The realpolitiks of Dual-Occupations.

These two parts of the Al-Jazeerah video on Iraq provides a very good background information on the DYNAMICS of DUAL-OCCUPATION / US - IRAN.

Three guests - an American, an Iranian and an Egyptian.

I am aware that this video is dated March 08, month that Ahmadinejad visited U.S OCCUPIED Baghdad's GREEN ZONE and met with the Iraqi puppets.

This video also sheds light on the current events in Iraq, and what and who triggered and wishes to maintain the blood spilling.

You will notice that the "Arab representation" is totally absent. After watching thes two videos, you'll understand why.

Do pay attention to the Iranian speaker and his clever twisting of questions in Iran's favor. A good study in propaganda making - Iran positing itself as a "pro-arab people".

And do remember that we are talking about IRAQ here, and again as you will notice ARAB IRAQ is ABSENT too.

You will see the same happening in LEBANON soon...

Enjoy your dual occupations.

Video 1 - click here.

Video 2 - click here.


G.Gar said…
Seriously speaking, Iranians have a very irritating accent and intonations. When an Iranian speaks he sounds to me as if he were a castrated dog- which has just had a big bone thrusted into his arse up all the way to his throat- spewing out some throttled barks to attract the attention of its owner.

As for this Egyptian, he actually sounds like a serious pharoanic big ass, who has lost his way in life, as I am sure that he would have made a brilliant practioner of Egyptian football politics.

However, it is Al-Jazeersa that should be blamed and no one else.

I have noticed that Al-jazeera takes a neutral stand towrds the Iranian enemy, unlike its defensive and supportive covering of Palestinian issues.

Al-Jazeera, in spite of its great press quality and its significant level of freedom of expression- unprcedented in the Arab world, functions within the framework of Quatari strategic interets and subsequently the GCC's .

And it seems to me that the prince of Quatar as well as the the rest of Gulf sheihks are too scared of Iran; now that the lion who humilated Iran and brought Iranians down to their natural rat/ dog size has been murdered.

May god bless the soul of the martyred president Saddam Hussien.

Don't worry, the lions of Iraq will sonner than anybody expects run the Al-Fao show again. It is a consensus fact that the single-dimensional minded Iran suffers from collective irreversible amnesia.
KM said…
I found it interesting in the first video the contracts that are in the works between the those 'certain entities' inside Iraq and those inside Iran.

The American is typical window dressing fluff; bring stability, bring prosperity, support dialogue with the neighbors, etc. Ya never hear the details.

Now that Saddam is gone; who kept terrorists out of the country and who kept Iranian mullahs out of the country, is gone, 2 insane elephants are dancing in Iraq.
KM said…
I just watched the 2nd video.

What a F'd up mess.

The Iranian is saying that 'Iraqis' want the US out and the American is saying 'Iraqis' want the US to stay.

Both sides are positioning themselves and then taking counter-positions to try to cancel out each other's moves and both trying to use legitimacy by claiming they are simply doing what 'Iraqis' want them to do.

Now that Iraq is a carcass of what it once was, they want to reach in and pull out Iraq's heart.
Anonymous said…
"The spread of the Persians (...) is more dangerous to Iraq than the Zionist entity, now and in the future."

From Saddam Hussein's to-be-published memoirs written while in US prison.
bARABie said…
That safavid dog basically said that the yanks are wrong about the safavids helping the Iraqi Sunnis because the Iraqi Sunnis demonstrated against ahmidget's visit.

So according to the safavid's "brilliant" logic, the safavids are helping Iraqi Shites because the Iraqi shites didn't demonstrate against ahmidget's visit.

On another note, i agree with Amre, it is aljazeera's fault.
That scummy channel has become as bad, if not worse, than fox or cnn or bbshit.
KM said…
You may find this interesting.

I live about a 45 minute drive from Dearborn. It is the largest population of Arabic People inside the US.

This seems odd to me, especially with all this so-called 'tight security measures ' that we are told are in place.

Hope yer feeling better

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