Cassandra's New Year's Wish...

Just heard it now, Condi Rice is full of good wishes for the Middle East.

The statement just issued on her behalf says to the effect that the U.S does not wish to see any more turmoil in this region. That it extends its "friendly" hands to Syria and Iran and primes diplomacy over war.

Condi Rice also assured the Palestinians that her administration is very eager to find a long lasting solution to the 60 years old Palestinian problem (to which her country contributed greatly...)

How nice for all of you of "good faith."

In other words, Condi is saying Iran and Syria thank you for having helped us dismantle the only Arab country that posed a real (in pre-sanctions years) and potential threat to Israel (should Saddam Hussein still be alive)...

What Condi Rice is telling the Arabs is that America and the West in general do not fear rogue states and theocracies loyal to it.

After all, Israel is a Jewish theocracy, Iran is a Shia theocracy and Saudi Arabia a Sunni theocratic monarchy... And the rest are nothing but little rogue statelets hanging in a limbo...

And Egypt, who was called "Umm al Duniya" (mother of the world) by the Egyptians has turned into another satellite American TV station...

What Condi Rice is really telling the Arabs is that Arab nationalism and any true Arab identity is the real enemy of the U.S. Hence the destruction of Iraq and its fragmentation into sects and its turning it into a Shia theocracy is exactly what America and the Western world had hoped for...

On a side note but still related, I find the following very interesting and more than coincidental - namely that both puppet governments in Iraq and Afghanistan have called for a continued American presence in the region.

Maliki from the Shia Dawa party, so called P.M of Iraq and an Iranian at heart and by residence, good friends with Ahmadinajad, has called for the Americans to remain in his new theocracy for another 10 years.


Karzai the Afghani puppet helped into power thanks to Iranian intervention in Afghanistan along with the American "war on terror" and very good friends with Ahmadinajad has also asked the Americans to stay in the region for another 10 years.

Those of you, any of you who still refuse to see this bigger picture with all of its ramifications, consequences and conclusions -- are nothing but part of Cassandra's messengers and chorus...

Painting : Egyptian artist, George Bahjori.


Anonymous said…
y do the iranians want americans to stay 4 another 10 yrs?? aren't they in control of iraq already??
Anonymous said…
and doesnt it increase the chances of them being attacked??
Layla Anwar said…

Touché and very good questions in which lies the obvious answer!
Anonymous said…
From the window I will throw myself off to you. From the window.
Anonymous said…
Asa'd Abu Khalil,

Waiting with....Impatience.
Anonymous said…
Another ten years? Why not? At 400+ Million $'s a day, it's such a bah-gain!
Anonymous said…
Whenever you feel really very enervated and depressed about the situation in the Arab world, try to close your eyes and picture one by one all the Arab vassal leaders dressed up as belly dancers, bare-paunched, heavily made up, and performing the famous Dina's circular pelvic movement, backside wiggling included.

It's a surefire downsizing and morale-boosting exercise, trust my word.
Anonymous said…

I know, I do it myself and never fails to uplift "me".
Anonymous said…
Then, by all means, keep doing it.

Every time you find the heart to smile again, the angels in heaven weep with emotion :-)

Take tender care of yourself...of the small but precious piece of Iraqi land you are...

Anonymous said…
"Those of you, any of you who still refuse to see the big picture with all of its ramifications, consequences and conclusions - are nothing but part of Cassandra's messengers and chorus"

I accept to see them, but I refuse to say "maktoob" and resign myself to them.

What am I ?
Anonymous said…
JR, will you marry me ?
Anonymous said…
If yes, you need to repudiate your absurd love for the vomit-inducing Israel Lobbyist Chomsky and take back all the bad things you've said against President Saddam Hussein, as I am a tremendously loyal girl and could not tolerate a husband who sucks into Zionist Propaganda.

Are you ready ?

Psst, Layla... ;-)
Anonymous said…
Well, you all ran away from me in the last thread, since I own you savages in anything approaching reason or logic. So let's pick up where we left off.

Lets have some fun. Name the Arab contribution to humanity since, say, 1000 BC. Go ahead.

I think the comprehensive list is:

1 - Islam, a savage supremacist creed with strong appeal to sadistic and barbaric minds


2 - suicide bombing.

If I'm wrong, show me baby. All you have is insults - too funny.

So list the contributions - we are all waiting!

I will laugh my ass off at what follows - take away the insults and it is dead silence
Anonymous said…

You really are too fucking boring...
Anonymous said…

If you want to belly dance with me to the latest of Haifa Wehbeh song, do check my other blog...
Anonymous said…

What? Do you expect me to be best maid to the bride or the god mother for your new born?
Anonymous said…
Are you beginning to slightly understand what ATATÜRK did 84 years ago, now?!
Resis-dance said…
hi Layla,

heres my latest for you!!

I hope your well,

Anonymous said…
Resis Dance,

Blows a kiss your way...
By the way someone by the name of droplet is VERY NTERESTED in you.
Hit the iron while it's hot...
Anonymous said…

No answers!

And the stench of this place still lingers.....

Can anyone name even a small Arab contribution to humanity?

Laughing my ass off!
Anonymous said…

I can but you can't even read...
try the Prophet Mohamed, Al-Farabi, Averoees, Al-Biruni, Ibn Yaqzan, Al Jahiz, Salahdin Al Ayubi, Ibn Arabi, Al-Mutanabbi, and more..but again you are so fucking ignorant you would not know.
Anonymous said…
I am an Iranian Arab Nationalist. I am an Iranian Afghan Nationalist. I am and Iranian Kurdish Nationalist. I am an Iranian Turkish Nationalist. I am an Iranian Pakestani Nationalist as well as a Iranian Indian Nationalist. I am as much Iranian as Arab as Turkish as Kurdish as Afghani or Pakestani or Indian. I am all and none at the same time because I am free. Divide and conquor is working no more. The depigmented ones will not subject us to more murder and mayhem when we think of eachother as eachother's nationalists.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
A Nanny Mouse:
You are uneducable.
Go study The Dark Ages,” and that Krist-over Column-busted and his mis-concept of the world. Your western books have truly kept you in the Dark Ages.
Your number system is called The Hindu-Arabic system, by ALL the math texts.

May I add to my last post: Your PhD programs are infested with every foreigner from every corner of the world, including Africa. The machete-wielders have out-competed you for those places and they say: “I don’t know what America will do without us,” and “Americans are such dunces they are incapable of gaining entry into graduate programs.” These folks are fully funded by your taxes. Of course the Blacks mostly fill the non-technical programs and the Indians and Chinese dominate all technical areas.

India recently indicated a preference to trade with America in a stable currency, the Rupee. China, unable to dump their holdings of American dollars, is using it as collateral. Seems they have all out maneuvered you and have you cornered.

>>“I think the comprehensive list is:
1 - Islam, a savage supremacist creed with strong appeal to sadistic and barbaric minds
2 - suicide bombing.” .<<

Very comprehensive indeed

>>So list the contributions - we are all waiting!<<
The banks need some more sub-prime contributions; any offering from you?
>>I will laugh my ass off at what follows - take away the insults and it is dead silence<<
Your ass is truly laughable.
LostHere said…
Hi Lyla
Would you care to elaborate on this?
“…the only Arab country that posed a real (in pre-sanctions years) and potential threat to Israel (should Saddam Hussein still be alive)...”
How was Iraq a threat to Israel? And if it really was, why is that important? Is there ever going to be acceptance of Israel as a nation in their ancient “stomping grounds”? I mean, if Israel also does what it has never done so far, that is, accept the pre 1967 borders, and truly push itself to a peaceful and righteous solution to the people displaced by the formation of the state.

You know, this is perhaps the least inspired post I have read from you… but hey, we all have to have our days.

Of course there is no surprise that the so called legitimate governments of both, Occupied Iraq and Afghanistan asked for the US to remain there. That was always the intention and the reason they were occupied.
As for Iraq being an enemy of the US, I don’t think that it ever was, it was a sovereign state that chose to look for its own interests and that of its people disregarding the interests of the USA. The way I see history, the US was an enemy (still is) of Iraq, and not the other way around.

As for “What Condi Rice is telling the Arabs is that America and the West in general do not fear rogue states and theocracies loyal to it.” Of course not, in fact I don’t think fear is the right word to use, as I don’t think the US fears anyone (contrary to it’s people that live in constant fear, but that is a tool easily applied to sheep and their likes in human form).

And to a different subject. If you are inclined to, listen to this three hours of AfroCuban programming. I heard it while at work, and it is HOT!

Hope you enjoy it!
Anonymous said…
I am confused. Which Condi are you referring to? Condi Lice or Condi Lies?
Anonymous said…
Re: Kofi said...
"Which Condi are you referring to? Condi Lice or Condi Lies?"


Anonymous said…
"If you want to belly dance with me to the latest of Haifa Wehbeh song, do check my other blog..."

Oh zut alors !

Every time I venture a shy, awkward attempt to bring a smile to your unknown and yet so dearly loved face, you have to give me the cold shoulder !

It is true that a ghost trying to bring another ghost back to life is quite a pathetic sight...

OK, OK...I shall give up my comedian's ambitions and stick to what I know best: epic and elegy.

God bless Iraq.

Anonymous said…
A Nanny Mouse:
Make the connection:
The Dark Ages - Arabs
The first accumulation of books, (under one roof) that "fed" the west.
Your entire "list" stands on the Hindu-Arabic number system.
As I indicated earlier, you are uneducable - hopeless.
The West is so civilized they have perfected only the weapons of "ass destruction."
Your leaders have taken you down a hell hole.
Keep laughing, otherwise you may lose that "skill."
Anonymous said…

Dark Ages 1000 years ago-Arabs have done nothing since then.

Books- The Classical Greeks and Roman Empire and Arabs borrowed much of their knowledge from the Greeks.

Hindu-Arabic numbers were developed by the Hindus and the Arabs borrowed it.

USA- Walked on the moon

I responded to your PHD statement which showed how bogus it was but Layla didnt let it post.

All societies borrow from each other so with your logic the people who invented the wheel are ahead of everyone.
Anonymous said…

The Arabs are a backward society that hasnt done anything in 1000 years. Your attempt to claim that the Arab world is ahead of us is truly pathetic and delusiona. The US has and continues to develope so many technologies and advancements in all fields we are without question the greatest contibutor to human knowledge. Even little Israel 100 times smaller has developed an array of advancements that far exeeds the Arabs and makes them look like low funtioning morons. It truly must be embarrasing to Arabs what little they have developed especially compared to tiny Israel
Anonymous said…
Buckaroo Banzai, you forgot to add that the entire world will be better off once this nation of innately greedy people is wiped off the face of the earth. Amen
Anonymous said…
Buckaroo Bonzai,

With such an impressive list of achievements, why is the region not an oasis of peace and prosperity, an example for the rest of humanity?
Anonymous said…
I dont think the Arabs are inately greedy or need to be wiped of the earth. Thier culture/Islam is holding them back with their medieval beliefs, it needs to open up and be a free thinking society instead of rigid and absolute.

Well Israel wants peace but the Arabs have continually wage wars and terror. I think if there is ever peace and Arab societies open up as I said they could have a very prosperous and advanced society
Anonymous said…
Buckaroo Bonzai,
Well if Israel wants peace what is holding them back? They certainly excel in many fields, there is no denying that - why are they stymied and stumped when it comes to peace? What makes you think that people are thirsting for war?The common, everyday citizens of any country typically do not want war. What benefit is there for them? Their children are likely to be killed, their property destroyed, etc. What are the reasons people commit terrorist acts - could it be that they have suffered injustices, death and destruction? What other reason could there possibly be? Peace can be had easily enough if you truly desire it!
Anonymous said…
BTW life

Since 1950 the US has won 70% of all Nobels prizes in Science and Medicine. Since 1990 its 75%

8 of the World Top 10 Universities below are USA

Most Nobel Prize by University from 1901 - 2002

1. Harvard University (MA, USA) - 28
2. University of Cambridge (UK) - 23
3. Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Munich (Germany) - 18
4. Stanford University (CA, USA) - 17
University of London (UK) - 17
6. Mass. Institute of Techology (MA, USA) - 15
University of Chicago (IL, USA) - 15
8. Cal. Institute of Technology (CA, USA) - 14
UC Berkeley (CA, USA) - 14
10. Columbia University (NY, USA) - 12
11. Princeton University (NJ, USA) - 11

60% of the top 100 universities are in the USA. Even little Israel has 2 but the 100x larger Arabs have 0

The United States is the uncontested leader of the world in scientific research in respect to published accomplishments, Nobel Prizes, volume of research and expenditures on scientific research. The United States is the leader of the world in technology and the unchallenged leader of the world in the global economy. The United States dominates the world because of its educational systems, including K-12 public education that produces the most highly educated, productive and successful workforce in the world.

So Life stop with your delusional thinking that we are going to collapse anytime soon or that Arabs match and exceed us in knowledge
Anonymous said…
Buckaroo Banzai, my apologies if I was unclear. There is only one nation that qualifies to be wiped off the face of the earth. A nation of innately greedy, perennially whiney carpetbaggers called Israehell.
Layla Anwar said…

No cold shoulder here...besides I was trying to put a smile on yours.
:-) With gender neutral pseudos I don't take risks.
Layla Anwar said…

Hi and that is all very nice...But you still have not admitted the Iranian role in the destruction of Iraq.
Layla Anwar said…
Bonzai tree, short and well trimmed to look like a real one...

If we want to read about your israeli jewish achievements, we don't need to do it here. Am sure the jewish zionist controlled media provides enough praises of jewish supremacy and excellence...

Bottom line, Bonzai you little artificial tree, yours is as artificial as the state of Israel.
Layla Anwar said…


I obviously can't please everyone and am glad...
Now in reply to your questions and my mistake for I always assume people know about the history of Iraq at least a little but alas this is evidently not so...

Yes Iraq in pre sanction years posed a threat to Israel and that is how.

- Iraq has no borders with Israel(like lebanon, egypt and syria) yet it had an ideology that was always anti-zionist and its support for the palestinian national liberation movement was unconditional.

- a country that can maintain a war of attrition for 8 years (as in the iran-iraq war) is surely a country capable of posing a threat to israel militarily speaking.

- in 1990, pre sanction years, during the 1st gulf war, Iraq did send missiles to Israel. No one had broken that "psychological barrier" before. no arab country.
If you read the history of the Israeli-Arab conflict. Egypt did not do it, neither Syria..but Iraq did...and later on Hezbollah from Lebanon. But until 90, Iraq was the first country that had no borders with Israel-. did it.

- Ariel Sharon then declared, we will strike back and Iraq will not be allowed to continue to be.

So I maintain what I said in my post, the US and Israel since for me they are nearly one and the same fear a strong nationalist, Arab independent Arab state with resources and potential.

As for Israel. Israel is an artificially created illegal state.
It has erected itself on stolen land. It has no real place in the ME. The only solution is a one state solution and a Palestinian one for that matter.

Besides Israel is an expansionist, racist, colonial state and because of its nature, will not withdraw to the 67 borders, not today not tomorrow...unless....

I hope that has clarified to you my "least inspiring post."
Anonymous said…

Peace can only happen if both parties want it. You are right regular folks generally prefer peace and in long running conflicts the leaders need to prepare them for it, but the Arab political leaders whip up hostility and incitement so they can blame their problems on Israel. Many groups and countries such as Hamas dont want peace period, and state it continually that they want to destroy Israel and incite hostility in their people. Many threats wars and terror attacks have been launched on Israel since its inception, so they are naturaly cautious and security minded to protect themselves from attacks especially being outnumbered 100 to 1. The regular Arab incitements of their populations and attacks dont give Israel any peace of mind which is a must in any peace agreement. Sadat gave that peace of mind and Israel gave back the Sinai oil and all. The Sinai was I think roughly 2 times the size of Israel and was of huge strategic and natural resource value to Israel but they gave it back for peace
Anonymous said…

I aint a Jew but your an ignorant dirtball. I would rather be a Jew than someone like you. They are intelligent and hard working which is why they are far more advanced than your feeble medieval culture
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar is a Jinn.
Anonymous said…

At least the Jews have achievements unlike the sick ignorant society you are part of. Maybe you can invent the Flux Capacitor

You still cant name any major achievements that anonymous asked for. How pathetic. The Jews own you. No wonder they beat the Arabs like a rented mule in every war.
Anonymous said…
Buckaroo Banzai is a hubristic primitive mental castrato ameronazi with totally zionazizized brain, the typical product of the American civilization/culture of barbarity...
Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
Anonymous said…
"Arab nationalism and any true Arab identity is the true enemy of the U.S."

Abu Zeft & fellow-retarded piles of Brzezinki-inspired pan-religionist, anti-patriotic locust shit, read and learn !
Anonymous said…

Thats a hoot
The dictionary definition of barbarity is ARAB/Muslim. You kill, torture, stone, chop heads, rape and murder each other like the primitive ape and pig culture you are. You Muzzies are so friggin deluded from reality its a wonder you can function at all. The only reason you havnt fully murdered yourselves off is that you are too stupid. I used to side with the Palestinians and Arabs against Israel until I came on to these forums and read more and found out just what filthy lying animals you really were.The fact a few Jews whip your ass shows what ignorant morons you are. Your culture contributes nothing to the world except misery. A virus is a good description. Instead of pigs being the unclean animal it is you.
So go on continue to spew your deluded visions of greatness but we all know the real truth
Anonymous said…
Buckaroo Banzai,

Let me give you an eye-opener:

We Iraqis and Arabs in general don't give a SHIT whether you Westerners appreciate our philosophy, religion, law, science, art, literature, poetry, music, cuisine etc. etc., or envy...oops, meant to say despise them.

Just fuck the hell out of our LAND - our God-given Arab Homeland united, free and egalitarian from Morocco to the Arabian Gulf.

Thank you very much.
Anonymous said…
Buckaroo Banzai let me just give you a minor taste of what muslims have contributed. There was a man named Ibn Sina...a muslim... his 11th Century work on medicine was used til the 17th Century in Western hospitals.

In architecture it was the Muslims who built the 17th Century Taj Mahal and the 13th Century Alhambra in Spain...something the west has not been able to match in beauty anywhere. Your idea of gardens comes from the muslims - the word 'paradise' in fact comes from the farsi for 'walled garden'.

In terms of cleanliness, it was a late 19th Century indian muslim who came to England that introduced the west to shampoo. before then you used to wash your hair in a concoction of piss amongst other things, IF AT ALL.

Literature: Western poetry is based on Arabic poetry which is why you still use words like 'stanza' to refer to lines of poetry. This tradition of lyrical poetry was transmitted through troubadors who settled in France following the Crusades. Read and you might learn something you monosyllabic half-wit.

Following the crusades you learnt how to be romantic and chivalrous. Before then you simply treated women as objects.

As I said this is just a taster. I could go on and on but if you actually read you might learn something.

On muslims being barbarians. I know you're from the US so I think you need to read about how you treated black slaves, how you massacred the indiginous people you took over in what is now America, about the Spanish Inquisition, about the more recent European Holocaust in Bosnia by the Serbs and about the Natives of Australia where if you take a train you still see signs saying "please do not shoot the aborigines anymore".

by the way it was the Catholic church during the Inquisition who charged the muslims of spain with being too tolerant.

p.s. we've traditionally actually liked jews. Its the zionists we dont like. Ask any real Ultra orthodox jew and they'll tell you they dont like zionists either.
Shahid72 said…
American guarantees of "diplomacy over war" is like a New Year resolution. It sounds nice, but no one has any intention of keeping it.
Anonymous said…
Buckaroo Banzai aka the hubristic primitive mental castrato ameronazi with totally zionazizized brain, the typical product of the American civilization/culture of barbarity, wants the whole world to see/read the smelly products of his psycopathic mind. Btw, in the new dictionary you'll find that 'Buckaroo Banzai' = BB = 'BRAINLESS BUMPKIN'...
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I apologize for sending my underling, and I thought I would visit you personally, to spend a little time with you to wish you the best, and bring you the season's greetings.
Anonymous said…
From UncensoredArabWomanBlues:
"It is so easy to rule Arab masses. It is so easy to rule Arab men."

You can say that again, darling.

Actually, Gamal himself was always a bit jealous of how easily I managed to spellbind them all, ruled and rulers together, into the so longed-for Unity with a simple "Ya habeeebeeee..." wail in the silent night whereas he needed an entire governmental apparatus and an army, and still did not succeed !

More power to us Arab Women ! ;-)

Love from Heaven.
Layla Anwar said…
Some good comments here, bonzai has shrunk in size even further...
let's all give him one big HAHAHAHAHA.
Layla Anwar said…

Some really good points you have enumerated...Of course the list is much longer but then this is what bothers me in these kind of exchanges with these retarded idiots...
They throw one sentence our way, and we go into exposés...I understand it is necessary somehow, but frankly I no longer have the patience. So you have done a good job.
Layla Anwar said…
Eye opener,

Short and precise and very much to the point. I agree with you 100%.
I am personally past wanting to be liked or understood by the west, it does not matter to me anymore since they have burned all the bridges...tough for them.And you said it very well.
Layla Anwar said…
Umm Kulthum,

Ya Sett al Kol, how right you are...You have mobilized what Nasser himself could not do...
Unfortunately, you are gone and some al-cheapo Haifah Wehbeh has taken up the scene.
She has no presence, no mystique, no voice, no art, no nothing...But she has plastic boobs and siliconized lips and 300 nose jobs and she has mobilized our "new" arab men, our new cigar sucking men...whose tongues and balls dangle at the sight of our new arab barbies...

We miss you, please reincarnate.

Much love from earth
Anonymous said…
Hows Layla?

Just got back recently so I've been catching up on a few your new blog with great interest...I love you for your darkly humourous observations!

About my response, I dont really like going off on one with those responses but its amazing how many ignorant eurocentric fucks there are on this planet.
Anonymous said…
Who is Abu Zeft anyway?
Anonymous said…
As much as I like your blog, I find that too often when I attempt to respond the comment does not go through- a technical glitch perhaps. So I will write my comment in segments, so that if it does not take, I will not have wasted too much time trying to post it.
I think that your understanding of things is essentially correct in many regards.However, there is a lacuna in your analysis . It is through this lacuna that people with minuscule minds (or is it MINISCULE!) who reiterate ad nauseam,ad infinitum the same vacous drivel are crawling. Let us plug the hole and make a concerted effort to keep the minisculum out
Anonymous said…
Ah, that took; excellent. We can continue:
The clash of civilizations paradigm is not only inaccurate but dangerously, and deliberately misleading. The ruling elite in the US (and yes, I do believe there is such a thing as ruling elites) is not afraid of Arab nationalism or Arab identity per se. It is the question of the nationalizing of oil and control of oil supply that concerns them.
(continued one hopes)
Anonymous said…
I wrote more extensively about my understanding of what uncle Sam is up to in the Huffington post response section to Bill Richardson's post on the true cost of the war dec 19 in the comments section under the name gigiz. I will refer to a quote in my response from Michael Klare, author of "resource wars"-"this is about oil as power rather than oil as fuel." It is far more complex than access to oil (as Americans think, or ownership of oil as many others think).He who controls THE FLOW OF OIL controls price, supply, rate of industrialization of emerging economies and much else.
(continued- fingers crossed)
Anonymous said…
It doesn't matter whether that control falls into the hands of Mossadgh, Khomeini or Chavez. Remember, Khomeini was vilified for reducing oil out put from 6m bbl to 75,000 bbl (enough to meet domestic demand only). The Us has relentlessly tried to overthrow Chavez.
In other words,ideology is not a consideration in what the US does politically or militarily. The White House is not controlled by ideologues; it is controlled by ruthless pragmatists who care only for themselves and their ilk.
(let me push my luck and try to send this)
Anonymous said…
I know that notions such as class warfare have become passe. Ethnic conflict,clashes between civilizations,national rivalries, ideologically driven wars seem so much more real in this epoch of identity politics. But we (and by "we" I am referring to those of us not in possession of great wealth- the toiling multitudes of the war, pawns of powerful psychopaths) should not allow ourselves to become slaves of fashion, and this includes fashionable ideas.
The oil moguls will gladly spend the lives of average Joe Americans to destroy the lives of average Iraqis to hold a monopoly over oil that becomes a knife to the throats of common folk everywhere.
Sorry for having to post this in segments, but took.
Layla Anwar said…

I received your comments but am afraid the lacuna in your argument falls precisely into what you are trying to refute -- namely that is it is Arab nationalism (or Iranian in the case of Mossadegh)--that nationalized the oil. In other words, it was that particular ideological framework but not limited to nationalism in my opinion. And I agree with you that oil is not simply a fuel as you rightly mentioned.

I believe, and I have said that on prior occasions to one of the readers here by the name of Karl Marx, that both of your approaches -- even though they are valid-- are quite reductionist, in my opinion. And they therefore fail to grasp or take into account other complexities of the region that do not necessarily fall within the realm of economics. Proof of the matter, your comments make no allusions whatsoever to Zionism and the creation of the State of Israel...which in my opinion is not merely an economic entreprise for grand capital.

I could go on but I think that will suffice for the time being.
LostHere said…
Of course Layla, no one pleases everyone... It was not a criticism just an observation of mine.

Thank you for the reply, and it's not that I don't know anything of history, I was just wondering what "a threat to Israel" meant as you posted. I still hardly think of that as a threat to what is perhaps the second stronger and more advanced military power in the world, besides, if it was a threat, they saw exactly how to dismantle that threat. Sorry to be blunt about it.

Don't get me wrong (and if you do, it's OK too) I am not a fan of Israel myself... the similarities with the US in it's "youth" is uncanny, and we see how all the natives ended up here. I won't be around in this life when it happens, but I won't be surprised if the ME will become the US of Israel, or just "the land of Israel"... as you said, it's an expansionist entity.

As for illegal, well... you would have to explain that also, because even though they are in violation of quite a few UN resolutions, their charter as a nation was given by the UN and therefore, legal (questioning the legality of the UN is another matter that we could talk about and believe what ever we want, but as international laws stand, the UN is a legal entity).

One state and that being Palestine... yes, perhaps. It sure would make a lot more sense, but it's not about to happen and never will, if Israel wants to stay as the theocracy that it's. Here in the States and perhaps in most of the world, Israel is known as a democracy, what ever that is, but in any case it would be, as you know, a democratic theocracy... of all oximorons!

I am not agreeing nor disagreeing with you since this is a very complex theme with many layers of human suffering complicating things... I am just talking back in the spirit of dialog.

If you can and want, try to listen to that program of Afro Cuban music from my previous posting. It will only be available until the next program saturday, and it's great music.
Anonymous said…

Yes it is minor, and its old and most was borrowed and built on Greek, Roman and Indian advancements. All cultures borrow from others; the difference is we acknowledge it and you don’t.
You most certainly advanced 1000 years ago but that was then this is now. With your logic the caveman that invented the wheel is the most advanced.
Tell me about the internet you are using, walking on the moon, penicillin, the cure for polio, the telephone, radio, TV, The Computer you are using, airplanes, open heart surgery, artificial hearts, heart, liver, lung transplants, medical equipment, drugs, cars, drilling for oil, submarines, the light bulb, DVD’s, cd roms, software, nano technology, polymer technology, photos, mass production, super structural engineering, micro chips, LED's, electron microscopes, nuclear power, cell phones, robotic engineering, chemical engineering, Teflon, genetic engineering, DNA, aerospace, breaking the sound barrier, satellites, Repeating rifle, Modern Pin Tumbler Lock, Skyscrapers, air conditioner, nylon, Human Genome Project......................................and the list goes on and on.

Tell me about those things not stuff from 1000 years ago because for whatever reason you stopped innovation and inventiveness in your culture (probably due to the rigidity of Islam) just like what happened to Europe after the fall of Rome. You can delude yourselves with delusions of grandeur like you have been doing and stay in your rut or you can acknowledge it and make the needed changes to start excelling again. Europe did it, Japan did it, S Korea did it, India is doing it as is China but the Arab world is doing nothing for advancements that these countries are doing. It’s not anything genetic, we all start out generally the same but cultural influences are what makes or breaks all of us. Look how well Israel is doing compared to the Arab world, they are not any smarter but their cultural influences make education and openness to new ideas important which benefits innovation and advancement. This is why they are so far ahead of you in science, tech and innovation.

As I said before I used to be pro Arab in the Arab Israel conflict but the more I read and the more I talked to Arabs and Israelis on forums I realized the my support for the Arabs was a mistake because I saw the pure hatred and bigotry against the West, USA, Kaffirs, Other Islamic sects and just about anything non Muslim. I did not see this with Israelis.

For the most part the west has gotten over this religious hatred that is so ingrained in Arabs. We have also gotten over the overt racism that was commonplace. That does not mean it does not exist but it is not like it was at all and it is unacceptable to the vast majority of people where it once wasn’t. We also realize that every person has some bigotry in them but that does not make you a bad person what makes you a bad person in various degrees is complete denial of it and or recognizing it and not do anything or even being ok with it. In the US I don’t care if you’re black white Jew Catholic Muslim or anything else. I will work, live next to or be friends with anyone who is a good person. In contrast you guys are hating and killing Shia, Sunni, Jew, American, Kuwaiti,your own countrymen ect ect or anyone that you disagree with or different than you or the group. Killing people over religion is idiotic.
We did that in our past but have put that behind us for the most part.

Taj Mahal-There is a valid controversy and strong evidence that it was built as a Hindu temple not an Islamic mausoleum. Regardless of that what is not in dispute is that the architecture is of Hindu Indian design and incorporates Indian, Persian, Turkish, Islamic and European elements. Many of the craftsmen were from Europe and the lapidarists were Italian. Arabs had nothing to do with it.
Whatever the case with the Taj it is very beautiful but that it has no match is not true beauty is subjective. There are many structures that are much more complex and technique challenging. The Great pyramids, The Greek Parthenon and The Roman Coliseum are marvels especially considering the age it was built but while I too thing the Taj is more beautiful some may not because beauty is in the eye of the beholder complexity is not. The Empire State Building was the first of its kind on a scale never tried so while I may think the Taj is more beautiful it is not more complex

Gardens- They are pre Islamic and date back to ancient Egypt, Persia and Greece. The ancient Chinese and Japanese had gardens too.

Western Poetry- It is not based on Arabic poetry but Arabic poetry did have some influence on it. Arabic Poetry is highly influenced by Greek and Latin forms and especially Aristotle. This is jus t another example of you and your culture trying to take complete credit and deny any other.

Chivalry was a pre Islamic Idea originating with Bedouin Antar The Lion. Arabs were the source of the concept and it influenced the crusaders. Arabic Chivalry was more geared to warfare conduct and the crusaders picked it up and expanded this code to all matters. Spare me the talk about treating women. They are property with the Arabs and don’t have the same rights as men. You probably think stoning, honor killing and hanging women for adultery or being raped is chivalrous. An Arab trying to lecture me on treatment of women ridiculous

As far as the slavery in America goes it’s not a matter of how we treated them it’s that slavery is evil period. It’s a horrible stain on our history but we don’t deny it, we learn about it and we acknowledge its evil and we did this evil. We fought a bloody Civil war to end it from 1861–1865. It was the bloodiest war up to that time and in 1 battle on one day 23000 were killed. There were over a million total casualties. Over 620,000 Americans died in the war, with disease killing twice as many as those lost in battle. 50,000 survivors return home as amputees. We don’t deny our histories if it’s bad like you do. Arabs had slavery back then and they still do. Fight a war to end it and then come talk to me about it you hypocrite.

Yeah we slaughtered the Indians while they were no angels themselves and killed each other too. Again we don’t deny what we did and learn and acknowledge it unlike Arabs/Muslims. Who are you to lecture us; Islam and the Arabs went on a murderous conquest of the Mid East and elsewhere. Why don’t you leave all those lands and go back to Arabia you hypocrite

In Bosnia the US and NATO protected the Muslim Bosnians from the Serbs. Tell me the last time an Islamic country went to war with an Islamic country to protect Christians or Jews. Your ignorance is mindboggling.

Spare me the like Jews talk while it is true that Jews were treated at times better in Islamic countries than Christian countries they were still treated badly and were 2nd class citizens as all non Muslims are in Muslim countries. The Christians treated the Jews badly which is freely admitted in the west but Muslims deny treating Jews or any non Muslims badly.
The orthodox Jews you talk about are an extremely small group of the Orthodox

Everything accomplishment you stated was 500 to thousands of years old. You have done nothing in 500 years and what you did do was in part borrowed from others including ancient Europe. All advancements have ideas borrowed or built on others and while our culture can freely admit it yours cant. Your pathetic examples show how your culture stagnated and rests on your laurels from 1000 years ago while we have advanced our accomplishments at a geometrical pace. You have not named 1 major modern advancement.

Your culture is one of hypocracy and self delusion. You try to lecture me on our failings in the past which we freely admit to learn about and deal with while you have done these same things and or continue to do them and remain in denial and refuse to deal with them.

Your culture is a great case study in ignorance and self delusion. Hopefully one day good peple like Irshad Manji will become the norm and the Arab/Islamic peoples will prosper again from their enlightenment as the West and some of the SE Asian nations have
Anonymous said…
Raise your hands who think that Buckaroo Banzai is not a psycopathic hubristic primitive mental castrato ameronazi with totally zionazizized brain, the typical product of the American civilization/culture of barbarity!
Anonymous said…
Buckaroo Banzai

technological enlightenment isnt the same as moral enlightenment. Israel is a fascist state that favours one religion over another. Its cliche to say that as an American you dont care if someone is a jew, musilim, or whatever. Has Obama got a chance in hell of becoming president?! No. Why? Because he's black. Look at Fox news' coverage of him. They peddled all sorts of lies. You havent "gotten over" any kind of racism. Open your deluded eyes and you'll see it in the States. The few Hollywood films that have show a black male lead with the white female lead have FLOPPED. Hollywood is scared to do that again. Why? Because for the most part you're a racist nation. You have gangs of middle class middle aged americans shooting mexican immigrants as they cross the border for fucks sake! How very civilised.

I dont give a flying fuck about your support for Israel. It doesnt mean fuck all to anyone so you go supporting an apartheid regime... Go read a Book by Prof. Eyal Weizman called "Hollow Land". He's an Israeli architect.

About the Taj Mahal. Mughal architecture is my major so please dont lecture me about it. Saying that it was a Hindu monument is a BJP Hindu fabrication that is akin to Hitler's fake archaelogical evidence of Aryan superiority. Its as stupid as saying that the White House was built by the Red Indians. Rajput and Hindu architecture is very different. The Taj is a mix of classic Timurid and Isfahani influences. doesnt do much for showing you're an intelligent rational being.

None of the fucking craftsmen were European nor were they Arab but the architect was a muslim. Its dimensions were supposed to represent paradise where the queen rested till the day of Judgement. A monument of Love to a woman.

The Taj mahal was built earlier than 500 years ago.

Read some military analysts' writings and you'll realise that the US and NATO didnt go into Bosnia for any altruistic reasons but because the had to. They had to go in because they had muslim fighters from all over going to Bosnia to help their muslim brethren and NATO didnt want these people so close to 'civilised' Europe for it may potentially lead to all sorts of things happening in Europe. I'm sure I dont need to elaborate on what the fear was.

By the way theres no such thing as an 'Islamic country'. Its 'muslim country'. read Sir General Glubb's book "A Short History of Arab People". Written by a British Imperialist but it gives a true account rather than your bullshit received wisdoms of bloodthirsty muslim conquests in the middle east. Then maybe you wont be so ignorant. Christians in the Levant preferred Muslims to the Byzantines because they got treated BETTER and paid LESS Tax. There wasnt an inequality in the way you are talking about. While its true the Jizya was a tax on non-muslims, it was for protection as non-muslim citizens did not have t serve in the army nor did they have to pay the 2.5% charity tax that muslims do. And when muslims had to make a tactical withdrawal from Damascus in 636 ALL the Jizya was paid BACK because the protection had not been assured. The Jizya was a VERY nominal amount for the most part.

Jews' Golden Age, by their own admission, was in Muslim spain.

Whilst the Ultra Orthodox Jews may be small in number they're the true adherents Jewish faith.

You dont know my culture. I'm actually English so if my culture is hypocritical and self-delusional so is yours smartarse

Yanks havent learnt anything from your failings in the past. If you're daughter married a black guy you would go crazy! God knows what would happen if she became muslim and married a black guy HAHAHA!!!!

Dont get on your fucking moral high horse with me. The day the US foreign policy stops messing with politics in the Middle East and stops their support of fundo regimes like in Egypt and Saudi Arabia thats when muslims will be free to progress.

You really dont know what you're talking about so respond if you like but I dont have time for american white trash who cant see life past your own sanitized borders. I dont have time for dumb americans.

Fuck you very much.
G.Gar said…
I can't believe that people like you still exist Layla! Sometimes I get to think that Arab dumb asses deserve all what is happening to them.What happened to Iraq, and more important how Arabs reacts is a stigma on and shame inflicted on all Arabs.

That idiotic two dimensionally minded ignoromus Buckarro Banzai bozo said:

"Gardens- They are pre Islamic and date back to ancient Egypt, Persia and Greece. The ancient Chinese and Japanese had gardens too".

Why hasn't he mentiontioned Babylon? That is just too fishy.

Who are those Persians? some savage nacked Achaemenid barabrians who sacked babylon and mimcked their culture and drew on the wealth of Egypt and the Arab world. Before 500B.C no one ever heard th word Persia! while semitic ARAB AND I EMPHASISE THE WORD ARAB babylonians invented civilsation from scratch in 4000B.C.

The unholly alliance between the Irani sponcered persian pan islamism and zio-American schemes to dismantle the Arab world and pluck out their Arab roots, in order to pave the way for the emergence of a bi polar Perso-Israeli middle east reigning over marginalised impoverished red indian statlets- is paying off. There is relentless discourse launched in all Arab and international media as well as the Arab power "elites"centered around putting out the Arab self-conscious and negating all the cultural, historical and ethnic constiuents of the Arab nation.

Unfortunately, decades of Saudi sponcered Wahabism and an Egyptian dramatic deterioration in all aspects, and finally the destruction of the last resort of Arabism-Iraq in 1990 which discredited the enlightening progressive Iraqi model in the middle east have led to the metamorphsis Arab masses
into sheepish sub-human creatures addicted to the thighs of Nancy Agram and the black turbans of the baboon-Najad . Their existance revolves around the latest fatwas from Amr khaled and Kardawy regarding the optimal shape of Hijab!!!

May allh bless the soul of presedent Sadam Hussien-Sayid Al-Arab
Anonymous said…
Amre El-Muppet said:
"I can't believe that people like you still exist, Layla !"

Neither can I.

In fact, I suspect her to be some kind of naughty-but-good female Jinn.

Anonymous said…
I am still waiting to hear about any Arab contributions to humanity in the last ten centuries. So far the list is

1- Suicide bombing

Tell me I'm ignorant - I'll laugh at you - then tell me an Arab contribution. Dead silence, folks, dead silence.

By Allah' bloody beard, can't you people see how useless you appear to the rest of the world? Bunch of fanatics chanting "Death to America" in the streets (don't any of you have, you know, jobs?) and believing their own pathetic propaganda.

Oh, well. Still waiting to hear about one great Arab scientist, engineer, artist, architect, writer, inventor, statesman, humanitarian, philanthropist, scholar, etc. Oh, you say you have a list? Let's require that this Arab's contribution has to be original i.e. not just regurgitation of European or Hindu thought. That cuts your list down to..... zero.

PS Thanks for Islam, though. It perfectly illustrates the kind of people you are - savage, sadistic, woman-hating, violent, and anti-intellectual: the Middle East in a nutshell!
Anonymous said…
Thank you from the heart for keeping your promise.

Know that you are not alone...

Long live Iraq.

G.Gar said…
Anon said:

"I am still waiting to hear about any Arab contributions to humanity in the last ten centuries. So far the list is"

Your bias is simply unbelievable..... starting from the scientific revolution combined with expansion into the far and later on Arab east- civilsation has become a western monopoly. Is it a reason for us Arab to lose confidence? certainly not.

Tell of any Indian, chinese, Japanse or even Persianb contribution- answer is null.

Japan has broken loose and started to develop successful indeginous civilsationary pattern only in th post world 2 era, China might have recently started to follow suit. India is still stuck and struggling to get out.

On the oher hand, look at Arabs, ever since chimps came down from trees they have been taking the lead, except for a brief period of Greco-Persian ascendance.

For thousands of years the Valleys of Euphrates and Nle were the centres of power and innovation. Finally, Arabs rose up and cleansed the Arab world from Greco-persian influence. And in no time integrated and summed up their brilliant heritage that was the source of Greek innovations and the much less inlfuential Persian culture which in turn tranfered the Arab mesoptamian learning an arts to [their] Indian cousins.......

Untill 500 years ago, Arab literature, medicine, sciense was the on the lead. Ibn khaldoon founded the basis of modern sociology, arabic medical text books were the ultimate reference. Arabic scienses of geography , chemistry, physics( Alhazen), mathemtics were the role model. That was depite of the fact that Arabs had lost politcal power to the allien Turks and persians because of their too tolerant policies and clan like menatlity 400 years before the the age of European rennassaince. Eventully the Ottomanian failed to produce an added value to Islam and civilation and lived in the shadow of Arab culture untill the 19th century.

Now keep on mind that Egypt in the begining of the 19 century and in the sixties tried to break through but couldnt cope with the external pressure, the same goes fo Iraq in eighties in seventies and eighties.

Neither India nor China have the Arab world geopoltical position and geographic proximity to Europe- the historical civsisationary rival( not enemy). Moreover, non but Arabs are doomed with oil which is luring pirates and blood suckers to prevent the child form growing.

South east Asia was not infected by an Israeli disease which happens to be a an American air craft carrier stationed in the middle of our homes and checking our progress. Do you remeber who bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981?? would anyone g´have dared to attack Iraq had it gone nuclear?

"You said, tell me of an arab contribution:"

That is exctly the problem- we are different people, we have a radically different value system and culture. We dance to our own tunes.

Probaly you would never be able to understand Arabic music- otherwise you would have never said so. It is majesterial enchanting and genius listen to onm Kulthoom or Abdel wahab But I am sure you will never do, simply because you dont want to. We are- the other, the anti-christ.

Have you ever got acquanted with modern Arabic poetry, literature and cinema. Of course not. But that is not the case with China or India. Why? There is a spiritual dimension in the colonial anti-Arabism,a historical old inferiorty complex given a chance to invert itself and unfold........

a good few scintists all over America are Arabs........... and despite all our misfortunes we still have Noble proze laurettes.

Why have you bombed Iraq's factories, bridges and power stations in 1990 and forced its its highly developed intangible human captial to either to flee the country, or else they got lynched by your Iranian baboons in the post invasion Iraq?

Arabs will never be free untless they become conscious of their comon destiny and learn to put up a solid united front. They have to remeber that from our perspective and despite of the conflicting interests among wjhat makes up the word west- they are alwas as one as far as Arabs are concerned concerned........
Anonymous said…
your latest "party" on the other uncensored blog is fuckin hilarious.LMAO
Anonymous said…
Dear laila,I want to bring to you this intersting artical
Anonymous said…
layla plz post more stuff abt your personal life in your other blog
Anonymous said…
JR, what a simple soul you are, lucky you...
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
What makes you think that anonymouse is a ,"silly little cunt.?" Based on the unabashedly surly, aggressive tone of anonymouse's ridiculous little diatribe, I have the distinct impression that anonymouse is a male.
Anonymous said…
"technological enlightenment isn't the same thing as moral enlightenment"- beautifully said. As far as Obama's becoming president- right again; the chances are nil. Racism in Hollywood is the least of it. That is Amerikkk'as racism at its most glamorous. Hurricane Katrina is closer to the real picture. And American's shooting Mexicans who are trying to come in to work for paltry wages so their families can survive- yes, yes, yes; hunting Mexicans has become a national pastime. Excellent points- all.
Anonymous said…
Look - I'd like to like you folks. Maybe I'll learn something. Best to you all,

I am,
Anonymous said…
You are dead on about foreigners filling America's PHD programs. That is because the average American has an attention span of 10 seconds or less- having been inundated with advertising, soundbites,cartoons etc. It takes greater powers of concentration to get a PHD than the average American can muster.
Anonymous said…
"Israel wants peace"- that is eminently apparent yet only geniuses like yourself seem to recognize that.
Anonymous said…
Amre el abayad:
"Sometimes I think that Arab dumb asses deserve all what is happening to them"-sure, Iraqi kids deserve to be poisoned with uranium when they're not being bludgeoned,shot or stabbed. You're a real sensitive guy, aren't you?
G.Gar said…

"Sometimes I get to think that Arab dumb asses deserve all what is happening to them.What happened to Iraq, and more important how Arabs reacts is a stigma on and shame inflicted on all Arabs"

It clear that I am blaming non Iraqi Arabs for standing still while iraq is being raped. That was very clear.

Are you playing games with me or what?
Anonymous said…
gigi said...
What makes you think that anonymouse is a ,"silly little cunt.?" Based on the unabashedly surly, aggressive tone of anonymouse's ridiculous little diatribe, I have the distinct impression that anonymouse is a male.

cunt is aterm of abuse for males where i live
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Amre El-Abyad said...

"Sometimes I get to think that Arab dumb asses deserve all what is happening to them.What happened to Iraq, and more important how Arabs reacts is a stigma on and shame inflicted on all Arabs"

It clear that I am blaming non Iraqi Arabs for standing still while iraq is being raped. That was very clear.

Are you playing games with me or what?


amere el-dicked u said very clearly....
"Sometimes I get to think that Arab dumb asses deserve all what is happening to them."

dont try n back track u cunt....l.what a insesitve dickhed u truly r....i hpe u rot in hell
G.Gar said…

Layla wrote:

"What Condi Rice is really telling the Arabs is that Arab nationalism and any true Arab identity is the real enemy of the U.S. Hence the destruction of Iraq and its fragmentation into sects and its turning it into a Shia theocracy is exactly what America and the Western world had hoped for"

This is a comments section of a blog. It is clear that I am criticsing the Arab stance regarding the American schemes and invasion. I mean by Arabs here non Iraqi Arabs. It is clear from the context. Read the following:

"What happened to Iraq, and more important how Arabs reacts is a stigma on and shame inflicted on all Arabs."

Does the pevious statement tell you anything?

I am not going to defend my statements anymore. But god knows how painful the inavsion of Iraq has been to me.

Anonymous said…

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