to make a very long Hudna (Arab Hudna's were never broken in the history of mankind)
Hunda = Peace Pact for a while.

Then make another Hudna and another Hudna... Keep avoiding war... At the end, both sides will just live side by side with no hate (only after 5-7 generations of peace).

But thats just my opinion judging from historical facts.

So huda is the best option... But at the end of the day, Arabs and Persians have a common enemy.

A strike on Iran "will" take place in the next year or two, after the U.S mobilize its entire army to the borders in Iran and keep a relatively small amount of army presence in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan to maintain control of whatever the Americans have in there.

So lets make a Hudna with Iran, i know it sounds far-fetched and feeling is bitter because of the current war...

Iran is playing a tricky role, we see it supporting Hezbollah in the war against Israel, Supporting hamas in the war with Israel (Pretty good,useful to the Arab world). And we see it supporting: Safahin (سفاحين) Like the Mahdi Army. Which is confusing.

Its obvious they need the oil to maintain their alliance with China (Because if the U.S strikes Iran, china will be the main helper for Iran, sens it holds GREAT interest in Iran). Thats why they need oil from Iraq, that they buy CHEAP. And who ever opposes that is terrorized.

Yes thats indeed an enemy, but look at the future, if Iran and China wins a war against the U.S (Which they probably will) Iran can move into governing the Middle east and creating a Muslim Ummah (sens Muslims had good relations with the chines at some era's)

But look at it this way, the IRANIANS (Persians) are much easier to get rid off. And they are not using Depleted Uranium on Iraqi's.

Its for the better... They do bad now but at the end will get rid of them, sens history proved we can and always did, its the none Middle -eastern people that are always hard to get rid off, not the Middle-eastern people.. (European are assholes).

So we have two ways to deal with the Persians:

1-An all out war, drive them out of our lands for good and demolish their new Empire, and leave them be after we defeat them but prevent them from building a new army to retake the middle east, then we could have 100-300 years off peace until some new dick headed leaders show up and start building a new empire. So Arabs won't go invade Persian lands, and Persians won't invade Arab lands. Good option if you ask me.

2-We could let the Persian keep their presence in Iraq and to allow them to succeed in their Balkanization (look it UP) process. And lose Iraq... Not good. This effects the entire Arab nation... After this another 200 million Arabs will die from genocide.

Napoleon used to say:The effects of war Disappear in a few years, but the effects of culture remains for thousands of years.

Put this into Context:

This effect http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m44898&hd=&size=1&l=e

Will remain for thousands of years.
The theft and Destruction of Iraqi Culture that dates back to 7000 years.
The murder of over 1.2 Million (I expect it to be over 2 million)
Iraqi's will remain for a very long generations.
The destruction of Iraq will have even a far reaching effect...

Sens all the information can be preserved... IN 2000 years from now people can come and see this topic like its new with fresh never fading photo's.... So they can never forget.

What America has done in Iraq... By all Human Values... has no scale... Its above any scale....

Its impossible to scale it...

They haven't done this much 'bad' destruction in any war... Ever....

And its all Arabs who are dying... ARabs.... Arabs.... ARabS.......

This is destroying this planet. This war must end...

Ask all the Americans who are stationed there... They all want something good to come out of this war... They convince them selves its going to be Okay at the end... But they think what if not? this is just insane if its not going to be Okay... Most useless war in the history of mankind... No reason. No objectives no Purpose.... UNless its objective is to help Israel.

This world is just insane, Arabs need to unite, we need a New Salah el din, a new Mahdi, a new Jamal Abd El Naser.... If we unite... We can save this world from inhalation....

What really sucks, at the end we will defeat the Americans and when we enter Washington we are not going to bombard it, we do as others did... Make peace and remove the wicked. (don't believe me? read the history books, not literature ... from some crazy fuck bag who never left his house)...

Allah have mercy on us all and provide us with guidelines..
Anonymous said…
Who cares to "enter Washington", we just want our beloved Baghdad and Al-Quds free.

As for "Hudna", President Saddam wished for a "Hudna" with Iran after the Shah was removed, but the turbaned mummy had to backstab him, took to terrorizing Iraqi villages and cities every other day and brainwashing the Iraqi Shia against their Panarabist government.

No, Iran will have to undergo a long and delicate internal root-and-branch change, political and of mentality, before being ready and trustworthy for any peace treaty.
Anonymous said…
I love my cat.
Anonymous said…
Long live my caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar is a huriya incognito.
Anonymous said…
KARLMARXWASRIGHT--You've given me an idea. The US should be renamed. Instead of the US of A, it can/should properly be called, the US of D, D for Denial. Or, Dysfunctional. The entire country is dysfunctional--by Design, of course, not by accident. Designed Dysfuntional Denial. DDD.
I get to hear DDD not only about Iraq, but,just about everywhere on the globe, including the US of D, itself.
Anonymous said…
once again Layla,
Thank you very much for continuing to write... your words are powerful and it is a voice that I otherwise would not hear via the media. Please continue to write.

Anonymous said…
KARLMARXWASRIGHT:Designed Dysfuntional Denial D3

Who was the designer? Not disagreeing just want your take...
Anonymous said…
Its not USD its USS. United States of Space Bitches! the world is not nearly enough.

Good stuff layla.
Anonymous said…

I will fax the following to America's war whore: Speaker of the House - Nancy Pelosi:

Dear Madam Speaker,

Since both the Senate Intelligence Report and Congressman Kucinich’s thirty-five articles of impeachment have presented a just cause for impeachment, not pursuing impeachment represents a willful disregard for the Rule of Law.

If the Rule of Law is followed, we can know what to expect – right, lawful and just actions. By disregarding it, you are on a journey to the dark side with unlawful, unjust and dire consequences.

The presence of the United States in Iraq is a war crime. Every bullet fired, every bomb dropped, every gram of depleted uranium dispensed, and every innocent man, woman and child killed or injured is a war crime.

A failure to proceed with impeachment hearings and continued funding of the illegal occupation of Iraq amounts to complicity in the perpetration of war crimes.

Positions of power convey the illusion of invincibility – countering this illusion is a global effort by lawyers and human rights advocates to bring to justice those who have initiated and those currently supporting the war crimes being committed in Iraq. This effort is growing in force and will not fade away!

Do the right, lawful and just things – proceed with impeachment hearings and stop the funding of the illegal occupation of Iraq. Remember, at some point you will have to answer for your actions – matters of such tragic consequences will not dry up and blow away with the passage of time.

“Veritas filia temporis” – truth is the daughter of time - Aulus Gellius – 125 A.D.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous 1,

Am blushing now.
Layla Anwar said…

I like Robots !
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous 2

thanks for the lesson. LOL
Layla Anwar said…
Samer D,

I read your comment and I can write a treatise about some of the points you raised.

So basically you're giving the Iraqis the choice between drills made in China and DU made in America ?

I don't believe that Iran will gather the muslim Ummah under its wings. I don't believe that Iran gives a damn about Islam to start with. Political Islam iranian style is a convenient tool, not more not less.

There was a Hudna with Iran during the Algiers treaty between the Shah and Saddam Hussein. Khomeini came to power and started barking about regime change in Iraq and the liberation of Jerusalem passing through Baghdad.

I can understand from your palestinian point of view that Iran might be a "savior". You still have not explained to us how come that potential savior massacred through its militias hundreds of palestinians living in Iraq.

Furthermore, I don't agree with your historical take on the historical struggle between persia and the arabs...who takes what and when. If you read history carefully, you will know that ---

1) From the times of Babylon, from the times of Cyrus the not so great, Persia had ambitions in the land of Mesopotamia.

2)Shiism as an official religious creed/sect was only introduced in the 15th C in Safavid Iran to the exclusion of other sects and creeds. That was a political move - to use Shi'ism against the sworn enemies of the Persians - the Arabs.

3) I need to remind you and the other readers, that the Imams Ali, Hussein, Hassan, Fatima Al Zahra, and Zeinab i.e "ahl al-bayt" were not sunnis or shias, they were muslims from the Jazeera al Arabia now known as Saudi Arabia.

We need to call things by their names...away from your our fantasies, wishful thinking and secret hopes.
Layla Anwar said…

I agree with you, I replied along the same lines to Samer. Well said !
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for visiting again, and hope I will continue to write if am not burned out by then...
Layla Anwar said…

say hello to your cat ---and get yourself a real human.
Layla Anwar said…

a play on arabic words ?

Is it houriya or hurriya ?
Layla Anwar said…
Cowboy and KarlMarx,

Am glad a cowboy and a Karl Marx do agree on some things...

triple D sounds fine to me.! LOL
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for sharing this, but am sorry to tell you you are wasting your time...Just read that Obama /the booma- --- hope you've learned basic Iraqi by now (from my post on shoes) is planning to visit Baghdad very soon.

Your writing to Pelosi is like talking to a fucking brick wall.
Anonymous said…
It was "houriya".
Anonymous said…

Yeah, I know... A brickwall at least serves a useful function. Obama is a booma, yet many hail him as the 2nd coming - we Americans never learn.
Layla Anwar said…

Houriya --- are from the other world, and am stuck here for the time being. Maybe am a fallen houriya.
Layla Anwar said…

Very funny. You picked up the Iraqi dialect fast. Obama kind of rhymes with booma ain't it so ?
"hailed as second coming" ---LMAO.
KM said…
Did somebody say second coming?


sorry.couldn't resist
Kosta said…
"in a highly dysfunctional family, the ones that are the most lucid of the family dynamics, are the most likely to go insane..."

Who are you Layla Anwar?
How do you know all this shit?

Is that what's wrong with me, is that why I feel like I'm the only one that cares.
It seems I wasn't mistaken; I do belong to a dysfunctional family [society].

Apart from finally getting to learn about the Mid-East since visiting your blogs; something that any 20c tourist guide could have told me 'speak to and get to know the locals', this particular blog of yours has proven to be the most insightful for me in understanding why the fuck we in the [Anglo-centric] 'west' don't seem to care enough.

I have been puting some of your lessons to good use.
(the shoe thing didn't turn out too +ve)
I spoke to a young Australian woman today, who described herself as being of 'Aramaic' stock.
She's doing a Masters Degree in history. When i told her about the 'dysfunctional family'; she seemed intrigued as though struck by some sort of revelation.
In some sense, it's how it took me too.

(For the moment)
You are my Captain.
Layla Anwar said…


regarding your Aramaic friend, lol, she must be a christian Iraqi either Assyrian or Chaldean or just a plain jew trying to be sophisticated.

Am glad this post was an eye opener for you....

Me captain ? can't sail...

As for the Kundara bit, lol, maybe your muslims friends can't speak Arabic.
Anonymous said…
"Shiism as an official religious creed/sect was only introduced in the 15th C in Safavid Iran to the exclusion of other sects and creeds. That was a political move - to use Shi'ism against the sworn enemies of the Persians - the Arabs."--Layla

Really? As a Shia that is not what I understand or believe...

Shia Islam basically began after the Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) passed on and his appointment of Imam Ali to be his predecessor was ignored and violated. The Persians had nothing to do with it, in fact Persians for the most part used to be Sunnis until they were converted to Shia Islam...

"3) I need to remind you and the other readers, that the Imams Ali, Hussein, Hassan, Fatima Al Zahra, and Zeinab i.e "ahl al-bayt" were not sunnis or shias, they were muslims from the Jazeera al Arabia now known as Saudi Arabia."--Layla

Layla, they were the family of the Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) who were raised and appointed by him to carry on his message. If they were left to rule and were followed by all the Muslims as they should have been, there would not have been a Sunni and Shia divide as there is today. The Ahlul Bait is highly respected and followed as examples by today's Shia and largely ignored by today's Sunnis....The fact of the matter is that the Persians had nothing to do with the divide of the Muslim Arabs in Saudi Arabia after the Prophet's passing...
Kosta said…
Western Shia;
Far be it for me to inform you of the complex dynamics within Islam and the mid east.

"Layla, they were the family of the Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) who were raised and appointed by him to carry on his message. If they were left to rule and were followed by all the Muslims as they should have been, "

Isn't it the case that positions of leadership among the Suni are achieved through merit as determined by elders rather than birthright?
Wasn't Mohamed the prophet (pbuh)initialy driven by concern for the politicaly and economicaly down troden, by the power ellite, before he went off into the caves to receive his message.

What would Mohamed (pbuh)say of Dumbya Bush's rise to power by virtue of family conections?
Layla Anwar said…
western shit,

as I said to you on the other thread, your hezzie husband is not only brainwashed but your and his take on history merit a big F...

You still have not told me, do you get paid in toomans or dollars ?
Anonymous said…
You still haven't told me!!!!????? What did you get when you were attacking your neighbours with the aid of US!!!???? Saddam should be freed and people like you should be hung!!!!!!!!!!!!!You sick retard!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
"Western Shia;
Far be it for me to inform you of the complex dynamics within Islam and the mid east."--Phoneyid said...

I don't claim to be an expert on the complex dynamics of the Mideast Phoneyid, though Layla and others here do seem to think they are experts.

But what I do have is a reasonable grasp of some of the dynamics within Islam and the Mideast....

"Isn't it the case that positions of leadership among the Suni are achieved through merit as determined by elders rather than birthright?"--Phoneyid said...

I would disagree with this assumption.

It was Allah who instructed the Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) to appoint Imam Ali as his successor. Na it was because Imam Ali(a.s.) was more qualified than any other and his qualifications were not based on him being a family member. He was raised under the supervision and example of the Prophet(pbuh). And his qualifications were based on his knowledge, faith, practice, virtue, etc.

Imam Ali(as) converted to Islam as a child and was what we Shia consider to be infallible by virtue of Allah.

Was the merit system you speak also how those like Muawiya and Yazid achieved the Caliphate?

"Wasn't Mohamed the prophet (pbuh)initialy driven by concern for the politicaly and economicaly down troden, by the power ellite, before he went off into the caves to receive his message."--Phoneyid said...

Yes he was....

"What would Mohamed (pbuh)say of Dumbya Bush's rise to power by virtue of family conections?"--Phoneyid said...

This example has nothing to do with the reasons behind the Imam's from the Ahlul Bayt being the rightly guided Caliphs....

I assume that the Prophet Muhammed(pbuh)would probably say Bush's rise to power is similar to Yazid or Muawiya's rise to power by virtue of family connections but not by virtue of knowledge, faith, practice, etc...
Anonymous said…
as I said to you on the other thread, your hezzie husband is not only brainwashed but your and his take on history merit a big F..."--Layla

Layla since you are not the all knowing history teacher I will consider your F to stand for forthright, Yes we are forthright....

By the way, my husband isn't brainwashed or a Hezzie....

But we do very much respect the Hezzie's honesty, integrity, fortitude, and commitment to resistance against Israeli invasions and occupations....

"You still have not told me, do you get paid in toomans or dollars ?"--Layla

I told you I don't work for anyone, I don't get paid...I am just self committed.

How about you, how are you being paid? BY the way, your American English is quite good, are you sure you have never lived in the States before?
Layla Anwar said…
western shit,

you've been reading too much from the angry retard's blog, the clown monkey called angry arab.

My shoe is cleaner than your face ...the sole of it that is, and besides, street language is even gracing you with too much, you don't even deserve that.

again go re-read history you ignoramus. You're a monumental waste of time.
KM said…
A piece on a package for Iran.


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