Notes from Beirut...UPDATED

This is a mail I received from a good friend of mine who lives in Beirut.

UPDATED BELOW (will try and regularly update this post)

"...we had one hell of a night as we live in a hot neighborhood. Things seems to be relatively calmer today but tomorrow, tomorrow is another story nobody knows about -except US, Israel and Iran, of course.
Recent incidents are frightening. My relative in West Beirut cursed Nasrallah, the following day he was kidnapped and tortured, reminding me of the way of the Mahdi thugs, the way he was brought and thrown from the SUV's in the middle of the much like the Mahdi practices. They threw him in the middle of the street as a bag of garbage. Thank God he is still alive but this will not go without lifetime consequences.I hope things will not deteriorate further but all scenarios -including the Iraqi one- are possible..."

Another note from Lebanon from Siestke in Beiroet Blogspot.

"Incident #1
I’m hanging over my balcony, watching two armed men walking down the opposite street. They pass a parked car with a poster of Hariri behind the window.
They look at it.And then they break the window with their rifle butts.
They walk on. They don't even look around to see whether someone has seen them.
Why should they? They rule the streets.
Here’s your democracy, Hezbollah style; Thug rule..."

You can read the rest here ...

The Hezb did promise after its "divine victory" against Israel, that it will not turn its arms against the Lebanese people...But the Hezb failed to keep its promise. That is expected from a sectarian shia political movement. You need not think too far, just have a good look at Baghdad and the thousands exiled, that should you give a foretaste of things to come. I really hope they will not degenerate to the same level as the Iraqi sectarian militias, but I can't promise....

Yalla enjoy your dual occupations - America/Iran and your "resistance."


This is another mail I received from my friend in Beirut and she/he says the following :

" Concerning what happened to my relative, I heard about many incidents similar to what happened to my relative but during such situation as we are witnessing one has to be very careful because the rumor is a basic weapon used by all parties involved (especially if the agenda of Iran/U.S is sectarian war.)

As for my relative, he was hit severly on his head-eyes, ears nose- using sticks and rifle bottoms. All this with a hood on his head and finally they ordered him to pull his tongue out and kicked him on the bottom of his chin so that he will not curse the "sayyed" anymore. The only other incident am quite sure of is related to a 16 years guy (I happen to know his father.) The 16 year old was killed after the fight stopped in a close neighborhood-- just because he had a symbol of mustaakbal party on his motorcycle.

The Pasdaran (Iranian Quds Brigades) have been in Lebanon since 1983, so I wouldn't be surprised if they participated in the recent incidents although I believe their hezb students already have all the experience.

We have to wait a little bit to see how things will unfold in this country. The agenda might still be different from Iraq specifically due to the common borders with Israel. In any events we the Arabs have no right to wish positive outcomes because we are mere objects of the fight and not players...I have been telling my friends that our only hope is in the brave Iraqi Resistance."


Cecilio Morales said…
What happened to Lebanon was and continues to be tragic. It was the Switzerland of the Middle East.

Layla Anwar said…

I have no blueprint for solutions, but I can tell you one thing am absolutely sure of, Arabs, as in people (not governments) have a Damocles sword over their heads,

An Iranian-Israeli-American one.

The Israeli -American sword is easy to spot, the Iranian one is manipulated with more craftiness. Hence the huge current day anti-American propaganda by Iran is serving its determined purpose.
Gather the Arab people under its wings -- But the latest events in Lebanon are a wake up call, after Iraq. If they don't heed, am afraid it will be too late.
Anonymous said…
Hello Layla, thank you for these updates on Lebanon. You are very accurate when you say that there is a Damocles sword over all Arabs - and Iranian/Israeli/US interests.

I hope the Iraqi Resistance will be an example and role model to neighbouring countries to thwart off the above barbarians.

In solidarity.

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