Your's Forgetfully,

What the fuck is going on here ? Why do I have this impression that Iraq has been forgotten ? Why do I perceive that the discourse has taken a turn, for over 4 years now, away from Iraq, away from THE occupation of the 21st century ?

Who are these motherfuckers putting Iraq on the "back burner"?

Who are these deceptive sons of bitches obliterating the millions of deaths, the millions of those left behind, languishing in grief and ruins ?

I'll tell you who they are.

They are divided into two categories. The Zionist/American Camp and the Iranian Camp.

These are the ones who are currently pulling all the strings. They belong to the "right" and to the so-called "left". But when it comes to Iraq they are in total agreement, in total harmony.

The Right camp with its propaganda tries to make you believe that Iran is the real danger and that it has to be fought.

The Left wants you to believe that Iran is the anti-Zionist, anti-Imperialist victim and that it needs to be defended.

But - IN IRAQ, both camps are present, dancing away over our bodies, over our corpses... And you the idiots that you are, bark away on either side of the fence, over our dead bodies...

IRAQ, IRAQ, IRAQ --- Iran is nothing, Israel is nothing - both are nothing for me right now.

Fuck them both, fuck all other causes. My country is occupied by both Zionist America and Iran . What have you got to say to that ?

How does your "deep political analysis" explain that one ?

How do you explain the Great Satan fucking with the Axis of Evil ?

I shall explain it to you. The Great Satan needs the Axis of Evil. Evil is Evil.

For me, today Iran and Israel are ONE and the SAME.

No, no, I don't want to see you raising your eyebrows, and I don't want to hear any of your shitty accusations . You, the ones in bad faith are -- the Zionists, the racists, the chauvinists, the sectarians, the imperialists, the reactionaries....

Yes you are.

Israel is a racist, chauvinist state based on so-called Judaism. It tortures, imprisons, steals lands, ethnically cleanses, erases history, destroy homes, displaces, exiles...

Iran is a racist, chauvinist state based on so-called Shi'ism. It tortures, imprisons, steals lands, ethnically cleanses, erases history, destroys homes, displaces and exiles...

So explain to me what fucking difference is there between the two ?

You argue that Iran does not ? To hell with your arguments, this is my country, I know what is happening in my country. I know who are Iran's proxies in Iraq. I know how it ethnically cleanses. I know how it pays peanuts for lands and displaces thousands, how it demolishes homes, erases history...I know how it tortures, I know its methods, I know its ploys and games.

Just like Israel. No different.

So where are you "brave" voices about the occupation of my land by Iran and by Zionist America?

Where are you voices when MY history is being erased ?

I expect that from the Americans. I expect that from the Zionists, but you, you dirty bastards from the "left" including the shit "Arab left" where are you voices ?

So you think Iran is going to "liberate" you the way it liberated us ? Well I hope it does liberate you the same way.

I hope for you fuckers, to find yourselves without homes, ethnically cleansed, displaced, exiled, with your homes demolished, with your loved ones tortured, with your Omar, Bakr and Othman murdered because of their sects...

I hope for every single "Arab" piece of shit, that defends Iran and ALL OF ITS PROXIES to live through what we lived and are living through...

I hope for every single "Arab" to live in dual occupations - A Zionist American and an Iranian one.

Let me see your slogans and let me hear your barks then. Bunch of sell out, unprincipled, political prostitutes that you are.

I pray that the Great Satan fucks with the Axis of Evil in your own backyard.

I pray that America and Iran and its proxies liberate you through torture and death.

I pray that you rot in forgetfulness, just the way you have forgotten us.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Al-Shammarey.


Anonymous said…
We here in Palestine haven't forgotten you Layla nor will we ever. We are both the results of Arab treason that has destroyed us more than the Zionists have . I have currently been posting your blogs to numerous Arabs and facts about Iran to reveal these evil bastards for what they are but unfortunately Arabs will always be Arabs....their stupidity is appalling to the point that it doesn't matter whether they know the truth or not because their reaction will always be, " Allah is with them " and then go about their pathetic daily lives as if it doesn't matter anymore.

The Arab world is spiritually , mentally, and physically dead it has been for over a century.

Our prayers here in Palestine are with you.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Salam that the Arab world has been dead for decades now. They have sold their soul for oil and status. The unfortunate reality is that no one cares that Iraq is occupied by by Zionist America and racist Iranians. And as for the Arab left, I lost faith in them years ago. They are not concerned about the occupation in Iraq, the Zionist agenda, or the plight of Palestinians. The Arab left has not solved illiteracy, inequality of women, Wahhabi appeasement in Saudi Arabia or treatment of Shia minorities in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. They have failed to bring Islam into modernity and failed to do anything to reduce authoritarianism in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. Some would say the left has failed but I would suggest that they were never really trying.
Anonymous said…
The Americans are the most inhumane motherfucking terrorist animals the world have ever seen. I yearn for the day to nuke those pigs back to the stone age. God speed. Death to America now and for ever.
KM said…
A read about Russia & the MidEast.

Whether these events will lead to somethin better than has been the status quo from America....
Anonymous said…
When the peoples from Maghreb to Mashreq remember about their ARABITY, and that becomes their only identity and their only project above every other religious, sub-ethnic, tribal, class and gender considerations, THEN and ONLY THEN they will be CAPABLE to remember about Iraq - and act upon.
Anonymous said…
i have never been sensitive to the iranian propaganda seductions, never felt any sympathy or attraction towards the so-called "islamic revolution" and have never been in love with khomeini, khamenei or ahmadimidget either.

am i normal ?
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for your beautiful comment. I am aware that Palestinians INSIDE of occupied Palestine have not forgotten us...For they know and we know.

I agree with you that the Arab world has been dead is continuously dying on all levels. A few tried to revive it, and they were murdered by the Americans and the Iranians and the Zionists.

Arabs have forgotten that. Hence they are doomed to repeat it albeit upon themselves.
Layla Anwar said…

Watch out for I know your "route".
I hear another chomsky in your words.
Sly way of introducing more sectarianism, anti Saudi, anti Jordan, anti Egypt....
Don't think we are not aware.

First of all you are wrong fellow.
The shias in Kuwait got 4 extra seats in parliament. But that is besides the point.

You are harping now on Saudi Arabia and inequality of gender rights and other minorities ? Shameless taqiyya bastard that you are -tell us about the minorities in Iran, and about gender equality there.

Or maybe you think your hezbollah or your sadr or your hakeem will bring democracy and less authoritarianism and more equality in the region.

I told you, I SEE THROUGH BASTARDS like you.

Enough said.
Layla Anwar said…

Amen to that.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello, can't really reply to you as I have not read the link you provided yet, but will get back.
Layla Anwar said…
Abu Mohammed,


VERY WELL SAID - that is the absolute truth.

As I said to Salam right above, those who tried, were lynched...

We still have a long way to go.
Layla Anwar said…
sane in a nuthouse,

I think you're probably the most normal one around. Hope you stay that way...
G.Gar said…
If you allow me Layla, Disgusted is talking about racist Iranians.

I think that is part of the tacit route he is following and which you have quite admirably exposed.

Being racist as such- regardless of any moral jusdgments as to racist perceptions or practices- implies a culture, or ethnicity,or race with some unique experiences, acheivments and traits. Here, therefore, I find it not only satirical, but rather hillariously funny- in a silly way though- to utter such non-sensical trash.

Racist Iranians :) I think that since Jerry Lewis is dead, Jim Carry must dig into this line and entertain us with a series about some racist Najads LOL
annie said…
layla, fyi

sane in a nuthouse ask's am i normal ?

i sure hope so, cause that would make me normal too.
Anonymous said…
i'd rather be dead than changed, u know... ;-)

i think many arabs feel more comfortable following persia and her proxies, sadr, nasrallah, hamas etc. because these, while giving them sweet dreams of heroic resistance, actually guarantee the continuation of the arab status quo of blissful tranquillity, primitive fatalistic philosophy, fossilized code of ethics and stagnant social model which they bask in so masochistically.

they might see the genuine panarabist discourse, such as the baath, as requiring too much individual and collective humility, sacrifices and changes - in a word, entering modernity.

what the arabs should get through their thick skulls is that this way not only they will never fulfil their "forbidden" dreams, but they will soon end by losing those very realities which they are so desperate to preserve intact - for the shiite sectarians they worship mean nothing less than dish out their whole world straight into ZION ugly mouth.

bless you, layla, and all others who see and saw best...
Anonymous said…
layla anwar,

I understand your sentiments and do not blame you for feeling this way. Arabs should be ashamed of themselves for not only forgeting Iraq, but also for siding with their occupiers, both Iran and the US.

I am an Arab from Bilad al-Shaam. I have family in Syria, Jordan, and Palestine. I am an Arab and consider every Arab country my home. I can never forget the Iraqi army that defended Damascus in 73. I can never forget the Iraqi army that fought in Sinai, and Palestine. When I was in occupied Palestine I visited the Iraqi Martyrs Cemetery near Jenin. I can't forget Iraq defended all the Arabs from the Khomeiniyeen and Iran in back in the 1980s. I can't forget al-rais al-shaheed and his stance on Palestine. Iraq was destroyed because Saddam Hussein said he will "burn half of Israel". Iraq liberated Kuwait city in 1990 which if the Arabs were not traitors could have been a first step in creating a real Arab regional power and altering the balance of power. Iraq is paying the price for its loyalty to the Arab Nation.

I also know the generousity of Iraq with Jordan and other states. I also remember how Iraq was always open to all Arabs, Iraq's schools, colleges, hospitals were open to all Arabs and they were all welcomed in Iraq. We can never forget al-shahama wal karama al Iraqiya al aseeli.

Anonymous said…
The Iraqis have every right to feel betrayed by the Arabs. I am not talking about the Arab rulers. They are all traitors and we knew that. I am thinking of the Arabs on the left and right who are siding with Iran. I am thinking of the Arabs who think al-furs are our allies. I am thinking of the Arabs who actually support the perverted Persian Mullahs in Tehran.

You are right. There is no difference between Iran and Israel. They are both occupiers of Arab land, and the Iraqi Nakba should be everyones cause just as Palestine is.

Khomeini = Sharon
Safavid Iran = Zionist entity

Those who side with Iran because the loudmouth midget ahmadinajad mentioned Palestine from a safe distance are ignorant and treasonous.

Long Live Iraq
Long Live the Arab Nation
And god bless the nation that gave rise to Saddam Hussein and his comrades.

Every honorable Arab is an Iraqi today.
Anonymous said…
Arab Advocate,

...and God bless your mother that gave birth to a shining paragon of Arab virtue such as YOU.

May you triumph and prosper.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Amre,

You spotted the deceiver too huh?!
Did you notice the craftiness of the argument?
But does not pass here...
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for the link to the blog.
Am glad you are eligible to join the "normal people's club", you will just have to do with only a few members though...hope you don't mind.
Layla Anwar said…

"what the arabs should get through their thick skulls is that this way not only they will never fulfil their "forbidden" dreams, but they will soon end by losing those very realities which they are so desperate to preserve intact - for the shiite sectarians they worship mean nothing less than dish out their whole world straight into ZION ugly mouth."

Layla Anwar said…
Arab Advocate,

Thank you for visiting and for your WONDERFUL comment.

Am glad that there is an TRUE ARAB around, who is not suffering from AMNESIA. At least you remember and you gave us a nice short resumé.

I join "there is hope!!!" in his/her accolade to you.
Anonymous said…
I join the rest here in honouring Arab Advocate. If only all were just like you, the Middle East would be so strong, the barbarians would never have been able to set foot on your lands.

Let's pray everyone comes to their senses soon - the writing is on the wall for all to see - if they wish to see.

In solidarity, Layla.
Long live Iraq
Long live Iraqi Resistance
May God watch over all Arab nations so that the foot/feet that are trying so hard to subjugate them is/are crippled. I live with the strong belief that every human on this earth has the right to chart his/her own destiny.

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