On Myths, Sectarianism and Mass Graves.

You would undoubtedly agree with me that it’s bad enough having one’s country invaded, totally destroyed and one’s people exiled and murdered through a series of deliberate lies fabricated by the “greatest democracy on earth” America.

It is bad enough when that same country occupies with a sectarian agenda based on more lies, and when it instigates a civil war thanks to that agenda.

And it is bad enough to have your neighboring countries like Iran collaborate with the Occupier in not only occupying your country but also in helping the Occupier in starting a civil war by funding and arming the same people the occupying country put into power.

You must agree that’s pretty bad to say the least.

Now when these exact same lies are embraced by “leftists” analysts, journalists and bloggers, both Western and “Arab”, this gets even worse to the point of becoming grotesquely hideous.

And am about to give you some examples but before I do so, I urge you to seriously consider the following because it is very much related to what am about to later on expose.

Simply put, the sectarian/ethnic agenda the US came with consisted of the following myths/lies.

- Iraq is majority Shiite. And the lie adds --this latter group has been repressed by the previous government, hence this group did not have any adequate political and social representation in Iraqi society. So any liberation must take into account this “sect’s struggle and aspirations”

- The Kurds are a separate ethnicity from the Arabs. They too have been repressed by the previous government, hence any “liberation” must take into account their “ethnic struggle and aspirations.”

The above two myths were the principal premises on which America has operated until now.

Anyone with a modicum of insight can already spot the sectarian and ethnic division that America had in mind in the above claims.

In order to understand the conspiracy one first has to debunk these myths. And this is what I am intent on doing. So :

1) Under the previous regime, there was NO NOTION of SECT or ETHNICITY embedded in the prevailing political and social culture. Us as Iraqis never and I repeat NEVER thought or acted on that basis. It was simply NOT part of our culture.

2) The proof is that the rate of intermarriage between let’s say Shia, Sunnis and Kurds was the highest in the Arab World. Education can be used as another sociological barometer where ALL IRAQIS had access to education regardless of their sect and ethnicity. The same applies to Health services, Employment, etc...
These criteria can be used as a sociological index to demonstrate and affirm that there was NO NOTION of SECT or ETHNICITY in the Iraqi social fabric and culture prior to the Zionist American and Iranian occupations.

I defy anyone, and I mean anyone who can disprove the above. And I demand that I be shown ONE family which does not comprise of at least one Shia or Sunni relative, be it in the immediate or extended family.

3) At the level of the political apparatus -- the State. The majority of the Baath party members were Shiites at the top echelons. So was the Army including the Elite Republican Guards. Furthermore, the Baath party at its inception in 1968 included more Shiites than Sunnis . And this is a historical fact no one can disprove, whether one agrees with the ideology of the Baath or not.

4) The Kurds in Iraq were the only minority group in the Middle East to be granted autonomy as far back as 1974. The same is not applicable to Iran, Syria and Turkey where Kurdish minorities exist. I have written more than one post on this subject and will not repeat myself here, again.

5) Iraqis, whether Sunnis or Shias considered themselves Iraqis and Muslims and Arabs when applicable. Our sect was NOT A RELIGION by itself. Both Sunnism and Shiism are branches of Islam. Just as Kurds were NOT considered a RACE by itself. They were considered IRAQIS, but as a group with its own language and customs yet part of the IRAQI Mosaic. The same is applicable to other minorities such as Turkmen, Yezidis, Sabeans, and Christians. They were all part of the IRAQI MOSAIC, an indivisible part of it. And the previous government acted on that basis.

6) The massive propaganda campaign, regarding the so-called repression of Kurds and Shiites, a propaganda devised by the US, Iran and Israel as far back as the 90’s until the invasion in 2003, was nothing but preparing the Iraqi ground for its subsequent division along sectarian and ethnic lines.

7) To that effect, figures were twisted, changed, erased, re-arranged, exaggerated to fulfill the main objective i.e the division of Iraq.
Take as an example one the current myths propagated by both the sectarian puppet Iraqi regime and the US occupier –- The Shiites constitute 80% of the current population, and 20% are Sunnis. This myth has been circulating well before the invasion and taken as fact by nearly everyone including the notorious “left.”

Well got news for you. This is another fabricated LIE of humongous proportions.
The Iraqi people if you want to divide them ethnically -- grosso modo, you’d have Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen.

If you wanted to divide them on religious basis – you’d have Muslims, Christians, Yezidis and Sabeans.

If you wanted to divide them along ethnicity and religion – you’d have Arab Muslims, non Arab Muslims (Kurds/Turkmen), Armenians, Arab,Christians, Yezidis and Sabeans.

If you wanted to divide them by sect alone then in the Muslim group you’d have -- Sunnis and Shias

And in the Christian group you’d have -- Chaldeans, Assyrians, Protestants and Orthodox.

And add another subgroup -- Yezidis and Sabaeans.

Now in the Muslim grouping Sunnis and Shias – The Arab Sunnis formed 43% of the Iraqi population, the rest being Arab Shias and Arab Christians. Now if you add the Kurds who are majority Sunnis. You’d have a nice 55 %. So this nonsense of Iraq being 80% Shiite and 20 % Sunni is pure baloney.

However, with the introduction of this blatant racist sectarianism and ethnocentrism by the US and Iran since the 90’s and (even before in the case of Iran), led to the dwindling down of the Sunni population from 43% to 20%.

Do you know why? Because the majority of the Arab Sunnis have been either murdered or exiled. So yes, today the Sunnis are 20%. There are no more Arab Sunnis left and the Sunni Turkmen are following suite at the hands of the Kurds. And the Christians, the Sabeans and the Yazidis are being exiled or massacred by the sectarian militias.

So do you see how the plan is unfolding or not yet ? Everything is being done to push the demographic changes in the needed direction -- The elimination of Sunnis, the elimination of the Christians and other minorities, the elimination of the Turkmen-- so Zionist America and Iran can say: Iraq is majority Shiite and Kurd. Do you get it or not yet ?

Hence in the light of the above, the over 1.2 million dead, the 5 million displaced make sense. That is a logical, necessary thing to do, to achieve the desired result.

Now critiques from the “left” both Western and "Arab" argue that had the social fabric of Iraq been as cohesive as I expounded at the beginning, then the sectarian strife would have not taken place or that Iraqis would have not fallen into the sectarian trap.

Why can’t these people see the obvious, beats me. What is this thick idiotic indoctrination that the so-called “left” is infected with?

If the Iraqi social fabric was not solid and cohesive, it would have not taken 6 years of killings to try to achieve the agenda. It would have not taken armed militias from Iran, like Sadr, Badr, Dawa, Chalabi...it would have not taken so many armed mercenaries, snipers, contractors, dirty gangs, soldiers, weapons...

If there was no IRAQI cohesive social fabric, it would have been a "cakewalk" like Rumsfeld cheered. But it was no cakewalk. And still is not...

I can write more on the Iranian/American divisive, sectarian agenda for Iraq, but that would necessitate on my part another chapter that deals with Iran alone, Iran from Khomeini’s days till the present.

And knowing that most of you have a short attention span, I've tried simplifying it for you as much as possible so as not to make it too lengthy.

So what I exposed above is/was the American-Iranian agenda for Iraq.

Both America and Iran needed proxies to execute their agenda. They had to have not only soldiers, mercenaries, death contractors but also militias. This is where Iran’s role was most prominent. Not only it furnished America with sectarian politicians like Maliki, Sadr, Sistani, Hakeem, Jaafari, Rubaie and the rest...but also provided the militias to back its plan.

It armed the following sectarian Shiites in Iraq whose political loyalties and allegiances were to Iran’s and its political Shiism. These militias were/are

- The Badr of Al-Hakeem (SIIC) militia
- The Dawa party militia – of the Maliki, Jaafari group.
- The Ministry of Interior militia- Solaghr
- The Jaysh al-Mahdi of Muqtada Al-Sadr (who was also trained by Hezbollah, Lebanon)
- Hezbollah Iraq branch.
- And other small militias belonging to some other mullahs al-Sagheer, and this is to name only the major ones.

And not contending itself with the above, Iran had also its own Quds Revolutionary Brigades also knows as the Pasdaran, spread in Baghdad, the South, and in the North.

The Kurdish militias on the other hand, also known as the Peshmergas were trained and armed by Israel who has a representative bureau in "Kurdistan"

The first attempt on the part of the occupier to spark the sectarian war, was not in 2006 as most think, but in 2004 in Falluja.

The massive killings of the inhabitants of Falluja was the first signal to the Arab Iraqis. In this battle, the following militias collaborated with the US occupier.
The Badr, the Dawa and the Kurdish militias.

It is wrong to believe that the sectarian cleansing started in 2006, as I said it started in 2004 and continued in 2005 but came out fully in the open in 2006.

In 2006, the famous bombing of the Askari shrine in Samarra, was another turning point.

You need to know that the keepers of the Shrine in Samarra were Arab Sunnis until 2003. In other words this shrine has been there for decades and was never attacked by any Iraqi.

In 2006, the carnage against Iraqi Arab Sunnis started . Kidnappings, hideous tortures, and executions. This was crowned by the ultimate, the lynching of the President of Iraq at the hands of the same militias on the Sunni day of the Muslim Feast because the Shiites celebrated a day or two later as per the Iranian calendar. What later unfolded was even more gruesome...

The sectarian militias did not contend themselves with just killing, the most sadistic practices were also used – Drills, gouging eyes out, burning alive if your name was Sunni, rape and mutilation, offering of heads on trays, cutting up of bodies, crucifixions, ripping thorax apart and taking the heart as a trophy ...and the list is long.

These methods were used against mainly Arab Sunnis, Arab Christians and Arab Palestinians and Arab Shiites who were opposed to such methods.

There is also another important point to remember here, that these militias were/ARE THE ARMED WINGS of the CURRENT PLAYERS in the puppet regime.

In other words, they were “democratically elected” as the Americans like to believe. But what the Americans did not tell you is that over 1.5 million IRANIANS participated in these “elections.”

All the IRAQI families that escaped or were forcefully displaced from their homes will tell you that the MAIN MILITIA RESPONSIBLE for these horrendous executions, WAS/IS the JAYSH AL-MAHDI and the Badr Brigades and the Dawa militias. Those who remained were displaced to other neighborhoods and segregated in ghettoes behind walls, that the Mahdi army, out of all militias helped the US in building.

And they all insist it is mainly the Jayh Al Mahdi of Muqtada Al-Sadr who is the most responsible, simply because the Mahdi was/is the biggest and most "active" SECTARIAN MILITIA IN THE SOUTH AND IN BAGHDAD.

The majority of those tortured and murdered were Arab Sunnis and Christians. The majority of those who are still lingering in Iraqi and U.S prisons are Arab Sunnis. The majority of those who were first placed in ghettoes and no services (still is the case) are provided to their neighborhoods are Arab Sunnis.
The 4.5 million exiled Iraqis, majority Sunnis and Christians can’t all be lying!

Only two days ago, a huge mass grave of 4020 bodies was found in Mahdmoudiyah. A few days prior to that another mass grave was found in the same district with 114 bodies and yet another with more bodies thrown in the garbage dumps of the same district.

NOT ONE mainstream Western Media picked up the story.

AP reported about 1 week ago of a mass grave of 60 bodies in a “predominantly Shiite area” Mahdmoudiah. Mahmoudiah was not predominantly Shiite, but became so!

These 4020 bodies were the bodies of IRAQI, Arab Sunnis. The inhabitants of Mahmoudiah had reported these mass graves since 2005 and 2006 to the “Iraqi” authorities who refused to unearth it or even start an enquiry. And till this day, the sectarian puppet regime refuses to take all the necessary steps to find the culprits and try them.

The inhabitants said that “Jaysh Al-Mahdi, the Badr Brigades and the Dawa militias are responsible for these mass graves.” And not one Western press picked up this story.

Quite the opposite, the Western media and in particular the alternative media has not stopped praising the “humanitarian” work of JAM, their charity organizations, Hezbollah style, the “patriotic” "anti-occupation" stand of Muqtada Al-Sadr, his representing the "repressed" Shias of Iraq, etc...

Such eulogies can be found in the writings of the disingenuous P.Cockburn and the Counterpunch crowd -- here, and here where he says " Muqtada rarely deviated from his open opposition to the U.S. occupation, even when a majority of the Shia community was prepared to cooperate with the occupiers“ and in his latest where he states "From the beginning, Muqtada was the only Shia leader who has always opposed the US occupation.The Shia are the majority in Iraq and the Sadrists are a majority of this majority...They make up 30 to 40 per cent of the total Iraqi population."(referring to the sadrists)

What lovely encouragements for the Occupiers sectarian agenda!

In fact Cockburn has not stopped praising the accomplishments of the Chief Driller in Iraq. He praises him as anti American, anti-Occupation and a patriotic cunning Iraqi politician. The only thing that Cockburn got right is the word “cunning.”

The same applies to Pepe Escobar another admirer of the Chief sectarian cleanser of Baghdad and the hater and killer of Iraqi women. I don’t need to link to any of Escobar’s articles, they are all pro-Iran and pro Muqtada al-Sadr. Pick and choose at your own leisure.

The same goes to another joker –-and there are many of them around in the West, who goes by the name of N.Davies. He even goes to call Sadr the Mahatma Gandhi of Iraq.

Bloggers are not immune to such political garbage and/or deceptiveness. For instance, Palestinian Pundit and Ramzy Baroud and to name but a few. And I tell them both -- Your support for Hamas does not need to automatically translate into support for Iranian/Iraqi sectarianism. Do add the Global Research crowd who have not stopped prophesying an attack on Iran for the past 5 years ,already... And this is to name but a few.

Needless to remind the reader that Muqtada Al-Sadr just returned from Qom, that Muqtada Al-Sadr has nothing of anti-US occupation in him, but has a lot of pro-Iran in him.

"Muqtada Al-Sadr called upon "the American troops in his country to spare lives, and called them to unity and brotherhood with the Iraqi people. He affirmed that "Saddam Hussein and his followers are the enemies of Iraq, not the Americans." In a statement distributed in Najaf, excerpts of which were published in the newspaper al-Sabah [Saturday], he characterized the presence of US troops in Iraq as "that of guests", and described the Americans as a "peace-loving people." He described Saddam as a "sinful aggressor." He said, "The Iraqi people want only good for the Americans, and there is no enemy of Iraq except Saddam and his followers." (from Juan Cole's Blog)


Muqtada Al Sadr‘s militia was the main militia that finished off the Palestinians in Iraq. You can read all about it in the following articles. Article 1, article 2, article 3.

And, it is thanks to Muqtada Al-Sadr that both the sectarian Shiites government of Jaafari and Maliki came to power and it is thanks to Muqtada al Sadr and his militia that the Sunni ARAB population of Iraq has declined from 43 % to 20 %...and mark my words more is to come. Handing Iraq over to Iran necessitates the elimination of all IRAQI ARAB OPPOSITION to the Zionist American/ Iranian project.

Yet these deceptive parrots of the "left" want none of that. They have bought the sectarian agenda handed out by the US and Iranian occupiers. All of these above, talk in Shia and Sunni terms and dare proclaim knowledge of pre-occupied Iraq !

All of the above are willfully resistant to the idea of an Iranian infiltration and occupation of Iraq.
All of the above deny what Iraqis,themselves, have to say about the Iran backed sectarian militias who ruined their lives alongside the occupier’s forces.

All the above sidestep the important fact that Iraq is an Arab Nation and that in their buying into the mainstream discourse, they are actually stripping Iraq of its Arab identity. And I can say more and more...

And in all of the above, NOT ONE reported the mass grave of 4020 Iraqi bodies at the hands of the Jaysh Al-Mahdi and other sectarian Shiite militias from Iran. Not ONE.

This deliberate denial is akin to my denying that the Zionists Jews are exterminating the Palestinians. What would you call me had I proclaimed such a thing?

You would call me a Zionist or someone playing by the anti-Arab, Zionist agenda, would you not?

Painting: Iraqi artist, Hakam N.M.Al-Kateb


Anonymous said…
I'm not sure if my last comment posted, so here it goes again. Layla, how does it benefit the U.S. to talk tough against Iran in public, but to play footsie with Iran under the table in Iraq against the Sunni Arab population? Why would the U.S. want to do this?

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Brilliant, Layla. Great article to dispel all the MYTHS coming out of the US.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Greg, Blair (B-LIAR) is the last person capable of bringing Peace in the Middle East. This evil man has caused so much bloodshed in Iraq and the destruction of Iraq, the only place for him is the ICC, together with his comrade in arms across the Atlantic.

I did say that 4,,020 bodies were found when the news just broke out, and Layla has confirmed it: all happening under the watch of the US and other occupiers, caused by the US and other occupiers (through promoting ethnic related violence). The souls of these 4,020, together with the million other Iraqis, cry to the heavens for Justice. And it will come. I believe in retribution and what goes round comes around.
Anonymous said…
Ok, give it up. It has been like 2 days since the initial 4020 mass grave report and still no corroboration from any source except the one I found above.

Do you get all your news from that mouthpiece for the militants?

Little Deer, my aren't we quick to jump?

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
The only way to find the truth is by building it up slowly through thousands of sources. It follows that if your only source is uruknet.info, then you choose to mislead yourself.

If, however, a plurality of Arab news sources parrot the same line (IS THAT THE CASE? ARE THERE ARAB SOURCES THAT REPEAT THIS STORY OF 4000+ BODIES UNCOVERED IN A MASS GRAVE?), I can see how it is easy to be misled if you are an Arab.

You are faced with a choice - trust some set of western media or some set of Arab media. I won't blame you for trusting the Arab media, you go with what you know.

However, how has the Arab Media served you in the past? I seem to remember before the fall of Baghdad they bought into a lot of what Comical Ali had to say...

AQI is doing their best to control the story that comes out of Iraq. That will make your emotional collapse all the harder when, one day, you finally learn the truth.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Layla, you can only enlighten those who are in the dark but desire to see.

Too many will keep their eyes closed to the truth, DELIBERATELY, for all the scientific data you display, logic and analytical work you put in, and in spite of the power of persuasion you emanate.

They are the hypocrites, the willful accomplices, the silent masturbators over genocide, rape and destruction, projecting their own frustrations, perverted pulsions and hubristic aspirations on the detainers of Power, sacrificing every fiber of compassion for their fellow humans to the illusion of invulnerability and immortality.

Care only about your friends, mind only the education of those willing to learn, and leave the self-damned, hopeless lovers of Evil to their future destiny in Hellfire.

Victory to the Iraqi cause.
Anonymous said…
From Mike Manning – a documentary filmmaker who recorded the horrors of the assault on Falluja:

“The horrors of war have been brought to the people of Falluja. The refugees told me that they were given one week notice to leave the city. After three days, they were told they could no longer drive out, they had to walk. No camps were established for them and no refugee location was given. There was no planning by the American government for the people, no food, no shelter and no water. They were just told to leave or be killed. Anyone who stayed in the city after one week would be considered a terrorist and would be killed.

The city itself has been devastated. Most houses have been seriously damaged, with about 65% of them totally destroyed. Unexploded ordinance is a common sight. Many residents who were there speak of chemical weapons, napalm, cluster bombs and phosphorous used by the Americans. These are all illegal weapons and considered war crimes by the international community. Many of the houses fired, meaning that the troops burned them down after searching them. Many houses with white flags and markings stating “Family Here” were destroyed.

All of the people I talked to had messages to the American people. They said: “We did not attack you! We have done nothing to the Americans. Why have you done this to us?”

These are the people who hosted me, fed me and worried about by safety. They took care of me and I will never forget their generosity, compassion and grace. They want peace with America and they want the fighting to stop. They feel they are the ones being attacked and that the Americans are the terrorists. They see absolutely no justification for this war and were constantly asking me to explain how the American people can support these acts against a civilian population. For the first time in my life, I was ashamed to be an American.”

I believe that Mike wrote these words in the 2004-2005 time frame. His website is: http://www.conceptionmedia.net.
Anonymous said…
Here is the link to Mark Manning's article. The reason this man was not shot and allowed access is that a good portion of what he writes about was fed to him by AQI. Especially questionable is that part about the girl hiding under the bed and getting shot after repeated raids. How does he know if she is just telling him some story? Maybe AQI shot her family. They have been known to dress as Americans or Iraqis and commit crimes. Most American soldiers risk their own skin to protect innocents.

There is no doubt mistakes have been made in this WAR, but whose fault is it that AQI and Zarqawi decided to make Fallujah their home base? If your town is hosting AQI, you are better off holding up a lightning rod during a thunderstorm. LOOK OUT!

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
I finally finished reading your post. Some standouts:

- "also in helping the Occupier [US] in starting a civil war by funding and arming the same people the occupying country put into power."


- "[Saddam provided unbiased] Health services, Employment, etc..." True. The more time that goes by, the better Saddam looks. How sad is that?

- "an Iranian infiltration and occupation of Iraq." Sounds right. Maybe the Shiite numbers went up because of millions of Iranians crossing over and not going back. If you want to improve Sunni numbers, force the Shiites to provide documentation or make sure the government guarantees Sunnis their positions of power.

- "that most of you have a short attention span" YES, I could barely make it through your post

- "that these militias were/ARE THE ARMED WINGS of the CURRENT PLAYERS in the puppet regime." I think you have that somewhat correct, at least with respect to Sadr, Badr, etc.

- "In other words, they were “democratically elected” as the Americans like to believe. But what the Americans did not tell you is that over 1.5 million IRANIANS participated in these “elections.”" The Iraqi people were brave to participate in the elections, but did not make their own choices. They put into power the sectarian, militia backed parties that caused so much damage.

Here are my numbers: 60% Shiite 40% Sunni (Sunni + Sunni Kurds) Source: Wikipedia.

If the Shiites were not in majority, why did they hold a majority of upper echelon posts in Saddam's army, as you say?

"the Western media and in particular the alternative media has not stopped praising the “humanitarian” work of JAM, their charity organizations, Hezbollah style, the “patriotic” "anti-occupation" stand of Muqtada Al-Sadr, his representing the "repressed" Shias of Iraq, etc.."

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
"If there was no IRAQI cohesive social fabric, it would have been a "cakewalk" like Rumsfeld cheered. But it was no cakewalk. And still is not..."

But no American soldiers have been killed in the northern three provinces governed by the Kurdistan Regional Government, where the overwhelming majority of the population is Kurdish.

So by your logic the "cakewalk" in the north is due to the FACT that the Kurds of Kurdistan (northern Iraq) have different opinions about the Americans than the Sunni Arabs of the center and west.
KM said…
Hate Groups on the rise in the United States.
Anonymous said…
Very informative. As usual, you give us a view completely unique and informed position utterly
absent in the west.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
Brilliant post as usual,
Confused (first post)
It seems that the question you just asked is used over and over to refute the clear cut evidence of the collaboration between Iran and the US in the region.
The US needs such conflict to find a reason to intervene. The US is building bases all over the Gulf region based on the fact that it is protecting it from Iran. Is that good enough for you? The US is selling junk weapons in billion of dollars to the Arab states under the fear from the Iranian influence in the region.
But this is not the whole picture. Iran with its religious fanatic mullahs adopts a very sectarian agenda. This agenda basically states that their version of Shiism (their Islamic revolution) should be exported into iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahren, Lebanon, Yemen, etc. Their ideology has no place for Sunnis what so ever. They accuse the Sunnis in murdering Imam Husain, prophet Mohammad grandson, 1400 years ago, and they have to take their revenge whenever they can. They accuse the Sunnis of ruling the region for the past 1400 years and it’s their turn to be in power. I am not going to argue into what is right or wrong in their ideology here, but I would say they fit the profile of the divide and conquer US strategy in the region. Their sectarian agenda goes into the best strategy to divide the region.
However, being notorious killers, with such retarded sectarian agenda they need to have enough credibility to keep them going. Such credibility can be easily fabricated through the staged US-Iranian conflict.
It should be noted here that in the history of the Middle East, there was such examples, but it died because of their obvious collaboration with the invaders. For example, the Fatimid, they ruled most of North Africa, but when they started collaborating with the crusaders, at that time, it became widely unpopular and their regime ended shortly before the crusaders were defeated.
In the Arab world, the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict constitutes the biggest concern. Thus, anyone stands, or pretend to stand, in the face of Israel or the US, can gain enormous support and sympathy from the Arab population. That is why Iran has to be the one who has that role in order for them to survive. The Iranian regime without its conflict with the US will fall in 24 hours. The Iranian regime draws its strength from such conflict.
The US wants iran to survive, because they want to use their sectarian ideology in their divide and conquer. Iran holds the key to divide the region. It is the seeds that the US can use perfectly to reshape the Middle East.

Iraq can be a perfect example in how iran is creating such division. The Sunni Arab population are the main obstacle for the US ambitions not only in iraq but also in the region. Someone might say how about the collaboration between the arab countries and the US. Well that is true, however, such collaboration takes place at the higher levels only. The arab rulers are bunch of opportunistic lot looking for their own immediate benefit. There is such incredible detest and disrespect from the arab population to their rulers for such collaboration. Iran created the necessary religious conflict in iraq for the benefit of the US and Israel. This was planned even before the invasion. It was planned that iran will be responsible for creating such conflict due to its influence on the shia population in iraq. The shia militias slaughtered 50% of the sunni population in iraq to weaken the Iraqi resistance. The US nightmare is that if they withdrew from iraq, the secular Iraqi resistance can take iraq back to one country. The US wants to stay in iraq until Iraqi resistance is weak enough not to correct the Iran/US/Israel achievements, namely the new sectarian iraq. Iran, under the US watch, used the Mehdi Army to cleanse Sunnis from Baghdad as it is the center of power in iraq. It is imperative that Baghdad stays in the Shia sectarian hands after the US withdraw from iraq. The demographic change in Baghdad is not random, it falls into the heart of handing iraq (specially Baghdad as it is the center of power) over to sectarian fanatic shia mullahs. As a result, the implications of any American withdraw will have minimal implications in shaping the new needed sectarian Iraq, and into the new sectarian map of the new middle east. It is vital for the US/Israel to transform secular iraq into sectarian iraq.
Now, another question, why the Mehdi army “seems” to be opposing the US or the Iraqi puppet government? Why the anti-war movement, specially the names you just mentioned, is trying disparately to clean the mehdi army image and present them as heroes. The answer would be simple. In case of American withdraw, the current Iraqi government will fall for sure, so they need a replacement. Such replacement has to have some credibility. The only credibility of any group will be based on the fact that they were resisting the invaders. In other words, they need some group to sabotage the Iraqi resistance victory after the American withdrawal and drive iraq into further sectarianism. With the picture the anti-war movement trying to plot for the Mehdi army, the Mehdi army can come to the picture very naturally and easily as the ones deserve to be in power.

Anonymous said…
That world you live in...it must be really beautiful, it has to be, you only see what you love in it, you ignore what you dont like in it, you 'debunk' myths in it....and shape your own myths.

i,m still not sure whose worse, you or the 'americans' but whoever of you is actually 'worse' that difference is one of quantity rather than quality.

because clearly Sadam was a good man, he never ordered the assasination of his daughter,s husband neither did he force people to enlist in the 'people',s army where all those young, middle aged, new graduates met there doom while you are living in that world of yours...choosing what you like, molding it, and debunking what you dont like in it.

and i agree that the majority of iraqis were shite, let us not forget what his excellency (king of the hole) said:

'All iraqis are ba'athist....even if they didnt enlist in the party'

so using his excellency logic,shiites will be the majority of al-bath party by default.
KM said…

"The indictments were for:

Conspiracy to commit crimes against peace

Planning, initiating & waging wars of aggression

War crimes

Crimes against humanity "

Such were the indictments against the Nazis in Nuremeberg. As we all went into the 21st Century, the country that markets such slogans as rights, democracies, liberating, freedom, justice, humanity, morality and the leader of the free world is nothing but "law" being controled by the lawless.

Layla, Americans kill Americans. They do it routinely here. They kill for tennis shoes, for money, for hate, because or race, crimes of passions when a partner is found fucking another man or another woman.

There's armed militias here, there's racist organizations that pledge hate and racial suprmemecy. There are many many Americnas that will claim to be NOT racist but will put up FOR SALE signs in front of their homes when a "Nigger" moves in the neighborhood. ( Nigger is term used to call a Black person a lower class type of Black person. Balcks even now cal other Blacks this term. Black people call Caucasians - Whitey, Cracker, Dough Boy, Homey, etc. All races here have their names for one another.

But as many many Americans will say ther are not racists, they will be in 99% of instances. Many Whiteys will deny it and say they have alot of Black friends or they have nothing against Black People, ( ha...just dont let Blacky even try coming close to the (white) daughter though ).

America is pretty fucked up Layla..

I will add more to LIFE in AMERICA to show how hyprocritical most Americans are. Dont read it ofcourse if you dont want to. You have way too much happening in newly "liberated" Iraq.
Anonymous said…
Salam Layla,

I disagree with your view of the US/Iran alliance (as you already know) based on a number of reasons, the most evident of which are:

1. The US has been perusing a policy of international isolation for Iran vis-a-vi the so called "nuclear" issue. This policy has meant both time, money, and lots of effort on behalf of the US to coerce, convince, and even bully other countries to move this file first up the IAEA and then move it to the UN, and then begin getting resolutions out related to such fictional issue. Such energy is not spent without purpose.

2. The US has been passing legislation (since 2001) slowly giving the government more and more power to act in a military/aggressive manor against Iran (the last of which identified Iranian disturbance in Iraq as justification for such action).

3. Israel (with US weapons, support, and planning) tried to eliminate Hizbulla in 2006 - which we all know is an extension of Iranian foreign policy. Such action would never have been conducted if Iran-US-Israel were all happy and cosy bedfellows.

4. Media. The controlled media of the US (especially FOX) does not attack a person or nation with non-stop dedication unless it has been given direction by its masters to do so…The US people are not only majority complicit in all their nation’s crimes, but they are also easily be swayed to any conclusion if such message is repeated frequently enough and is said by the right people.

Finally, I would state as an example of US behaviour the relationship between the US and Iraq prior to the 1990 trap was one of open alliance and friendship - yet, the US, still went ahead and destroyed Iraq? If this is what the US does to its open friends, what kind of expectation would you have for how they treat those whom they are not even friends with, but simply share some common goals and objectives from time to time?

If the US has not attacked Iran yet, that is only because they are a coward nation who waits until their victim is weakened and isolated as much as possible (like a rapist attacking a lone woman in a dark alley). That is how the US operates and that is how it will continue to operate.
KM said…
The United States manipulates other countries. When a country decides to not walk in goose-step, thay have turned on them and stabbed them in the back.

Given the situation in Iraq, it would be easier for the United States to "work with" Iran than engage it in a military scene. Powers such as China and Russia must be looking at this Iraq invasion & occupation and the United States may simply be trying to SHOW a US bravado.

In other words; put on a good show but use Iran any way the US can. When the US no longer needs Iran, change policy.
G.Gar said…
Salam Layla,

Your post has capturd the whole complex picture of what hapened/is happening in Iraq comprehensively and smoothly . It must be circulated as much as possible. For it debunks the thick pile of dirty lies spread by Americans and Iranians.

The American-Iranian media war which aims to distort the image of Iraq as a great modern state is working quite well. It serves to drive away many western and sometims even Arab would be supporters of the Iraqi resistance away.

Unfortunately, no power is providing any patronage for the Iraqi resiatance like Russia and China did with the Vietnamese. One of the The reason here is the criminal dirty role of the Ayatolahs Iran as it puts itself and its clients forward as an anti-imperial resitance fightetrs, thus the conflict in Iraq takes the image of a sectarian war where the opressed shiites are revolting against the sunni minority who had been lording over them for so long.

Hence any talk about the Iranian-Iraqis arriving with the occupation and the secular nature of the pre-2003 Iraqi state loses credibilty, since more often than not people think that it just some sort of nonsensical rhetoric maintained by the disenfranchised Sunnis.

Therefore I think that this is one of your most important posts. I wish it could be read by as much peapole as possible.

An internet campaign may be even launched based on this article " American and Iranian lies and rape of Iraq..etc"
KM said…
Yes it is a rape.
I see it as a rape for "privatization"; an illegal investment war.

In this video the term " US TRADE POLICIES " is used.

In other words, Trade Policies that the United States government actually passed as LAW. Alot of people in the United States ( including politicians ) whine about China taking jobs from America. NO. The US government wrote the trade policies so American companies can MOVE to China. With Iraq, they just blatantly broke the laws that were established after the trials of Nuremberg and broke America's own Article 6 of the United States constitution.

The big push for "privatization" is on in America. Assets typically "maintained" by the government are being sold to the highest bidder. China is buying up major portions of America. Other countries are also involved in buying up 'portions of the United States'. Many many 'government assets' are being SOLD to the corporate. Iraq's oil is being bidded on and privatized; corporatized.

This just ONE article (below)showing the facts that the United States government is selling it's "assets"; assets that were paid for by taxing in many cases. Keep in mind that "privatization" means For Profit. If one does link to this article, pay attention to the third paragraph.

Another trick that is masterfuly performed on Americans is Socializing Costs / Privatizing Profits. The same way the illegal invasion into Iraq is structured and being carried out. For example, a city in America will decide to construct a new stadium where football is played. Taxes are taken form the citizens to help pay for the costs. But who gets the money (profit)once the stadium is open open? America's "wealth" is being used for the illegal invasion into Iraq but it's the Corporate who are trying to benefit.


Blackwater. A fucking private company that is illegaly in Iraq that is contracted out by the United States Corporate Government. Again, the same tactic. Socialize the Costs / Privatize the Profits. Profits, profits, profits...even selling pieces of America to the highest International bidders and its being masterfully performed right under the noses of most Americans while they run for duct tape!

I am NOT saying - look at poor me living in America..oh fuck no. What I am trying to say is that the corporate is on the march,... not democracy, not liberation, and not freedom. Every business day in America the corporate send their army of lobbyists to Washington DC. and they have an agenda and they have a motive.

They don't give a shit about rights or borders or in many many instances laws. In the United States structure, the corporate board has a 'duty to perform' for their share holders. Share holders are those that have bought into the company or corporation. All the share holders expect a profit to be made. They want to see their 'wealth' increase. Keep in mind that the United States government ARE share holders in corporations.

Its being pulled off by a so called "war on terror" and "protecting America's vital intersts".
Newspaper headlines in America: Citibank Cuts Workers / General Motors Laysoff Workers / IBM Reduces It's Workforce, etc.
Helloooo Americans? Are you a liability? Are you an expense to the Corporate?
Anonymous said…
JUST A NOTE OF CLARIFICATION--I noticed an individual with the initials KM commenting from the US. KM is NOT shorthand for me, KarlMarxwasright. However, for the most part, KM from the US is correct and I agree with whomever is KM. Just wanted to clarify that, however, so there's no confusion.--karlmarxwasright
KM said…
Here is the complete link to Privatization. The one above does not work.


3rd paragraph onward
Anonymous said…
US has been perusing a policy of international isolation for Iran - Layth

You should be aware there are some people still left in the world capable of thinking for themselves,
And as one of these people, to me it became crystal clear before the US illegal invasion of Iraq, that Iran was going to be the USA's convenient siamese twin in this illegal event.

I will assume your are an Iranian or an Iranian supporter. If this is the case, I would urge readers to closely scrutinise the detail of the so-called US-led sanctions on Iran at present, and compare them to the US-led sanctions on Iraq.Even my government, a very close US ally is still mutually and lucratively trading with Iran. This is in stark, stark, contrast to our Navy being in the gulf stopping much needed necessities of life getting to the everyday Iraqi people during the sanction years on Iraq. These sanctions in reality were “Iraqi forced death and Starvation”. Like “US intended bombing of Iran” in reality should be called “US working with Iran to bomb, and murder Iraqis.'

Where are Iran's thousands of dead children of 5 years and under who have died from leukemia from US bombing,and starvation,while these so-called sanctions are on Iran? Surely there should be some by now. Is Iran's sewerage still intact.? How is the electricity supply?. Do Iranians still have reasonable clean water to drink, and adequate food to eat? Any US bombs?

So much for US pressure being put on other UN countries in this matter. In a nutshell - The US clearly needed Iran to get into Iraq, because they could not have invaded without the help of Iran. And Iran needed the US to get into Iraq because they could not have invaded without the help of the US. And the US still needs Iran in Iraq. And Iran still need the US in Iraq. And if the US left Iraq then Iran would have to leave too. And if Iran left Iraq then the US would have to leave too. And if Iran was not there, the US would not be there.

This is the reality – not the “Opposite Speak” of 'bombing of Iran” which has been used like a US/Iran worn-out record since the co-jointly US/Iran/Israel invasion and occupation of Iraq up until this time. The facts show this continuous threat of the ''bombing of Iran' has proved to be a very successful cover to the US/Iran/Israel's combined mass crimes in Iraq.

It is just the same as the US accusing Syria as being one of the axis-of-evil whilst Syria supplies torture chambers for the victims of USA rendition flights.

I am not an Arab, but please do not attempt to have me feel sorry for Iran, when I know and can see what they have done to the Iraqi people. As all Americans, all Iranians should be ashamed of what their leaders have done in their name. Iran as co- illegal invader and occupier of Iraq should immediately get out of the legal sovereign country of Iraq, and respect the freedom of the Iraqi people to run their own affairs. As Iranians would expect this same respect for Iran.

And although I stand on the consistent principle that NO country should be bombed. I believe all those Iranian spawned US puppets illegally taking leading positions in Iraq should stand down,and be made to answer for their crimes; along with their many other hundreds of fellow Iranians who are still illegally in Iraq, and have and still are carrying out horrendous crimes against humanity against the Iraqi people. And the Iranians' Hezbullah brown shirts should get out of Palestine as well.
Anonymous said…
Oops! apologies for error in last line should read "Lebanon" not Palestine.
Anonymous said…
perfect reply bluegum,
thank you
Anonymous said…
Actually, Layla, if you denied that Zionist Jews are exterminating the Palestinians you'd be telling the truth.

The growth of about 650,000 Palestinians to over 4,000,000 does not constitute extermination.

Perhaps a dictionary would come in handy. I'm a Native English-speaker and dont' hesitate to use one. I find it adds clarity and precision to my writing, not to mention checking that when I use a word like "extermination" I'm using it properly.

I recommend the Concise Oxford Dictionary.
Anonymous said…
Ooops, a misplaced apostrophe!
Should have written "don't hesitate to use one."
Maybe I should start using a spell-checker too.
Anonymous said…
response to "I recommend the Concise Oxford Dictionary" Cheers-Anonymous

Yes, but there would be more than 4, 000,000 Palestinians, if the Zionist were not culling these men women and children on a daily basis. And while on the subject,how about letting all those young Palestinian children that Israel has stolen from their parents, out of the Zionist human Zoos in Israel which are worse than animal zoos. At least the animals can see the outside world and are treated more humanely. But then I read where these children are good for cheap labour, as it helps keep the wages down in Israel. In turn this allows the Zionist theocratic fundamentalists to spend more money on culling the Palestinians.

Extermination comes in many forms, and
in this case, one could correctly say that this 'culling' can clearly be seen as 'extermination" by stealth'.

After consulting your Oxford Dictionary, you will see that 'Culling' is a word used in relation to animals, which I find in this case, is a most appropriate description in describing how Zionist Israel treats Palestinian people.

Also,upon analysis,the contents of your clear and precise writings could be described in an English literal sense as you "being lower than a snakes belly'. And in no way whatsoever excuses your Zionist Israel for their crimes against humanity which are being carried out against the Palestinian people in Gaza.
KM said…
I believe Layal said "..Zionist Jews are exterminating the Palestinians."

If I recall correctly, the verb "are"is a Present Continuous tense; a form of 'to be'. Present Continuous means that it is happening now and will continue to take place into the future. It is on-going, not yet completed.

If Layla used the verb in a perfect past tense form, then that would mean that extermination is completed and in the past.
KM said…
wo i nee Layla

just kidding

good nite
Anonymous said…
Well, bluegum, I did say there are "over 4, 000,000" Palestinians. That means "more than 4,000,000" which is the term you used.

You'll also notice that I, unlike you, avoided any personal abuse of Layla or anyone else on this blog.
That's because I have respect for the terms of debate, and I am aware that to descend to personal abuse means that the abuser is feeling personally threatened by the argument and cannot cope emotionally.

You can call me whatever you want, it does not change the facts - the Palestinians are increasing their population and the Israelis are not exterminating them.

And if they really really wanted to - they could. But, as Hizbollah's Nasrallah said: The Jews love life, while we love death."
Layla Anwar said…
Hello everyone,(well, sort of everyone)

Sorry been too busy writing away, and will try to respond to each one of you, asap.

Thanks and Regards.
Anonymous said…
response Anonymous "Nazrallah said 'the jews love life'

Smooth talk does not hide your intent on this post. My description of your being "lower than a snakes belly" precisely conveys your cunning behind your respectable evasive and pretentious writings.

This allows you to avoid addressing the reality that Zionist theocratic fundamentalist are murdering Palestinians on a daily basis. And abducting Palestinian children.

Also it does not surprise me that Hizbollah's Nasrallah naturally praises the Jews. This shows his brotherly love for them. And reflects Nasrallah's Hizbollah/Iran co-habitation with Zionist Israel and the US in their illegal occupation of Arab/Iraq.

To me, murdering one Palestinian is not acceptable. And therefore,your playing with numbers,does in no way hide Israel's long held, and still in the process, historical heinous crimes against the Palestinian people Or Iran/USA/Zionist Israel's henious crimes against the Iraqi Arabs which, along with your devious cunning, also reflect being "lower than a snakes belly".

And in no way do I feel personally threatened by your writings, I just feel repulsed.
KM said…

Do you believe the Hebrews were monotheistic or henoistic?

( I use the F-word more than I would like. Maybe much of it comes from my days of working with Neanderthals on a daily schedule in construction. I have a teenage daughter and would hope that she not use such words in her vocabulary with ease. BUT...I do tell her that what is More Important in this big scope of Life on this Planet, are acts or deeds...and that words are literally free and can change or be used in many ways, but a physical act or what is carried out is more important than words. )
KM said…
a decent article-
Layla Anwar said…

Maybe my posts are not clear enough.
If you look at the history of both Maliki from the DAWA party, Hakeem from the Iranian Rev.Council and Sadr you will see the very open ties with Iran.
These rats landed with the Americans in 2003.
So yes Iran is playing both hot and cold with the Americans.
The latest moves against Sadr is another proof. Do remember that domestic politics inside Iran can also be conflictual when it comes to Iran and the U.S. These tensions are reflected in the Iraqi scene, through the various Iranian backed players. Get it now ?
Layla Anwar said…

I agree with you, some people, a good deal of people, will believe what they want to believe contrary to all proofs one may throw in their faces. I am not holding my breath.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Thanks. Am sure you will find more myth makers coming up with more lies...I kind of fell quite alone out here.
Layla Anwar said…

Many thanks for posting this article from M.Manning. People forget very easily don't they ?
Layla Anwar said…
Grrrrrrrrrreg from United Asses,

Are you deliberately playing stupid or are you actually very stupid ?

Layla Anwar said…

I suggest you go and re-read what happened post Gulf War 1 and to the "provinces " you are referring to. Another one in bad faith and too ignorant to grace with more.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…

Excellent comment as usual. Got nothing more to add.
Layla Anwar said…

Salam. Yes indeed we do disagree on Iran.
I will not cover all of the points you made. However, I can tell you two things that stick out like a sore thumb.

1) the US is in NO position, militarily, psychologically, politically..etc to attack Iran. But the US can support political groups inside of Iran who are more open to its influence. i.e the Rasfandajani group for instance.

2)Iraq had NO WMD's, no nuclear ...yes for 10 years inspecgtors came in and out...and Iraq was bombed back to the stone age.
Iran has WMD's and nuclear technology and we have not seen much activity in comparison to Iraq, apart from a few damning statements that are not terribly meaningful.
Layla Anwar said…

I did say that Iran and the US are temporarily bed partners, nothing is permanent in politics, so yes I do agree with your comment. But I don't believe the rest of the Arab countries want an open confrontation with Iran. The US will fuck off one day out of the region, but Iran is there to stay.
Layla Anwar said…
Amre Al-Abyad,

Very good points you made. None is actually supporting the Iraqi resistance, definitely not the US, nor Russia nor China, not even Saudi Arabia as some claim.
The IR is totally alone. And bearing that in mind, I believe that it has done miracles in the past 5 years, before Sadr decided to pretend he is the resistance. Another cheap ploy from the mullahs from Qom.
If there is one country whose politics is AS FILTHY if not more than the Israelis, it is definitely the Iranians.
Layla Anwar said…

Absolutely great replies!! But one thing though, Layth is an Iraqi.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous zionist,

I believe bluegum has replied to you, got nothing more to add except one thing though. You can shove your Oxford dictionary, right where the sun of "Eretz Israel" don't shine. Cheers.
Anonymous said…
Dear Laila:
Those facts are known to those whose opinions do not count, i.e., Arabs...Iraqis... truth seekers...etc, and to those who do not want those facts to be known, USA Administration, British Gov., Iraqi Governemtn, Death squad, Iran and Israel.
The important thing though is to keep these numbers alive to document the holocaust of the Sunnis in Iraq, the methods, myths and lies.
One thing is certain: the destruction of Iraq under Genghiz Kahn may be a fading memory, but the intentional holocaust of Sunni Iraqis, the intentional acts of genocide by Iranian-American Alqaida against the Shi'a and Sunnis alike, and the intentional and utter destruction of the most ancient civilization shall never be forgotten.
the 2003 invasion and what followed was "ahistorical" in the same sense that salvery is treated as heideous and repugnat to the human conscience.

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