Iraq - Grandeur & Destruction. Part I

Breakthrough & Nostalgia

When I say and repeat that you, Americans have destroyed everything in Iraq, I am met with scorn and anger.

Some of you are too simplistic and equate destruction with buildings in ruins.

Having a limited a vision, you can’t go beyond the material, the physical...

I reiterate, you Americans have destroyed everything in Iraq. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Since 1958 until 2003, Iraq, its government and its people strove relentlessly to build a modern nation state.

The biggest developmental boom took place under the Baath regime and in particular under Saddam Hussein. Like it or not.

In 1972, the oil was nationalized. By 1982, illiteracy and preventable diseases were eradicated.

Education including higher education was free of charge. The government would disburse 5000 grants yearly for postgraduate studies abroad to England, Germany, Russia, France...

By 2003, Iraq accounted for 30’000 scientists. Yes, you read me right, 30’000 scientists. And when in 2003, Bush said that Iraqis were very educated people, he knew what he was talking about.

Now you understand why the targeting of academics, scientists and intellectuals was part of the American plan. It was actually no.1 on the agenda way before "sectarian warfare" broke out.

Since, over 600 scientists and academics have been murdered in cold blood, the rest have fled and many are reported missing...

University libraries and schools were booming with books and publications, the National library in Baghdad held the most ancient manuscripts ever to be found.

Iraqis were known to devour books, and Baghdad was a publishing center. Books would even be distributed free of charge to other Middle Eastern countries including some parts of Africa.

The Universities were equipped with the latest technology and labs. The student dorms were specially designed to accommodate the highest number of students – a lot of them came and studied and lived free of charge in Iraq. They came from Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Algeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Sudan...

In the medical field, Iraq was considered the most developed nation -along with its educational system, in the whole of the Middle East . Both WHO and UNICEF stated that Iraq on these two fronts could be considered as having overcome "underdevelopment" and was ready to join the "developed world."

All specialists were sent abroad for post-doctorate research and for further specialization.

We had the most advanced hospitals, with the latest equipment, there were health dispensaries in every neighborhood. Medication was subsidized, and all you needed to do is pay a symbolic fee of 1 dinar. 1 Dinar for a medical visit and that was it.

Infrastructures were diligently built. Roads, highways, bridges, sewage system, electricity, telecommunications, industry, commercial buildings, hotels, agribusiness...All of these were built by Iraqis. Not some foreign labor, but Iraqis themselves.

In fact, Iraqis were the main asset. And the government under Saddam Hussein, invested heaps into the main riches of Iraq- its people.

Women were particularly favored during that time. We had equal rights, equal pay, 2 years maternity leave, we could divorce when we saw fit, no one would tell us how to dress, 70% of us were working women, we had access to schools, universities, education, government institutions...We could travel, drive, and run our own businesses...

Some of us were professors, others doctors, teachers, engineers, scientists, archeologists, financial managers, diplomats, judges, lawyers, artists, singers, writers, actresses...

We could walk the streets alone, during the day and night, we could go out, dress as we pleased (within reasonable limits), marry whom we wanted in a civil court if we had so wished...Polygamy was forbidden and domestic violence was punishable by law.

Our children had access to free schooling, free meals, free health care and were vaccinated free of charge. Iraq had the lowest child mortality rate in the whole of the Middle East. Our children went to good schools with heating, with desks and chairs, they had enough to eat, they had places to go to and play, they had parks and gardens, swings and playgrounds, they had a mother and a father and grew up into healthy adulthood...

Those who had lost their parents were either taken care of by the rest of the extended family and were given a governmental pay allocation for that or placed in orphanages that were subsidized and supervised by the government. And trust me that government was quite strict with any form of abuse if it ever happened.

The few gays we had, were tolerated and were not harassed or targeted and were not tortured or murdered in broad daylight.

Minorities like the Kurds had their own regional autonomy. Saddam Hussein built them universities and schools where they could teach and learn in their own language. They were allowed their own press in Kurdish, their culture- music, customs and their own style of dress. They were free to circulate in the whole of Iraq, attend universities and live anywhere they wished.

In fact a lot of them remained in Baghdad . They were allowed to be part of the government and were represented in it. We had Kurdish ministers and ambassadors.
And intermarriage between Kurds and Arabs was very common. Kurdish even became a compulsory secondary language in Baghdad’s high schools.

Other minorities like the Sabeans, the Yazidis and the Turkmen were allowed to form associations, practice their own religion, language or ethnic customs...And again, intermarriage was common.

Christians were protected, particularly protected. They were given posts in government. Had access to all the Iraqi institutions, owned their own businesses, were free to worship as they pleased, the government even had a special budget for the construction of churches. They were allowed Sunday off instead of the traditional Muslim Friday. They celebrated their religious holidays in all freedom, they were Iraqis before anything else...They were even free to have their own hospitals, schools, and pension homes.

The Shiites formed the bulk of the government employees and the army. They were considered as Iraqi citizens first and foremost, were allowed to worship in their own mosques and study in their own religious centers, they had access to education, housing, employment, higher studies, high governmental posts, ministerial posts, diplomatic posts...

They were allowed to marry anyone they pleased. And the fact is that the rate of intermarriage between Iraqi Shiites and Sunnis is the highest in the Middle East compared to let’s say Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon or Saudi Arabia where Shiite minorities exist. There is not one Iraqi family which is not of mixed sects- Sunni/ Shia.

Iraq produced Shiite doctors, professors, scientists, artists, sportsmen...

Palestinians, and they used to call themselves Iraqi-Palestinians, numbered around 35'000 in total.

They were specially protected by Saddam Hussein and his government. They were given equal rights just like the Iraqis, were allowed to own their businesses, marry -marriage between Iraqis and Palestinians was common, had access to free schools, universities, grants, medical services just like any Iraqi.
Palestinians were considered the rightful owners of a just cause and they were fully and unconditionally supported -no matter the cost or the consequences. And that is the way to do it.

Culturally and artistically, Iraq was a truly booming place. Baghdad was known for its poets, writers, artists, musicians, painters, dancers...

And Saddam Hussein invested heavily in Iraqi art.

There was a special Institute for plastic arts, sculpture and ceramics... The Iraqi school of Art was known to be the most prominent in the Middle East and produced many famous names that were later emulated by other Arab artists.

Furthermore, to encourage both Iraqi and non Iraqi art, the Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein, established cultural offices supervised by its cutural attach├ęs abroad.

For instance you had an Iraqi cultural center in London, one in Paris and another one in Geneva.

These centers would promote Iraqi and non Iraqi artists, organize Iraqi dance festivals, Iraqi exhibitions of crafts and traditionally designed clothes, would invite traditional Iraqi musicians...

The aim was to bridge any cultural gaps between the Arab world/Iraq and the West. And all these activities were free of charge. The government paid for everything- every single activity and covered all the costs it entailed.

As some of you may know, Iraq is the land of the first civilizations known to humankind. The skeleton of the Alphabet started in Sumer with the first cuneiforms. Even cooking recipes were engraved on tablets. Techniques for civil construction, agricultural irrigation and also the preliminaries for urban planning - all took root in this ancient civilization. Epics, poetry, music, jurisprudence with Hammurabi’s over 700 codified rules, philosophy and metaphysics also took root in this land...

I don’t want to go into Mesopotamian history right now, but suffice to say, that Iraq counts for the highest number of archeological sites in the world covering thousands of years, and bearing witness to different epochs of history. From the Sumerians right through to the monotheistic prophets and beyond...

Before the sanction years and I will touch on the sanctions years in my next chapter, the government under Saddam Hussein spent millions of dollars in the restoration, preservation and protection of these sites that are considered part of the universal patrimonial heritage according to UNESCO’s definitions.

The hanging gardens of Babylon were even considered part of the 7 wonders of the world. Not anymore. They have been replaced by Petra in Jordan.

The Iraqi museum was home to thousands of priceless artifacts, numbered, classified and recorded...Experts in ancient history and archeology would spent unlimited hours excavating, restoring, preserving, protecting and teaching our Mesopotamian heritage that stretched all the way to the Abbasid Caliphate right into Modern Iraq.

Right up to the sanctions years and despite the Iran-Iraq war, one can safely say that the Iraqi state was a fully modern functioning independent entity. When I talk about state I am not only talking of governmental institutions.

There were these and there was the army, a modern strong capable army. But state also entails other aspects...

State entails other societal institutions, like universities, schools, hospitals, cultural bodies, associations...infrastructural systems, civic society and national and cultural identity.

The Iraqi State and its ideology overcame tribalism, sectarianism, ethnic chauvinism...And it was a fully functional State without outside help. It was run by Iraqis for Iraqis.

I am absolutely convinced that, had Khomeinism not appeared on the scene, and Khomeinism was greatly helped to accede to power thanks to the West...

I am absolutely convinced had there not been this tumor called political Shiism, and Persianism. I am absolutely convinced that had Iraq not had such disgusting treacherous neighbors- Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait...

I am absolutely convinced had Iraq been truly allowed to continue on its developmental path without having to constantly ward off outside influences, it would have become a fully fledged Arab Democracy with its own specificity...

In fact Iraq had ALL the necessary prerequisites and ingredients to become so.

It had a strong government with a vision, it had institutions, it had eradicated illiteracy and had a highly educated population, it was developed in more ways than one...

And this, the West can never accept. Nor the West, nor the rest of the feudal backward Arab states, nor the criminal Israel and Iran.

And it is with the objective of destroying what the Iraqi government and in particular Saddam Hussein took great pains in building in only 3 decades, and 3 decades are not much in the history of a country, the Americans came to invade and occupy...

America’s objectives and the primary goal on its agenda was the erasing of the Iraqi identity because America understood that it was precisely that identity that proved to be America’s main stumbling block despite years of grotesque, criminal sanctions. Sanctions, previously unknown to contemporary mankind.

Not since the League of Nations, has anyone witnessed such a collective effort to destroy and steal the soul of a nation that tried to stand on its own two feet alone with its own resources.

And its resources were:
1) a hardworking, intelligent, educated people
2) its natural geography - a) the finest quality of crude oil gushing from the biggest, largely unexplored oil reserves in the world. b)sweet water flowing from two rivers. c) a fertile land and,

3) its deep, ancient, historical roots from which it drew pride and moral strength.

A deadly combination for the covetous, barbaric West and for their bastard criminal whore mistresses the Jewish State of Israel and Persian-Iran.

Here was an independent, progressive, modern, secular, strong, proud, Arab identity...that freed itself from the shackles of the Ottoman then British colonialism and on its way towards true economic, political, intellectual and moral independence...Here was a country who refused to be a lapdog, a slave that would bow down...And that was simply not acceptable.

And the breakthrough that started as a dream and took root in reality, was forbidden to further unfold...Not only was it forbidden to unfold, it had to be smashed, destroyed to pieces. It was in fact a must.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Zainab Abdel Qader.


Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
Anonymous said…
Am purring...
Anonymous said…
Stray Cat,

You're an idiot.
Anonymous said…
America is cannibalizing the world with Iraq as the main course. We,living in America, are sitting in the belly of the beast.Americans , on the whole, either don't care , or don't know what to do about it.
RhusLancia said…
Hillary Clinton: "It takes a village."

Saddam Hussein: "Raze this village."

Layla Anwar: "Yay."

Layla, seriously, is there any reason that Iraq cannot be a great country without Saddam Hussein? Germany has gotten along just fine without H*tl*r, but it took time to recover from the disaster of his rule. Even though he did similar "great" things for Germany, the "cons" sorta.... ummmm.... outweighed the "pros". Of course, he had his faithful followers too, yes? Even to this day.
Layla Anwar said…
OH Rhuslancia, you grotesque sumac colored truck...

Your wonderful govt has invaded and occupied and installed a quisling govt and now 5 years down the line, we are back to the 1800.

Iraq and Iraqis WILL NEVER accept a shit sectarian govt of thugs and rapists backed by corrupt to the bone American criminals...

Do you get it Sumac colored truck or should I draw you a painting for your two cents worth brains so you can comprehend?

Two cents and am being generous now. 4 years ago you did not even know where Iraq was on a map you retarded species.
Anonymous said…
Layla, this is brilliant, so simply told, that even dim Americans MAY be able to comprehend. One doesn't need to be Iraqi to feel such deep hatred and contempt for the destroyers of Iraq.

If there's one thing that the destruction of Iraq has done, it has opened the world's eyes to the reality of barbarism/mendacity/theft/coveteousness/greed/total lack of intelligence coming out from the US, together with all the others mentioned in your article - they managed to pass themselves off as 'civilised' for too long. This MYTH has now been shattered, forever.

Iraq will rise again, Layla, of that there is no doubt.

In solidarity.
Angel said…
Hello Layla,

If I was a thoroughly brain dead/washed American, I would think you were telling me fairytales.

But, I'm not, and you're not.

To Rhuslancia: Sadaam has not been likened to Hitler nearly as much as GWB.

Bush-Hitler: Hypnotising the Masses.
Anonymous said…
One dead sure tip to recognize strict but good rulers from dictators:

Dictators are scared shitless of culture.

They will keep the people physically hyper-trained but intellectually at a nursery-school level - a potential "all brawn no brain" cannon fodder army.

Therefore, not-so-dear Rhuslancia:

Hitler was a dictator (the famous Goebbels quote: "When I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun").

Bush is a dictator (just think of the appalling conditions of the Zionist-controlled US school and university system).

Saddam was a strict but good ruler - and a democrat at heart whose large and beautiful wings were "clipped" by the continuous interference, meddling and hindering of the colonial powers.
G.Gar said…
When I first learned to read when I was kid the Iraq-Iran was its peak. I used to read the news papers everyday looking for news about Iraqi victory. It seems that I had an intuitional sense of Arabism. I even still remeber t my grandmother's, who was a very old woman, comments on eh photos of Khomein:" That son of a dog is very ugly" ......... For some unknow reason I had some affinity with Iraq in particular.

when I grew a bit older. I used to view Iraq as a rival of Egypt! despite of the positive image of Iraqis among my familly, although non has ever been there.

Later on, let's say in the nineties despite of being very westernised, and the naive malicious depiction of Arabism as an anti modern force, I became more conscious of my Arabic core. This is not yet the usual naive hollow rehetoric which Arabs are quite understandably known of , but my experiences in life have made me a stouch believer in the common destiny of Arabs, and that there is no way out of the successive failures, humilations and catastrophies, unless Arabism becomes an integral part part of the life of all Arab citizens.As simple as that.
Anonymous said…
"Polygamy was forbidden."

What about Samira Shahbandar, Nedhal Al Hamdani and the 20-something daughter of former minister for military industrialization Huweish who got married to your "feminist" hero after Sajida ?

Some kind of "regal privilege" ?

Anonymous said…
Tip - the appalling condition of the US university system?

Are you kidding me?

I think you Turd Worlders will stay on the bottom because you willfully believe nonsense that makes you feel better.

Hey, if you are happy in your dung heap, that's fine with me.
Anonymous said…

Yes, we were very happy in and proud of our "dung heap" a.k.a. the cradle of civilization, the capital of the Abbaside Caliphate and the laboratory of the Arab Socialist Renaissance.

Kindly fuck the hell off back to your own 3-century-old real dung heap with no history, no culture and no morals, whose territorial integrity and independence we Iraqis have always respected and shall continue respecting in spite of everything.

Long live variety, the spice of the world.

Thank you so much.

Iraqi Resistance
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Resistance,

I think we can be friends.


The anony-mouse ;)

But seriously, you folks delude yourselves if you think America's universities are poor, America has no culture, etc. Unless you think that willfully deluding yourselves is going to help - which I doubt - you may as well face facts.

Until then, on the bottom you will stay.
Anonymous said…
And what if I never shade your eyes again
Or yield my fruits to your gentle shake
How would I ever live on
Without you there's no roots to belong...
Well, someday Love is gonna lead you back to me
But till it does I'll have an empty heart
So I just have to believe
Somewhere out there you're thinking of me...

Till the day you let me grow
Till we say our next hello
It's not goodbye
Till I see you again
I'll be right here
Remembering when...
And if Time is on our side
There will be no tears to cry
On down the road...
There is one thing I can't deny:
It's not goodbye

You'd think I'd be strong enough to make it through
And rise above when the rain falls down
But it's so hard to be strong
When you've been missing somebody so long...
It's just a matter of Time, I'm sure
But Time takes time, and I can't hold on
So won't you shine as hard as you can
To bring my barren twigs into leaf again...

Till the day you let me grow
Till we say our next hello
It's not goodbye
Till I see you again
I'll be right here
Remembering when...
And if Time is own our side
There will be no tears to cry on down the road...
There is one thing I can't deny:
It's not goodbye
Anonymous said…
Anonymous, you have delusions of grandeur. It's common knowledge that the American educational system stinks. Literacy and numeracy levels are lower than anywhere on earth, with legitimate educational surveys. Children of immigrants from developing countries who go to the US always go three classes higher in school than what they were in back in the 'Turd World' as you ignorantly call it. Educational institutions are filled with gun-toting criminals, and drug addicts. Americans have no clue about Geography, History or anything which makes people CIVILISED, and they've proved it with Iraq. The only thing that Americans are good at is stuffing themselves with FOOD (the McDonald's variety), just their bellies and not their brains.

Right now, the US is trying to entice Iraqi professionals, the ones with the REAL brains, to go and work in that hell hole.

Your comments demonstrate who is on the bottom rung. And, by the way, why are all of you lusting for the 'Turd World' through illegal invasions and occupations? It's because you know that you reside on the Giant Turd, not just now but for always.
Anonymous said…
Little deer, my poor little dear,

I could care less about the Third World, whether it be Iraq or some other backwards, barbaric place.

The United States, with all of its faults, is full of natural beauty, with a tremendous geological and ecological variety; is teeming with the talents and cultures of a thousand nations; is a place where everything is happening - every kind of culture, every kind of art, every kind of science, every kind of entertainment.

Third Worlders, in my experience, are the most gullible people in the world. You believe your own propaganda - how pathetic. Let's take one example, your idea that the US university system is in shambles. Right - Harvard, MIT, Stanford, even places like the University of Illinois (where the idea of an internet browser was perfected)are all a fraud. I'm sure your universy degree, with major in Koranic Beheading and a minor in Inferiority Complexes, has been very good to you.

I think you believe the images that the sensationalist news media puts out, and your own propaganda, because you don't want to believe that a free, civilized country like the US can exist in opposition to your delusional visions of Arab superiority. What makes things worse, what makes you really angry, is that you know at some level that your slurs are all based on jealous lies.

Sad. Little deer, I've got lots of interesting things to do today. Why don't you go sit in the garbage and hate on whitey some more?
Anonymous said…
Home Cat,

Why did you call me an idiot ?
Anonymous said…
Stray Cat,

Because you were purring when there is nothing to purr about.
Anonymous said…
Home Cat,

But the resistance is winning !
Anonymous said…
Stray Cat,

Just as I thought: you're an idiot.
Anonymous said…
Home Cat,

So isn't it winning ?
Anonymous said…
Stray Cat,

Yes, it is.
Anonymous said…
Home Cat,

So why can't I purr ?
Anonymous said…
Stray cat,

You'll see.
Anonymous said…
Home Cat,

You're scaring me.
RhusLancia said…
Layla (and followers in same vein), thank you for draining the marsh of my ignorance... kinda like the beloved Saddam Hussein drained the... oh never mind- you're not interested.

Are you going to do a "chapter" on his two failed invasions? Quite literally, the "blood for oil" he spilled? Or one on the mass graves filled with "traitors"... or mothers & fathers of "traitors"... or kids who'd grow up to be "traitors"? That would be sweet.

Layla (and followers) I do not know why you think all of Iraq's accomplishments are/were dependent of the thief Saddam and his criminal regime. But I look forward to the day where your better countrymen prove you so wrong! :)
Anonymous said…
Stray Cat,

Then just forget what I've said.
Anonymous said…
Home Cat,

OK, I will.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

Excellent ! Thank you , -))
I read it 2 times and want to read it more.. to have the picture and the info integrated to my mind and I never forge it !!!!

I would like the whole world to read this and to wake up to the truth !
I pray each day for Iraq, Iraq will raise again ! Fully, shinning !
Take good care of yourself dear ,-))
Bless you
Much love

I agree with Little Dear,
LOL well said, **delusions of grandeur**, this is IT.
That is why they dont learn anything else, not even languages and they stick to their programming books and info. So great they are LOL
anon.. what are you talking about?
universities where they are programmed and brainwashed ? YOU are the best .. oh yes you can do it !!!!
technical stuff yes they do know,
they know about *franchises and business and dow jones and also how to manipulate populations* with their movies....but nothing else.. those in Usa who are racist will never learn they are too focus in excluding others !!! I can send you links, many dont even know where ME (Middle East, of course not me) is, just clarifying
Yes ! many immigrant children are getting plus..

So true !
As jr was was born in the cia, raised by the cia and programmed by the cia.

You said it.. exactly !
and the *gang* not only sit but feed from the beast (escatologically speaking)


ooppss I just read it
See your racist comment !!!
You are clearly showing where you come from...the usans who try hard to change things would be ashamed of your comment. you had to say it LOL
3d word are the most gullible ???
Listen you brainwashed anon
the world has had enough
with your butchering !!!!
Destruction of all that is worthy.
What have you given to the world?
GUNS, manipulations, murdering...
oh yes beautiful places that once belonged to Mexico and to Native Americans, keep stealing and killing... that is your culture !
I am sure you have never traveled out of you tiny state.

Yalla !!!!!
Anonymous said…
Stray Cat,

See you.
Anonymous said…
Home Cat,

Anonymous said…

See how you must try to diminish me - "never traveled out of your tiny state" - in a desperate attempt to assuage your own inferiority complex.

Been around the world, kiddo, and it is the uneducated Third Worlders who will believe anyone who tells them that their misery and ignorance is the fault of some Westerner. Even better is the story that Americans live in the same misery and ignorance - yalla, you really believe that? LOL, babe.

By the way, you should look up what the word "native" means before you start talking about Native Americans.

Anonymous said…
Rhuslancia, how is your willy doing ?

Because I sense a je-ne-sais-quoi of sexual frustration and jealousy in your obsession with a strong man figure such as Saddam Hussein.

Why don't you just switch off that friggin pc, forget about politics and go get some Amerikkkan hooker or more likely bumboy.

Just asking.
RhusLancia said…
Just fine, freud, thanks for asking. I'll let you know if it changes, OK?

Hey, isn't the "need" for a strong man a sign of psychological deficiency?

Oo oo torture me, Uday! I've been so naughty!

Gas me Ali Hassan! I'm such a traitor Oh yesssss!!
YoUnicorn said…

I am not dimishing you !
you did it for yourself
you auto sabotage yourself
and SO well ! LOL

this is good
1. someone who has traveled would never see 3d world countries with a racist perspective. On the contrary, would learn history and would learn of the mistakes of humanity and would have an opened mind and opened heart.
Would see other human beings for what they REALLY are.. similar to you and worthy of respect !!!
Who deserve the same human rights as anyone in this Beautiful Blue Planet.. regardless of country, race or color.

this is better
2. Inferiority complex =
Projections of over valuating ourselves .. due to our need of reassurance.
So the delusions of grandeur, fits again, right ?

even better
3. If you have traveled then you stay in your franchises hotels and dont go out to meet learn anything then?
Empires have fallen.. right?
Yours will not last.
Waterloo is in next corner,
Thank Goodness LOL
Does it ring a bell to you ?

Yes kiddo.. if 3d countries are good people who trust and act with more honesty ? ok then I agree
the 3 world countries are gullible
by the bulliest !!!!
I dont mean to say all are the same
we are individuals.. with our choices and the tragedy of human kind ARE the SMART BULLIEST not the TRUSTY Gulliest.

Of course I know what Native means.. the real owner of a land, by right !!!!
BTW I know many who are dear friends to me and their philosophy is profound and wise.

for you those who dont think and act exactly like you and are not AS SMART as you are .. are ignorant?
Those who dont live in your own reality are ignorant ?
waoo Einstein would be truly amazed listening to you. LOL

Good day !
Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
Anonymous said…

That was great. Only could you write it in English next time? ;)

Cheap shot, I know. I don't read or write any of your barbaric tongues, so your English is really fine. But I think you are really confused here. I've been all over the world and it is always the ignorant who think that some powerful bogeyman is holding them down. Usually this is done in an attempt to distract them from the real source of their problems. You seem to be intelligent, you figure it out.

And Layla is a racist, supremacist bigot, and her blog is an embarrassment. She certainly has her sycnophants, but she is a bitter hateful person. Her writings are furious and stupid, despite the humanity she may have once had. That's the truth, babe. She's been sucked into the typical Third World vortex of misdirected ugliness - by choice - and its a sludge she has to live in now.

Anonymous said…
Rhuslancia !

What are you doing here ?

Who is this bitch called Layla Anwar ?

You know I don't like you to speak to women other than your mother !

Shame, son, shame !

Go back to your stuffed birds NOW or I won't be answerable for my actions !
YoUnicorn said…
arrogant usan
as Spanish and French are barbabrian languages for you
Your extreme ignorance is too much !!! when you learn my language we will talk again.... and if by any chance you thought Arab was my language.. shame on you !!
you know nothing of history

Good bye.. Hit the road Jack LOL
YoUnicorn said…
oopps clicked too fast
I wrote languages but you wrote
tongues? haha you are a born again?

Spanish, French and Arab are not barbaric tongues. You born again !

About Layla
you can say whatever you want
who cares ? someone who is full of racism and is a new born fake preacher .. NO WAY !

au revoir
Hay te ves guey ! haha
Anonymous said…
had you lost all hopes of ever winning back all of that, you would have already committed suicide.

from your choice of living on and writing, i draw the absolute certainty that the great iraq will be again.

god bless you.
Anonymous said…
Over here in America, we have been told countless times that Saddam killed his own people, mass graves, etc. etc. and so on and so on…..

But what exactly has been going on here in America? Every year 20,000+ Americans die because they had no health insurance and thousands more suffer needlessly also due to a lack of health insurance.

High level members of the Executive and Judicial branches and the 535 members of the U.S. Congress have a family healthcare plan that covers unlimited doctor office visits of their choosing; covers all accidents, routine exams, physical therapy, labs and x-rays; and the like; unlimited hospital stays; certain chronic care and rehab; full prescription coverage; and unlimited specialty consultations.

They pay $35.00 a month and are covered for the rest of their lives.

I would say that our government is doing a excellent job of creating mass graves here at home as well as in Iraq. Our technically advanced and superior society can’t figure out how to extend basic healthcare to its citizens, but has no problem spending $700 billion dollars a year on weaponry and $400 million dollars a day for an illegal and murderous occupation. Our politicians are nothing more than murderous thugs – “promise them democracy, but give them death”.
Anonymous said…
I see where Saddam went wrong now; he allowed Christians to live in Iraq. That is always a fatal mistake, the whining little shits should be shot at birth. They do so piss me off with their wailing, and gnashing of teeth, and their perpetual begging for forgiveness. They really need purification with fire. I'll see what I can do as a nice Christmas present.
LostHere said…

I have been hoping that you do write something like this for a long time. I knew you would do so with extreme clarity and penetrating candor. Well done!

That said, and to be honest, you have said nothing that anyone that is aware of life in general would not know. True, I have been an avid reader all my life (and I don't mean of "best sellers"), but certainly no scholar here... the one thing I have going for myself is that I did not forgot what I already knew when the rhetoric of a "new history" replaced the existing one. I imagine that's the way it is with many other people, specially outside the USA.
In any case, you certainly demonstrated, once again, the level of your education... sharp, clear and concise. What a great essay!

Thank you. Looking forwards to read next chapter, as the history of Iraq throughout the "sanctions" years is not very clear of interference, much as I tried to listen to alternative (read outraged) voices as it was happening.

As a disclaimer, there are certainly things I don't agree with you in reference to USAmericans and westerners in general, but you have as much right as I do to have your own opinion, so I certainly not going to call you on it. Come to think of it, I find it estrange when people write to you to tell you "don't hate me, I am not like that", or something to that effect, because, is it that important for those "whoever" that you like them?
Are they so insecure? I mean... we have a said in my country "if the shoe fits..."
Thank you again Layla, and BRAVO! to you.
RhusLancia said…
Congratulations, Iraq! Two more years to new elections...
Anonymous said…
'Other minorities like the Sabeans, the Yazidis and the Turkmen were allowed to form associations, practice their own religion, language or ethnic customs...And again, intermarriage was common.

Christians were protected, particularly protected. They were given posts in government...'

There were 2500 Jews among the minorities in Iraq when Saddam came to power (I was one of them)..How come not a mention of how they were treated?
Anonymous said…
Layla, how come you deactivated the comments moderation ?

Got snowed under with GIMF "assignments" again ?

What slave-drivers those folks are...

You should complain with your local Al Qaeda propagandists union.
Anonymous said…
Layla; absolutely true, but unfortunately the Oil which made Iraq what it was its downfall. This invasion and occupation was planned during the Bush 1 years. Sadam fell into the US trap where he was given to understand that Kuwait could be invaded. That was the excuse… The Bush 2 invasion was all about occupying Iraq and with Saudi Arabia toeing the line, controlling the Economies of Europe, China and India. There was no hate for Iraqis… Hey half the Bush administration could not find Iraq on a map of the Middle East never mind the world.
I have to laugh at “anonymous” above “ Third Worlders, in my experience, are the most gullible people in the world. You believe your own propaganda - how pathetic.” Hey buddy you just described the average American including most of our politicians (Re: WMD’s)
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

You mentioned in one of your comments that part of the plan was to also take on some of the Iraqi scientists and use them in the USA. That is absolutely correct.
Thanks for pointing this out. When I write these long essays I have so much info to share, but sometimes I can't write fast enough.
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Angel,

Well actually, from what I hear from friends living in the West, seems these are fairy tales...
The majority of the left and the anti war movement still believe that the Iraqi resistance is made up of Muqtada Al Sadr and Al-Hakeem of the Badr Brigades from Iran. They still don't get it that these are part of the puppet govt installed by the Americans.

I would have assumed that when invading a country or being an anti-war supporter, one would at least try to figure out the basics.

- a history of Iraq
- and who the main players are...

But alas this is not the case
They are braindead and brainwashed for sure.
Layla Anwar said…
Amre Al Abyad,

Thank you for your comment. It was written with candor and was touching.
Layla Anwar said…
little palm tree,

I like your share more if you have.
Layla Anwar said…
Dearest Yolla,

I guess you have noticed as we "third worlders" have noticed, the deadly American combination of both IGNORANCE AND ARROGANCE.
Mind you they usually go together...
The average american has not set foot outside his own "country" if you can call that a "country", can't even speak or write his own language properly, can't spell, does not read, and is basically a useless consummer who has his/her 5senses constantly excited to buy, eat, and do more...of the same.

You cannot really expect anything of grand value from these lower "1st worldist"....

Did I say "1st worldist" ? - hahahahahahahahahahaha.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Z,

Don't believe we have "met" before...
Thank you and bless you too.
Layla Anwar said…

You said that the American govt and notice I did not say "your govt" ain't I nice? fed the people these lies about mass graves, etc etc....
Yes you are absolutely correct, in the follow up on this post, I will talk about the huge propaganda campaign against Saddam Hussein and today we all know why and what purpose it served.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and thank you.
Am a little surprised to be honest with you. I received several mails congratulating me on this piece...and I did not understand why.
But now I do...
I always assumed that the ABC's I enumerated in this piece were known facts to all - seems they were/are not.
I did touch upon all of these aspects of Iraqi society in my previous writings...So am really repeating myself.
Just leads me to believe that the brainwashing has been so deep that I need to repeat myself ad infinitum...
Layla Anwar said…
iraqi Jew,

I watched a program sometime ago, about a very small community of Iraqi jews who are STILL in Baghdad.

It was during the sanction years.

They interviewed two of these Iraqi jews. Both said the following.

- we are Iraqis first and foremost.
- we will never leave
- our economic situation is very difficult due to the sanctions but we are being helped by our muslim neighbors daily.

so iraqi Jew, had your 2'500 community who left followed the same precepts- am sure they would still be there in Baghdad. But obviously your loyalties were elsewhere.
Layla Anwar said…
mohammed ashruff,

Am afraid I do not agree with your analysis about it being just about the oil. This is too reductionist, and simplistic in my opinion.
There was and there is hatred against any true Arab identity that will stand up to both American imperialism and Zionism.
The Americans and the jews will never tolerate that.

Think of Gamal Abdel Nasser for instance...Look at how events unfolded after his death.

A war was waged, the Egyptians were winning in 1973, they could have gone even deeper into liberating more territory until Sadat gave the orders to stop it short. A peace treaty followed.
They all waited for Nasser to die to have this peace treaty.
The same breath is being applied in Iraq. Saddam had to be killed, i.e had to they can continue their plan.

Zionism - ISRAEL, that cursed thing is at the root of everything.

Am afraid you got it wrong on this one.
Anonymous said…
Yes Zionism is the root of the problems that the US faces in its foreign policy. Just look at the many Zionists and neo-con bible-thumpers in the US administration and Politics.
Unfortunately I do not believe in the “Arab identity”, what is that? All with the exception of Jordan were in favor of the first Gulf war. There was and is no unity among the Arabs, each Arab country, as is natural, has its own agenda. If a common language is the criteria then I guess there is an Arab Identity.
The common Americans dislike of the Arabs (Saudi Arabia) was more because of the oil wealth as well as Arab control over the US economy. You give the US government and the average Americans too much credit… It really was that simplistic and yes being able to have 14 military bases in Iraq also helped.
Layla Anwar said…
Mohammed Ashruff,

Again you are oversimplifying.
Arab Identity is not only about language.
The jews refer to palestinians as the Arabs. Why so in your opinion - is it just because they happen to speak arabic?
The christian Arabs refer to themselves as Arabs why so?

It seems you really don't know Americans all that well even though you said you lived there.

I don't think I have given credit to the Americans, I said and I repeat they are hijacked by both their system a ruthless capitalistic one and by the jewish zionist lobby.

If anything that is saying they are ignorant of their own fate.

In the layperson's mind Arab is equated with al Jazeera al Arabia. This is historically an incomplete and innacurate picture. I will not give you a lesson in history. There is no space here on this comment section.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

Actually, that poem was inspired by your post "The Door".

I tried to identify with that palm tree you had planted with so much loving care and the invasion compelled you to leave still a tender, defenceless shoot...

Thank you for your appreciation, existence and resistance...

Anonymous said…
In my mind's eyes I see:
Three circles joined
In priceless, graceful harmony
Two full as the moon
One howllow as a crown
Two from the sea
Five fathoms down
One from the earth
Deep under the ground
The whole are mark of high renown
Tell me:
What can it be ?
Anonymous said…
Typo: hollow as a crown
Anonymous said…
Ha! I got you nailed big time! No way you can counter FACTS.

Your hero was a lustful polygamist and the "apples" fell right at the tree foot.

And you call yourself a feminist!!!!!
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

Absolutely !
IGNORANCE and ARROGANCE are best friends !
What is the outcome?
For ANON, is funny ?... is depressing !!!!!!!
here is a link.

*1st worldist?* I agree with you

Zionism has them a in shock state
of illusion !
Watching this video, how some ANON usans are in TOTAL IGNORANCE / INSANITY !
I want to say, I have dear friends who are Usans and are trying HARD to make a difference.
Unfortunately they are very FEW !
The programming keeps them eating and shopping:))
ah yes !
and watching tv.. all day long.. in a lazy state of mind ,-((
Many now are losing their homes..... WAKE UP !!!
When are the ANON usans going to catch up with humanity??????????????????
when are the ANONS going to go out of their tiny(mind)boxes and see the world ?
The *outside world* ?
"third worlds" ha ! well said !

Take good care of yourself Dear Layla.
We love you and love your message and blog !

Long live Iraq !!!!!
Long live Iraqi Resistance !
Long live sanity !
Long live peace !
Long live we,
the people of the world !
Long live we, the *third worlders*!
,-)) Salam
Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
Anonymous said…
In men's world, a woman has no right to be at the same time beautiful, free AND virtuous.

She will be hated and, if the opportunity arises, made pay in tears and/or blood her "affront" to their virility.

Iraq would never have yielded to the indecent proposals of the whoremongers America, Israel and Iran, nor could they assault her as long as her most faithful son was watching over her honor, safety and happiness.

He had to be got rid of, and now our beloved Mother is struggling in the occupiers' filthy, greedy clutches, raped in body and soul, repudiated by her degenerate Arab family, ALONE in the world...

O God, let me awake tomorrow and realize that it was all but a bad, bad, bad dream...
Anonymous said…
I am a ghoul.
Anonymous said…
From Sweden.

"The coffins was wrapped in iraqi flags when the victims, the Martyrs, from the front line, was driven to its graves. In Baghdad, Basra, Nasiriya, Karbala, Kut, Hilla, Samarra, Tikrit, Mosul and in all the other
towns and villages of Iraq that was a daily sight.
In almost every block the relatives had raised Tents of Sorrow for other relatives from close and afar, for neighbours and friends; for them to be able to come, show their respect and express their condolence.
There was hardly a single street without black pieces of cloth, put tight up against the facades, with the names of the fallen sons, written in white upon.
One day when I was driving through Baghdad with my wife and our little daughter, we got stucked behind two cars with coffins on their roof. Our daughter looked at them and said she also wished she was dead. "I cant handle anymore to see all this every day". My wife started to cry. " How could she think like this?! She´s only six years old!".
At the same moment a close ranking iranian missile flew right above us. It hitted the ground and exploded close to Hotel al-Rashid.
The car was trembling due to the air pressure."

(my poor translation from swedish from the "The personal physician of Saddam" by Ala Bashir)

This part, when firtsly reading it, reminded me of what you Layla wrote in a previous post about a 6 year old girl you overheard saying she also wished to die. As understood she lived today in Baghdad.
And I was puzzled about the "likeness" of the two stories.

Some nights ago my wife told me that our youngest son of 5, one evening anxiously had asked, before he was suppose to go to sleep, if, when the War comes, the military men comes and ring the door bells and asked us to join the War. If that was the sign for the War to be here.
And when my wife told me that I started to cry silently and angrily, holding her arm, stroking it in the dark, whispering through the bitter tears:"Oh,no, my son, they will not cling the door bells and ask kindly, oh, no my son, THAT they will never do, they will come in the middle of the night, kick or explode the door, start shouting fiercely and horrifying you my son, to your bitter bones, scare you endlessly and without interruption - and they will beat your father, blindfold and handcuff him and take him away.
And your mother, what will they do to your beloved mother...

Layla. I read this book by Ala Bashir.
I get the impression he neither glorifies or demonisizing the time before the latest invasion of Iraq.

Any comments on this?
YoUnicorn said…
Dearest Layla

Your post

16/12/07 3:52 PM

is the truth !


lots of love
Anonymous said…
Are you a ghoul too ?
Anonymous said…
Who do you hate the most: Barabie, Iraqi Mojo or Rhuslancia ?
Layla Anwar said…
From Sweden,

Thank you for your comment and your translation.

You are right, the parralels are striking but this time around, IT IS MUCH WORSE. This time around, the Iranians missiles combined with the American bombs have turned into walking talking "humans" that rip right through you. It is from the air and from the ground so to speak.

Dr.Ala Bashir, was supposedly a private doctor for Saddam Hussein for a short while. He is in fact a plastic surgeon and quite well known. He sought asylum in USA where he is now painting and exhibiting in high class galleries.
I think he also turned to christianity. He is very keen on winning the approval of Uncle Sam.
Layla Anwar said…
A question,

Iraqi mojo and Rhuslancia are mirrors for each other. One reflects the ugliness of the other.
But "Iraqi" mojo is the slave in the equation and can only reflect back...He has no personality, no identity and no roots. He is a disgrace to Iraq.

Rhuslancia on the other hand is a paid agent. Paid to monitor Iraqi blogs and report back to the boss.
CIA/FBI stuff...
Rhuslancia is your typical below average american. There could be 2 million people dead because of his actions and he will still find a way to deny it. He is of bad faith, ignorant, backward, racist, and quite ugly. As I said your typical american.

As for Barabie. She is nothing but a troll. She may have some good political ideas here and there, but Barabie is into getting recognition and acclaim. She is on a ego trip and sadly she achieves the exact opposite of what she strives for.

I pray that she heals from her mental illness.
Layla Anwar said…

That was beautifully said. Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…

Don't forget to say hello to you know who and ...take your medics.

May the planets be with you.
YoUnicorn said…
17/12/07 2:20 AM

17/12/07 2:23 AM

LOL Dear Layla
Thanks for the laugh !!!
Lots of love
ps emailing you now
Anonymous said…
Iraq is the victim of the late Hussein and the Bush/Cheney gang, all of whom have a record of invading other countries for the sake of oil.
American leaders like to make a pretense of supporting democracy and peace, but will only really do so (in Europe, mainly) when it is in their corporate benefactors' interests. They are quite happy with their bribed emirs and bribed dictators in the Middle East. Actual democracy in the Arab world and Pakistan would mean an even firmer rejection front against Israel. They were quite happy with the late Hussein, too, until he crossed them by invading Kuwait. That and the tightening oil supply because of Chinese and Indian demand made him expendable. When he murdered thousands of Iraqi Communists and hundreds of Shi'i Ba'ath army officers the US smiled. When he invaded Iran and dropped nerve gas on the Iranians and Kurds the US said tut tut and sent people to sign trade deals. After he invaded Kuwait in the nineties what
Hussein did in the eighties became crimes to the Americans, retroactively. They also told a lot of lies about nonexistant ties to al Qa'i'da and nonexistant WMD.
America is a predator republic, like ancient Athens and Rome and the French Third Republic. The wealthy here regard it as their due to lie, cheat and steal and to influence their government to deceive, cheat and often kill foreigners. It has been that way since the beginning, as most Canadians, Mexicans and American Indians can tell you.
They are also predatory to their fellow less-wealthy Americans, both financially and sexually. The rates of drug addiction, alcoholism and divorce are among the highest in world, sexual prostitution is widely ignored by the authorities (unless it involves illegal aliens). The health care system is designed to make insurance and drug company executives billionaires, not make people well. In health outcomes the US doesn't rank in the top 30. If you want to see a civilized first world country,
see Norway. They haven't invaded anyone for 940 years.
Anonymous said…
"but Barabie is into getting recognition and acclaim."

OMG look WHO is talking about "recognition and acclaim"!
The sellout herself!
Don't forget, daughter of a "troll", that i pissed uruknet off.
Meaning i fucked them off not the other way around.
What a lying twisted daughter/kalbe of a "troll".
Anonymous said…

stop shitting on yourself...It is starting to smell you know.

Once an idiot, alway an idiot.
Poor Girl.
Anonymous said…
Is THAT your best response to the truth?
RhusLancia said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
RhusLancia said…
Hi Layla,
So is your real identity:
a. Rihab Taha
b. Raghad Hussein
c. Sajida Talfah
d. just a fan of Ba'athists and/or tyrants?


I didn't know Saddam Hussein & his criminal Ba'athist regime was considered it's own race now. The 'Master Race', Layla? OK, guess I'm racist then!
Anonymous said…
From Sweden.

Just analyzing facts: Norway is the biggest weapon exporting country in the world right now, calculated on their number of citizens; in real figures they are number seven in the world.
So I think there is not such a place in the world right now, who could swear it self off, by claiming something about their peaceful past etc
Specially not up here in the North.
Anonymous said…
Layla, I was referring to Juno and Jupiter the ancient deities, not the planets...but then you know that, don't you ? ;-)


When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers and "end of a knight" tale in your ears...goodnight.
Anonymous said…
shut the fuck up zainab u sectarian twat.

the president had great respect and esteem 4 women (more than 4 men, dare i say...) n struggled his whole life 2 eliminate social n cultural injustice 2 restore them 2 their natural dignity n equality with men.

but then pathologically masochistic slaveys like urself r only happy face down ass up, preferably in a muta'a context.

good luck with that n hope never 2 see u again.
Anonymous said…
layla re 'They interviewed two of these Iraqi jews. Both said the following.

- we are Iraqis first and foremost.
- we will never leave
- our economic situation is very difficult due to the sanctions but we are being helped by our muslim neighbors daily.'

I would say anything if I had a gun pointed to my head (figuratively) reality three moustachoed men in a Volkswagon Beetle watching my house day and night.

Let me ask you something. Would you run away with only the clothes on your back if everything in your birthplace was so perfect??

The reason we fled was not the 'Zionist' dream as you imply. But self preservation. We were running for our lives!!

In short life was not hunky dory for the Iraqi Jews living under Saddam. I cannot speak for the other minorities.

Layla Anwar said…
iraqi jew,

whatever, your propaganda fails to impress me... go and cry in the face of the gentiles..maybe you will be able to swindle them off with a few more it is your typical way.
Layla Anwar said…

you are the most BORING, STUPID, thing that ever walked or trolled the internet. You bore me to tears.
fuck off!
Anonymous said…
Seeing as you avoided my reply to your accusation, i thought i would post it AGAIN. Maybe you could address the issue YOU raised originally instead of just resorting to your usual personal attacks without actually backing up your ridiculous claims. One might assume YOU "are the most BORING, STUPID, (sic) thing that ever walked....." Btw do you walk or crawl? As for your "fuck off", i have told you numerous times, get me the fuck out of your head and your comments and i won't feel the need to respond. Are you really THAT stupid?

"but Barabie is into getting recognition and acclaim."

OMG look WHO is talking about "recognition and acclaim"!
The sellout herself!
Don't forget, daughter of a "troll", that i pissed uruknet off.
Meaning i fucked them off not the other way around.
What a lying twisted daughter/kalbe of a "troll".
Anonymous said…
I can't let that jewish maggot get away with it's bullshit!

"I write this article
for the same reason I wrote my book:
to tell the American people,
and especially American Jews,
that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate
willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave,
Jews killed Jews; and that,
to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands,
Jews on numerous occasions
rejected genuine peace initiatives
from their Arab neighbors.
I write about what the first prime minister of Israel called "cruel Zionism."
I write about it because I was part of it."

"For nearly two other delightful hours, we were treated to a multi-course Arabic meal prepared by his wife Rachael, who is also Iraqi. "It's our Arab culture," he said proudly."

"The Giladis, now U.S. citizens, live in New York City. By choice, they no longer hold Israeli citizenship. "I am Iraqi," he told us, "born in Iraq, my culture still Iraqi Arabic, my religion Jewish, my citizenship American."

IJ, you are so full of shit!
Anonymous said…
barbarian you twisted psychotic boring troll....
Get off my blog. I don't like you, don't respect you and I find you boring and pathetic...
So you read me right - FUCK OFF!
Anonymous said…
Ever heard of comment moderation?


If i am pissing you off, then i am happy.

Btw, my opinion is that you obviously don't own much in life hence the "my blog" rant.
What's the difference between you, chalabi, allawi or any other sellout dogs? NOTHING!
Anonymous said…
Barabie I have instructed my masters the Mossad to take you off their payroll.

Methinks you doth protest too much!

You have become a liability.

You're fired!!!
Anonymous said…
.whatever, your propaganda fails to impress me... go and cry in the face of the gentiles..maybe you will be able to swindle them off with a few more it is your typical way.

I am not crying nor wanting to swindle anyone - what 'millions' are you talking about?

Why don't you accept that there is some truth in my comments.

Do you want comments only from sycophants?

An injustice was done to the Iraqi Jews - especially the few thousand who stayed after 1950. If you don't want to acknowledge it that's your business but don't hurl meaningless accusations about swindles etc...

salaam alech.
Anonymous said…
I am so ashamed to be an American. God will not forgive the war criminals that run our country and have destroyed the Middle East with their satanic depleted uranium.
Anonymous said…
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