My Eid Celebration.

Thanks to all of you who sent me their Eid Greetings. They are much appreciated but please, don’t anymore.

I am not celebrating. I did not celebrate last year nor will I celebrate this year.

Some relatives called me to give me their good wishes. I said "thank you, same to you." End of conversation.

My mother nagged me to come and greet the visitors who poured in all day. I said "Am busy." End of conversation.

My brother called. “Sis, happy Eid.“ I said, “Oh, really?”

Am not celebrating. Will not celebrate. Refuse to celebrate. Make a point not to celebrate. Am on strike. Yes, am on strike.

And my strike is even more meaningful for this is the first time since “our liberation” that the sectarian Shiites from Iran, in charge of “running” the "Iraqi" government as per the directives of Teheran, Washington and Tel Aviv, decided to celebrate it the same days as the Sunnis.

How come you may ask? Last year they made it a point to celebrate it one day later. On a Saturday instead of the Friday.

Friday was reserved for their offerings of the lamb to their savage god. How can I forget that Friday ?
Now that the lamb was slaughtered according to their precise sacrificial ritual, why should their be a point of contention with the Sunnis?

After all, the Sunnis have been pacified through a massive campaign of spring cleaning. There are no more Sunnis to contend with.

So yes, by all means let us celebrate with them the same day, to show how much the surge is working. A typical, cheap ploy from the slaves of Teheran.

Let no one be fooled. There are no more Sunnis left. We are either in exile or dead.

Last year’s Eid offering is still too fresh in my mind.
It has been raw fresh in my mind throughout the whole year. And will remain raw fresh in my mind for the remaining of my living days.

The images will never leave me. They have become my emblem, my tattoo, my reference, my signposts, my direction, the before and after line...

They have become my wall, my gun and my pen...

How can I forget? How can anyone with an ounce of dignity forget?

And whilst some of you, leftists, anti-war supporters, sent me emails wishing me a “happy new dawn” and others promised “no tears“ for the Hero... My country is burning.

And while the Man, the Leader, who contributed to bringing this country out of the darkness of colonialism, tribal and sectarian backwardness was being hanged, being lynched by the Americans and those same sectarian Shiites and Kurdish thugs you keep on defending and defending the lies that you concocted for your “case”...
My country is still burning.

And you want me to celebrate?

And you ask me why I have no respect for you ?
You are not worthy of my respect.
You are as criminal as the killers you supposedly oppose.

No. The unedited images will never leave me.

I will never forget those present that Eid.

I will not forget the heads of the killing militias and their cohorts...
Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem of the Badr Brigades, Muwafak Al-Rubaie of the Dawa party, the American embedded journalists specially invited for the occasion, the Zionist Kurdish reps while "the president" Talabani was in Paris at the Georges V eating caviar, drinking champagne and watching it from his "presidential" suite, the Ambassador of Iran and last but not least Muqtada Al-Sadr and his torturer men of Jaysh Al-Mahdi.

No, I will not forget and I will not forgive.

I will not forget the Man in the black suit and the white shirt, still handsome and still dignified despite months in a damp American prison cell.
I will not forget that smile.
I will not forget the baby steps because chained at the ankles and chained at the wrists.

Him, who freed this Iraq from corruption, criminality, social injustice, underdevelopment, backwardness...
Him who called for the freedom of nations from American and Zionist tyranny.
Him who for ever called for a free Palestine till his last breath.
Him who called for the people of the world to stand up in dignity and honor and assume their rightful role and place whatever their race, creed or nationality...

And above all, I will not forget those eyes. Eyes he refused to cover...Unlike the rest of you who have not removed those veils.

I will not forget the shouts, “Muqtada ,Muqtada“ as that big fat rapist was drooling whilst tying the noose around the neck of the Man who tried to turn those sectarian Shiites and their sheep followers into human beings.

Turn them into human beings by providing them, with every single opportunity to evolve, educationally, politically, professionally, economically, socially...but they prefer to remain sheep. The sheep of their Ayatollahs and mullahs...
Sheeps of their dark clerics. Forfeiting their God given freedom and selling their souls...

No. I will not forget.

I will not forget one of the sectarian Shiite thugs, supposedly a prosecutor or some lawyer. I will not forget his traditional 3 days short beard and his shining silver ring from Qum.
The same ring that Maliki, Jaafari, Solagh, Muqtada Al –Sadr, Al- Rubaie, Al- Sistani, Al- Khameini, Ahmadinajad, Khatemi, Rafsandjani, Fadlallah, Nasrallah...that same silver ring of the freemasons from Iran.
I will not forget him being carried on the shoulders on his sheep, his supporters. Being carried with applause, while the President of the FREE Republic of Iraq was laying on a white sheet and his neck exposed for all to see.

Exposed with a gaping wound still bleeding. A gaping wound, right where the butcher pierces the knife when slaughtering the lambs for the Eid.

No. I will not forget the bruises on the face and the neck for having been kicked and danced around before and after this cowardly slaughter. This cowardly slaughter you anti-war shits watched with amusement, the same way your criminals Bush and Blair watched the slaugthers and tortures of Gitmo and Abu Ghraib.

And you tell me to be grateful for my “new democracy”?

No. I will not forget.

I will not forget how I screamed, hysterically screamed, when I saw what I saw. And I am not a Baathist, nor was Saddam Hussein my relative. But he was and is the Father of this nation. This nation that you have not ceased to rob, rape, destroy and kill...

No. I will not forget.

How can I forget the fruits of your labor?

How can I forget the ruins, the agonizing earth, the polluted waters with sewage and dead bodies, the scorched fields, the destroyed churches and minarets, the dying palm trees...the cancer patients from your depleted Uranium. The burned civilians from your white phosphorus...

No. I will not forget.

How can I forget my home? How can I forget the land of my ancestors, my grandparents, my father, my mother...How can I forget my roots? How can I forget what forged me and forged my destiny ?
How can I forget being forged in the molding, brazen fire of your hatred ?

No. I will not forget.

How can I forget the dreams you ripped away from me ? How can I forget the hopes you trampled on? How can I forget the little illusions I had left that you shattered ?
Leaving me as raw as that gaping wound...laying on that white sheet...

And you applauded and celebrated.

Leaving me as bleeding as that sacrificial lamb, tied by its hands and feet with chains.

And you applauded and celebrated.

The chains of your oppression. The chains of your tyranny. The chains of your dictatorship. The chains of your injustice.

No. I will not forget.

I will not forget the 5 million innocent little ones you turned into orphans.
I will not forget the millions of widows clad in black.
I will not forget the bodies dumped in the garbage piles and bloated until their intestines protruded from their mouths...I will not forget the dogs munching away at them.
I will not forget the screams of Abu Ghraib. I will not forget its red, brown and white tainted floors. Colored with blood, feces and semen.
I will not forget the raped, mutilated, decapitated, burned, women lying on the street corners...
I will not forget the bruises, the drill holes, the eyes gouged out, the smell of death everywhere...

No. I will not forget.

I will not forget your mass graves where over 1 million of us are sleeping quietly still wondering why...
I will not forget the prisons where 100’000 of us are still perishing...
I will not forget your detention camps where our small ones are being sodomized...
I will not forget the 4 million of us in exile, in the cold...

No. I will not forget.

I will not forget your insults, your slurs, your humiliations, your faces, your voices, your names...No. I will never forget.

There is so much more...

You have saturated me with human cries that have reached the heavens and you have remained unmoved.
You have flooded me with tears and you have remained like dry corpses.
You have filled me up with your hatred, like a bottom less recipient and you keep pouring more in...

How can I forget ?

How can I forget that you have turned my Iraq into one huge gravestone that no one visits and no one prays over?

No. I am not celebrating this Eid. Nor the one after. Nor the one after that...

My Eid celebration is when Iraq will become free again.

By the blood of the innocent that inundated this city,
By the tears that washed its pavements,
By the cries that were elevated like prayers,
By the Sacrificial Lamb on that first day of the Eid,
Iraq will be free again.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindi. "The Iraqi Flag in 2007"


Anonymous said…
Oh my God!
Anonymous said…
Allah O' Akbar.
Anonymous said…
fuck me...
Anonymous said…
this day is bigger than you and saddam lady.

can you plz clarify to us the relationship between the cia and saddy baby when he attempted to overthrow Qasim?
Anonymous said…
yo tony baby! I don' thin' you can fin' mo' clarity than wha' the lady has already done wroted. The old gurus say you manufacture your own clarity.
RhusLancia said…
You forgot some:

"I will forget every single crime and atrocity from the decades of catastrophic rule by the thief Saddam and his criminal regime."


Ah well, Happy Birthday anyway, and Happy Eid too, for all the Iraqis who love their country more than their criminal deceased tyrants.

I'm sure you saw that the MNF Presence in Iraq is Still Legal as of today...
RhusLancia said…
From the last thread:

"And guess when and where was the Dawa party born and formed? It was born during the Iran-Iraq war in Tehran."

Dawa was actually formed in 1957 in Najaf. I'm no fan of fundie parties, but God bless the real Patriotic Iraqi Resistance, the one that opposed the criminal Saddam. It took decades, but they finally got him.

Don't you love being fact checked by an American? Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go light my farts... or whatever you think I do in my spare time.
annie said…
honestly rhus, you are such an insignificant dickhead.
Anonymous said…

for someone who seems to know allot, you will also be aware that the Guardian is a newspaper which publishes lots of pro-Labour Party articles and is generally viewed in the UK as being an inconsistent news paper.

As many would say, the Guardian does not know if its Arthur or Martha, if you get what I mean and whilst Im not doubting the credibility of the actual source of the information, you will tend to find that the only people who will read it are the left-wing i.e socialists, communists, Labour Party etc.

I actually never read the Guardian and I know shops who have stopped selling it because many people feel it is generally untrustworthy.
Anonymous said…
If Saddam was such a great man why did he let his son Uday go unchecked and free? Why did he let a rapist and a murderer go free to terrorize anywhere he went in Iraq? You never have an answer for these kind of questions, do you?
Anonymous said…
the question should be if Iraq was so free why havent the major superpowers on earth been able to do anything to establish "freedom", "democracy" and "human rights"?

With One million dead, millions both internally and externally displaced, countless others unemployed, disabled and traumatised does beg the question:

You've had five years already, how long do you need?
RhusLancia said…
anonymous: "You've had five years already, how long do you need?"

Saddam had decades to wreck the place, and his displaced & disgruntled minions are just now beginning to point their arms in the right direction so the country can move forward. Iraq is already showing signs that it will recover (I know, it is no Saddam era paradise yet). 2008 will be a big year for reconstruction & recovery.
RhusLancia said…
anonymous: "I actually never read the Guardian and I know shops who have stopped selling it because many people feel it is generally untrustworthy."

Thanks. In this case they were just the first paper I saw that had the story. Here is the release from the UN.
Anonymous said…
a master piece,
Anonymous said…
We are twin tears, dearest Layla...twin drops of pure light flowing out from under those infinitely patient Lamb's eyelids...from the sacred fire of those eternally resplendent Lion's eyes...flowing out onto the dark silent desert immensities of Iraq's sorrow...

His Love is your Love is my everything that counts...everything that lasts...everything to remember and that will be God's eyes...

I blow one kiss up to the martyrs' perfumed gardens...and another one over to some cold, joyless country of exile...

Yours ever vigilant,
Iraq's Vestal
Anonymous said…

There is no "if", President Saddam Hussein was a great man - one of the greatest in mankind's history.

As for Uday, he did have eccentric ways and certainly none of his father's charm and moral charisma, but he had calmed down in the last years after his famous "accident" and eventually completely redeemed himself by his heroic choice of staying to fight and be martyred in Iraq instead of seeking shelter abroad as he could easily have done.

Why you all Western puritanical muppets, left and right alike, get so warmed up about the alleged peccadillos of a dead man whereas the raw fresh, blood red hot crimes against humanity perpetuated by the occupation hordes and their kollabo tails in these very present days and months leave you as cold as cucumbers, is a mystery that science has not been able to solve yet...
Anonymous said…

Mojo is crying like one possessed.

Go and give it his daily "suck", for my ears' sake.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Typo: give him his.
Anonymous said…
"I will not forget...I will not forget...I will not forget..."

Not bad at all...for someone with "no eyes to see" and a "selective memory" ! ;-)

Bless you Layla, awesome creature of a thousand faces and one immense, selfless heart...
Anonymous said…

Your characterization of rape and murder as "eccentric ways" shows what a white-washer you are. As for Uday, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. For all Saddam did for Iraq, why can't you admit that Iraqies paid a bitter price for it.

That being said, the USA had no right to go in and remove him and plunge Iraq into the hell it is in now. A hell worse than Saddam...and that's saying something!!!
Anonymous said…

If Saddam was so great why wasn't there a free press and why wasn't anyone allowed to say anything bad about him?
Anonymous said…
How the hell can anybody eat lamb anyway? Lamb really sucks; it is so damned greasy.

And have you ever been near a sheep? They STINK! The parasites get stuck in their woolly coats and infect their bodies, and if you don't dock their tails, they usually get maggots. Sheep are such disgusting creatures; if I were you I would stick to eating things that grow on trees.
Anonymous said…
Blaze Muppet,

"why wasn't there free press ?"

There was Zionism-free, US-free, sectarianism-free, and stupidity-free press.

Which can't really be said of the Western Media and their Orwellian anti-Arab revisionistic and reality-distorting Propaganda which your lobotomized brain has evidently been washed, lathered, rinsed and dried with so many times and for so many years that the "grey" matter is now as white as freshly-fallen snow.

As for Freedom in the broad sense, remember always this very well: to be free "of" anything, a country or an individual must be free "from" everything first.

The true Arab popular democracy, which Saddam and the Baath party dreamt of and partly succeeded in building in the reality, was never allowed to develop further (or "unfold", as Layla says) not through fault of their own, but because of the continual acts of sabotage, scheming and meddling into the country's affairs, integrity and independence by the colonial powers and their agents, which led to three wars and a perpetual, semi-paralyzing "state of siege".

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go to sleep.

Layla, over to you :-)
Anonymous said…
Remember what Maryam "told" you in Damascus.

You are not supposed to forgive anyone for anything.

You are supposed to "ease it" for your companions in sufferings and struggle.


Keep working miracles.
Anonymous said…
He would have adored you, Layla, I am sure...
Layla Anwar said…
tony the idiot,

maybe the day you will clarify the relationship between chalabi, abdel aziz al hakeem, malik and the rest of the shia thugs/rapists with CIA - I will then tell you about the great Saddam Hussein. Get it boy?
Layla Anwar said…

I think you should head what annie said about you - an insignificant dickhead. So well said and so à propos.

Not only are you insignificant but you are also an idiot.

Quoting from the Dawa party website is a sure sign of stupidity. Obviously they will say they were formed in 1957 (hahahaha)

Of course they will not say they were formed in the 70's in Iran.

And now you come and try to convince us that these people existed since 1957 to fight baathism...not only that but that they are actually the iraqi national resistance who won the free Iraq.

And you are trying to convince us you sumac colored truck rushlanCIA that America is known to support national resistance movements ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

You mean like the way they supported Pinochet against Allende?

Yes indeed you are idiotic dickhead.
Layla Anwar said…
Iraq's vestal,

Thank you that was nicely said.
Layla Anwar said…

Some very good points you have there...
Layla Anwar said…

I agree with you. Saddam did punish his son and banished him outside of Iraq for a while, he obviously did not approve some of his son's behavior...
And as you rightly pointed out, he got his punishement with the "accident". Furthermore, these rapes that those same propagandists keep repeating were greatly exaggerated...This is only a cover up to hide the rapes that are taking place today on a collective level, from Baghdad to Basrah...women are raped by the Americans and the sectarian murderers...Blaze does not mention that- conveniently so...typical hypocrite.
Iraqi Mojo said…
So, Layla misses the good old days. Iraq will never return to the days of Saddam, Layla. I guess you won't be celebrating Eid next year either. Or the year after that. Sorry:(

Maybe you can get politically active. You're certainly a good writer. But I imagine that the only politics you know is of Ba3thi nature, which does not allow you to compromise with Da3wa or any Shia who dare run for President. Oh well. Hey you can always run for office in Jordan or Syria:) Good luck, Layla.
Anonymous said…
Cia Iraqi? Mojo,

Now you are concerned about human rights abuses ? hahahahahaha. Give me a break.
Tell us about the human rights abuses of Iraqis since 2003, by the americans and by your shia persian rapists and thugs.
That is the question to address...stop being such an american dickhead mojo...Oh but wait, you are one.
Tough when you will have go and worship your sistani in Qum VERY SOON.
Iraqi Mojo said…
Khala sheku shinu el khabar gooleeli!

Layla, I've written about the Shia Taliban. I don't like fundie Shia, never have. But I do respect Sistani for calling on the Iraqi Shia to protect our Sunni brothers.

Iraq's top Shiite cleric calls for unity

NAJAF, Iraq (AP) — Iraq's top Shiite cleric renewed his call for an end to sectarian violence in the country and for Sunni and Shiite Muslims to unite, according to a Sunni cleric who met him Tuesday in this holy city south of Baghdad.

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani's plea for peace and unity came as a group of Sunni and Shiite clerics met in Najaf in the latest attempt by clerics from both sects to stem the violence. The meeting was sponsored by the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, Iraq's most influential Shiite party, which is closely linked to al-Sistani.

Later, Khaled al-Mulla, one of the 10-member Sunni delegation, said the Iranian-born religious leader called for solidarity between the two sects and an end to the bloodshed, which has intensified after a major Shiite shrine north of Baghdad was bombed in February 2006 by Sunni militants.

"I am a servant of all Iraqis," al-Mulla quoted al-Sistani as saying.

The wave of sectarian killings that followed the Samarra bombing continues until today, but has significantly abated since a major Iraqi-U.S. security plan was launched nine months ago.
Anonymous said…
"My Eid celebration is when Iraq will become free again".
I agree with you, Layla.
Iraq will never return to the days of Saddam but Saddam will be in the heart of Iraq forever helping his people to fight against the enemies.
President Saddam Hussein will be remembered all over the world forever as a Great Man, a Heroe!
Iraq will be free with the help of Our Lord!!!
Good Luck!
Your Brazilian friend,
Iraqi Mojo said…
Layla, I find it hilarious that a Brazilian thinks that Saddam was a cool cat! Wallahi it is too funny:)

"But the captivity grew stultifying. Most of the time I would not be making appearances; I would be bored out of my mind, intellectually and socially unchallenged. I had graduated with a degree in law and had dreamed of following in my father’s footsteps and becoming a businessman. This had never been part of my master plan. I was living a brainless, useless existence with no independence or exercise of free will. But worse was to come. I got sucked closer to Uday and he started to treat me as one of his bodyguards, taking me out with him as protection against assassination at the hands of any of his multitude of enemies. This is when I witnessed the depravity of Uday firsthand. I saw him rape, murder, bully, and destroy anyone who dared to question his will. This could be anyone from friends of his father to innocent passersby. On one occasion a honeymooning couple, the wife of which Uday took a liking to, was split apart forever when she threw herself to her death from a balcony after being raped by Uday.
RhusLancia said…
Hi Layla,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to fact-check you again. You said:

"Quoting from the Dawa party website is a sure sign of stupidity. Obviously they will say they were formed in 1957 (hahahaha)

Of course they will not say they were formed in the 70's in Iran."

But earlier you said:

"And guess when and where was the Dawa party born and formed? It was born during the Iran-Iraq war in Tehran."

Don't you know when the Iran-Iraq war was fought? That means you have to be wrong there, or later. But of course you are wrong both times! According to their website they were formed in 1957, not to fight the Ba'ath party as you falsely attribute to me, but as an Islamic alternative party. If you think it was a different time & place you'll have to give better than your word, which is already wrong in at least one of two tries. And I say both times you are wrong.

When the Ba'athists successfully stole power on their second attempt in 1968, they soon made Dawa and other religious parties their enemy declaring "the complete elimination of Islamic movements as they constitute the biggest hindrance to the goals of the (Baath) party." And so began their conflict. Right?

Layla: "not only that but that they are actually the iraqi national resistance who won the free Iraq."

I didn't say they won the free Iraq. I said they finally got Saddam. Dujail, Layla... remember it? Dawa tried to take him out and failed to the cost of many martyrs. Ahh, but wasn't it the reprisals against Dujail for which Saddam and a few of his minions were tried, convicted, and executed? Therefore, it took decades but Dawa got him. Here is a wikipedia article in case you haven't heard of it.

How embarrassing it must be to be educated by a fart-lighting American and wikipedia? Maybe you should exchange your Saddam-era history books for some real ones?

OK, gotta go make a contribution to Dawa in your name.

Anonymous said…
Hey, for those about to die, we salute you, but meanwhile, as it's the Solstice, ring out Solstice Bells.
Anonymous said…
"others promised no tears for the Hero"

Yes, I remember that piece of dogshit entitled "Don't cry for me Mesopotamia - No tears for Saddam" signed by the wanker-in-chief of the Arab "leftists" As'ad Abu Khalil.

Ah, jealousy...
Anonymous said…
RhusLanCIA and CIA Mojo wanker,

I guess democracy à la Americana prefers reactionary mullahs and bomb throwers to secularism...hahahaha

Sumac colored truck, you would not know facts even if they hit right between the eyes. You are not only intellectually challenged but you are also one of the most dishonest kind.

Having my facts checked by someone you is rather amusing and very sad for you keep revealing your myopic take on both present Iraq and its history...

Go and sell hotdogs instead. Am sure you will shine doing that.

As for Mojo the Iranian wanker,
what is there to say about another american ass kisser? Nothing really.
Anonymous said…

I like that " wanker-in-chief" . it is priceless...hahahahaha
Anonymous said…

Yes he will be remembered. I received tons of mails from Latin America, India, Africa, Middle East, and even Europe and America and they all say the same thing.
Saddam was the Man and the Hero! Oh yes, however much the CIA, Mossad, Iran, and the rest hate it.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
layla the comments section has become a disgrace
Anonymous said…
The group from the WaPawn Facility would like to wish you and yours a...
Anonymous said…

*hugs* JR and says welcome back!

Where have you been?
We need the one liners here pronto.
Anonymous said…
layla i suffered a personal tragedy and was called away....but suffice 2 say i am over it now
Anonymous said…
Let me tell you the facts Layla.

I am a Christian Iraqi woman who left Iraq in the 90's but returned briefly when we were "liberated". What a bad joke that was.....

In Iraq,as a Christian, I had full rights as minority in a mostly muslim country and could practice my religion freely. Iraq was the best and greatest country in the middle east.

Even though Saddam was ruthless and merciless to his domestic "enemies" I never ever called for the downfall of Saddam by any outside force. No one had the right to interfer in Iraqi affairs. What has happened to my beloved country and yes Saddam too, is one of the greatest crimes in history!

But my sister was brutaly raped and beaten by Uday. That's a fact. He destroyed her life. She was a beautiful young 15 year old girl and she was gang-raped by him and then his friends.Don't try to tell me it is "greatly exaggerated". It is a FACT!!! Why doesn't she matter to you Layla? If she was raped by Americans or Sectarian shits then you would care....Who is the hypocrite?

You don't have to worship Saddam like you do to be a good and true Iraqi. Although, for all my dislike of his methods I find myself defending Saddam when anyone tries to justify his murder.
Anonymous said…
i once saw a video of uday or mayb it was brother torturing a kid on ogreish once.....not very nice men it has 2 b said
Layla Anwar said…

Sorry about your personal tragedy. Do give me the link to this video you mentioned...
Anonymous said…
Tony, you disgusting pile of revisionistic bullcrap, the Pure Arab Hero Saddam Hussein and his dedicated, valorous comrades needed not your Central Idiocy Agency to win the minds and the hearts of the Iraqis: after the colonial experience and two decades of misrule by the mediocre, narrow-sighted, despotic Soviet stooge Qassem and the two criminal reactionaries Arif brothers, the July Revolution was greeted like the first ray of enlightening, life and warmth restoring sunshine after a long cold winter.

The myth of "Saddam ex-US darling" is nothing but yet again another lie in the notorious "pack", a part of the defamation campaign against the one and only Arab government genuinely representative of and defending the Arab identity, and a dead sure psychological deterrent for the ignorant, idiotic, gullible Western Left from empathizing with its cause.

The historical truth is that the Blessed Martyr was a noble-hearted idealist, an inveterate, die-hard truster in the goodness of mankind against all evidence, and tried the best he could to build friendly relationships based on mutual respect and equality with all the peoples of the world, including the Americans, for a long time.

But the Americans, he eventually came to realize, don't want friends, they only want slaves, and that was something the Man, the Leader, the Custodian of the Cradle of Civilization could not allow himself to become - at the cost of his own life.
Layla Anwar said…

First I have no way of verifying what you are telling me is true or not.

Many stories were knitted as part of the demonization campaign that targeted the Saddam Hussein Family and the Baath...

If it did happen then it was wrong, but then again so many stories were told and fabricated and sorry to put it to you bluntly you may be one of those story tellers as well...

And excuse me but what was your 15 year old sister doing with Uday and his friends ?

Furthermore, from e-reading your comments and the way they are phrased, I can tell that you are here with a mission...

And I did say that Uday got the punishement for his acts.

So no that does not make me a hypocrite but makes you one for coming several years later and spilling your "story" on that particular post and on that particular occasion.

Try being more sophisticated next time. You may get away with it better.
Anonymous said…
Layla, you are aware of being seriously risking ending up eaten alive with virtual kisses, aren't you ? :-)

I love you, dear loyal sister, more than I will ever be able to say in words...

Take care of yourself.
Anonymous said…
JR the Queen's Jester is back !!!
Anonymous said…
Please stop being so analytical all the time! Why can you not accept at face value what Blaze has to say about her 15 year old sister being raped by Uday? For Christ's sake the girl was 15 and Christians like Blaze do not lie! Speaking of face value, the video that Jr. (or so-called) writes about very CLEARLY shows Uday's face, the torturer in action. Please go to the link and verify yourself! These are NOT doctored videos. As an American would say, and Blaze would concur, "we hold these truths to be self-evident" that Uday Hussein and the entire Saddam clan were evil. Now there is at least one video to prove it. Ogrish, now Live Leak, has an impeccable reputation. Unlike you, they are known to accept at face value and in good faith all videos sent to them as authentic. Please have faith.

ps Re: full of love said...
(now do you know what I mean by those secretly in love?!)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JR the Queen's Jester is back !!!


anon u stupid retarded twat i am not here 2 "jest" n have fun, i am here 2 participate in serious political discussions abt iraq n war u knobhead
Anonymous said…
Sorry I am not as sophisticated as you are Layla. How the subject came up was that I came across you blog, you were talking about how perfect Saddam was...

This is not about propoganda. I am being totally honest about this. I did nothing to support the destruction the Iraqi government and nation reqardless of Uday's actions. That would be stupid! But you need to face it that Uday really was a sick, sadistic animal.

I also understand that while my sister's ordeal is "over" there are thousands of 15 year old Iraqi girls right now facing the prospect of rape and murder not by one famous scumbag but by thousands of sick sectarian bastards waiting to get their hands on them. THAT no one can blame on Saddam.

By the way, I don't know if you were trying to blame the victim by saying "what was your 15 year old sister doing with Uday and his friends ?" or not - but that's what is sounds like. Just so you know, all she was doing was walking home after school. She wasn't even alone, just too pretty for her own good. That's what he told her. Oh yeah, he had one of his men give her some money afterwards!

I don't know why I bother even writing. From the comments I see that your "readers" think this is funny, a joke. I am so glad I amuse you re:kofi
Iraqi Mojo said…
blaze, I'm sorry about your sister. I hope she has healed as much as possible. Layla and her fans will never acknowledge Uday's crimes. Don't expect them to have sympathy.

God bless you and your sister. Take care.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

True, true, true !

In the tired night, in our troubled earth..
the sun will raise again... the
light... the warmth, alive !!!
Iraq will shine again !!

Is amazing to read all those posts about Saddam.. they try to find
excuses and lies to support the stupidity of the WEST and the
blindness of those who are not able to see the truth !

Lots of love
Bless you dear sister !
Anonymous said…

Layla's post was in praise of the martyred President Saddam Hussein, the Father of Iraq, the Knight of Arabism and the Master of Dignity, Grace and Courage of all oppressed human beings.

What his son Uday and your allegedly existent and raped 15-year-old sister are doing on this comment section is beyond me.
Anonymous said…
There is nothing alleged about it. It's a fact. It just goes to show that for all Saddam did to bring Iraq forward calling him the "Knight of Arabism and the Master of Dignity" is quite of a overstatement when he let his sons' run rampant over the Iraqi people whenever they liked as if they were Masters and we were slaves.
Anonymous said…
ya mojo ya jaban ya a3meel al amrekkan.
Anonymous said…
bel kundara nefdeek ya mojo
Anonymous said…
Rape is not amusing. And when a child is involved, all the more disgusting. One does not need to speak on Layla's behalf but from her writings she does not find rape amusing either, be it by an Uday or a George. "There is nothing alleged about it"? There is everything alleged about it. Please provide some details so that people can make their own assumptions about facts and allegations. Pardon us those who remain skeptical. We understand all too well the racist demonization campaign against Saddam and family to promote broader, insidious objectives. And the demonization continues against dead men by paid agents of this blog unhappy by someone who dares to expose the truth, especially by a talented WOMAN of integrity. In your myopia, you and others like yourself, Blaze, fail to comprehend a fundamental Fact: it does not occur to you that were Sadddam still in power the thousands of Iraqi women and girls including Abeer who have been indeed raped under the occupation, the drillers et al would not have been raped in the first place? Oh, I forgot, as RhusLancia and Condi Lice would say, freedom American style made it all worthwhile---the birth pangs of democracy! If you do not wish for amusing comments and desire sympathy instead, please provide readers with more details. Otherwise, be prepared...
RhusLancia said…
Layla: "Having my facts checked by someone you is rather amusing and very sad for you keep revealing your myopic take on both present Iraq and its history..."

Layla, I would love to hear your explanation of how Dawa can be formed in Iran both in the '70s and during the Iran-Iraq war. I expect an awesome Ba'athi twist of logic like "Dawa was formed in the '70s and 80s just like Saddam my champion defeated America in 1991".

If they were not formed in Najaf in 1957 as they say, then you should be able to produce an authoritative cite saying so. Your own word may appease your blind muppet followers here, but even they can see you must be wrong in at least one case, unless you also tell them the Iran-Iraq war was in the '70s too.

Hey, we all get facts wrong sometimes. The amusing thing is how strongly you'll cling to your error instead of owning up to it. What else would we expect a good Ba'athist to do?

The implication here, and I know it is not lost on you, is that if you have gotten this wrong, then it may cast doubt on your status as an infallible talented woman of integrity.
Anonymous said…
Blaze, I completely sympathize with your sister. I am so sorry. I too was humiliated and raped by a fanatical son of the President of the US, George Bush. At the time his son was not as well known, an alcoholic and a drug addict. Partly it was my fault for wearing provocative clothing in the bible belt. I was young, naive and Hispanic working on a GOP political campaign. He had a reputation amongst our community for abuse but as I stated earlier I was naive.

The entire night is somewhat of a blur. The drugs, pedophile homosexual orgies going on in the accompanying suite that he engaged me in, the years of therapy to forget the taunting, the ropes and chains.

But I can overcome. So can your sister. Please tell her I will pray for her with all my heart and soul. May the sweet Lord watch over her as he has dome for me.

For those of you who will dismiss my pain, believe me, it is true. Starlingly true. I know there are those who will feel my pain and know my words are sincere, like your sister Blaze.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
"Blaze, I completely sympathize with your sister. I am so sorry. I too was humiliated and raped by a fanatical son of the President of the US, George Bush."

That is indeed not amusing. My deepest symapathies. There was a story that appeared nearly thirty years ago in a local Texas paper about the son of a powerful politician raping a minor Hispanic girl under the influence of cocaine and alcohol. The story first appeared in the Houston Chronicle and was subsequently supressed. But resurfaced, albeit briefly, when another story broke about how the same politician's cowardly son had used his family influence to dodge the draft.
Thank you for your courage to come foward ad tell your story. Again, my deepest sympathies.
Anonymous said…
YoUnicorn said…
I believe you
and echo Kofi
My deepest sympathies and safe hugs to you.
Layla Anwar said…

I saw the video, how terrible, how disgusting, torturing 3 years old that way- could not really see the face of the "torturer" but it must have been someone from the Saddam Hussein family, could not be otherwise...
JR, always plays a dual sneaky role when it comes to this issue with his lame videos. I take my hugs back.

As for those secretly in love with me - *sighs* . Did you not read the sisterly bit ?
Layla Anwar said…

How right you are...come to think of it I remember a similar story...
I was walking out of college one day, and Uday and his ganged raped me. My friends were too, so were the rest of my family who came to the rescue and even our neighbors...We were all ganged raped and paid money.
We became baathists after that and became very rich...And then we escaped to other Arab countries...


Seriously now, Blaze what one person said above is correct. This is a post about Saddam Hussein not about his son and furthermore, I maintain what I said in my previous comment to you. Your timing and the nature of the post, makes me wonder as to your credibility. I read between your lines and my hunch is confirmed. You are not credible. You are here on a mission. You failed, miserably so - may I add.
And by the way, when you returned to Iraq in 2003 after having left it in the 90's, was it on an American tank as well ?

Merry Xmas to your honorable Christian.
Layla Anwar said…

I owe you nothing but you and your dogs owe me EVERYTHING.Go and light your farts...
Layla Anwar said…
you can trust Iraqi mojo that irrelevant sectarian american shia iranian dog/parrot to come to the rescue of Blaze's sister...
Add to this wanker, the other american wanker RhuslanCIA.
Blaze is well supported with a great network of "caring " people, I would not be too worried about him/her.
Anonymous said…
Jr. is coming around thanks to your blog. So hold off on taking back those hugs. Plus his Oxonian (?) witticisms make many laugh, SAW---another secretly in love--- notwithstanding.
Anonymous said…
that wasnt even the vido i was refering 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Team Bush is a fine example of the American Corporate occupying American sets of government.
Team Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction. Iraq did have them years ago and now all countries need to get rid of them.

Team Bush then went on to say that the occupation is about bringing a democracy to Iraq. Another lie just to remain there for American corporate interests and investment opportunities.

Team Bush then went on to say there can be no troop pull out because of all the violence. Ha..what a crock of Fascist shittolah. As if Team Bush really gives a shit about the US government debt...a shit about the troops or a shit about the Iraqis. It's about Fascist Corporatism and wealth and control.

Ask any Native "American" Indian...they'll tell ya..I'm tellin ya...the lands now known as the United States of America was taken over by colonists arriving from Europe. The American Indians suffered their own brand of genocide at the hands of the colonizers. Look up American history. It's all there for anyone to see.
And to this very day they still come to seek their riches and so-called wealth. They come from Asia, the Mideast..from Central & South America.

The United States and all their lapdog fascist contractors need to leave Iraq. They destroyed a civilization. They destroyed so manysouls that will never experience love, marriage, a family. Lives snuffed out forever. For what?
For greed.
Anonymous said…

If what yer saying about yer sister is true, my apologies.

The only thing that drew in the elements of fascist America into Iraq was (is) oil. It's the reason much of the World has "invested" in the Mideast. Its the only reason fascist regimes are interested in the Caspian area.

The so-called "global war on terror" is only a rallying cry to further expand the parasitic adventures of fascism... a smokescreen from which to plunder.

It's always been the American government's way..but with the Team Bush Corporation, they blatantly and arrogantly exposed their inner working to the World.
They try to cover it up and justify it all. They tried to make a case for invadin Iraq. It was done on false allegations...lies and clandestine operations.
They denied all factual evidence. They used their distortions and the belief that they must respond to 9/11...that attacking was justified.
Iraq, in my opinion, had nothing to do with 9/11. The Taliban were supported by Washington back in the days..when they had a use for them. Osama was used..back when Washington had a use for him against the Soviets. The Shah was used just as so many other 'leaders' have been used and are being used.

Team Bush Corporation sees what they want to see, they deny what they want to deny, support causes they demand to support and damm people they want to damm.

Many Americans group the Mideast people in one large group and make fun of them. They say they are sorry or regret the loss of Life, but still dig for justifications in their thought and actions. They silence anything or everything that may portray them in a bad light. They scapegoat their own behavior on a perceived enemy and try to project their beliefs upon others,while denying facts.

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