Hot news from Baghdad.

I doubt you have read or seen the following in your mainstream media, but here goes...

Yesterday, the American occupation forces sealed and fortified with more men and guns the "sooooneeeeee" neighborhood of Adhamiya. Do let me know when you people will learn to pronounce correctly.

The story goes -- Huge gatherings and demonstrations took place in the Adhamyia ghetto to commemorate. Yes, huge crowds of Iraqis gathered, braving your smelly brave boys and their deadly arsenal to remember the leader and president of Iraq - Saddam Hussein - who turned this country into a jewel in less than 30 years and that you destroyed in less than 5.

In the Sayydiyah neighborhood, your smelly brave boys arrested not less than 120 people, for commemorating too. A lot of children and women were part of those arrested.

On another hopeful note, rumors circulating in Baghdad say that Al-Maliki was shot hence his urgent transfer to London. Can't confirm it but it is a piece of very good omen for 2008, if true.

Concerning the Iraqi delegation visiting Teheran next week, and amending a "few clauses" in the Algiers treaty - this is what is on the agenda- according to circulating news.

- Handing over of the Majnoon island (very rich in oil) to Iran.
- Handing over the whole of Shatt Al-Arab (and that means Basrah too) to Iran and renaming it Shatt Al-Furs (Furs means Persian in Arabic)
- Discussing how much "reparations" and "compensations" Iraq will pay to Iran for the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988)

Fancy that eh ?

Americans have not only brought an Iranian theocracy to Iraq under the cover of "democracy" but Iraqi wealth (lands, oil and money) will be pouring even more into the Iranian economy.

What more proof do you need that the current Iraqi government is serving the interests of not only America (Israel) but also Iran ?

Why does the OBVIOUS elude you so ?


Anonymous said…
thank u for keeping us updated layla
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, people only see what they want to see. What they've been conditioned to see. What's been pre-packaged for them as "suitable for all auidences".

What that boils down to is people do not wish to see reality.
Anonymous said…
"Handing over of the Majnoon island (very rich in oil)"

But the "Layla island" (very rich in fortitude, dignity, loyalty, intellect, charisma, passion, grace, courage, vision, honesty, fire, wisdom, rigor, irony and...Ishtar-like sensuality LOL) is still an impregnable fortress...

It's no hyperbole to say that as long as it does not fall (to the enemies or to the Temptation of Oblivion & Peace), all the rest can reasonably be regarded as not irretrievably lost.

Such is the Faith you inspire, only one other Iraqi before you ever did...

God bless your eyes and typing fingers.

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Wanted: occupation army of FLIES.

Anonymous said…
You will never get me on my knees,
and I will never ever be begging you please,
cause I'm a Turk, and I am a very proud Turk, cause I have had a leader like Atatürk-believe me, if he was around, things would be slightly different-but I want to wish you, whatever you want to wish for yourself, a very very very very and very very.........
Yes I've found it, I want to wish you whatever you would wish upon yourself!
Anonymous said…
"Why does the OBVIOUS elude you so ?"

coz its 2 hard work lifting my obese arm 2 transport my jizm-smelling chubby dimpled hand from the jerk-off position up 2 the eyes level so as 2 take off the blinkers.
Anonymous said…
"Yes, I've found it"

What, dear, a boyfriend ?

Were you not the one who considered herself "too old for these things" and Layla asked you if you were 99 or something ?

Anonymous said…

Its the wretched, stinking, capitalistic, can't speak properly American again.

You have reasons to be depressed and angry..that's for sure..... a big 10/4 good buddy, but look at it this way...
atleast you have food, water, shelter from the elements and air. Yer not dying from a fatal disease and you obviously have a computer.
Do you know how many children die each year ( not counting conflicts or warfare) ?

The Mideast is not the only part of the World suffering. Children are suffering in Asia ( wow they talk funny too don't they? ), suffering in Central & South America and in Africa.

You set there in a hateful form of self pity while children...CHILDREN are fighting for their existence.

I put you in the broad category I put so many American in...that they set back bitch & moan about the circumstances yet are still part of the sheeple population.
paymane said…
I don't think Iran is interested in getting the Majnoon Island. And as for riches, You don't get it do you?
Iran is rich enough if having oil is considered being rich. Iran is importing gas, because it doesn't have refining capacity. it doesn't have refining capacity because it doesn't have the capital and technology. All the oil in the world can't save Iran. who needs Majnoon Island. Shatul Arab, is not going to be renamed Shatul Fars. It is going to be renamed, Arvand-rood. Rood by the way, means Shat, in Persian. Got it?
Anonymous said…
"I put you in the broad category I put so many American in...that they set back bitch & moan about the circumstances yet are still part of the sheeple population."

Yes indeed! They amused me for a while, but their constant bleating is so hard on the ears, and it starts to grate when they are two years old. (My years, I hope you appreciate.) The shepherds keep fleecing them, and me, so I've decided to terminate the experimental farm, and send them all for slaughter.

I'm a kind loving God, you know? I'll put them out of their misery very quickly. And they shall know that The LORD is a man of war and that the LORD is his name.
Anonymous said…
Splendour - such profound words of the obvious. Now take the next step if you dare - Why are these children suffering?. I will start you off - US Negroponte and his death squads were in South America. US Negroponte and his death squads were in Iraq.

Now go do your homework on the other countries you refer to. And whilst you are at it. Don't be a dickhead, use your insight! Surely you were not behind the door when brains were given out. The writings on this site have nothing whatsoever to do with Layla sitting back whinging.

Layla's uses herself to personify other peoples hurt. People that are suffering in Iraq. People that are suffering because they care what is happening in Iraq.

In Layla's writings, the combination of anger,sadness and frustration at the intolerable injustice being metered out to other fellow human beings, creates a very strong constructive force.

And in this case, her pen is proving to be mightier than the sword. As when we read the responses of the enemies verbal agony - the spluttering,the spitting, the hissing and dribbling out of words without true meaning, we know they are being mortally wounded.

Will be interested in reading your research on the 'suffering children'.
And by the way your wall of sanctimoniousness does not hide your present self-delusion and self-denial.

Full support to the Iraqi Resistance"!
and may the walls come tumbling down!
Anonymous said…
Sorry you missed the point bluegum.
Anonymous said…
But onto another subject bluegum, but yet related.

You mention " Full support to the Iraqi resisteance " !

How are you giving "full support" to the Iraqi resistance? By sitting safe & sound in yer surroundings infront of yer personal computer?

You talk big when yer miles and miles and fully fed and have electricity for yerself daily. When yer thirsty you can stroll over to yer cold fridge and gulp a nice cool glass of water or walk thru a grocery store and shop for all kinds of food items whenever you grow hungry.

Im sure you have medicines when you feel ill. I would evenventur a guess that yer probably wearing clean clothes every day.

You probably dont hear gunfire in the distance either where you live. You may not have even held a gunin yer hands or even shot a living creature in yer entire life have you?? Have you ever been in a prison boy?? Re you a pretty boy bluegum?? Do you have NICE LIPS?

Here's my advice to you blue. And its for preparing you to give yer FULL SUPPORT TO THE IRAQI RESISTANCE. OK?

First,learn how to handle a weapon. I dont mean caress it or make love to it. I mean...make it a pert of extension of yerself. Dont be afraid of it. Respect it...but DO NOT be afraid of it. Can ya handle that? Sure ya can. Yer a big boy that wants to give full spport to the Iraqi Resistance and I mean.. FULL SUPPORT.

Target practice. Spend a few hours each day learning to shoot straight. After each target session, clean yer weapon. ALWAYS clean yer weapon. You dont wanna get intoa bad habit of carrying around a dirty weapon blue. One day while yer shooting at the enemy and the enemy is shooting back at surely dont want yer weapon to jamm. Ya'd look prety funny dropping yer weapon and running away like a girly-man. We can NOT have that. So clean clean clean yer weapons. And carry a knife. The bigger the better.

Dont ferget to get in shape. Lift weights for atleat 1 hour each day and dont do the same muscle groups 2 days in a row. Mix it up. Dont ferget yer cardio program.

Here's the trick part and it requires alot of trust on yer part.
Fugure out a way to get into Iraq. Be very careful who you approach while you develop this plan. Theres alot of double-crossers out there...
Anonymous said…
..and alot wil hjust take yer money. Money you ask?? Yes, money.
You need to pay someone to get you in Iraq...someone that knows the terrain and has the right (trustworthy) contacts.

You'll have to land in Jordan...maybe Syria but with the right contacts, you can make it without raising anybody's suspicion. Get a passport though. Dont ferget yer passport. Airline tickets to the Mideast are not that expensive, especially now that Hajj and the "holidays" are over the prices have gone down.....allot.

How you make contact and with whom, I wil not tell you, but Im sureif yer heart is in the right'll find that out just perfectly.

One bit of advice though blue. You may not want to tell yer family. You know how families get. But tell person that you can trust with ANYTHING. . . Just in case cuz ya never know.

Anonymous said…
Splendar - Now that you have got that off your chest I still give full support to the Iraqi Resistance.

Still waiting to read your information on why so many children in the world are suffering. Also what are your thoughts on
the Iranian theocracy controlling Iraq?.
Anonymous said…
How are you giving "full support" to the Iraqi Resistance by setting at home? Full Support would require more than just in thought, would it not?
I see many bumper stickers in Amercia that say " Support Our Troops ". Its the same.

Children around the World are suffering for many many reasons. Far too many reasons to be listed here. They are caught in the 'adult world '. There are very powerful socio-ecomic forces that have a result in creating victims.

They are more powerful than either you or I can influence. You and I are simply a part of the herd population and are insignificant to them. We are a number and expendable. As World governments and International corporations seek to further control us in the herd, more victims will come about.

Children canbe victims of child pornography, sexual exploitation, being a part of the Worldwide slave trade, they can be made to work long hours in sweat shops, they can be beaten by their parents...there are so many situations in the World where children are victims.

In my opinion, such circumstances should be handled within the countries where these problems originate.

But the Worldwide situations where the 4 basic necessities of Life are threatened or do not even exist at all, should be all of our concern. When children die from lack of food or no water..the bare minimum for Life itself, it is indeed a tragedy.

Tragedies are in Iraq. No argument question about it.

We each have our own interests and own motivations. We are individuals as you already know. I know that I can not alter the powerful socio-economic forces at work today. All I can do in my own little way, is to try to help the victims. Every month I can send money to Palestine or a child in South America and hope...hope that in some way it is making a child's life easier.

I dont want to claim to be fighting the powerful elitists and giving full support to somebody or a group or whatever the case may be. Living a certain lifestyle while others are actually experiencing their tragedies, and then claiming yer giving full support, are just words. Wellmeant words, I'm sure..but in the end..just free words that dont come with a price.
Anonymous said…
The " Iranian theocracy" in Iraq.

I can view it from the outside from where I am. I can read about it and listen to opinions. But Im not experiencing it. So for me, Im ignorant on it.
Anonymous said…
You can explain it to me though.

But as you know, George W. Bush was a cheerleader at Yale. Evidence suggests he did not go to Vietnam. George W. Bush also claims to be in full support of the US troops in Iraq.

Im still awaiting as to why or what's keeping you from going into Iraq ?
Anonymous said…
Splenda- re Iranian theocracy - Layla has been explaining this to you.

The information she is giving you is correct. Bush has installed Iranian driven extreme right wing Islamic fundamentalists into their puppet Iraqi government. Ironically, while at the same time he tells the world they are the enemy.

Goebells the master of propaganda said the bigger the lie the more people believe it.

As to why I do not go and fight in Iraq?

Firstly, from a practical point of view
I would be a hindrance not a help.

Did you know Iraqi's are known for their brilliant markmanship. It is fascinating when you watch them appear and then disappear into the desert. And you ask yourself - was I dreaming?

Secondly I do not share your sense of hopelessness. Where there is life there is hope.

You do not seem to believe that someone can be spurred on by moral support and encouragement.

When one thinks about it Iraq is as big as the state of Victoria which I live in. And we have roughly the same population. approx 20 million.

Imagine the whole of the US military
Might obliterating this tiny state with their bombs of destruction for near
20 years, not including the search and destroying of homes etc. - yet the Iraqi people are still there and resisting. Remember the US were bombing Iraq during the Economic Sanctions years, and they are still bombing homes and people in Iraq as I write this. Not that you will read about this in the daily media.

If we reverse the situation, I would join the peoples' resistance here if we were being invaded by the US.

Knowing that many people around the world were supporting my resistance would give me and my fellow countrymen/women extra strength to keep going.

Anyway, this might contribute to this discussion -

'If you guys were fighting against me right now,' I said to Sergeant Fadenetz, 'you would all be dead at this very minute. I would have strung a mine up in those trees, and I would have been hiding right behind that big rock over there, and the instant you people rolled under these trees, I would have hit the switch. And you know what Sergeant? Everyone of you would be dead."

To my surprise, the sergeant did not lecture me for speaking my mind.

Softly, he told me, 'I'd do the same thing if people invaded America.'

That got me thinking. How would I react if a foreigner invaded the United State and did just a tenth of the things that we had done to the Iraqi people?

I would be right up there with the rebels and insurgents, using every bit of my cleverness to blow up the occupiers.

I would dig a hole in my hometown in Oklahoma and rig mines in the trees and set them to blow up when the enemy passed below. I would lob all the mortars and rocket-propelled grenades I would buy.

No doubt about it. If somebody blasted into my home and terrorised my family in the United States, I would be a force to be reckoned with, I would invent my own booby traps and come up with the most unexpected methods of mayhem. I would give the occupiers hell and keep at it until I was dead and gone twice over."....

"The Deserters Tale" why I walked away from the war in Iraq. by Joshua Key
as told to Lawrence Hill Canadiam award winning novelist and journalist Pub:
Tex Publishing Melbourne Australia. 2007

I would recommend you read this book.
Joshua talks the language of everyday people, and he is an everyday American.

The Iraqi people are doing exactly what Joshua and I would do if our homes and country were being invaded. We would be a 'force to be reckoned with.' Imagine the power of this. The Iraqi people do not need me physically in Iraq to achieve victory. But it sure makes it better for them to know we are right behind them when it comes to what they are doing to win back their country and homes.

But if the Iraqi Resistance call on my help in anyway outside of direct warfare I am ready and willing.

And if the US military machine ever invaded here I would give them a few extra cum'uppins for what they have done not only to the Iraqi people,but to many people in many other countries in this world. This is speaking as a mature women of the world.

And I say again,out loud and clear
May this message get to you all.

Now, enough said from me on this post.
Anonymous said…
At times I tell the people I work with and others too, to think of what would happen if say the Chinese invaded here in America. I ask them to turn it around so as to not off-handedly blame the people of Iraq for wanting the invaders out. I been trying to use that logic on folks for sometime now and it usually brings about some inner reflection from the pro-war crowd.

No, all is not hopeless in regards to Iraq getting functional ( for lack of a better word at the moment ) but everybody will never be pleased all the time. But again, the invaders need to leave.

I recall Saddam using the term "gangsters" when he described the powers that be behind the push into Iraq. I believe he was correct. The World Trade Center buildings were brought down by explosives and not because of jet fuel degradation to the stuctures. There was no plane that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania and WTC 7 was also an inside demolition job.

"They" did it..thus far they got away with it and went after Afghanistan and then thru manipulations and lies, hit Iraq. They do not care if Americans die, whether it be troops or civilians. They do not care if Iraqis die.

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