A Prayer to Maryam.

There is a sacred spot outside of Damascus called Sednaya.

It is a very old monastery run by nuns, on top of a steep hill, overlooking the whole of Damascus and its surrounding areas...

Inside this monastery, there is a tiny worship place, a sanctuary.

You need to bow down as you enter...

In the middle of this sanctuary, there are hundreds of candles burning and the smell of incense.

The main wall is adorned with golden icons, and in the middle, there is a small niche, glowing with light, and this is where Mother is. Our Lady Maryam, had appeared in Sednaya and has healed many...

Pilgrims flock from all over the Middle East, Christians and Muslims alike, invoking Mother, supplicating her, asking for favors, for healing, for blessings...

I was there too. The tiny sanctuary was very crowded and we waited in line to visit this niche and talk to Mother... I stepped aside, and found a corner. I kneeled..I had a lot to tell Her.

As I usually do, I pray first for my family, my friends and those who are close to me in mind and heart, those I care about.

Then my prayer extends to all the departed ones all the way to my ancestors.

Then, I pray for Iraq. All of its people, its women, its men, its children. I have a special prayer for the orphans and the widows, the sick and the homeless...

Then I pray for the people of the Middle East, in particular the Palestinians.

From there my prayer extends to everyone in need regardless of their nationality or religion. Then I pray for the earth and all that is on it. Then I pray for my enemies...

This last one is the most difficult one.

That day I asked Mother to help me with this last prayer. And this is what I said to her.

Gracious, Blessed Mother. You who knows the secrets of the Heart for you have been touched by the Divine Light- Light my path.

You have healed many, heal my heart.

I am asked to rise through Love, yet I feel no Love in me. I feel no Love for my enemies. They have inflicted so much harm, pain, viciousness, cruelty...I find nothing loveable about them.

They have killed, and destroyed thousands of lives. Have turned thousands little ones into orphans and have ripped through a thousand widows hearts.

They have raped, stolen, cursed, bombed, tortured, maimed, thousands of innocent ones - young and old.

They have forced thousands into exile, facing harsh conditions, unwanted and abandoned.

The indifference is thicker than silence, thicker than the darkest veil, and has fallen on so many eyes...Tell me Mother, how can I love them?

Some of them are not that way. But what about the majority who are careless? Are they not accomplices too, through their carelessness?

There are a very few of them who are aware, but what about the silent majority, who see nothing but themselves, when the worst of atrocities are committed in their names? How can I love them Mother?

Help me please. I have to go through every day keeping a sense of normalcy, when everything around feels abnormal...

I see members of my family rotting away in prisons on no charges, some of them were killed, some were tortured, some lost their homes, some lost their sons, some are fearful of returning for they carry the wrong name, some are ill and can’t afford treatment, some are cooped up at home and harassed daily, some are no longer able to feed theirs...

Am talking about my own family Mother. This is just one person. Can you imagine that one person's grief multiplied by millions? Where can I find the Love, Mother?

We are all scattered to the winds, our lives have been radically changed in a short time. I no longer recognize anything or anyone. There has been an inner upheaval, a 360 degrees turn, upside down. All my points of reference have been destroyed. Everything I believed in has been plucked from its roots, all the notions, concepts and beliefs I held about humanity have been smashed to pieces...

Even my faith is shaky, doubtful, tethering on the brink of an abyss...

So tell me please where can I find the Love? Where can I find the forgiveness? Where?

It's ongoing, it has not stopped and does not look as if it is about to end...

Where can I find all these noble states of being that everyone preaches to me about ?

All has disintegrated, all has been destroyed, where can we start anew ?

On which grounds, when the grounds themselves have been cracked wide open turning into holes, deep holes that pave our paths?

And which path Mother ? Which path when we can see no future?

So tell me, where can I find the Love?

I must have prayed or talked for a long while. I did not feel time pass by, it was suspended. And when I raised my head, the sanctuary was empty. Everyone had left and here I was alone in the darkness, a darkness illuminated by the burning candles and the smell of incense.

I raised my head and looked at the niche where Mother was watching like through a little window...like through an opening. There was a peaceful silence, a heavy peaceful silence.

I heard no reply to my question.

One of the nuns in charge of the sanctuary came towards me and gave me a small piece of cotton soaked in sacred oil. She said :

“Wipe yourself, It will ease it...”

I took it and thanked her.

I left the sanctuary and headed to a court-like open space that overlooks the whole of Damascus. The horizon stretched for miles ahead, as it to encompass all of this land, well beyond Damascus...

I held the piece of oily cotton in one hand, and contemplated the scenery. That sense of peaceful silence did not leave me. I felt it again as I was looking on, far removed, detached from the tumult, on top of this steep hill...

Then it occurred to me - my prayer was answered.

I was not supposed to love or forgive my enemy, that was neither my obligation, nor my duty.
I am to do other things - I am to “ease it” for my family, my people and myself.

As for the unwanted, imposed enemies, whoever they are, what I needed to do, was very simple - really.

I only had to remember that sacred niche in the East, where Mother appeared.
That land in the East, where she was born and where she took root and that by itself, that firm knowledge, unshakeable knowledge, will “Ease It”...Out.

As I looked on, to this land that seemed to stretch to infinity, I realized it was nothing but a question of Time.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Rakan Dabdoob.


Anonymous said…
You're in Damascus and you went to the Goddess shrine? Blessed be! I thought this was you:

Anonymous said…
By the way, I enjoyed the "little brother" story on your other blog; it kinda fits in what I know about Amerikkka.

And hey, there is a better name for the "nouveau riche". Try "white trash" instead, or in this case "brown trash". LOL

Face it, Amerikkka simply turns most people into trash. Amerikkka, the red, white and blue trash nation. God's sewage plant. I'm being polite there; we could simply call it god's shit-house instead.
Todd said…
The WORLD is in great need of prayers. Hopefully some will get answered.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

Then it occurred to me - my prayer was answered.

I was not supposed to love or forgive my enemy, that was neither my obligation, nor my duty.
I am to do other things - I am to “ease it” for my family, my people and myself.

Beautifully said !
Hard one dear

Time and karma, in the exact dimension.. level.. intensity ... justice !

Take good care of yourself !
.. you are needed,
missed and loved !

Salaam SIS
Bless you !
Lots of love
Anonymous said…
Oh my, we're already in the "chapter" where she sees the light on the road to Damascus.

Next she will officially set out on her proselytizing mission.

Stay tuned...
Anonymous said…
This is one mighty powerful piece.
May the Divine always bring your way 'ease' and serenity through the knowledge and faith that all is and will be taken care of...
Yes we have to do our share each and everyone of us. And you can rest assured that you're doing yours alhamdu'Allah.
God bless your efforts.
Anonymous said…
Praying to someone else other than Allah (SWT) is shirk.
Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
Anonymous said…
"I realized it was nothing but a question of Time."

Time takes time...

You could change, deviate or fade in the meanwhile.

That's why I "waver" in putting my trust in you, though God only knows how much I would love and NEED to...
Anonymous said…
Last night I couldn't get to sleep, so I came to your blog and read through all the archive from July 2006 up to these days.

I wonder...what would have been of you by now, if you hadn't have an Internet connection and the inspiration to write ?
Anonymous said…
Is JR dead ?
Anonymous said…

you are heard,please go on
thank you,
Anonymous said…
Typo: hadn't had
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous way up,

I did say I was everywhere did I not? Way up yours.
Layla Anwar said…
nobody's fool,
What am about to tell you is not terribly spiritual but...

Kiss it!
Layla Anwar said…

Deviate from what dear? Is this a marriage proposal or something?
Layla Anwar said…

Don't ever forget to say hello to Mars and Jupiter OK ?
Layla Anwar said…

Hi and nice to "see" you again. I would love to go on but am a little out of breath...
Layla Anwar said…
Dearest Yolla,

I laugh hard on the other comment on previous post...lol
Let us pray for an instant karma shall we ? That should be nice. I think if we collectively do that, it will happen, instant...
But maybe that's meddling too much in God's affairs...Who knows,maybe it's not.

God bless you
Lots of love
Layla Anwar said…
I hope JR is very much alive, I do miss him :-(
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous re brown versus white trash...

Good one. I think in this case it was definitely brown trash with a hairy nose...argggggggggghhhhhhhhhh
Layla Anwar said…
Al Haq,

Whichever way you turn, you see the face of God and his Mercy encompasses all things - from the Koran.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you Dear, Bless you and yours.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog...that should be enough to cause you permanent insomnia.
I am not able to answer your question though...Should I say bless writing and the internet?
Layla Anwar said…

Amen to that and say hello to Mrs Rambleman too.
Anonymous said…
so now you will welcome the occupation?

typical baathiya, itfoo

your tongue is not the only thing dirty

even your american idols, call catholics devils

sick to the stomach

i'm glad saddam is not around to see this.
Layla Anwar said…
abu zeft el teen, aka abu jihad, aka abu habileh....

Do you think Tariq Aziz minds?

hahahahahahaha- you are such a fucking fool.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

good I am SO glad you laughed !
You inspire me !!!
Yes.. let us pray and collectively .... will happen.
We are many more dear ! Soon.. soon... almost instantly.
I pray....

Bless you !
Much love
Anonymous said…
"Deviate from what dear ? Is this a marriage proposal or something ?"

Why not ? Your "pacha" of the other blog won't mind, will he ? ;-)

Seriously though, I meant deviate from your patriotic beliefs.

Please don't take this the wrong way. You are most probably one of those "evergreen" hearts that never "dry".

The fact is, these poor eyes of mine have had to witness so much squalor of the human weakness in the last five years, so many "eternal" oaths broken as if nothing out of weariness, habit or convenience, that at times I wish I had been born blind...

Take care of yourself.
Anonymous said…
"Kiss it!"

You mean where Osama "does" you ?

No thanks.
Anonymous said…
How would you like post-U.S. Iraq ?

A matriarchal queendom with yourself as the semi-divine absolute monarchess ?
Anonymous said…
"Layla Anwar" is nothing but a code name.

More than just one person are behind this blog...
Anonymous said…
I am obsessed by the desire to kill Iraqi Mojo.
Todd said…

Amen to that and say hello to Mrs Rambleman too."

Just did, and she says, "Hi" back :-)
Todd said…
Obsessed: "I am obsessed by the desire to kill Iraqi Mojo."

What the hell? Have you (Obsessed) got NO respect? This woman has been and seen hell dropped on her country by imperialists. I'd be pissed as hell too. Leave her alone!
Anonymous said…
Hello Layla,

I have not heard Sednaya mentioned for a long time, until about 3 months ago. A blogging globe wanderer, was describing a monastery near Damascus, and the peace he felt there. He could not remember the name.

Mum helped me out with that. She remembers the peace and tranquility she felt there. She has not experienced anything quite like it since.

Let us hope, whomever we pray to, that our prayers are answered. You are right, it all comes down to Time.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Rambleman, I am afraid you got it wrong.

Iraqi Mojo is the nickname of another blogger whom I viscerally hate.

I am planning to assassinate him and need Layla to help me.

Will she ?
Anonymous said…
I hate December, it makes me strangely melancholic.
Anonymous said…
"a question of Time"

Hallelujah, she finally got it !

No more "Iraq is dead" defeatist bullcrap from now on.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
So ?

Has the cat got my full moon-faced little sharmoota's tongue ?

Mmmmmmmmmmm, I could die to see you in this very moment...paralyzed with excitement.
Layla Anwar said…
man of the souk,

the little you has left over 3 comments, I decide which ones to publish and which ones to delete.

I have decided to publish this one only to tell you that you know who you are don't you?

A little perverted pedophile that needs to be castrated.

And castrated is what you are.
Layla Anwar said…
iraqi lives,

I recognize that obnoxious streak of yours - somehow familiar...
But then this is what you ARE, obnoxious.
Layla Anwar said…

I do sympathize...
Layla Anwar said…
anti dumb cunts,

We were queens and we shall remain queens...dumb cunt.
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Angel,

Am glad someone recognized Sednaya here...most have never heard of it.
Your mum is right, alas the feeling cannot be stretched till infinity,it can only carry a short message that lingers on...
Layla Anwar said…
nobody's fool,

Oh am terribly shocked....
But then, these practices are typical of white trash...so you know best.
Kiss it!
Layla Anwar said…

Anything but the "pacha", I beg of you...

As for the rest, only time will tell...I will not wave slogans in your face to assuage your fears...

Layla Anwar said…

One is never alone with schizophrenia...you should know that.
Layla Anwar said…
jalal talabani,

when your turn comes, it will be eternal spring for me.
Anonymous said…
I did not say this blog is run by one person with a multiple personality disorder.

I said it is run by many different people - members of a CIA-backed Internet Propaganda front called GIMF.

But then I don't expect "taqiyya" professionals such as yourselves to admit the truth...
Anonymous said…
Amman will be good to your people forever, inshAllah, like it was to your forefathers Abu Bakr and Yazeed.
Anonymous said…
"I recognize that obnoxious streak of yours - somehow familiar..."

Never had the pleasure of meeting you, my lady.

What's so wrong and "obnoxious" in optimism ??? !!!
Anonymous said…
Wave slogans in my face ? Groucho forbid ! :-)

Fish wives wave their merchandise in potential buyers' faces; noble women knights hide their beautiful faces behind helmets...

Just keep the "candle" burning in the silence and secrecy of your innermost sacred "niche", your Arab Woman's heart - as long as its life-restoring warmth will emanate from your words, I'll know you have remained loyal...

I blow a kiss on your blessed hand.

Anonymous said…
My turn will NEVER come.

Amerrrrrrrikkkkkkkka protects me and my likes, we are IMMORTAL.

Still, every night when I am in bed all alone with my rolls of fat, I feel like a lump in my throat and start silently crying against my cushion, totally desperate, but don't know why...

I have consulted la crème de la crème of the Jewish Amerrrrrrrikkkkkkkkan Freudian and Jungian psychoanalysts over the last years, but so far none has been able to enlighten me.

You are my last hope.
Anonymous said…
"We are queen and we shall remain queens...dumb cunt."

Awwwwwwww deaaaaaaaar, you ASSUME I am female ! How RECKLESS of you... Don't you know that assuming is a most hideous crime punishable with BANISHMENT ? ;-)

Indeed some women are queens, but they are as rare as four-leaf clovers (at least where I live).

As for yourself, at best you could make a fine DRAG-queen ! LOL
Anonymous said…

You actually are vile enough to deserve your fate, of being utterly consumed by hate and bigotry. Now that's a pretty nasty condition for someone to live in, but you earned it and you are wallowing in it.

When you post openly racist comments, you have to understand that you are doing the online equivalent of shitting yourself on the bus. You get attention, everyone feels sorry for you, but mostly you just stink and everyone wants to get away from you.

Ah, you'll be back soon to bask more in your hatred. You are an ugly, hateful little person - damaging no one except yourself - but I think you deserve it.
Layla Anwar said…
dumb cunt,

I was talking of us Iraqi women, not you, idiot.
Layla Anwar said…

you are very funny - keep amusing me...how are the other x's ? hope they are doing fine.
Layla Anwar said…

You are a habitual buffoon and quite funny...:-)
Layla Anwar said…

Am very flattered - much obliged. I wish all the pashas were like you.
YoUnicorn said…

You coward ! Maybe you dont know it yet.. but ALL anons are low creatures, who cowardly hide
Take your medication and start counting ok?.... We know already
Gee you are so funny.. fighting
the dinosaurs and your own demons are pushing you !
Breath and ground LOL
Ok try again without projecting your own rubbish, maybe there is hope for you ???? hang in there, with a LOT of work and psychiatric help.... haha

Thank you Layla !
Lots of love
Anonymous said…
L.A., I wish everyone was like you. Not too many people realize that being of service to others is the "answer" to the question of Time.

Owning Death is a picnic. Like the famous now-dead writer said, "Anyone who can pick up a frying pan [in other words, hit someone over the head with it, provided, I suppose, that it is cast-iron] owns Death." Time, however, is more powerful and more opportunistic and sexier than Death and one of the ways to control Time, to own it or be in it or become it, is to give it away, to "ease it," as you say, for others who are suffering.

Many thanks.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

Thank you very much for this article - and, yes, it is important to confirm the origins (in the MIDDLE EAST) of the Blessed Virgin and her humble Son, who are both honoured in the Holy Qur'an, I might add, contrary to what is believed by the 'enlightened' Christian world.

I've been away to be with the people I love, and it's been very good and also heartbreaking...

To the cowardly anonymous above (10/12/07 2:31 AM) who calls Layla 'racist': obviously, you don't know the meaning of the word; considering her country has been illegally occupied by racist bastards who think they have the right to every inch of this planet, who have raped and plundered and destroyed everything of an ancient civilisation, not to mention all the great advances made in recent years by the only country in the Middle East and taken it back to the stone age... Racist bastards who have reduced the people of the land to refugees, wandering lost in other countries, while the bastards try to lay claim to what belongs to Iraqis - God-given rights which no man can take away. If Layla hates, so be it and she has every RIGHT to - I would, too, and, by the way, I am neither Iraqi nor Muslim, and I absolutely agree with her - actually, she's too polite. Your comments are despicable, which goes to show your level of intelligence. Not surprising, because it is obvious that Layla has touched a raw nerve, and since you cannot contribute anything intelligent, your only recourse is 'racism'. Frankly, you have shit on yourself, one huge crap, and you do stink to high heaven - your comment stands out among others here - you need to be flushed down the loo and disappear in the eternal sewers where you belong.

To p above (10/12/07 8:34 AM) - thank you for that thought-provoking comment. Yes, you are absolutely right about giving away 'time', and this applies equally to other qualities which money cannot buy - love, happines. When will this selfish world ever learn?
Anonymous said…
I would love to know what you find so "obnoxious" in keeping faith in the future in spite of the present.
Anonymous said…
Layla is rich bitch from the old bath regime and currently lives in the UAE. She high tailed it out of Iraq and spends her time drinking tea and writing the blog. She jets around the world of the rich and famous. There is no starbucks on her menu..not good enough. Only 5 star resorts are accepted by the wild-haired Layla.
So no. That crap about the AWB being a 'sybil' personality is a lie. Layla works her perfectly manicured fingers too damn hard to share the praise.

It's a sign of respect when the haters come out!
Anonymous said…
"I was talking of us Iraqi women, not you, idiot."

Awwwwwwwwwww again, you ASSUME I am not Iraqi !

What a RECKLESS roulette player you are, mind you don't lose it all... ;-)
Anonymous said…
You are a habitual buffoon and quite funny... :-)"

Leave Celal alone, you arabizer harlot, he's mine !
Anonymous said…

Thanks for your impassioned defense of Layla's bigotry, hatred, and open racism. Her shit still stinks and I still feel very sorry for her, but mainly I just want her off the bus.
Todd said…
"Mr. Rambleman, I am afraid you got it wrong.

Iraqi Mojo is the nickname of another blogger whom I viscerally hate.

I am planning to assassinate him and need Layla to help me."

Oh, then my apologies. Thanks for enlightening me :-)
Layla Anwar said…

thank you for your comment. I think I know who you are...Hope your trip was "fruitful" if I can say that...You probably have a lot to share.
Bless you.
Layla Anwar said…

thank you for your comment - much appreciated.
Anonymous said…
The fallen leaves......
YoUnicorn said…
To the Wise Anonymous

10/12/07 1:18 PM
Thank you for your wise and truthful words to Layla.. you are a gentle, loving soul !

To the mean Anonymous
10/12/07 6:52 PM

You still projecting your own demons, dont you see it?
read your own words and please
learn from the WISE Anonymous.
A suggestion
The world is fed up with preachers and judges, faking....and you seem to be preaching all the time. May God allow you to FEEL empathy and understanding for those who are suffering
Besides your low language is disgusting.. can you try for once
to be kinder to our Layla.
You want to teach? start with yourself !


Thank you Layla

Love and solidarity always sister !
ps not all anonymous are the same
indeed !!! ,-))
Montag said…
Thank you for the post on Miriam ( Maryam, Mary).
I have found that Miriam is in the dreams of many at present, although I do not know why. Her symbol ranges from Mary all the way to Ezili Danto and to Inanna.

Anonymous said…

Pointing out Layla's toxic hatred to her is an act of kindness. I do feel terribly sorry for her, but she needs to first understand that indulging in hatred and wallowing in bigotry leads to nothing but more hatred and bigotry, the very hatred that she is suffering from.

And yes, posting openly racist screeds is the equivalent of shitting yourself in public. Only someone kind would fight down their revulsion and try to point out the problem to the apparently unknowing person. If she resists listening, though, she will just have to sit in her own feces. Sad.....
Layla Anwar said…
what a boring, blind, anonymous in bad faith...
I can bet you anything she/he is an American.
Why can't you people suprise me with something out of the ordinary, some thought that is so original, or some revelation that is so life changing?

As I said, it must be an American.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I am an America, Layla. A person that you love to hate. But here is the thing - your hatred doesn't affect me, it affects you.

I know it must be almost impossible to fathom this, having indulged your hatred for so long, but everything you've written is... wrong. And deep down, you know it.

Change your pants. Stop shitting yourself in public. Your racism and bigotry harm only you.
Anonymous said…
WOW...Beautiful. Best piece I have read, you break my heart

May Allah keep you and yours
YoUnicorn said…
11/12/07 4:25 PM

So that is your way to support, help and understand ?
I disagree 100%
I do not think you can EVER imagine
what Layla has been feeling, living, seeing and sharing.

Your mind is fixed in your projections... judging is an ego thing.. mainly the way you do it..
you have not been affected by the
*evil doers*.
I dont know where you are, where you live and what is your path.
But your words (fruits) are not of a peace loving human being.
I AM SURE, you are safe, wherever you are. You have not been through the tragedy of the bloody invasion/occupation. Day after day,
where HOME is destroyed and LOVED ones are suffering.. day after day.
Very imbalanced to try to compare
your thoughts and life with our
Dear Layla.
Also, Layla does not need anyone to talk in her name. I really feel mad when I see the insensitive comments and the rubbish from those who have so little understanding/empathy to the suffering in Iraq.
I will always defend Layla s right
to say and write and share her gifts, ability and skills with us ALL. This is not the first time I have said it and will not be the last !
*Silence* and *denial* are the key factors for the injustice and abuse to innocents, at all levels, in this Beautiful Planet.
The empires ? those we all know who they are.. what they have done and are doing.. I pray each day for sweet karma and for all those Freedom Righters like Layla.
May God give Layla the strength,
and love in her heart to keep going, and writing the truth !
Between you and me ? LOL
I enjoy so much her ways and replies. She is open, honest and
courageous. Kind, when she feels it, gentle when she feels it and strong when is needed. This is my fav blog btw.
You only see *that* which makes you reply with unkind, mean words.
Projections of your own making.
Try to see the other side, you will
be deeply surprised !
Why some posts are so mean and aggresive ?.. what do you want Layla to do? reply how ? to the nonesense, to the stupid questions,
to the evil posts?
Gee is her Blog !
She is not writing to please anyone Layla is genuine ! Dont you see it?
And she allows with courage all comments and has the generosity to reply and put things in perspective and yes ! less patient with the sheeple, the sleeping and the closed minded, who live in tiny boxes...
BRAVO Layla.. no way !!!!!
Ok I have to go back to work
Good day !

Thank you My dear Layla
no revelation at all !
Yes .. blind... blind.
Sorry long post ,-))
seems like another therapy LOL
Take good care of yourself
Lots of love always !
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous yankee,

Ok, ok, don't cry...You have tried very hard so far. I am generous. I will give you an F - failed to impress.
Try again. Maybe you will get a candy and a rose as Rumselfd promised your boys....But try to be original. I know it is very difficult for you - but try nonetheless...

Layla Anwar said…
Hello Mohammed Ashruff,

Shukran Jazeelan.

Do your Ashruff mean rough ashes?

Bless you too.
Layla Anwar said…
Dearest Yolla,

Can't wait for that Lebanese Mexican Mix...LOL
You know what I mean.
Lots of love
And bless you and yours.
Anonymous said…
An Ashrafi was a gold coin in the kingdom of Hyderabad, India, before the Indians took it over. Like you Layla, we have experienced an occupation, exile, death and destruction (but no where near the magnitude as in Iraq)
Sorry do not speak Arabic...Remember Shukran (thank you) from my trips to Saudi Arabia.
This much talent should not be wasted, your blog belongs in a book...Booker prize. Sorry my "chronic ailment" has started again.
By the way Mohammed Ashruff is my name...

May Allah keep you and yours.
Layla Anwar said…

Jazeelan means a lot and shukran jazeelan to you.

We have the name Ashraf but not Ashruff, so I suppose it is the same name but spelled differently.
And Ashraf comes from Shareef, which means Honest, and Ashraf means the most honest, decent...
Layla Anwar said…
and it also means respectable...so I don't know if this carries the same meaning in Urdu?
Angel said…
Hello Layla,

You have a particularly agravating Anon. on this post.

How can any American come and kill Iraqi children, parents, brothers, sisters, destroy a country and NOT be hated?

Maybe we should kneel and kiss their boots?

Bravo yolanda!
Anonymous said…
I have clearly touched a nerve, as angel, yolanda, and layla herself have been compelled to try to answer me. Angel and yolanda appear surprised that anyone would question layla, while layla just tries to brush it off with pathetic humor.

There is very little to add here. This blog is a swamp of hatred and tearful rage, a sewer where Layla swims and pretends to enjoy the fecal taste and smell. Hate all you want, then, Layla, and see if it ever does anyone a bit of good.
Layla Anwar said…
bwahahahahahahahhahahaah.....keep shitting on yourself american idiot. you are the one boiling not me. Remember this is my land, my language, my country, my people, my resources.....keep shitting boy on yourself. Am glad.
Anonymous said…
Layla: Thank You...

"American" Anonymous: I am absolutely positive you are Not an American, just a wannabe from some third world country, or even worse some immigrant who perceives him/her self as one while the rest of America does not. My advice to you is “if you consider this blog a swamp, take a big gulp and swim out of it…”
Anonymous said…
"honest, decent & respectable", Wow. I hope it means the same in Urdu. Unfortunately, having been born in "Amreeka" I am not very good in Urdu as well, will ask my parents though...

May Allah keep you and yours.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

On schedule and will happen soon.,-D
I am rehearsing the taste and the mix LOL... ready ! Bless you

Thank you Angel ,-))) always your replies, are a light of understanding and gentleness. Absolutely, how can they do it and then preach????

Anon, greengooo !!!!!
Do you know why greengo, at least?
Take it easy and re read your own
words... I dont think our Layla or anyone in Iraq is needing your wrong judging and of course neither your nasty words.
Your unkindness just show us how far you are from your own heart.
How can you feel closer to any other human being? Your mind is so ego based that can not allow your heart to flow.Your *walls* are thick !
Many in *ukrsahell*(3countries) are trying to do something about the *psychos* in your govts. Maybe you are not in the right places? I can send you links !! LOL
Denying the truth will not change anything.
I agree with M Ashruff !
Vanish ! but I am sure one day
it WILL GET YOU.. then.. we will talk and then you will TAKE *RESPONS*ABILITY and you will
KNOW !!!!!

May all beings be free from the suffering inflicted by others.
YoUnicorn said…
Remember this is my land, my language, my country, my people, my resources...

Yes Layla
well said !
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

I'm sorry, I did not realise that my comment came out as 'annonymous'(10/12/07 1:18 PM). I'm glad you realised who it was, and yes, my trip was very fruitful - always heartbreaking at the end, as it always is, and I cry buckets, for reasons you know too well. When will this pain ever end?

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, typing error with spelling of 'anonymous'!

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