Strings of Sadness...


Anonymous said…
My brothers, join us in attacking the shithead pervert "Iraqi" Mojo at this link. It turns out that the 3ijmi faggot is stalking a 13 year old Iraqi female blogger.
KM said…
The music was very nice Layla. Great photos too..very well done.

I will be adding that to my "under construction blog".

Thank You
KM said…
On a side note and personal

The disaster has not gone un-noticed and it has changed my Life.... not in ways that are happening inside Iraq with the People that are Iraqis and since the 'blessed nation' began hurling fire & destruction upon yer land.. of Sunday I have no family. I know it may seem insignificant as compared to what is and has been happening to Life inside Iraq...but I am with You

I have 'defended' you and Iraq back when I was Christian right before the hellish invasion of '03. I was met with blank stares and tongues with no words when Isaid at the church that we need to mobilize..somehow, and stop this.

I left that very day..never to return.

I then met some opposition from my family...some more..some less.

That was all in '03 and since then I have had 'happenings' now and then; at work, people I've exchanged opinions on..lost know what I mean.

Over this past weekend it is such that I lost my sisters and mother. I have been trying ( and not forcing my opinions on the neither ) but trying to give themexamples of what this country..our country is doing and that it is leading this World into a situation that is not a benefit or productive to OUR existence.

All within my heart & soul that I have said here and everywhere...I have said to times is falling upon people that will not comprehend at times.

I will be leaving this country soon...this United Staes of America. I will be leaving 'my family'..after what all they have said to me because I see the wrongs of what is happening in Iraq and they can' is for the best.

I know a wrong when I see one Layla. It is obviously wrong. It has been a wrong for decades in Iraq an in the Entire Middle East...just as so many other wrongs have been perpetrated over this planet.

My 'family' told me to leave. They told me to leave the United States and I SHOULD leave.

That is OK..I can live with that. But what does one do with a set of people that complians about the direction a country is heading down but does not listen to actual events that lead to a 'homeland' disaster and hellish disasters overseas? Its beyond me.

I am holding tight to my convictions and beliefs and they are leading me out of my country I was born in.

It is so odd that I have Native Blood within me...that some of my ancestors were here long before Europe came here....and now I am driven to escape. It is SO strange.

I have not been to yer country to see the shoes & shirts lying in the streets that People put on that morning ...or carries bosdies to waiting ambulances....I have done None of that from here.

Events happening there..has led me..and changed my Life.

I am defintely alone now. And I am defintely having to leave 'my Native' land.

I am with You Layla.

.....I know this is getting a bit personal..BUT i kept it short. Thers more I could say.

Yer post of how money is going to those other places such as Kuwait, to me mostly and how you asked who will help those playing socccer in a garbage dump and so on.
I have no reply to that..just thoughts....and that is what is bad.

Layla. I am hanging tight with with my convictions on what I believe and what I know about Iraq and what is taking place..these I will not matter where it takes me and what those around me have become to me.

Do Not let them have yer country do not

all i say this dont let it happen

they will use all they can to conquer...whateveris at hreir disposal..they will use..and when yhey used them..they will discard tham and trample on them...they will use whatever Iranians they CAN USE to accomplu=ish their goals..whatever Arabs...whatever whatever they can use....

KM said…
Do you understand what I'm saying to you Layla?

Every means WILL BE USED to hold the Middle East under the control of the United States government.

If they have to use Iran, Hizballah, Sinora, Al' Sadr, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukrain, Israel..they WILL DO IT.

There is no honor amongst thieves...just a goal..and it doesn't matter hwho is used inthe short term or in the long run...just As Long as the goal s achieved.

Look at the Mujihadeen , Noriega, the American Indinas that were paid off and used to achieve heir's the same thing Layla.

Look out yer window...get up from yer computer and go to the window.......look out yer window...................

It's the end result Layla..they dont care about loyaltes or sides...its The Goal.

Anonymous said…
As always, love this music. So warm, emotional. For Iraqis, it must mean so much more.
I first heard the oud in Herat, Afghanistan.
Thanks for putting me in touch with it again.

Wow! What a comment. You are ready to leave your native country for your ideals? Very moving. I wish you the best for your future. However, I recommend that you stay and try to change foreign policy from within the country. There are many people who think the same as you do. Try to meet them.
Anonymous said…
I ask you, isn't all this music and art harram?
I don't understand. The taleban have banned music now in Afghanistan. If muslims like music, are they bad muslims?
KM said…
mm, don't think it will change Steen. I think it's too far evolved now for the corpoarate government to give ground on what they have accomplished for themselves.

Me leaving is not really the hard part. What gets me most is people that will not see, and I don't mean by putting up conspiracy theories in front of them and say "Look".

I show hard evidence and still a response I get is, " welllllll...I don't knooooooow.". Then they go on their way.

It's these types of people that I call dead-weight. They make it very difficult to try to get changes going in a mass movement of the people. Don't feel sorry for me or anything like that..I will be ok. But it's like Layla had said...if all these people that are now dead in Iraq hasn't moved people, what will?

As People of the World, the way I see it is that we have some things in common with Iraq. Our government has used the stealthy approach upon us Americans. With Iraq, they used force.
Layla Anwar said…

I am VERY touched by your comment. Really touched. I can see and feel your frustrations, anger and despair..I suppose you can feel mine too.

I would like to take your permission to reproduce this comment in a short post, if that's ok with you. You can write to me to my mail address

Bless you.
Layla Anwar said…

Muslims are not a monolithic block.
There are variations, nuances and different flavors. So to answer your question NO the Taliban don't represent all the Muslims...
KM said…
It's all yers Layla.
Anonymous said…
km, I feel I need to respond to your post because I've been there, too. I've lost many of my friends (many felt I was becoming 'weird' because I did not seem to see things the way they did) and have never managed to convince some who are close to me when I speak the Truth. So... I've just let it be and continued to do what I do. In the end, it's about being true to yourself and your convictions.

There comes a time in everyone's life when you have to decide whether to follow the flock or go on your own, if necessary. I chose the latter, and while it can be very lonely at times, I believe, as always, that I've done what's right.

I should also add that being 'alone' adds much strength - I feel a lot stronger today than I ever did. I guess you are feeling very alienated right now, but I'd like you to remember - you're not alone.

Thank you, Layla, for all that you do.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
there many of us who know the truth,who are not brainwashed by the US Media and the destructive slime bags full of lies.
Wish you good luck.

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