A short inner debate on..."Fun".

I am still debating within myself, as to whether I should sit and continue...or go out and have some FUN.

A bunch of friends have asked me to join them to listen to that crappy American guitar player again.

The word FUN irritates a lot of you, I know.

The Americans are into sick fun and the Fundies into the same sick fun.

Both lead very sad lives..their sense of fun is so Abu Ghraib - Abeer like, and the sectarian shits, so Basrah, Baghdad...style.

So caught between these two extremes, am still debating...within.

Mind you, it should be a lot of fun watching this clumsy american guitar player...and make fun of him. I love that...it's very exciting.

The Fundies in my head, have already pointed their fingers and wagged it like a dog's tail...

OK am decided...life -Abu Ghraib, Mahmoudiah, Baghdad, Basrah...- style is no fun.

The 40 plus women murdered monthly in Basrah, without counting those rotting away in American and Iranian Shia led prisons are not having fun.

I shall make up for it.

I shall join my friends to make fun out of both... The Americans - nervous, mediocre, repressed, high on death and the Iranian Shia fundies. They have so much in common.

Laughter, Pleasure, and Joy are powerful weapons - they hate as much as they hate women.

So it shall be...

I am out to have some fun and will be back later to "report back" to you.

Long live Freedom !

Painting : Iraqi artist, Jaber Alwan "Dancing Women" series.


Anonymous said…
Hey Layla,

If you want to have some real fun, come back to the ME with us!!!


This ones for you!
Anonymous said…
O ye creature with no shame !
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Democrat, who the friggin hell are "us" ?

Did you flush your Zyprexa down the loo again ?
Anonymous said…
Yeah babe, that's hoooooooot, let's paint the town (blood) red !
Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
Anonymous said…
JR has changed sex.

He is now an absolute knockout of a woman and does blowjobs for a living.
G.Gar said…
Layla, Why have decativated the comments moderation? Hope everything is alright......
Anonymous said…
Quick question -

Do you make the Westerners that you encounter aware of your intense hatred for them, or do you conceal it?

In other words, are you a bigot in public or a hypocrite?
Anonymous said…
Long live our in house DJ Iraqi democrat...
Please vote for him.
Anonymous said…

Frankly, I want to "Test" democracy...

Anonymous said…

I decide when to reveal and when to hide but tonight am a proud chick...It was the right time to go for the jugular. Hope you experience it one day.
Anonymous said…
"I decide when to reveal and when to hide"

You mean like TAQIYA ?

I always suspected you were a fake Sunni.
Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
Todd said…
Hope you had a good time with LOTS of true fun. Everyone deserves it as much as possible.
Anonymous said…
" a fake sunni " and "hate" towards "Westerners". ?

If people here truly wanted to abandon everything connected to "the West"...toss away yer computers and your automobiles.
And if Americans wanted to distance themselves from the Mideast, stop buying gasoline that comes from the oil of the Mideast. Take a stand.

Get off the internet..get off yer computers...don't use an airplane...etc, etc.

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