Iraq - Grandeur & Destruction. Part II

Planting the seeds of Division.

This is a continuation on my previous post . For those of you who are new to this blog, please read part I first.

As I tried to demonstrate with facts – that none can dispute – Iraq from 1958 onwards, right up to the 80’s, and despite the Iran-Iraq war, managed to build itself into a Nation State.

As I said, the bulk of this nation building was done under the rule of Saddam Hussein. Again, like it or not.

In order to understand what was later to unfold, I ask you to keep that concept of “nation state” at the back of your minds. Only then will you understand the dismemberment of Iraq as it insidiously, gradually took place and culminated in a full blown occupation in 2003.

Before tackling the sanctions years which I believe I have already covered in past writings – I would like to cover briefly the Iran-Iraq war.

This can be considered a separate chapter by itself, independently from the rest, but as I will try to demonstrate, this is not the case. The Iran war saw its continuation- by other means in today’s Iraq.

Some brief historical information:

Saddam Hussein came to power in 1968 and consolidated his role that culminated in his being the President of the Iraqi Republic in 1979.

Khomeini was exiled by the Shah and took up refuge in Nejaf/Iraq from 1964 to 1978.

A treaty was signed between the Shah of Iran and Iraq in 1975 and referred to as the Treaty of Algiers. This treaty of truce and I say truce not peace, contained as one of its main clauses, the non-interference of Iran in Iraqi affairs.

Iran had prior to this treaty, along with Israel (see my posts "Our brothers the Kurds" and "Bad Pawns") supported and armed the Kurds in Northern Iraq.

Do remember that Iran also has a sizeable Kurdish population to whom it has never given autonomy- as was the case in Iraq. Iraqi Kurds have been autonomous since the 1970’s.

I do not wish to dig into the “historical conflict” between Babylon and Cyrus the Persian king, nor do I wish to cover the Safavid period of the 15th century in which Shi’ism became the official religion of Iran. But these two are interrelated and the only reason am mentioning them is for the purpose of showing you the depth of Persian -Iranian meddling from the Babylonian times until this very day.

Khomeini was extradited from Iraq in 1978 upon the request of the Shah of Iran and was flown to France.

Exactly a year later, in 1979, Khomeini was back in Teheran leading his “Islamic” revolution.

The Shah was allowed to leave with his family and he later on wrote in his memoirs, to the effect - that the Americans and Europeans simply "dropped" him.

Furthermore, an interview with a top CIA guy in charge of the Iranian dossier during that period, when asked the question “What did you think then of the thousands of Iranians gathered under the Shah’s window?” his textual reply was :

We thought nothing of it.”

The CIA thought nothing of it. Here were thousands of Iranians demanding the demise of the Shah and the CIA who installed and supported the Shah "thought nothing of it."

Of course, one can even go further in reflection and say - if the Shiites were so oppressed in Iraq, as it was later claimed, how come Khomeini lived there for over 10 years and how come he was able to mobilize such support?

Surely he could not have done it from 1978 to 1979 from France, could he now?

And if Saddam Hussein was such a controlling, totalitarian, repressive “dictator”, was he not aware that Khomeini was planting the seeds of his overthrow ?

I do understand that Khomeini was considered charismatic but we did not have the internet then, for him to spread his charisma...And Nejaf and Teheran did not have an underground tunnel tying them together for the Khomeinist charisma to disseminate across the border that easily.

What I alluded to in my previous post, namely that the West, (Americans and Europeans) helped Khomeini accede to power is correct. I think I just may have a point there, worth seriously considering.

Khomeini from day 1 in Teheran and in parallel to the American hostage crisis, was calling for regime change in Baghdad. I repeat, from day 1.

As a matter of fact, the first time I ever heard the word “Taghia” i.e tyrant, was from Khomeini’s mouth, when he referred to Saddam Hussein.

And that word was the first word in the gigantic demonization campaign that was to follow right through the sanctions years, right through the American occupation and till this very day...

I do not want you to forget the beginning of this media propaganda campaign that started with Khomeini who was really put into power by the Americans who “thought nothing of it” and of course not forgetting the European role, namely the French and the Brits. And lo and behold, Sarkozy, Blair and now Brown are dancing to Bush’s tunes...

I would also like you to remember that Khomeini further asserted that the road to a”free”Jerusalem was through Nejaf, Kerbala and...Baghdad.

He was hoping to first start with a Shiite rebellion in the South of Iraq that would spread through and overthrow the “tyrant” that housed him for over 10 years on Iraqi territory.

The Iran-Iraq war broke out in 1980. Prior to that date, there were 260 incidents recorded on the Iraqi frontiers. 260 incidents of Iranian aggression on Khanakeen and beyond and cost the lives of hundreds of Iraqis. 260 incidents in one year, one every other day. Each one recorded and reported to the UN security council who stayed silent...

We will see, in the next chapter, the continuous silence of the U.N – from the time of those incidents right through the sanctions years till this very day...

In parallel, in the heat of the Iran-Iraq war, when Iranian missiles were raining on Basrah and Baghdad, Israel bombed the Osirak Iraqi nuclear power plant in 1981 in what it called “Operation Opera.”

In 1982 Saddam Hussein called for a ceasefire which was refused by Khomeini’s Iran.

That war that cost us over half a million of our men, and lasted from 1980 t0 1988, the longest war of attrition in contemporary history, ended in what was politically considered a “stalemate.”

During that period, and prior from the days of the Shah, Iran had been receiving logistic, technical and arms support from Israel. Remind yourselves briefly of the Iran- Contra affair, too.

And contrary to popular belief and the propaganda that has not stopped since that cursed day, Iraq’s major bulk of weaponry came from Russia, China and France.

Of course, I am aware that there are other aspects to this war I have not covered...But I ask you again, to retain the following basic facts as the foundational pillar for further chapters. The chapters of the Destruction of Iraq.

I will ask you to remember that the DAWA Party whose “prominent members“ are :

- Iraq’s "Prime Minister” Al–Maliki, who spent all of his youth in Iran.
- Muqtada Al –Sadr, father of the Jaysh Al-Mahdi, who speaks Arabic with a Persian accent and who tied the noose around our great Saddam Hussein’s neck.
- Al Jaafari, a triple national- Iranian/British/ Iraqi.
- Al Rubaie a.k.a. Karim Shahpour, originally an Iranian National with an Iraqi passport.
- A. Al-Medi – a French/ Iranian/Iraqi national.

And there are more names but suffice for the moment...

All of these represent the current puppet government. A government installed by the Americans. These people are all members of the Dawa Party. Dawa means "call or invitation-" by the way.

And guess when and where was the Dawa party born and formed? It was born during the Iran-Iraq war in Tehran.

Do remember what I said above - Khomeini’s wish was for a Shiite rebellion starting in Southern Iraq and spreading to the capital Baghdad...

I also will ask you to remember that the SCII, the Supreme Council of Islamic Iraq , which Abdel Azeez Al-Hakeem and his son Ammar rule, and who head the Badr Militias, was also born and modeled after the Supreme Islamic Iranian Council in Tehran during Khomeini’s reign.

Do you now understand how the seeds of ethnic and sectarian divisions were planted and by whom ?

To be continued...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Noureddine Ameen.


Anonymous said…
I don't see much point in arguing with Ms. Anwar about facts, she accepts the Ba'athist line in everything. It is as pointless as arguing with a diehard Bush supporter about the lies told before the 'preemptive' aggression in 2003.
The US had no interest in overthrowing the Shah. He had rewarded the Americans in many ways since they helped him regain power from Mossadegh. It was incompetence, not conspiracy that prevented them from interfering in Khomeini returning to Iran. Anyone familiar with the careers of April Gillespie or Douglas Feith should know the Americans often employ incompetent people to run their business in the Middle East. The French accepted Khomeini in 1978 as a favor to Hussein, a business partner of theirs. They let him go in 1979 because his presence in France was regarded as a security risk, not much caring what happened to him once he left. Remember that Iran-Contra only happened after the Iranians ordered their agents in Lebanon to punish America for supporting Hussein in the Iran-Iraq War. Most people in America now think the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. I hope Layla Anwar someday sees through the Ba'athist
Party line on the 1980 invasion of Iran and the 1991 invasion of Kuwait. Provoking another is bad, but overreacting to provocation is dangerous and stupid.
Anonymous said…
I don't need to see through the baathists, now that I have seen through your kind...
You still have not been able to refute the DAWA party section and the fact it was installed by America.
Your lies know no bounds...You need to go and bury yourself in shame.

Off you go now!
Anonymous said…
"she accepts the Ba'athist line in everything"

Why not, since they turned out to have been right about everything ?

Another blinkered anti-Arab muppet visiting...geez.
Anonymous said…
Which enemy forces do you think will surrender first: the USan, the Iranian or the Israeli ?
Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
Anonymous said…
What about me ???
Anonymous said…
sum1 u show-off, how many times...

cant u see that layla doesnt give a rabbit's turdlet abt ur metaphorical ravings u headache-inducing fuckhead.

u need 2 take ur little self less seriously n start thinking of others.
Anonymous said…
A simple truth. Was Iraq better off under Saddam Hussein or is it better off under the current Occupation? To people of integrity and common sense, the answer is obvious regardless of all the propaganda and spin. Three million deaths since 1991 and counting, people with their own agenda will remain in denial, including the likes of Chomsky, Phyllis Bennis, Juan Cole et al, et al, et al....
For perspective, here again is a must read on Saddam Hussein.
Anonymous said…
How you can have such raging progressive and nationalistic views and be a member of a globalist theocratic network such as Al-Qaeda is beyond me.
Anonymous said…
Evrand Abrahamian wrote in "Iran between two revolutions" that while Khomeini was in Najaf he was receiving up to 3000 of his devotees a week at his mosque. It does raise certain questions as to why he would be allowed to build his movement in Iraq. Although the US was on very good terms with the shah, the opposition to the shah inside Iran was reaching a fever pitch. Ali Shariati whose ideology is a synthesis of Marxist ideas and shiism (perhaps Marxism cloaked in religious images and language) was becoming an increasingly popular figure among the shah's opposition. If the US projected that the the overthrow of the shah was inevitable, it is quite possible that Khomeini would have been considered the lesser of several possible evils.Black shiism would certainly be seen as preferable to red shiism. Did the US intentionally assist Khomeini in coming to power? I cannot say , but I don't think that that scenario can be ruled out entirely. It is possible that the US might have thought Khomeini would be easier to control than he turned out to be. This is where incompetence comes in- the failure to accurately project the behavior of puppets once they get into power.
Anonymous said…
"I do understand that Khomeini was considered charismatic."

There is a difference between charisma and "liver trouble" :-)

Intelligent, educated people should always be able to distinguish.
G.Gar said…
the longest war of attrition in contemporary history, ended in what was politically considered a “stalemate.”

I am afraid I disagree with you, the war ended with parts fo Iran occupied, Khomeini was forced to sip poison, and it was clear that Khomeinism was demicing.

The war was limited Iraqi victory
Anonymous said…
Was/is Iran a pawn in the US hands or were/are they two distinct imperialist powers allied with each other ?
Anonymous said…
He was a Persian mummy from Cyrus' time, exhumed, implanted some dead Shah's brain, put a black turban on, brought back to life by a team of Jewish American and French mad scientists and sent on a mission to destroy the Arab Nation.
Layla Anwar said…
Jr's twin,

Where is your twin brother????
Tell him I miss him.
Layla Anwar said…

You are correct, Khomeini did say will accept this truce and for me it tastes like poison...
But politically, as opposed to militarily, it was a considered a stalemate.
Layla Anwar said…

Good points.
I don't think they are in denial...I think they are part of the problem. They and in particular the grotesque chomsky, held the same exact words as the fascist Khomeini and the equally nazi Bush. I am starting to wonder if Chomsky did not actually write the Bush propaganda campaign before the invasion.
Layla Anwar said…

Good question,
Iran is a small regional imperialist power, think of the Cyrus and the eternal Persian ARYAN aspiration to regain their lost empire.
Iran has interests that coincide with the American and Zionist long term interests in the region...
Think of Iran being used to
- for the sectarian card of sunni/shia
- to gather the so called "moderate " arabs into the Israeli camp
- to be used to divide the arab states into statelets...

Iran is a perfect tool for the American and Zionist plans and they serve her as well...

Next stop : Lebanon, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Mark my words.
Resis-dance said…
hi layla,

ive posted my latest vid onto the Resis-dance website with a few thoguths of my own.

check it out ;)


Iraqi Democrat - Resis-dance DJ
Anonymous said…
What the Western leftist rabble find so irresistible about a bunch of black-cled puritanical old baboons and that shrimp of a sad ass of a midget Ahmadinejad is one of the mysteries of the universe to me.
Anonymous said…
When Iraq is liberated, blogger Layla Anwar shall be designated by unanimous popular acclaim as only worthy successor to Saddam Hussein and appointed as first woman President of the Republic of Iraq.

I have spoken.
Anonymous said…
I agree with clairvoyant, above!--karl m.
Anonymous said…
Let it be written on my gravestone:


Goodbye, sisterly stranger.
Anonymous said…
multisect said...
"Most people in America now think the invasion of Iraq was a mistake".

Kurt, did it occur to you that by joining the demonization of Saddam Hussein bandwagon prior to the invasion(s), in keeping with your 'balanced approach", you contributed to the war effort? The same goes for Gaddis Smith, Bush's history teacher at Yale who changed his mind about the Vietnam War, from supporting it to later calling it a 'mistake'. Millions of deaths later, its a bit too late to repent. You are right when you say "I don't see much point in arguing with Ms. Anwar about facts......"
Anonymous said…
You know what amazes me the most is that the anti-war movement considers Iran the major threat to the American interest in the region.
Yes the AWM and not the American administration. Have you seen lately the articles written by some of them about iran. I have to give an example here because it is really ridiculous, look at the ICH newsletter, 90% is about striking or not striking Iran, nothing about iraq, well maybe they would tell the number of the dead and that is it.
I mean do these guys use their heads for a change, or maybe they are part of the game who knows. You see them defend Iran with incredible passion.
Like the very basic idea in investigating a conflict is to look a bit, just a tiny bit, between the lines, under the hood. I don’t understand, why their version of world politics is that simple, or maybe that stupid I should say.
The funniest article I read few days ago is saying, “what a miracle, the CIA said iran stopped the NP,” just reading the title makes you wanna puke. Oh yeah the CIA is that honest. Oh finally an honest report about iran. How does the CIA function, does it produce random reports? Do they have long term strategy, or just through out abrupt random reports here and there.
Ok let us do a very quick revision in how iran is helping the US:
- Iran helped in the iraq invesion
- Iran helped creating a civil war in iraq, to distract, weaken, the resistance from attacking the Americans. They destroyed, destroying, the economical, social, educational, scientific, health, structure of iraq to an irredeemable point. They did this and they took the blame off Israel and the US by doing it themselves.
- The first thing the Americans did, is to put the Iranians groups in iraq in power. Sorry let me rephrase, the first thing the Americans did is to put in power in iraq the same people Khomeini tried 8 years to put them in power in iraq. In other words, they did what the Khomeini wanted and fought for 8 years. Who knows, maybe the Khomeini charisma worked on bush too.
- Iran helped in Afghanistan invasion.
- Iran helped in creating instability in Lebanon. And please don’t get me started on hezbullah and Israel. Hezbullah helped Israel more than anyone else. (It needs another post to talk about lebanon). The bottom line is that, Israel and the US along with iran want to see civil war in lebanon.
- Created instability in the gulf region, that made the arab states more and more begging the Americans for their support, buying in billions of dollars for weaponry. That situation put more pressure on them to make peace with Israel and forget about the Palestinian problem. The Iranians again, took the heat off the israels.
- The key and the ONLY KEY to divide the middle east again will be through iran. ONLY iran can motivate the shia minorities in: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan. In other words, if the Americans want to create the blood borders, Henry Kissinger plan from the 70’s, they need the help of iran. Not only that, but they need the help of the current religious fanatical Iranian regime to do so.
The natural ally to the west in general, and Israel in particular is iran, it was before, and it will continue to be. And mark my words, the Iranian regime will be the last to fall in the region. It will fall only after the blood borders and the new middle east is in complete shape.
Saying all this, they cannot and will not find better ally than iran, and iran knows that very well. They need an assassin by nature, they need a killer that kills for pleasure not for money. They need someone that they won’t be responsible for, they won’t be accountable for. They need someone to do the job perfectly by innate nature, natural instincts. They need Khomeini type, they need ahmadinajad type, they need bin laden likes. These guys can do the job even better than them.
Now dear anti-war movement, do you think this worth looking at?

Anonymous said…
You know Layla, it is just truly SAD. In a sane world the US would have had strong moral leaders and the US would be good friends with a powerful, secular Arab state like Iraq was/should's such a total waste of God's creation.

God Bless Iraq
Anonymous said…
some of this shit is tooo funny!
Anonymous said…
screw Iraq. God bless me.
Layla Anwar said…

This is EXCELLENT. I think you should write an article on exactly this topic.
Layla Anwar said…

I agree with parts of your comment, for the rest, kindly look at ABC's post under anonymous.
Layla Anwar said…
ID Resis-Dance,

Bless you for writing something about the 5 million orphaned children.
When I read the story a few days back, I cried myself to sleep...
Your post had me in tears as well.
Layla Anwar said…

:-) That is very nice of you...
I doubt my Iraqi fellows will accept though. Many of them would love to see me lynched.
Anonymous said…

wot do u mean by that message, that u are gonna kill urself ?

nooooooooooooo...don't commit such a muppet's action...stay here and read sum more from our great layla...

who knows, maybe ull get 2 find out her secret 2 survive in this nuthouse of a world...

my best wishes.
Anonymous said…
jr's twin,

where is your brother and did you tell him that I miss him ?!
Anonymous said…

Please don't kill yourself, Iraq needs you. She wants you alive and kicking...get my drift ?
Anonymous said…
Layla, why don't you contract a purely formal marriage with ID or some other like-minded, unmarried male friend of yours so you can apply for adoption of one or more Iraqi orphan children and have them brought away from the Iraq hell to where you live now ?

I don't know the reasons behind your choice/difficulty to have no children of your own in the past, but I know for sure you would now make a wonderful substitute mother for those poor little angels.

Just give it a thought.

Anonymous said…
Hi Layla.

My twin brother has undergo surgery to change sex and he's now a gorgeous woman called like you.

Anonymous said…
Tip: undergone
Anonymous said…
Typo, not tip !

My, what's wrong with me today...emotion ?
Layla Anwar said…
jr's twin,

the day your brother decides to become a man again, let him pop by and say hello.
Layla Anwar said…

thank you for the tip. I don't appreciate my private life being discussed on the blog and I certainly don't appreciate receiving advice on private matters either...

You must be the same Yas who wrote a past comment sometime ago, pretending to have written to me several mails...

On both accounts, it is a cheap shot.
Anonymous said…
My adored Layla,


How did you know ??? !!!
Anonymous said…
However you did...

I was actually in a mood to...when I wrote that message.

Were it not, once again, for the irresistible curiosity to see "what comes next" (both on your blog and in our dearly beloved Resisting Iraq), I would probably have made it to some peace by this time...

Nevermind...sooner or later it will have to come.

Thanks for your over-human understanding and patience with this orphaned, "compass-less", gone haywire soul of mine, and for being such a severe but always reliable guide...

Anonymous said…

you assume layla hasn't thought of/done that yet.

on which friggin grounds ???

r u sum clairvoyant type of jasmine flower by n e chance ? ;-)

wots so tremendously hard in just staying nice n quiet reading layla's posts n drawing knowledge n virtue from them...faut-il toujours que tu fasses ton intéressante, as the french say ???

damn it !
Anonymous said…
4 at's, another muppet...though in a tender way :-)

ur not only an orphan, ur a heiress as well...

dont waste ur share of spiritual inheritance on depression n disorderly, mis-channelled outbursts of anger, or it will all have been vain...

i can understand (from the height of my superior intelligence) that ur living in a both psychologically n morally unhealthy "habitat" 4 sum1 with your sensibility n beliefs, but thats no good reason 2 let urself drift off 2 the mind-numbing limbo of idiocy :-)

strength, patience n persistence, n ull make it through...

god keep u.

Anonymous said…
typo: 5 at's
Anonymous said…
What if Layla Anwar was a member of Al-Qaeda ?
Anonymous said…

and wot if the full moon was a swiss cheese ?

have u ever considered this possibility ?
Anonymous said…
dearest layla,

i hope ull appreciate my unflinching stance n resolve vis à vis the muppets today.

god willing, theyll not be annoying or depressing u anymore.

always at ur service...

jr's twin
Anonymous said…
Dearest JR's twin,

Much obliged and I fully appreciate your efforts...
JR and yourself are not identical twins I can tell...
I don't know how to put it, even though I am grateful to you, I still miss your brother.
If you do see him...tell him so.

with my best wishes
Layla Anwar.
RhusLancia said…
xxx: "What if Layla Anwar was a member of Al-Qaeda ?"

What do you mean "was"?? She obviously has not repented, so you shouldn't speculate in the past tense...

Whether she's a card-carrying member or not, she shares much of the ideology (ie that Shia and Kurds are to be mass-murdered as "collaborators" & "traitors").

I would actually guess "Ansar al-Sunna" before AQ.
Anonymous said…
thanks Layla,
I am no writer but i will try,
God bless your soul,
Anonymous said…

What's wrong with you, darling ?

Is your personal assfuck boy Iraghi Mojo off on strike ?

Don't be such a Zionist miser, do grant him that friggin pay raise and see how he'll be back like a shot.

And do let him be on the top every now and then, poor little thing.

Good luck !
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla as always you remind me about the things that are important.

I want to remind any American Liberators, Policy Makers and Movers and Shakers and flag-waving Freedom Lovers that we Americans systematically and thoroughly killed every "Native-" or "First Americans" we could lay hands on, made and broke treaties with them every step of the way for our own personal gain, and forced the survivors onto reservations which continually shrank in size as we took over the rest of the country and where they still reside today, somehow managing to preserve a few of their traditions, ignored by most American citizens. From this act of genocide alone, for our part as Americans, almost a hundred and twenty years after Wounded Knee, there is a shame that runs deeper than Reason, I mean deeper than Reason can articulate.

In that light, and until we Americans practice humility and make amends for what we've done "to the least of our brothers," most of us should probably shut the fuck up and think twice about questioning someone else's definition of Freedom.
RhusLancia said…
Hi advisor,
You may want to be reminded that it is the "Resistance" who are after butts. I don't know if they pay a fair wage for it or not.
Anonymous said…
Do enjoy! Freedom is on the march :-)
Anonymous said…
you are free to leave anytime. No one makes you live in the USA.

Find me one country that hasn't engaged in violence during it's history and I'll show you a country that is relying on someone else's 'fighting spirit'.

get off the sidelines and do something or shut the fuck up.
Anonymous said…
Waiting for Part III...
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…


This is the criminal america of thugs, drug addicts, killers.
this is the criminal great britain of drunkards perverts, and hypocrites.
and this is criminal iran of shia thugs,rapists and drillers.
YoUnicorn said…
Dearest Layla

Thank you for part II.. questions and doubts were clarified.
I am so looking forward to part III.
I will forward the video you posted to everyone !

Take good care of yourself !!
Lots of love always
Anonymous said…
young'n said...

O ye heretical dog !

Layla has not been born, she has been there for all eternity.

Resis-dance said…
hi layla,

check out the latest offerring.

Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar hugs resis-dance...
And sings give me, give me ,give me ....
Great song and great choice...and great minds think alike ;-)
Anonymous said…
goddess devotee,

How I wish...
Don' turn me into a Goddess and then turn around and call me a statue for idolaters
Anonymous said…
My venerated Layla,

Ask me to give my life, my blood, my soul for You...but not my reason.

As a rational being, I am blessed/doomed to thinking and, inevitably, doubting...for as long as I live.

But rest assured: in the end of the day, I will always come back and nestle my heavy, tired head in Your divine lap, because...You are all what I have left.

Your most humble High Priestess,
Anonymous said…
hmmmm....interesting stuff

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