Mosul under Attack.

From 8 months ago, I've been saying it over and over, watch out for Mosul, something is being planned there. Not only that, when I listened to some of the testimonies of American war vets, one of them said that his platoon was charged of "forcibly removing and displacing Sunnis from the Nineveh province and bring in Shia families instead." You can still hear these testimonies, they are available on the Web. And if you insist, I will have to dig out the link for you. But I much rather you do your own research as I really have no time to keep giving you proof after proof, to no avail...

And here come the latest news from Mosul, stuff you will not read in your mainstream media, nor in the Iraqi government media concerning operation "Lion's roars."

A prominent tribal Sheikh from Mosul by the name of Fayez Munif Al-Faysal, talking to Arabic Al-Jazeera, qualified the current attack on Mosul as the "Iranian attack."

He said the following and am quoting word for word.

- The attack on Mosul has been planned for many months in advance.

- Mosul is the second biggest city after Baghdad.

- It is being conducted by the Americans and the sectarian government forces.

- The sectarian government brought whole trucks of Shias from Baghdad over and above the American and Iraqi forces, to conduct the operations.

- 200 have been arrested so far. They were not Al-Qaeda, some of them are; ex-army officers who fought in the Iran-Iraq war, Baathists, tribal heads and academics...

- The sectarian Iraqi government wanted at first to have the ex-army officers work for them. They refused. They refused because they understand the sectarian Iranian plot/move against Mosul. We are Arabs through and through and we know what the Iranian agenda is all about. It's all about revenge. But maybe Iran does not know the people of Mosul well...but they will find out soon. We will not submit to the sectarian Iraqi government nor to Iran.

-This attack on Mosul will last several months as per Al-Maliki declarations.

- The ones who are fighting back are the Islamic Army of Iraq and the Jihad Front and others from the tribes...

(IAI and the Jihad Front are members of the IRAQI RESISTANCE not to be confused with Al-Qaeda)

Now compare the above from the mouth of someone who is a pure Muslawee, i.e from Mosul, to the repugnant and grotesque article by Cockburn in the Independent, which he titled "Ghost city' Mosul braces for assault on last bastion of al-Qa'ida in Iraq." I am sure this so-called journalist is working for the Americans and the Iranians simultaneously. Nothing to be surprised about, he has already given us many flavors of his allegiances in the past.

In parallel but still very related.

Today, the "regional government of Iqlim Kurdistan" announced that it discovered 3 oil fields in Northern Iraq, with a production capacity of 100'000 barrels a day and with an estimated reserve of 2 Billion barrels.

It has therefore decided to offer tenders for the construction of two oil refineries. Twenty contracts have been awarded so far to the following companies from : America, South Korea, Australia, India and Turkey.

And you tell me there is no American-Israeli-Iranian conspiracy. Ha!

Painting : Iraqi artist, Saad Al-Taee.


dilbertgeg said…
Patrick Cockburn, like his father over at the Nation, is obviously CIA.

The Nation -- considered liberal and progressive since it's content seems sympathetic in some way -- was purchased by William vanden Heuval, the assistant to CIA Director William Donovan, and handed over later to his daughter, Katrina vanden Heuval. (It used to be genuine liberal and I guess revolutionary. Needed to be curtailed.)

Wikipedia says Katrina worked for the liberal Senator Averill Harriman after interning for Bill Donovan.

What it does not say is that Averill Harriman and his brother ran their father's financial (railroad) empire, and that Harriman 15 and other corporations he owned were in bed with Nazi Germany, including during the War.

Prescott Bush worked for Averill Harriman, as managing director of the steel plant and coal mines at Auschwitz in Poland. Silesian Coal, Silesian Steel, under United Steel Works.

They were outright TRAITORS, and Prescott was convicted of 'Trading with the Enemy' (Nazi Germany), prosecutor J. Edgar Hoover, a charge short of treason to semi-exempt business from excessive punishment.

Hardly anyone knows this, and anyone saying this is normally deemed a "conspiracy theorist" even though it's in the Federal documents and part of US history, part of the court record, and recorded in the NY Times of the day.

I have no idea how these people got to run America. Actually I do. They formed the CIA in 1947.

"I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in '47, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo. "
-- Harry S Truman (1961)

Per the Church Committee investigation, stonewalled by CIA Director Bush Sr., it was still uncovered that the CIA controlled or influenced key levers of the US and European media since at least the 1950s, practically "owned" some reporters, and had close relations with owners and editors during the Cold War.

CIA has also hijacked what were once militant labor unions, but mostly it's hijacked minds.

Much of the Left media is CIA. Left-y sounding reporting plus whitewashes is classic CIA Left.

I'm so sorry. I don't take this lying down, but it's not like any newspaper would print that.
Anonymous said…
How come you always know things before they happen ?
annie said…
How come you always know things before they happen ?

it is not exactly a secret


this morning's Azzaman leads its top story as follows:

Head of the Iraqi government Nuri al-Maliki has gone back on his promise to the people of the city of Mosul, second-biggest city in Iraq, not to target its people in the military campaign. The forces executing these operations, and associated with the leadership, have arrested 150 Iraqi officers, many of them medical and engineering and administrative officers who had been in the former Iraqi army, in an operation that was described by the Council of Ninawa Tribes, in a special meeting last evening, as an operation of revenge against those who participated in actions that their duty and their country required during the war between Iraq and Iran.

The tribal council went on to say that the former military people in Mosul were expecting to rejoin the service so as to do their part in fending off the scourge of AlQaeda, but instead have been surprised by this wave of arrests of the elite, which they described as state terror.

(UPDATE:The Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq (AMSI) describes the arrests as follows:

On the third day of the operation being undertaken by the joint forces of the occupation and the government and the militias of the parties that belong to the government, along with the forces of the Kurdish Peshmerga and what are called the Awakening Councils, these forces arrested over 120 officers of the former Iraqi army, including those who were in military manufacturing in the former government, most of them living in the Arab section of Mosul. And likewise these forces arrested a number of university professors and students in an arbitrary fashion in various areas of Mosul.

The arrest of this elite group, with the participation of militias and forces answering to political trends and sects, in the second-biggest city in Iraq, constitutes a clear demonstration showing that this military campaign has a dimension beyond what has been announced and that its objective is to wipe out those citizens of the governate who reject what the occupation has brought with it, and its backers, and it targets military and civilian expertise...)
Anonymous said…
TO DILBERTGEG--Thanks for providing everyone with a nice, succinct synopsis of some vital information. Wish everyone would begin to explore history in this fashion. --KARLMARXWASRIGHT
Angel said…
We always knew it was about the oil. No secret there, well not to us, anyway.

I was told by a certain clever lady who spent quite some time in the States that Middle America, though well educted, had a truly narrow point of view. The subject matter was never of world interest, but American interest, or self interest, if you like. .

George W's grandfather, Prescott Bush, late of the United States Senate, had joined a midnight foray in 1933 into an Oklahoma graveyard where he and friends exhumed the body and emerged with the mortal skull of Geronimo.

Geronimo's head has taken up residence in Yale University.

Charming lot, aren't they?

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