Conversations with Myself...

I've spent over 4 months researching, reading, listening to videos, cutting news articles, saving links with the aim of getting around to writing a post on the connivance between the Zionists - the Americans and the sectarian Shias of Iraq whose loyalties can be traced to their original mother country - religiously, politically and ideologically - IRAN.

I have over a hundred articles I need to sieve through before I produce that post...Articles dating from the days of Khomeini, his relation with the Western secret services in particular the French and the CIA, the Iranian-Israeli ties during his reign made most evident during the Iran-Iraq from the days of Khomeini until today. You must agree - that is a tall order.

Then I have another hundred articles by Western "academics" and "analysts" (both from the right and the left) articulating the need for the restoration/resititution of "Shia Rights". Of course none bothered explain what these "rights" are. As if the Shias are not Muslims. As if the Shias are something apart/outside of Islam. But I suppose the occupation of IRAQ is a good indicator what these "rights" were/are all about.

In Iraq, the Shias had full rights just like any other sect or ethnicity. I still defy anyone to show me otherwise. And none have been able to, until this very day.

But tonight, this is not going to be the central subject of this post. Tonight, are my very personal thoughts on the subject.

I don't know if you have this habit too, but I keep talking to myself. No, am not crazy, not yet anyways...

And tonight, I will share with you my private thoughts, my conversations with myself...

This is what I talk to myself, about, daily - and don't think am not objective. I even argue with myself - trying to see both sides of the argument. But in the end, I am always back to square one. And the all prevailing thought remains...and will not change however much I argue with me.

So what follows next is the kind of inner conversations I have.

I will never return to Iraq as long as it is ruled by these turbaned shitheads.
I don't want to be ruled by sectarian Shias. I don't want to be ruled by any "Islamic" authority. I don't want to live in a theocracy Iranian style. I could not care less for the smelly Ayatollahs. They represent NOTHING to me. I don't believe in sects to start with. I only found out about my own sect only late in life. And I am not even from one sect nor from one religion nor from one ethnicity. I don't belong to this place anymore.

I have no penchants for cladding myself in thick black curtains. I don't want to have a "muhram" to travel or move about (a religiously accepted male companion),
I hate beards. I can't stand theologians and am allergic to organized religion even though am religious myself in my own way.

I detest Al-Maliki, Al-Hakeem, Muqtada Al-Sadr, Sistani and all those lice ridden, smelly feet from Qum. I could not care less what happened 1'500 years ago with the Imams Al-Hussein and Al-Hassan. I find it totally stupid for people to keep lamenting for centuries - it reminds me of the constant whining of the Jews and their Shoa.

I find head slicing, chest beating, and self-flagellating to be a mental sickness for which there must be some form of treatment and cure. I hate all the hypocrisy and superstition that accompany it. I find no glory in self-inflicted pain unless one is a pathological masochist.

I am also not turned on by the sadism of the sectarian Shias of Baghdad. I don't find their drills exciting, nor do their rape of women, nor their burning them alive. Nor do I find the fact that my cousins can't return because their names are Omar and Aisha -- to be an enticing trait in the "New Iraq."

I find it tiresome to keep hiding one's sect or to be forced to change it to please your local militias so you won't get harassed, beaten, tortured, detained, or insulted...

I don't find Basra an interesting place to be in either. Having my genitals mutilated, or my breasts chopped off or a couple of bullets in my head are not exactly my idea of a tourist attraction. And besides I don't want to speak Farsee nor fill application forms in this language. I am an ARAB and will remain an ARAB. To hell with Iran and its mullahs. I am not going to have anything to do with this repugnant lot.

Are you sure you're talking about Basra? Yes am sure.

God, I can't believe Basra has become that way. I keep wondering what happened to all the people I knew from there. I wonder about Basra and Baghdad. Don't remind me what Baghdad is like now.

OK let's assume I do return, who will give me a job ? All the governmental institutions are run by sectarian Shias. If you're a Shia you get a job, if you're not a Shia don't even consider it. Same applies to educational bodies.

All the females in my family have stopped working. They were either fired or got so harassed, they resigned. All the females in my family are today veiled, forced to veil. They stopped going out, stopped practicing sports, stopped going to the pool, stopped shopping, stopped driving, stopped visiting, stopped partying, stopped playing music, stopped painting...Their lives stopped. They only manage to go to the grocers. Otherwise they are cooped up at home, vegetating in front of the TV if they have electricity that is...I will never be able to live like that. Hell, here I have some freedoms and I consider this lot so backward compared to what Iraq was and to what women in Iraq had...

No, this is not my idea of living my life to the full. This is not my idea of a meaningful contribution to Life and others. Let them have it for themselves. Let them plunder and pillage more. They are all corrupt and I don't want to be polluted by their corruption. I simply can't.

No, I will never return as long as these sons of bitches are ruling Iraq. Just entertaining the idea fills me with both - extreme fear and disgust. I will retun to Iraq when they all fuck off back to Iran or Israel... Yes that's it.

I will only return to Iraq, when the green zone is truly Green again and is no longer a zone. When the whores and the pimps are out, back to England, America or whatever shit hole they came from.

But you love Iraq, you miss home, you miss being there don't you ?

Hell I do, but maybe I need to accept the fact that I don't belong there anymore, not for now. I still belong there but not really belong there anymore. These people I don't recognize anymore. They are not part of me and I am not part of them. Something happened...It's like a cup of porcelain, once it breaks, it's very difficult to glue the pieces again.

So you're no longer an Iraqi ?

Of course I am an Iraqi. But I am not today's Iraq. There is no Iraq anymore. There is an Iraq in my mind, in my memories, in my heart, but today's Iraq is not Iraq. It's the Iranian-American Shiastan of Iraq and the American-Israeli state of Kurdistan.

I don't care for the Kurds anymore either. I stopped speaking to them, even my old friends and some members of the extended family. I have just stopped addressing them. Their true colors showed with this lethal occupation. I never knew they were so chauvinistic, so vindictive. They no longer exist for me. Am coldly polite with them as if I was greeting a total stranger. I actually feel more warmth towards a total stranger than towards them.

My, you are really bitter aren't you?

No, I am not bitter. I am very aggrieved. I am very disillusioned. I am very raw, still. You know the feeling when there is a corpse lying on the ground and wild animals come and tear it apart, rip at its flesh...and the corpse is not dead, it looks dead but it's not, it's still alive...This is not bitterness. I don't know what you call it, but not bitterness. It is beyond any word I can find...

So you want Sunnis to rule ?

Not at all. I want true Iraqis who love this country to rule. And I guess deep down I don't believe there are any true Iraqis left.
They are either dead, in prison or in exile having the same thoughts as I and those who are still there, want to leave and they are too frigthened and too tired from surviving. They have become mute with having experienced so many horrors in such a short span of time. Who wants to return to this agonizing corpse anymore.

You made up your mind ?

Yes I've made up my mind. This is too sad for me. Can we continue this conversation some other time- I need to stop thinking about it.

You keep saying that but you never stop...

Yes you're right, I never stop. But one day I will. I will not need to have such conversations with myself anymore. Let's change subjects. Let's talk about something else - away from Iraq. This subject drains me.

OK. What do you feel like talking about?

I don't know...let me think...

You’re silent again - you have no more subjects to talk about ?

I was just wondering...Who is going to look after all these orphans...

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.


KM said…
Anonymous said…
No true Iraqis ? So who are the Iraqi Resistance fighters ? Aren't they fighting to bring back the Iraq of your memories and heart ?
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

Your incredibly beautiful writing often allows me to 'enter' your pain and sense of loss and to feel exactly how you feel. What else can I say to you as there's no words any more...

Anonymous above has reminded us about Hope which still exists (and MUST exist) in Iraqi Resistance fighters, and he/she is right. If it wasn't for them, Iraq would have been taken over a long time ago and the occupiers, all of them, would have been feasting over your country today - their insatiable lust for all that is yours (Iraqis) is evident to the entire world. They may have destroyed everything, but haven't succeeded in destroying the resilience and spirit of patriotic Iraqis, nor have they gained an INCH (the Green Zone is just that, a prison for them, because they cannot venture out of it and remain alive) - I believe that this must always be noted despite all the destruction we witness today.

Occupiers have many plans, but as long as Iraqi Resistance exists, these will remain just plans. We will witness a free Iraq, and, further, a free Iraq will also help to liberate many other parts of the world which stand cowed under the bully's cowardly fists. If we observe closely, many nations are standing up to the bullies, only this is not being shown by the compromised media.

Iraq will return to its glory - history has shown this to be so, time and time again.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Thank you dear Layla for speaking on behalf of all the Iraqi Arab mosaic including loylal Kurds and Arab christians.

When I read your post I drifted into a strong emotional state which assured me that Iraq will be free, so long as he is capable of producing priceless gems like you.

Those leftshits such as Chomosky and Fisk drop down all their secualr and progressive traditions as far the their favorite playgound for revolutionary prescriptions aka Arab world is concerned.

Why do they lump up all the shiaa together?

A Lebanese shiaa is Lebanese first and foremost he has got nothing to do with Iraqis.

The majority of Iraqi shiites are Arabs.. A small portion of them, however, are either fanatic Khomeinst Ben ladens or Iranian-Iraqis.


I wonder why do all the yanks and honky tonk " rebels" heeeeeee clogging this blog along with their scum Iranian and Iranian-Iraqis mistresses overlook the news about the Arab shiite tribes in the south calling upon the U.N and Arab countries to interfere and terminate the malicious Iranian safavid presence in Iraq which is spreading Barabrism and blood shed?????

During the sacred Arab-Iranian war of defence against the Iranian Khomeinist Barabrians, only traitors, collaborators and Iranian-Iraqi were deported.

Do we have to recall here German Americans in world war 1, Japanese Americas in world war 2? Huh?

That would be the best reply to the shiite shitty Iranised shets.

God bless the Arab Iraq and may Allah have mercy on the martyred hero of the Arab nation-Saddam Hussien.
Anonymous said…

Even though this piece was written very beautifully, it was full of lot's of accusations and biases against Shia. By the way, as a Shia I am not in support of the Maliki government in Iraq. And I do not wear a black chador either, and neither do most of the Shia I know. And not all of the Shia men I know wear beards or even long beards.

Layla, you live and dream of the old days of Saddam to return, as if Saddam's Baathist rule and party was considered by all Iraqis, even those who were being persecuted, as made up of secular people just loving Iraq. Yet it was made up of hate-filled Iraqis who hated their Persian neighbors and those in Iraq who refused to be Baathists.

I don't see you any different than those you claim to be hate-filled and smelly. Through all of your beautifully expressed posts, you wreak of pure hatred Layla.

Don't you know that it is not truly secular to label others based on some of them? That it is not secular to demonize another's beliefs or practices because you do not believe in or understand their practices?

I truly pity you, that you have allowed for yourself to be deceived in such a way. I pity anyone who allows themselves to carry such a deep hatred for others that it clouds their vision and than who believe that it somehow gives them the right to create fitna towards those they have chosen to hate.
Anonymous said…
To the western shiite woman. That is have come out!

So you have said" Yet it was made up of hate-filled Iraqis who hated their Persian neighbors and those in Iraq who refused to be Baathists".

What is that ? are you nuts? So you consider the Baathists not fit to rule Iraq simply because they were not amiable with Iranians... Then you expect us after that to believe you when you say that you are not Iranian........Woman are you normal??

Honey.... Iranians are enemies. Go and research history and you will know it was those savages who always wrecked the Arab civilisations...

Besides Arabs don't want to have anything to do with Iranians...

Look on Turkey.. Arabs and Turks are living next to eachother while they get by the pricipal of " good fence good neighbour".

Despite of the black pages of the past, there has never been any serious problem between Arabs and Turks for almost 100 years......

However, that is not the case with Iranians..why do you think?

Because Iran is not wanted in this region.we want to be neither their enemies nor their friends.

Their culture has never been near-eastern. Their natural extension is into the Indian sub-continent.

If Iran just scrams and leaves us alone there will never be a problem.
KM said…
Western Shia Woman,

You mentioned that you are not Iranian and yer family has been living in America for generations. You said that yer husband is from Lebanon.

He must have come here to America for a reason. All 'foreigners' have a reason for coming or a story of sorts of why they came here.

I noticed in a prior posting of yers that you were in Saudi Arabia as American aircraft flew overhead on their way to Iraq.

WHat I see time and time again from 'foreigners' is that once they arrive in America, they do not become involved in trying to instigate a change. They come. make money and leave it at that. Or becasue they become American citizens, they are much more free-er to travel to other countries for whatever reason(s).

This is one of the things I find most disgusting on my 'own kind' fellow American Komrades..( not all, but many ), in that from this vantage point of being able to but bottled water, electricity-on-demand...all the relative comforts...'WE' still try to dictate to others on how to behave and what they NEED to do.
Anonymous said…
KARLMARX said--No, you can't go back. From a novel title, you can't go home. When Bertolt Brecht fled Germany, he returned later to EAST Germany/Berlin, not West Germany/Berlin. But, he could never have known the ultimate outcome of WWII when he fled from Nazi persecution. Had there been no "East" Germany/Berlin, I'm sure he would never have returned. Actually, he then fled the US during the McCarthey period, in the 1950s, when he was called to testify before the US Congressional House Unamerican Activities Committee. Thats's when he left. If there had been no "East" Germany, I do not know where he would have gone. A guess on my part-maybe, France.
Anonymous said…
western shia taqqiyya bitch,
get lost. the deep stenchy sectarianism controls u and is all 2 friggin obvious. u screwed up, hypocrit, taqqiyya bitch.
Anonymous said…
Posted this under the wrong comments section earlier, my apologies... and thank you Layla, were there a God would it bless your sainted head and that of all you hold near and dear... or once were able to....

The World's Only Stupidpower Has Crapped-out
Hey, Number One Fuckheads of the Known Universe (commonly called Americans, excluding of course, the Native ones), check this out: The US Senate (that'd be your semen-slurping senate), has voted $165 billion to fund (Boy Wonder) Bush’s wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq through next spring. (That'd be next spring, as in the one in 2009 – a year from now.)
As the US is broke and deep in debt, every one of those $165 billion dollars will have to be borrowed. American consumers are broke and deep in debt, so their zero saving rate means every one of the $165 billion dollars will have to be borrowed from foreigners. (That'd be Chinks, Hajjis, Rag-heads, Spics, Krauts, Frogs and who knows, maybe even a few flush Niggers or Russkies rolling in rubles.)
The “world’s only superpower” is so broke it can’t even finance its own wars. (Or perhaps, better put, the world's only stupidpower has crapped-out, repeatedly, but just can't drag its sorry, sagging ass away from the table. 'Hand me them there dice again, Slick. I know I can make it on the next roll'.)
But don’t take my word for it; the above tidbit (except for the parts in the brackets), is from the pen of Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, who was also Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of The National Review. So although math and fiscal management have never been my personal strong points, one could assume they are very much so for Mr Roberts…, I mean, she-it Bubba, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration? Ya don't land a job like that without knowing how to balance the books, eh? More than can be said for the Boy Wonder or any of them there sycophant senators who can even be bothered to show up to vote.

So, the Little Smirking Chimp and his cocksucker cadre in the senate are not spending your money (you after all don't have any), he ain't even spending your children's money: he's spending your grandchildren's money, and probably their children's children's money as well. Being as how the swine shitting on the temple steps are not about to ignore your debt anymore than you are about to acknowledge the unfathomably irrational actions of your wing-nut el Presidente, y'all are fucked, and fucked good. But while you're considering the source of your burning sphincters, consider this: y'all are doin a real fine job of kayaking down the River of Denial, ain't cha? Well keep right on paddling motherfuckers, after all, y'all are so deep in the shit (and I ain't referring to morally here, I'm referring to the fiscal toilet. The moral aspect is really quite beyond your conceptual parameters at this point in time, is it not?), what's another inch or two of putrid pooter-squirt at this juncture in the American Experience, huh? I mean, this is the American Experience we're referring to here… the one that every other aspiring dumb fuck on this planet aspires to, cause they actually believe the horse-pucky you present to yourselves and the world… though no one other than those aspiring dumb fucks (and y'all) believes it for even a Microsoft-microsecond….

God Bless America… no other spiritual product of mass-delusion would even consider doing so.
KM said…
Here's how the game works.
Other sites..many othe rsites have more detailed analysis of course than these 2 'posters'.

If 'foreigners' want to come to America to go to school, live, opena business...have at it. Maybe that's what yer Lebanese husband did. I know thats what my favorite restaraunt did which is a Lebanese place..great food too.

But many of them fuck over / play the system. They get a loan to start businesses and taxes are deferred until a few years. then what they do is transfer it to a family member. This goes on and on.

That is FUCKED UP.
KM said…
Alot of problems that's for sure; the trillions of dollars derivative markets, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, international mergers, but-outs / take outs / take overs..all playing a's like a spider's web being layed over the planet. It's al being inter-mingled with China, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Japan, India, Brasil.

But, the US government and municipalities are not broke. They just 'aint' sharin with common folk.

And to top it off, the US government has been buying gold since the 1940's. They have stocked up on gold. Today gold ia about $1200 an oz, last time I looked. That's alot of bang for the buck.

Notice about derivatives. When that pric of oil takes it's junps, stocks in the airlines, automotive & retailers take a major hit on their stocks. Time that right, or have inside knowledge that oil is gonna jump, one can make a killing in the derivatives. It wouldn't surprise any if some members of OPEC play the derivatives game.

Move that oil price a bet that stocks wil take a tumble in say the airlines...yer in some money there...instantly. An dwith the billions of dollars Exxon, audi Arabia, Kuwait and China have.....more than chump change, thats for sure.

There's a big game goin on around the World and the dice are made of solid gold and us peons aren't in the big game. We just suffer the consequences of The Game.

There is no honor ( or borders ) among thieves.
KM said…
Governments such as China and the US, to name 2, have a diversifiaction in currencies, the US govt actually make smoney off the fall of the US dollar.

The fall of the value of the US dollar in turn, lures investors from Asia, Europe and the MidEast to purchase assets in America.

Bulgarian beer producer InBev seeks to buyout American beer company Anheuser. Halliburton seeks to acquire UK's Expro International Group. These were 2 of the biggies in today's Wall Street Journal.

I don't know how holding all that gold though would compare to the US's IOU it has to China.
China recently has been buying up alot of gold of it's own but that will then in turn drive up the value of the gold the US is setting on.

Yer right though. The conversion of wealth is well underway here in America.
KM said…
The high price of oil & gas is hitiing other parts of the World. Governments that subsidize fuel are being hit too. Indonesia raised their prices 30%. Malaysia is expected to raise their subsidized pricing soon. China & India have yet to raise their pricing.

It amazes me how our Life is really just a blink of an eye as compared to Universal 'physics' yet some within our species can cause such destruction in their lifetimes.
Buckle up & hang on I guess.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and thanks for the youtube link. I had a look at it. Pretty grotesque...
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.1

In that post I was referring to the people in general - was not thinking of the R. The R is something apart - and that is why I did say towards the end of my post that there will come a day when I will not need to have conversations with myself anymore.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Little Deer,

Thank you. Yes, Iraq will eventually return to its glory and yes History has proved it over and over again. Meanwhile, Nimrod weeps...
Layla Anwar said…
Arab Shiite Woman,

Thank you. I agree with you, Chomsky, Fisk and Cockburn conveniently overlook the Arab Shia tribes in the South of Iraq who have on more than one occasion demanded that a stop be put to Iranian interference. But of course, the Western Media and the propaganda outlets for the Furs will never let anyone read this.
It will not sell well with the current psyop on the "attack on Iran" broken record. Iran historically has always been greedy and its greediness showed its most ugly face during those past years helped by the Americans.

That is why when this Western Shia woman comes and starts giving us her iranian rubbish, all I can do is laugh at her cheap ploys.
Layla Anwar said…

I would not tire myself with this American broad, her game is too obvious. Like a typical american sectarian racist dumb, she exposed her colors from the word Go...
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.2

Your post made me laugh...hahahahahahahaha. Tough shit as they ssy your end...
KM said…

corrections from 1 on my posts above.
The US government has been buying up gold since the 60's, not the
40's. Also, gold now is roughly $800 an oz.

I used to think what the hell are these dictatorial crooked swine corporate-government bastards up to by borrowing & spending, borrowing and spending?? Surely they ar enot retarded. Surely most of them are lawyers in the governement and they didn't get in there without being well connected.

So I started diggin' around one day not too long ago actually. I was trying to find a place that shows that there is a method to their madness. I then came accross CAFR's; Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. These annual reports show Gross Receipts from all government investments both on the domestic and on the international scene.

The gross receipts from all their investments, do not have to be shown on their budget reports. And THIS TOO just didn't happen. The US government devised, wrote, voted on and passed the very law where they do not have to disclose to the public...their investments. Pretty slick huh?

They are in the CAFR's though. They are fascists...make no mistake about that. Fascists with a capitol F for Fuck everybody...even the couple in their 20's setting on a parkbench at the Southern tip of Argentina..if they get their way.
Anonymous said…
"This is one of the things I find most disgusting on my 'own kind' fellow American Komrades..( not all, but many ), in that from this vantage point of being able to but bottled water, electricity-on-demand...all the relative comforts...'WE' still try to dictate to others on how to behave and what they NEED to do."--KM said...


Not only have I lived in Saudi Arabia, but I have lived in Lebanon before(without my husband and with four kids), so I know exactly what it is like not to have electricity-on-demand, partially due to Israeli air strikes and also due to internal government corruption. My kids used to have to study by candle light. I was just in Lebanon last winter and still they don't have electricity on demand. I have also had a taste of what it is like to live in a war zone even though it was not during a time when it was at its worst. It was when Israel was still occupying South Lebanon and I used to go down to my husband's village and visit my inlaws just outside the occupation zone. I could see Israeli outposts across the valley and hear the machine guns and other weapons usually early in the mornings when Hezbollah would make operations. I experienced Israel war planes flying over Beirut Lebanon and even at times bombing some bridges and electric stations. I was in Lebanon when Hezbollah managed to force Israel out, oh what a glorious time that was. I suppose you all long forgot about that fact. I suppose they were just collaborating with Israel against the Arabs while they were sacrificing their lives and dying in the name of resistance for Lebanon. And guess who helped arm Hezbollah, it sure wasn't Saddam Hussein, it was Saddam's hated Iran.

When I visited my old neighborhood in the mostly Shia Dahia this last winter, the apartment building in which I used to live was no longer, as well as two other apartment buildings next store in which I had in-laws living, all thanks to the U.S. and Israel in 2006. Yet I suppose the Lebanese Shia were still just collaborating against the Arabs with the U.S., Israel, and Iran while their homes were being destroyed and their lives being threatened.

You know what I find disgusting? Those who like to call themselves secular but when they talk about others they have chosen to hate, they show they aren't secular at all.

And just to let you know KM, I do not dictate to others, I just point things out as I see them.
KM said…
Sorry to hear of yer expereinces when you and yer family stayed in Lebanon. Glad all is safe.

I haven't fergot of Israel hitting South Lebanon.

On yer experience in Lebanon, Sunni & Shia get along well in the neighborhoods?
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla… if my potty-mouthed tirade against the American Experience was able to elicit a laugh from you then I am a happy, happy rabid ranter. Dog knows that, amongst the unfathomable anguish, pain and suffering, there must still be the occasional chuckle… oh yes, for if there were not, all would truly be lost. Hope I can make you laugh again sometime. Respect to you. Anonymous2.
Anonymous said…
Good for You Layla! Keep that truth a'comin! Noticed “The Bag of Inhumanity" ” avoided discussing the death and destruction which her 'smart' Iranian fundamentalists are carrying out in your country.

As to her nonsense over 'Shia'

It appears even as a non-Arab I am more aware than her on this issue, knowing that 60% of Shia held top positions in President Saddam Hussein's government. As I have in my possession the list of every Shia name and the position they held.

So much for the Baathist anti-Shia bullshit that people like her and her ilk falsely throw around.

Also in relation to this whole matter, there is an issue here that seems to have been overlooked, and that is,the issue of wealth and class.

Historically, this is the core issue as to why Arab Nationalism has been thwarted from blooming. On the whole, the wealthy and powerful of Arab countries have always colluded with the wealthy and powerful of the western countries to ensure Arab Nationalism never got off the ground. And in those times of history when the seeds did start to sprout and looked liked flourishing, these wealthy pieces of inhumanity colluded together to ensure the plant died.

Even here, in this country, the wealthy Arabs speak on behalf of the ordinary Arabs of the Middle East and our western governments take their advice. But wealthy Arabs and wealthy westerners alike, have no clue about what ordinary Arabs and westerners think. Nor are they interested.

Our government found plenty of wealthy Iranian and Iraqi voices to back the destruction of Iraq. And if the truth be known, some wealthy Iraqi traitors here, with their bloody snobby attitude would probably have preferred the West install in Iraq for them, a new Monarchial puppet. Ironically, many of these wealthy Iraqis here obtained their professions from free education under Saddam Hussein's government. Also many amongst them now grieve for the days of President Saddam Hussein.

And of course there will be some like this Americanised Shia who calls herself a woman. already lining up to kiss the Iranian mullahs bottoms, Yuk! Perhaps because she and her ilk are at present anticipating the Iranians will end up being the wealthy and powerful in Iraq. But historical events do not always turn out as one anticipates. Therefore,one cannot wait to see what people like her and her kind will do when her American illusionary democracy crumbles, along with her 'smart' fanatical reactionary mullahs.

Iran Out of Iraq!
Up the Iraqi Resistance!
Anonymous said…
KM said...


If that video were true KM about Imam Ali(as)a, I wouldn't have converted to being a Shia. It appears to be more like the practices and interpretation of the Wahabi/Salafi oriented Muslims concerning women

look at how women were treated by the Taliban and even in today's Saudi Arabia. Women in Saudi are not even allowed to drive.

Women in Iran are highly educated, work along side men, participate in the government, even as Vice Presidents, even participate in sports, drive, and have many rights compared to women under the Taliban and Saudi Arabian regime.

Layla, do bearded Saudi men and black chador Saudi women get the same kind of honor and recognition from you that Shia bearded men and women get?
Anonymous said…
"If 'foreigners' want to come to America to go to school, live, opena business...have at it. Maybe that's what yer Lebanese husband did."--KM


My husband came as a student. I married when he was a poor student working in a gas station. We both worked until I had my first child. We drove old second hand cars, had very little furniture, lived a very simply life. He worked and studied to get his PHd here in the U.S. He has always worked for an honest living and has always paid his taxes. So he doesn't fit your description.
Anonymous said…
"And of course there will be some like this Americanised Shia who calls herself a woman. already lining up to kiss the Iranian mullahs bottoms, Yuk! Perhaps because she and her ilk are at present anticipating the Iranians will end up being the wealthy and powerful in Iraq"--Anonymous bluegum said...

I was American before I was a Shia bluegum. And I don't make it a practice to line up behind people who are wealthy and powerful. I don't trust them for the most part. I prefer to line up behind the people.

Wasn't Saddam also wealthy and powerful?
Anonymous said…
"On yer experience in Lebanon, Sunni & Shia get along well in the neighborhoods?"--Km

Until the U.S., after it's invasion of Iraq, started interfering in Lebanon they were getting along fine.
KM said…
Yes, what many people do to come to America is, they get money from the governemnt to start new businesses, ( nothing wrong with that that I can see ). Many afterwards though, when the tax deferments is up, then transfer ownership to others within the family.

Isn't what took place between Lebanon & Israel in 2006, different than what has been happening in Iraq?
Israel, as you say, was bombing cities and it's military crossed into Lebanon. It did not matter who the Israelis killed, whether they be Sunni or Shia. Israel was the focal point to defend against.

Events in Iraq did not turn out the way the US planners had hoped for. Iran sees that and knows that. Shortly after the US illegally invaded the Iraq, the US began supplying weapons to Shia inside Iraq. Shia set up check points where they killed non-Shia.
Why did they do this? Why are they killing Iraqi women that they find are not covering themselves 'properly'.

If you visited Iraq and were found to be walking down the sidewalk in the way you prefer to dress, you stand a good chance of being targeted too. If you were stopped and harassed, what would you say to them?

I have seen many camera footage of the 'dress police' inside Iran( many of them women ) stopping and harassing Iranian women for not dressing 'properly'.

This is what is now inside Iraq.

What do you find attractive of the Shia belief system that sets it apart from Sunni? Why are the Sunni & Shia not getting along in Lebanon now...after the US invaded Iraq?
Layla Anwar said…

Of course you have valid points.
This bad faithed western sectarian shia woman - a horrendous combo of shia sectarianism and americanism is a grotesque hypocrite.
You are right - over 50% of govt employees from the highest ranks to the army were shias.
She spews the usual ZIONIST IRANIAN bullshit about Shia being persecuted. She has failed to point to one single item as to how they were persecuted.
She is just a cheap hateful backward propagandist for the obscurantist mullahs à la nasrallah, and à la Qum.

Poor man that married her, but mind you, Men get the women they deserve.
Layla Anwar said…

I doubt your questions will be answered, this yankee sectarian racist shia is not interested in replying to facts, she is interested in spinning propagandan for her yankee shia sectarianism.
I say - Saddam should have nuked Iran of the Khomeinists.
Anonymous said…
Gee Layla, you sound so non-sectarian in your rants, LOL! As long as your an Arabist Baathist than your allegedly a non-hypocrite secular in your book?

I more than welcome Baathists, as long as their not expecting everyone else toe a Baathist and they are willing to share power. Do you welcome Shias or others who do not want to be Baathists and don't expect you to be whatever it is they are, Layla?
Anonymous said…
response to western Shia woman re: nonsensical question to Layla - Ba'athist v Shia

Oh! for goodness sake americanised Shia women explain which politically slanted Shia's are you talking about before you ask Layla such a stupid question. It is not a matter of Ba'athist v Shia. Among Shia's there are many who do not share the Iranian driven Islamic extreme right wing reactionary fundamentalism political ideology.

These are the Shia's the Iranian spawned fundamentalist militias are murdering, torturing and imprisoning in Iraq along with many Sunnis, Kurds, Palestinians, and others, who do not share such oppressive political ideology either.

Also there are a section of Sunnis who have an extreme-right wing reactionary fundamentalist ideology. I assume they would be acceptable to you.

And there is also the Iraqi communist – the extreme left, whom the extreme right wing Islamic fundamentalist in Iraq's US puppet government, at present, do not seem to mind sharing power with, or accommodation with, in the Green Zone.

And slap bang in the political middle is the Ba'ath Party. Ba'ath means “Resurgence or 'Rebirth In brief, the The Ba'ath Party's political ideology and goals were to re-awaken Arab culture, national unity and independence. Included in this is secularism and a social platform i.e. free health, free medicine for all etc. etc,

Now get it right will you!.

Anonymous said…

It seems to me that in Iraq there are many groups of extremists, including the Baathists, who are basically trying to take over the country. This is the results of a country that has been rendered lawless due to war and occupation, thanks to the U.S.

Now if what you have claimed about the Ba'ath Party being secular is true, than why weren't non-Baathists able to get positions like the Baathists in Iraq? Why did people have to become Baathists to get positions in the government or get good positions in Iraq?

Why did Saddam choose to be a dictator for decades? Why didn't he allow free elections if what you say is true about the Ba'ath Party's political ideology and goals?

One again I will clarify that I am against what my country the U.S. did and is still doing in Iraq, and I do not support the present Iraqi government either. Quite frankly I see it as an occupation collaborator. And I am also not for Iran controlling Iraq, but I am for Iran and all of Iraq's neighbors having good relations with Iraq and vice versa. And I truly would like to see Iraq as an Arab secular Democracy that is not necessarily Western, which has many flaws as far as I am concerned.

But where I do not agree with you is that I believe Saddam was a brutal dictator to his own people, and that because he was he basically helped to dig his own grave. I cannot and will not idolize the man.
Anonymous said…
"It appears even as a non-Arab I am more aware than her on this issue, knowing that 60% of Shia held top positions in President Saddam Hussein's government. As I have in my possession the list of every Shia name and the position they held."--blugum

Bluegum, I have never claimed that Shias were not a part of Saddam's government.. Or that Saddam was anti-Shia. But I did claim he was anti-Persian and a brutal dictator. Saddam was also anti-non-Baathists. He persecuted many who were not Baathists because he feared them.
Anonymous said…
I believe he even persecuted Baathists he feared that he couldn't trust. Dictators are always fearful....
Anonymous said…
I don't think that secularism and dictatorship go hand in hand.

And I also don't think that forced Baathism goes hand in hand with secularism either....
KM said…

Yer saying you do not believe the US should have ilegally invaded into Iraq.

Yer saying you do not support the present Iraqi government.

Yer not for Iran controlling Iraq.

So, how do you suppose "Iraqis" are to begin to have some least bit of sense of normalities inside Iraq and with 'the neighbors'?

Isn't this what resisting is all about??
Anonymous said…

I support resisting occupation and to me it doesn't matter who is resisting it. But where I draw the line is the targeting and killing of innocent civilians.

In fact I think that if Iraqis of all walks of life in and outside of Iraq united behind the resistance to occupation they will succeed in ending it.

But the problem I see is that the Iraqi people for the most part don't trust each other enough at this point in time to do so.
KM said…
I believe al sadr is strictly in it for politics. I've said it for years now and I still believe that.

I believe he is mentally deranged and he sees and took the opportunity to jockey into a position where it led him into a political 'force'. He may even like to de-throne al-Maliki. I believe him to be a murdering-Punk-thug.

I believe too that his source of inspiration is of Iran's 'supreme leader' who plays a role as the next best thing to Allah. Maybe, God speaks to him too after he's done talkin' with George.

It's along the same lines of what W had used; 'yer either with us or against us'.
Anonymous said…
response to western Shia women
You certainly are a phoney. When you get caught out,you certainly change lanes in a hurry. You twist and turn all over the place.

In your switch to your politically pious lane, you refer to 'only Ba'ath members being in positions of power in Iraq.' While at the same time, in your corporate America, you full well know when your political parties takes power after phoney democratic elections, they too put their own only, party members into the highest positions of power. They also bring in UNELECTED CORPORATE BUSINESSMEN and install them in positions of power in their government – this is called CORPORATISM.

As to your comments that you do not support wealthy people in power – then perhaps you do not live or vote in america. Because there are only extremely wealthy people to vote for. Also there are no democratic elections in corporate USA , because ONLY A 40% MINORITY OF 100% OF AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTE IN the millionaire/billionaire US elections. And BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES OF MILLIONAIRE/BILLIONAIRES, TOGETHER, REPRESENT A MINORITY GROUP OF THE USA's TOTAL POPULATION. No wonder 60% of american people have given up voting in american elections. Because there are no candidates who truly represent their social non-business interests. This is explains why the US has the worst social services per population in the western world. Therefore, in my reckoning this represents a dictatorship. And I think I may have substantial support in what I say here:

The chief “expert” on fascism, Mussolini, said about corporatism: "FASCISM' SHOULD BE MORE APPROPRIATELY CALLED 'CORPORATISM' BECAUSE IT IS A MERGER OF STATE AND CORPORATE POWER." Again this clearly represents a corporate (fascist) american dictatorship.

As to claims of dictatorship you seem to think the corporate (fascist) one you live under is fine, like most in the western global corporate world.

So methinks you should go back to your Ayatollahs and tell them you seem to have buggered things up for them here. Because we are not buying their line “lets all be friends after we have raped you”.
Anonymous said…
"me thinks" bluegum that you are a paranoid person. Once again you made assumptions about me with out any facts to back your assumptions up. I may support Democracy but I do not support capitalism.
Is Ralph Nader one of those millionaire/billionaires you speak of?

I tend to vote outside the millionaire/billionaire parties because when it comes to foreign policy and many other policies I belive that they don't differ much. Both parties cater to the rich.

Many people here in the U.S. tell me that I am just throwing my vote away by voting outside of the two main parties, but personally I would rather be an example by voting according to my conscience and my values.
Anonymous said…
response to american Shia women

Seems the only thing you have come clean on is that you agree you live in a Corporate (fascist) American dictatorship,
where your phony democratic freedom to vote means bugger all.

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