From Guantanamo to Iraq - The Shame of America

Two things have marked the downfall of America . Guantanamo and the occupation of Iraq.

When I say downfall, I don't just mean your dollars, I mean you moral downfall, collective downfall from any grace you might have had or attempted to salvage after a bloody history of murder, mayhem and oppression of other peoples. Your examples are too many to mention.

It has never ceased to amaze me, that you -- the United Sates of America, only 200 years old, was able to create so much suffering to other nations, nations way older and more noble than you. Or maybe I should use the word destroy instead.

You created so much suffering and you destroyed so much. And like any " People of the Lie" to use a Scott Peck book title, you are totally oblivious to the REAL and GRAVE consequences of your collective actions. Oblivious to the depth of meaning that your collective actions will bear in the future. Not just economically and politically but also morally and yes, spiritually as well.

I've spent a few hours watching and re-watching videos on Sami Al-Hajj's release from Guantanamo. You may also watch them -- here, and here and also here.

Sami Al-Hajj has been detained in Guantanamo for over 6 years, with NO trial. Force fed, tortured, humiliated, left in isolation...He was only a cameraman for God's sake.

He said that you people have more respect for the rats and the iguanas than for human beings. He said that till this day, detainees are kept naked in their cells and he added that you are guilty of every single violation any person can commit.

This Guantanamo business has been going on for 8 years now. All happening in your name, under a government you voted for twice. I still can't get over that last bit.
Some of you also have the audacity to continue defending this government of yours.
And others who are so called "liberals" are hoping for a huge change with more deceitful candidates like Clinton and Obama.

In Iraq, you have followed the same pattern of rationalizations and denial. Tomorrow if the number of not 1 million but 5 million Iraqis dead because of your actions -- is thrown in your face, you will not budge and you will persist in your ways.

I finally discovered with you people, that you are not interested in facts and truth. What you are interested is in perpetuating a lie. People of the Lie, indeed.

This is honestly very sickening for an outsider looking in. Forget politics, oil, economics, geo strategies and the "war on terror"...just suspend them for a minute and look at yourselves in the mirror. Can you really say to yourself that you are proud to be an American ?

If I were you, I'd either change my nationality or go bury myself in shame...I would keep walking in the shadows of walls, not wanting anyone to discover my true identity.

In all honest objectivity, you have absolutely nothing to brag about. Whatever accomplishments you may have reached on either a collective or an individual level, in the improvement of your own society or personal lives, you have totally lost on the outside.

I am not just saying this to irk you, but you are really tremendously disliked every where. Wrong - not disliked, but held in contempt. A deep contempt.

I don't blame the outside world, after all you have not stopped praising yourselves as being the greatest democracy and nation on earth.

And here I am not referring to technological or scientific achievements...again suspend "Matter" for a minute if you can...

What a disaster you have brought upon yourselves, what a shame and what a pity.

A truly sad lot.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Ayad Miran


Anonymous said…
Hi Layla, I will post this on my website, because it's so true and American's, the ordinary American remains asleep at the wheel. Do know that some of us are very awake, but not enough of course. We do what we can. Many who are awake and know live in fear, for good reason, because occasionally there are "shut up" murders to send a message, and there seem to be more of these lately.

People, in their various groups they belong to, that do know truth, are keep separated sadly often by fighting amongst themselves, as Cindy Sheehan found out. There is a serious unity problem in people being able to come together in power, and when I have tried to work with any groups on this, related to 911 specifically, there is still that fear that won't allow them to take powerful action. They always keep saying when enough are aware, but there are enough aware now, but living in fear.

This is definitely not a free country. I run into many people who support this middle eastern warring saying it is justified for cheap oil. These ones obviously are not mature souls, and otherwise, they are unaware that oil is not needed for anything except perhaps useful plastics. It is totally not needed to any sort of energy generation. Simple magnetic motors will do that fine, I had one on my bicycle growing up. Then there are the wind farms, solar, and the like too.

I am just writing to let you know how much I appreciate your writings from the "inside' to us, and that there are considerate caring people in the United States who are very upset and very compassionate about the situations in your corner of the world. Blessed are you for using your blog to tell your own story. Take care, Candace

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