Pathetic "Taqiyya".

"Taqiyya" the art of Dissimulation. An art in which Iran and its proxies in the Arab World are experts. An art tool of sectarianism that is infesting us and positing itself as "resistance" or "Muqawama" like the "Sayyed" of the Hezb militia or like Muqtada Al-Driller from the Mahdi militia, call it.

But nothing beats that piece of Taqiyya by Iran's Ahmadinejad when in a press conference yesterday, he affirmed "Iran has never been involved in Lebanese affairs".

You must agree this is really a pathetic affirmation. An affirmation that even the "Sayyed" and his militia will be insulted by.

Now what you are about to read is no Taqiyya. It is actually what a Shiite friend who is Lebanese, told me. He said that his sister lives in the Dahyia - Southern part of Beirut, controlled by the Hezb's militia. He was caught in Beirut and could not leave. It took him over 24 hours to get out, by road.

His sister calls him and tells him that when the Hezb took control of the Airport, 4 Iranian planes landed carrying ammunition and Hezb fighters who have just finished their training in Iran. This piece of news was common knowledge in the Dahiyah and was proudly circulating among the residents there.

Today at a press conference following the Arab meeting in Beirut - to resolve the crisis, Amr Moussa from the Arab League declared in a TV interview that "Washington and Iran have reached some informal agreement to solve the Lebanese crisis."

Ahmadinejad's pathetic affirmation that Iran is not involved in Lebanon is the art of dissimulation at its worst, in poor taste and very badly done as well. One would expect a slightly more intelligent approach from this chauvinistic, sectarian anti-Arab, criminal con man. But I guess these are the limits imposed by ethno-sectarian chauvinism, itself - Iran style. It can't go very far without being exposed.

And nothing exposed it for what it truly is, like Iraq's occupation did.


KM said…
Wow. 4 Iranain planes crossed into Lebanon and landed?? I believe you, it's just that 'anti-Iran' Washingtonians did NOTHING?

I saw a piece about 2 weeks ago. I just skimmed thru it and I wished I would have taken the time to slow down that day and read it.

But if what I skimmed thru was what I thought I was reading, it was talking about Israel was going to provide Hamas with armored vehicles. If I recall correctly, I thought the article mentioned for crowd control.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, I don't believe everything I hear...
Anonymous said…
Arab Arab Arab...bumble jumble!
don't fuck with Aryans and Jews. u will regret it.
Anonymous said…
Hello, everyone!

It has been awhile since I have been able to post and shed some light into this dark hole of a blog. I have been busy with work and I will be vacationing this weekend if I know what's good for me.

km, I read about your "dead wood" family members - don't be mad at them - love your family. 75% of my family, friends and co workers disagree with me about Iraq and the WOT but I still love them.

Layla, you are right on the money. Islamists use Taqiyya to try and gain an advantage. All they will succeed in doing is cementing their place as history's greatest liars!!!

Layla, I never considered that the space shuttle is a phallic symbol, very amusing. I wish I still had the drive to penetrate everything that walks and wears lipstick like when I was 18.

I saw your picture on ebay, what's up with that?

Little Deer, Barabie, and Angel I hope y'all get what you want out of life, including a good man provided you leave his scalp attached.

I wish I had time to enteertain you, but I have to get on the road - here is some news they probably don't allow you to receive back home...

Transformation of Yathreeb


[The town children call him “Mister John”. He kneels to talk to them and they ask him when he’s bringing soccer balls. The local armed citizens know his face. Lt. Col. John Dunleavy and his Personal Security Detail regularly patrol these streets. They smile and wave. It wasn’t like this several months ago.]

[“We faced many obstacles,” Ahmed said. “What we achieved, we deserved based on sacrifices.” They didn’t receive much support from the central government, which acted very slowly, Ahmed said. But they were supported by coalition forces. “Now we have the governor coming and he hasn’t been here before.”]

Hussayn's Story
["When the patrol knocks on my door, I say, 'Please come in – I
would like some lubricant for my pistol.' The patrol leader looks
at me with a funny look, then he smiles"]

["One day, everything changes. The patrols are all in Humvees and they travel fast. The soldiers all look at us with suspicion from the Humvees and we do not understand why. Then I hear of Wahabi in the neighborhood, but I do not report them to the patrols – I cannot, the Humvees travel fast and no one comes to my house any more."]

Musayyib Iraqi Police Honor Fallen Comrades

[“These men gave their lives for the people of Iraq and history will show their achievements when Iraq is one country … these men will live forever in our hearts and they are the reason why we are able to live free,” said Lt. Col. Mohammed, district IP chief.]

The Way Ahead for Sons of Iraq
[When the Surge Strategy is documented in history, the
Sons of Iraq program will be listed as one of its successes.

Now, long-term plans are being developed so that gains
aren’t lost as its members transition into other roles.

In the past year, the SoI have been instrumental in transforming the security landscape of Iraq. Since the start of the program, areas where SoI operate have witnessed an unprecedented drop in violence and terrorist-related activities. ]

[Perhaps the most significant step taken to integrate SoI into non-security roles is the Joint Technical Education and Reintegration Program (JTERP). This initiative, primarily funded by the GoI, provides vocational and technical training, specifically for SoI. Through the program, SoI attend free classes and training courses that teach skills like electrical engineering, construction, manufacturing, or plumbing.]

Editorial: Rehab program positive step for Iraq
[Halfway houses will hold the released prisoners, who will go through training programs to teach them practical skills such as carpentry and presumably help them find work after their release. They also will be put through an education program to teach moderate Islam.

This plan is positive because it addresses three of the biggest causes of instability in the floundering democracy: economic trouble, anger or resentment and radical Islamic teaching aimed at violence.]

Freedom Journal Iraq

Town Hall Meeting Iraqi Style

Iraqi Gov/Sadrists Truce

Large scale operation in Mosul

COM enacted a new Amendment to Amnesty Law
(excludes criminals who committed serious crimes)..

Helping an Iraqi School

Iraqi Amputees Walk Again


Female TV Anchor Sahar Al-Khatib Tells Off Hezbollah!

[Sahar Al-Khatib: I would like to say something personal, even though I am known for being objective, and members of the opposition itself will attest to that. With regard to the conduct of the army – if only it had not intervened at all. It has been said that the army took a neutral stand, but that was not the case. Today, we should very objective, and say exactly what happened. The way I see it, we were driven out of the "Future TV" building, when all that we were doing was to make our voice heard. They accept that all we were doing was to broadcast the events. We were doing nothing except making our voice heard. For many wise reasons, Allah made the human voice untouchable, so the hand cannot reach out and strangle it.]

[Let me say something personal to the leaders of the opposition, who were my guests and whose voices I made heard for a year and a half. For a year and a half, I have borne this with objectivity, despite all the pain, and despite all the criticism I met from many people, including my family. I have borne the pain, in order to make the voices of all Lebanese heard. Let me tell them: The voice cannot be strangled or stopped. The voice cannot be reached by an evil hand. You will see that this voice will not be silenced.]

bg: may God bless & protect this most courageous woman!!

IA, GoI, Local Government Take Lead
in Providing Aid to Sadr City Residents


[“The CMOC has done an exceptional job bringing together all of the Iraqi officials, allowing them to take leadership in repairing some of the damages caused by the recent fighting,” said Lt. Col. Frank Curtis, who serves as the commanding officer of the 432nd Civil Affairs Battalion, 360th Civil Affairs Brigade, Multi-National Division – Baghdad.

“The Iraqi army plans and executes mission in coordination with coalition forces,” continued the Braintree, Mass., native, “but the Iraqis determine the locations and plans the missions.”

Area citizens are beginning to use the center more to help deal with the issues they might have. They can show up in person and receive help dealing with their problems.]

[IA soldiers have not forgotten about providing medical care to those in Sadr City. They have been bringing such services to the streets of Sadr City on a regular basis.

“The 11th IA Division doctors have done at least one medical engagement a week, treating the local people,” said Messmer.

They have seen more than 2,500 people over the last three weeks out on the streets in Sadr City. They go to different locations with their vehicles and set up a mobile medial office to treat people right there on the streets, he added.]

[“We plan to renovate schools and clinics and then refurbish and revitalize the Jamilla Market, a wholesale market that supplies most of Baghdad,” said Messmer.

Ultimately, it is all about Iraqis helping themselves and other Iraqis.

“The people see this,” said Curtis, “and they recognize that they can support their government’s efforts to give them a better, more stable community.”]

Iraq Vows It Will Not Become Another Lebanon


[Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zibari on Thursday said that Iraq will not be another Lebanon, stressing the need to fight militia groups and not allowing the establishment of a state within state.

"The largest security challenges are militia groups and organized crime gangs," Zibari said in an interview with the London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper in its Saudi edition.

The Iraqi government's recent battles against the Sadrist movement's Mahdi Army and other armed groups "highlights the government's persistence to prevent Iraq from turning into another Lebanon," the minister said, adding that arms and weapons should be exclusively possessed by government forces.

"The presence of Arab ambassadors in Iraq will provide Arab governments with a clear picture about what is happening," the minister said on the sidelines of his participation in the Arab Ministerial Meeting, held in the Egyptian capital today to address the volatile situation in Lebanon.]

3 Cheers For Former Democratic VP Candidate Lieberman!


[“President Bush got it exactly right today when he warned about the threat of Iran and its terrorist proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah. It is imperative that we reject the flawed and na├»ve thinking that denies or dismisses the words of extremists and terrorists when they shout “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” and that holds that—if only we were to sit down and negotiate with these killers—they would cease to threaten us. It is critical to our national security that our commander-in-chief is able to distinguish between America’s friends and America’s enemies, and not confuse the two.”]

[The elimination of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003 strengthened Iranian apprehension about U.S. intentions, and there is a persistent view in Tehran that Iran comes after Afghanistan and Iraq on the U.S. target list.[135] The U.S. is unlikely to withdraw from either Afghanistan or Iraq right away. Therefore, inclusion of Iran in regional security discussions could allay some of its fears. In light of international and particularly U.S. concern about Iran's pursuit of a nuclear capability and support for terrorist organizations, it is not all that likely that the inclusion of Iran in such discussions would yield startling results. Nevertheless, it would be worth the effort and is unlikely to have harmful side-effects. ]

Fascinating: The Jihadists Admit Defeat in Iraq


[A prolific jihadist sympathizer has posted an ‘explosive’ study on one of the main jihadist websites in which he laments the dire situation that the mujaheddin find themselves in Iraq by citing the steep drop in the number of insurgent operations conducted by the various jihadist groups, most notably Al-Qaeda’s 94 percent decline in operational ability over the last 12 months when only a year and half ago Al-Qaeda accounted for 60 percent of all jihadist activity!]

[I don’t have the time to translate these charts right now, or translate the analysis he provides, but I wanted to share this with you immediately because it is a stunning and unprecedented admission of defeat!]

[I’m not saying that the jihadists won’t keep trying to find a workable formula for the caliphate elsewhere, but for now
they have been dealt a severe demoralizing blow.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it allye calling for a hasty withdrawal.]

Hat tip bg at ITM

Greg from USA
Layla Anwar said…

Where did you read that piece of info ? Are you sure about it ?
Layla Anwar said…

What is it you exactly don't believe ? The Ahmadinejad bit, the Amr Moussa bit or the 4 planes bit?
Or maybe none of the above...
What will it take you to believe?
Another dual occupation perhaps?
Wait, it's has already happened...
Layla Anwar said…
Grrrrrrrrrreg of united Asses.

You said you're going on holiday- Great stay there and don't come back. And the day your wife will throw you in the garbage bin do let me know, I'll make sure they will not use for recycling or compost...
KM said…
I read it online in an Israeli paper about 2 weeks ago. I will find it.
KM said…
Here is one piece about Israel agreeing to allow Russia to supply some vehicles for the PA.

Here is one from the 15th on Israel's stance on a US request.

An article of these vehicles being for the PA but according to this, Hamas has taken control of them.
Anonymous said…

Hahaha, you know, they have internet here.

Why would she need a garbage bin when she can send me over to your place, Princess Pigsty How are you going to fight a revolution if you can't even clean up your room?

Seriously, the US is winning now, and AQI has been exposed as the snake that it is, so your wonderful resistance leads to a utopia only in your twisted mind.

Why don't you do something productive? Donate $100 to burma relief with me. Show the world that you care about someone besides yourself.

Greg from USA
Layla Anwar said…
grrrrrrrrrreg from the united asses,

Am sure your mrs feigns chronic headaches, hell with your little list for cleaning, you must approach sex and love the same way, tick off item by item...hahahahaha, loser.

Or maybe you've taken up cleaning because your mrs is real pig, which would not surprise me at all.
a pig who sleeps with her curlers and face've taken up cleaning instead.

or maybe it's a two to tango kind of thing...

as an american friend told me lately. he said americans are morons, and the women walk likes horses and look like pigs...

hmmmm so much for pigsie

and as far donating to burma, first I want to hold your income as compensation to the damage you fucked wankers did to Iraq, hence your income and the income of every slime bag american mother fucker will be witheld for reparations to the Iraqi people, inside and outside Iraq.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for the links. Let me know when you decide to leave the hell hole called America.
KM said…
I will and when I reach my first destination, you will be one of the first I notify.
Anonymous said…

Instead of logic and argument, all you offer is conspiracy and fantasy. Your "resistance" is an extremist waste. Where will you get your revolutionaries? You hate men and the US - which is more than 50% of the world. You are already outnumbered.

The best comback you have and it isn't even aimed me. You are ignorant of the physically and intellectually attractive woman you put down - another example of your ugliness suppurating through your words.

Your time is over. Bin laden is finished. I hope they build a rail line next to your apartment to remind you that the train has left the station without you.

Greg from USA
KM said…
Greg, it seems that because you sleep and then wake up, that that then means you have freedoms...or that because you can go and get in yer car and drive to a destination, that that means you have freedoms. Or going to a cinema or talking on a cell phome further proves you have freedom.

But the reality is is that you are are managed. You are certainly not in control. You have a maze that you have to conduct yer daily activities within and the maze is provided for you, whether you like it or not.

The day I see you as a lawmaker in Washington DC is the day I may go along with yer belief that you have some level of control, but that is not going to happen. Yer not a part of that club and you never will be.

Your government doesn't care about you. Stop kidding yerself and trying to sell that they do. Yer an expense..yer becoming more and more of a liability to the government.

Not only does the US government own you but China OWNS you...they control yer destiny too, not you. You were sold out a long time ago Greg.

If you have kids, I would suggest having them learn Spanish, better yet, Mandarin.

What is your defintion of freedom and what is you defintion of a your own words?
KM said…
more taqiyya with yet another Americolonian LIAR waiting in the wings.

Click on the Video
Anonymous said…

You take information from various sources and draw conclusions that are the complete opposite of mine, but at least you try and use logic and reason.

You said:
1. I am governed
2. China owns me
3. I am not part of the club
4. The government does not care about me

These points are true. China holds $1 trillion in US currency. Politicians are about as trustworthy as lawyers - they don't care about me, they belong to "the club", and aside from calling a complaint into a right wing talk show or blog, I have little say.

However, I believe the following are also true, and more relevant:
1. I have say at the local level where it matters
2. China holds less than 2% of US net worth
3. My skills put me in an economic club
4. Our elected representatives do care about the country

John McCain will not abandon Iraq, but he will probably follow the Europeans into socialist nanny state stagnation. He is a patriot but no conservative. It may be 20 years before we get another Reagan, but in the meantime I can simply choose to live in a city that is ruled by conservatives.

km, The most important question is not how economically, politically, or socially free the US is. The question I have for you, which you have not dared answer, is what country is more free, prosperous, generous - what country is better than the US?

Greg from USA
KM said…
Greg, think back. Think back and waht did I say when I first mentioned moving and seeing the World?

I said that money, riches and wealth is not what is motivating me in my decision. I believe I also said that how you look at Life and how I look at it, are different. I know you remember me saying that don't you?

I'm not looking to acumulate 'stuff'. That does not turn me on. 'Stuff' does not (to me anyway) create Life. I want my Life to be as rich in experience and meeting other People and experienceing their culture, their food, their dress and set and talk with them.

I'm not gonna be jailed up in America,like a person living in a foxhole that just ran for cover, believeing that the rest of the World is backwards or is a fearful place. The moment anybody does that, well, they create their own prison and call it a sanctuary.

I will be fine. My first destination will not be my last though. I'm gonna explore a bit and when I'm done, then I will decide. I will give yoy a hint though since it seems to be eating at you. My first stop is an Asian country and 'no' it's not China.

Enough about me.

1)You DO have more of a 'say' at the local level of being governed. Rfer back to CAFR1.COM and see where yer local government stands cus THEY AIN'T SHARIN'.

2)China is on the move and they have been. Does it bother me any? No. I see it intersting in that China has been an economic success in many ways. This is not to say that they don't have problems there. But SouthEast Asia are warmly embracing China as they forge political & economic ties and putting blocks infront of the US. SouthEast Asia basically has had bad expereinces with American corporate types and are welcoming China with open arms.
China is heavily invested in American banks and are aggressively on the move gobbling up prime territories WorldWide, and this includes longterm contracts in South America.

China has cold-hard-cash, not IOU's.
But such is the case with the United States. The US is selling off 'public assets' to international companies besides China.

I don't see China as a threat though. Thye're just playin the game.

3) You may be in an 'economic club' but not in the same league as the suits in DC or in corporate boardrooms that have the keys.

4) Yeah, we definitely differ on this one.
KM said…
From the Asian Times:

greg, you had no comment on the North American Union that is in the works.

China will be entering the Western Hemisphere thru the use of deepwater ports on the West Coast of Mexico. From there, goods will be shipped northwards thru Mexico, thru the States and onward into Canada.

While the US gov/corp is in Iraq commiting war crimes, China is on the move big time in both hemispheres.

I wanna be the first to give you yer Chinese lesson. :-)

WOH IY NEE / I LOVE YOU or if you prefer in Spanish: Te quiero.
(now dont take this as an invite to start writing me in Messenger)

Layla can tell you the same in Arabic. ( just teasing Layla )....then again she may tell ya, yaa saghiir l-qadiib. :-)
Anonymous said…

I hope China has wild success. Their success is our success. However, due to China's spectacular military buildup, China is a mortal threat to the US and we should be re-arming Japan to help counterbalance China as urgently as possible. Our military superiority is real but gives us a false sense of security against an asymmetric opponent.

If China manages to stay out of a war with the US, they will continue to prosper. The more economic success China has, the more their leadership will move away from authoritarianism to nurture that success. As wages rise and as nuclear power takes the place of oil and coal, China will be in less and less competition with the US. At that point we can become allies to promote peace and prosperity.

We both just need to make it 20 years without a war. In the meantime, both China and the US would be wise to tread lightly near each other's "sphere of influence" - to use a WWI term, so as to avoid a confrontation and escalation that could lead to disaster.

So, talk of China ramming a superhighway up our ass and everyine speaking Chinese is not in anyone's interest. As for the "NA Union" building that highway, free trade is great as long as it is done in such a way as to "cushion the landing"

Finally, capitalism is subject to the business cycle. Subprime Mortgage trouble in the US caused our market to fall 10%, but the Chinese exchange fell something like 50%, which sounds like even China is subject to the laws of gravity. Now that they are capitalist, more and more we rise together and fall together.

Greg from USA
KM said…
China's Super Highwat thru the US from Mexico and up into Canada will be fine. It will help promote the 'service jobs' that the US consumers are more and more subject to.

China is their own entity and think longterm; 25, 50..100 years down the road. They are setting back capitalizing on the US's misadventures in illegal wars, stock market frauds, government bailouts, capitalizing on SouthEast Asia's discontent with past experience with the US. Like Ive said before here, the govt of China was on to the US government's stock ownership deals of US corporations that moved to China. They put a STOP to that little game.

China is interested in China and the US is in their sights and will put the US in Check Mate.

With the US having trouble covering territory in Iraq & Afghanistan, billions of Chinese can't be wrong can they? :-) I would say guessing that for every 1 US soldier, China may have 300.
Anonymous said…
In capitalism, you gain wealth by building markets, not destroying them. If China sets out to destroy the US, they will revisit the lesson of the Great Sparrow Campaign. Just like Sparrows play an important role in the ecosystem, the US plays a role in the economic ecosystem. Any success could be a curse that they would be powerless to reverse.

KM said…
The US is in a situation where IT needs the World more than the World needs the US.

Besides, in America today it is fascism, or if you prefer, corporatism.

Yes, look at the systems. They are broken down, delapidated institutions that are begging for money from other countries. Bush goes hat in hand begging for more oil. Something to be real proud of & independant there.

The US has destroyed itself. I think the illegal invasion into Iraq pretty much helped to seal it's fate. Countries are not eager to open up their markets to the United States and why would they? America is a loser. A big LOSER. And when it finds itself in trouble, just make up lies and launch an illegal war. Yeah, thats the kind of folks others wanna deal with Greg.

Its over. I think the World is finally waking up to the reality that the US is not a country to cozy up with.

South American countries are building trade realtions and are intent on not having any US intrusions. South East Asia has chosen China. Saudi Arabia is selling more and more oil to China.
Canada to our North has decided to ink major deals to export their oil to China. Russia pretty much has their own. But poor little USA....has to go all the way over the ocean and crawl in bed with Saudi pimps & whores and destroy a country called Iraq.

Is that the way you like to open markets? sending in the goon squads, the economic hitmen or an allout military invasion.

The World ahs seen what the US is capable of....2 Atom bombs dropped on civilians, innocent villages napalmed on a reason that Commies were apparently going to eat Europeans & Americans,etc. Its a long long list and the Far East won't have to set up military bases around the World to do it the way the US has.

The US government is fuckin ya Greg and you just keep breathin' harder and moan, ' keep givin it ta me big boy...yer the man and I will be yer Bitch'...I'm yours baby.....I'm yours'.

They're fucking you, they're fucking Iraq and they will fuck anybody over that they can. Enjoy yer next president because it will be a HE and he'll be right there to shove his tricks right up yer ass and you'll be right there waiting for it too.
Anonymous said…

Where did your reasoning go? Did you just take a retard pill?

I just won that debate - since you went off the deep end, there isn't anything in your last post that makes sense to respond to. The only positive thing I can say about it is that it is entertaining and colorful.

Better luck next time.

Greg from USA
KM said…
yer deaf, dumb & blind kiddo. I will leave it at that. I can hear yer kind of talk anywhere....

Ive been hearing it for years. You are one of the ones when before the illegal invasion began into were right there claiming that weapons of mass destruction were in Iraq and the UN will find them. Then when they didn't, you were right there gossiping like with yer buds that when the US gets in Iraq, they will find them. Where are they Greg? Where is everything yer government told you and the World?

Yep, thats what you were doing. You've been hooked from the very beginning; Fish On.

And now that all the false claims made by yer boyz in DC have infact turned out to be complete lies, all you have now to offer is ..nothing.

Why would I or anybody, continue to listen to yer crowd? You have been completley and without a doubt...WRONG from the very beginning. Face it. You Were and Are wrong.

No Weapons of Mass Destruction.
No involvement WHATSOEVER with a 9/11.
No stockpiles of agents on mobile labs being transported around the country.
No chocolates.
No yellow cake from Niger or Anywhere.
No mushroom clouds on the horizon.

None. Nothing..and you took their hook..infact, you swallowed it whole and if you think deep enough, you have been a fool. But beacuse yer ego and narcisssim is in control, you are left with what you post here on this site.

You remind me of how a rapist is Greg. Even though one says 'NO', they dont want yer approaches, you interpret that as a 'YES' and that if they just give-alittle, then everything will be ok. Then justifications are made up,the assault takes place, a victim is produced. And now, just like most all perpetrators of a crime...the victim is blamed.

Thats yer way of thinking Greg. It doesn't matter to you that Iraq did Not ask to be assaulted. In yer mind the assault is on and you will twist and turn it to justify it in yer own mind.

Youve been wrong for over 5 years now and that's all ya got.
Anonymous said…

Google "saddam wmd" and click "Im feeling lucky"

Thanks for returning to logic. You are right, the WMD affair was a fiasco. The president should have never set up an expectation of finding WMDs.

However we had the right to enforce the terms of Saddam's surrender agreement from the 1991 Gulf War. He agreed to give up his WMD and he never came clean. You remember all the games - kick the inspectors out, let them back in, Hussein Kamel defects and suddenly new documents are handed over. And on and on.

Now none of these games warranted an invasion - or even the air strikes and withering sanctions. Until Saddam attempted to murder Bush Sr. Until Saddam started directly supporting terrorists by paying $25k to suicide bombers. Until 911.

After 911 we did not distinguish anymore between terrorists and their state sponsors. Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda are the same to us. They deliberately target civilians to further their political aims.

So Saddam had it coming, unless he came clean on the WMDs, which he didn't. Whether we found the WMDs is irrelevant.

Greg from USA
KM said…
My first thought after reading that is, what is yer definition of a terrorist?
KM said…
This is really amazing shit Greg. Ya mean that Saddam didn't let the inspectors stay? What happened?

Not following the UN too?? Damm. Are there any more countries that in fact actually breaking UN resolutions?

Its claimed that Saddam tried to murder a Bush?? Wow, the US would never do such a thing to leaders of other countries would they?

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