Dual Occupations - The Palestinian flavor.

Khaled Mash'al from Hamas, based in Syria, was visiting Iran.

I looked at his picture and could not help but laugh at how the puppets always mimic their masters.

Mash'al looked like an Iranian official. His sober dark suit, his white shirt - no tie of course, Iranian way and his finger pointing in total demagoguery. The only thing missing were a few silver rings from Qum on his hands. He probably took them off - too obvious otherwise.

I guess Mash'al is not too bothered by the fact that Iran has been ethnically cleansing the Palestinians in Iraq - nor that they found themselves in tents on borders....nor is he too bothered that Nasrallah and his hezb contributed through their participation in the Lebanese army to clean away the Nahr Al-Bared camp in Lebanon. Nor that Amal, the shia party in Lebanon of which the hezb is a pure Iranian offshoot, was busy cleaning the Palestinians camps during the Lebanese "civil war".

I suppose these Palestinians are disposable material for Mash'al and his Hamastani cause.

The Palestinian people (or what is left of them) just like the Iraqis (or what is left of them) are also caught between dual occupations.

Let me qualify that - a dual occupation discourse. The Abbas-Olmert-Rice discourse and the Hamas-Assad-Ahmadinejad discourse.

The Palestinian cause has been HIJACKED by both sets of ZIONISTS.

Some "Palestinians" truly believe that Iran will free them from Israeli occupation.
This must the best line for a comedy - circus show in the unravelling Arab saga.

Yalla, what a pity.

May you rest in Peace ya Arafat. Both managed to kill you.


Anonymous said…
Palestine will benifit from the removal of many types of corruption and get stronger - the ammount of corruption hamas exposed, right or wrong, was huge - and soon much of their corruption in Hamas will be exposed to - see, it's never easy to remove corruption but it's happening in Palestine and will help many other countries to inshAllah.

Take the horid little idiots in Lebanon - all sides corrupt and fighitng to be even more corrupt - and each exposing the other's faults as fast as they can - hopefully Iran and Saudi's corruption will be exposed that much faster to.

Look closer at Gaza, see the young Palestinain kids getting shot by the zionist monsters and saying Shahada as they die - many raise their index finger to - that is not Shia or Sunni, nor Saudi or Iran - just pure Islam - these are not the same people Gaza had in the 70s, not near as much corruption at all - nice to see that growing slowely.

Anonymous said…
There are only three resistances worth mentioning in the Arab world: the Lebanese resistance, the Palestinian resistance and the Iraqi resistance...
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.1

Thanks for your comment and to let you know that I agree with you completely, all will be eventually exposed despite the slogans...
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.2

Do forgive me tonight but I am in a "dissecting mood". So let's dissect together shall we ?

Definitions, definitions, definitions...

A) Iraqi Resistance.
Which Iraqi Resistance are you referring to ? Because as far I can tell, LATELY, there is another group that calls itself the Iraqi Resistance - and that group is that of the skunk Muqtada Al-Sadr. Surely you are not referring to this charlatan who has been involved in the political process for over 5 and suddenly upon orders of Iran, he started playing the Iraqi-Arab Resistance card. I sure hope you are not referring to this hideous character...who has was massively involved in ethnically cleansing the Iraqis, building ghettos walls around Baghdad with the Americans, upholding and collaborating with Maliki of all Iraqis , give lists to the IRANIAN PASDARAN who are anti Iran including academics and the rest, having his men trained in Iran in the art of torture and no it was not to fight the occupation and last but not least killing the RESISTANCE FIGHTERS.

So I hope you are not referring to this son of a bitch criminal that is the darling of the Western "left".


You are probably referring to Nassrallah and his Hezb here. You are also referring to the "divine victory"...the hallucinatory divine victory.

Sorry will not and cannot share your enthusiasm. I am not a political schziophrenic myself and therefore cannot make abstraction of the following facts

- the distribution of sweets in the streets of southern lebanon and the dahiyah when Saddam was lynched on the eve of the eid - distribution by your "divine" Lebanese resistance.

- the total failure of the "lebanese resistance" to condemn not only the killing of the palestinians in Iraq by the shia militias - the palestinians a group it supposedly supports.

- the total failure of the "lebanese resistance" to condemn the sectarian killings undertaken by the shias militias trained in iran by the pasdarans - and that includes the sadrists, the dawa militia of maliki and jaafari and the badr brigade militias of al-hakeem from iran.

-the total failure of the "lebanese resistance" to condemn the prominent iranian role in all of the above, the iranian role of the pasdaran or the iranian brigades - who also killed the iraqi academics, ex army staff, the resistance fighters etc...along with the MOSSAD and the CIA. nice trio don't you think?

- the total lack of support for the legitimate IRAQI ,not iranian à la sadr, RESISTANCE.

- the extending of congratulations to all the shia factions who are loyal to iran (maliki, hakeem, sadr) on the free democratic process under the AMERICAN OCCUPATION.

I can go and on -but I think I have given you enough points so far.

And as I said I am not a political schizophrenic, therefore I cannot support the Iraqi Resistance on the one hand (the REAL one) and support the "lebanese resistance" on the other.

Nor am I one of those who like to close keep one eye open on the Iranian role in Iraq and close the other on the Iranian role in Lebanon and say : " ok they are good in Lebanon but bad in Iraq"

Resistance does NOT work that way !
Anonymous said…
Please don't tell me we Palestinians are helpless... We've already lost our dignity our honor our lives our blood our trees our houses.... There is nothing left to lose so don't tell me we are hopeless... We still have some love even though Gaza is extremely polluted right now and in the west bank people are being tortured senselessly and inside israel palestinians are being imprisoned and beaten senselessly with a disgrace. Outside Palestine home land Palestinians are suffering in Iraq... even the best of them can't find anything to eat... We know we've seen the photos...
All over the world there is Palestinians... All are suffering.
All are crying... Some accept it some don't.

So don't tell me we are hopeless.
We still look at the positive side.

I know hamas is corrupt but right now... Its the strongest military wing and i know very soon hamas fatah and all the other factions will combine forces... But we can't give up our arms and let the Zionist execute us freely, which they won't hesitate to do.

So we are not hopeless maybe some day this all will end... Maybe.

Or maybe the Zionist plan will be completed... And you know Arabs never surrender and we will die all at the end.

I've lost faith in the Arabs... And am sure Egypt no longer cares about Palestinians.

Very Pessimistic views from you indeed mam....

And it looks like the ethnic cleansing is going to be over very soon.... Such a terrible crime we all did... If you don't know our crime was to be born. To watch and live through this horrible bullshit.

So at the end all we got is our selves, Not Hamas, Not Iran, Not hezb, not Israel!, not Abbas...

They are all just corrupted.

The world is crazy i tell you, CRAZY! its going to need a Christ like person to fix this.
Layla Anwar said…

Am sorry but I don't understand if this comment was directed at me or at anonymous no.1
Anyway in my response to anonymous no.2 I mentioned nothing of the palestinian resistance. And yes I do agree with you that it is a Crazy world and I never said anything about the Palestinian struggle being hopeless.

I just gave my opinion on the political choices the palestinian resistance has made. Be it Abbass or Hamas.
Anonymous said…
Did anyone watch Sayed Hassan Nasrallah's speech today on the anniversary of the May 2000 tahrir?

He said the divide in the Arab world is between those who believe in resistance and those who do not.
And it is not a Sunni/Shia/Kurdish/Christian/nationalist/socialist any other divide.

He mentioned Iraq in it. His message was that when it comes to occupation, he has chosen resistance over political solutions. It means he is sending a message to all Iraqis, which includes the Shia, that political solutions for Iraq under military occupation will never work, that resistance is the only alternative until Iraq is free from occupation.

In an occupation created Civil War almost every group seeking power is guilty of committing crimes, including the Baathists Layla. Lebanon is an example of this. While you talk about Amal assaulting Palestinians in Lebanon during the Civil war, you failed to mention all of the other militias that have assaulted Palestinians or even each other's civilians, or that Palestinians have also been guilty of assaulting Palestinians.

Did you already forget Gaza? The battle Sunni Fatah and Sunni Hamas? Who helped Mohammad Dahlan train and support his militias Layla? Wasn't Jordan and Saudi Arabia involved? Hasn't Jordan and Saudi Arabia taken an anti-resistance stance to U.S. or Israeli occupation, but a resistance stance towards national resistance movements supported by resistance states?

If you believe that for you to trust Sayed Hassan, he should be condemning what allegedly Shia militias have been doing in Iraq to Iraqi civilians of other sects or political affiliations, than don't you also think that he should equally condemn what all other militias whether they be Sunni, Kurdish, Baathist, or others have been doing in Iraq to Iraqi civilians of other sects or political affiliations? Who has been behind the killings of Shia Iraqis through suicide bombings in Iraq Layla?

What about you Layla, do you condemn what the Baathist militias in the name of resistance have been doing in Iraq against the civilian population? Do you condemn their past alliances with Al Qaeda and their present alliances with the U.S. occupation that are responsible for attacking and killing in large numbers innocent civilians in Iraq?

Why should I trust you who supports the Baathists and the former dictator Saddam when you never openly condemn them for their past and present crimes against humanity?

We have two choices Layla, either we can equally condemn all groups for their crimes or we can choose not to condemn any groups for their crimes in this present ugly occupation.

And what I believe is most important is to show these different groups what they should be doing instead by example.

The Hezbollah national resistance is that example. It is that example to the occupied Palestinian people who still believe in resistance as opposed to political solutions, and it is that example to the occupied Iraqis who believe in resistance as opposed to political solutions.

When it comes to occupation don't expect the Arabs or the world to come to rescue you from that occupation. We can see this in the case of the Palestinian people who many of them chose to wait for the Arabs and the world to rescue them, yet they have yet to be rescued and are still waiting. That is because those who are under occupation must rescue themselves. The only thing which they should depend on from others is their help in assisting them, whether it be ideologically, financially, or militarily through supplying weapons. Those who are under occupation are the ones who must be willing to justly and honorably sacrifice their lives in nationally resisting their occupation.
Layla Anwar said…
Western Shia woman,

You are so full of shit it stinks, it is only after 5 YEARS of US/IRANIAN OCCUPATION that your darling turbaned charlatan comes out and support the "resistance", and knowing what a bunch of SECTARIAN sons of Bitches you all are- he is referring to your other favorite son of a bitch, the KING DRILLER and RAPISTS OF Iraqi women, men and children- Muqtada al-Sadr.

You are a despicable revisionist of our Iraqi holocaust. May you rot in hell. Ameen.
Layla Anwar said…
Western Sectarian

Your comments have been deleted.

You've already been given more than enough space to have your say.

And your long posts of copy and paste from the despicable vulture's blog are not welcomed.

Therefore your last two comments have been DELETED. And I will continue deleting your long copy and paste.

Furthermore, your cheap ZIONIST, RACIST, IRANIAN propaganda is not welcomed here.

I suggest you join the vulture, mullah tony and the hysterical lucia and fatima with your worthless drivel...

To hell and in hell inshallah !
Anonymous said…
Is that what you actually think of "freedom of speech" Layla? SO much for a Baathist secularism....
Anonymous said…
Western Sectarian,

I am as democratic as the IRANIAN QUDS BRIGADES who murdered countless IRAQI professors, scientists, academics into total SILENCE.

I am sure you can relate to that one !
Anonymous said…
Even though you like to label me a sectarian, it is obvious that you, through your incessant habit of name calling and labeling. are the sectarian Layla.

I only decided to call myself a western Shia woman here on your blog because of your hate-filled, sectarian posts about Shias who are not Baathists like you.
Anonymous said…
western shiite.

bla bla bla...you're a fucking bore,another fundamentalist american high on some sect, like all the other yankees...a typical worthless one in denial, a supporter of criminals, a supporter of a holocaust, what a despicable thing you are!

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