I'm OK- You're OK.

I was told in order to make a point, any point, you need to overcome whatever emotions, past experiences, dislikes, tastes and preferences...You need to have an eagle's view, be an effective negotiator in " non violent" communication, think out of the box, attack the argument but not the one who holds it, debate in a civilized way, be ready to listen, reframe, be concise...in short comprehend the other's point of view.

The American jargon calls it a win-win situation, negotiating for "excellence" (hahahaha- sorry can't help this outburst of "hysterical" laughter. It's just these two antinomic precepts "American" and "Excellence" that never fail to crack me up.)

In the light of the above recommendations and seeing that the "surge" is really working, the figures for the month of November is 718 Iraqis dead, only.

Hey what's 718 Iraqis killed ? It's nothing...

America thank you, you are just excellent. It’s working. The plan is perfect. You are a most brilliant people. (Hahahahaha sorry I have to laugh again, it must be nervous. You know, wrong time of the month, PMS and all. Am sure Oprah has something to say about that too. Oprah is the ultimate reference next to Wikipedia of course.)

Today, am in a really win-win situation. We are "in it together" for the "long haul."
After all, over 10 of your military bases will be staying on for a long, long time.

I have even polished up my accent, I have a nasal twang too. See how adaptable I am?

Oh yeah! And guess what? I even got myself a cowboy hat and a pair of cowboy boots and am listening to country music.

I have even begun to appreciate Dolly. No, not Dolly, the cloned sheep, Dolly Parton.

I am even planning a trip to Ze Lebanon for a boob job. Will a "double D" be OK with you? I will even pump it up, my lips that is- free of charge...

Am now ideologically flexible. Am cool. Am a flexible, malleable, easy going...

Oh Yeah, the surge is working.

I realized how wrong I was. I realized that Saddam was a horrible tyrant of a dictator.

OK he did not have any WMD's and no ties to Al-Qaeda but hey so what? The fight against terrorism and dictatorship must go on. Iraq MUST BE FREE.

I realized how wrong it was of me to hold grudges against Americans and their Iranian Shiites collaborators.

OK, a few Soooneees got drilled, and it's been an ethnic cleansing that makes Hitler blush with timidity...But I need to think out of the box and look long term. Have a forward kind of vision.

OK, so we are segregated in Ghettos. OK, Iraq is the most corrupt "country" in the world, but that's unimportant, I really need to go for the win-win situation.

OK, Iraq has nothing functioning. Sectarianism is still rampant. The new fascist Shiites are holding full exclusive power and are blessed by the Americans, they are its only functioning arm. But hey, that is fine with me.

I need to revise my concepts and understand that democracy and freedom have many facets I don't comprehend.

After all, am nothing but a woman and if they slaughter a few of my own, then that's OK too. It's unfortunate but it's meant to be...

I just absolutely love my new frame of mind. I am finally putting in practice what I have learnt. Am a slow learner- granted, but give me the benefit of the doubt, please.¨

After all, Abu Ghraib and Falluja are just two unfortunate episodes. Let's wipe the slate clean.

After all Abeer and Mahdmoudiah are just isolated incidents.

After all Haditha is just another terrorist nest, and it had to be done.

OK, there were a little excesses here and there, but nothing major, really.

Kamel, Omar, Waleed, Hassan and Nabil, are just errors. You apologized. That is more than enough. You even gave us 200$ for one of them. That is very generous of you.
How could I have been so stupid and not seen your good intentions?

Blackwater is being legally punished. The fact that the "Iraqi government" only decided to do something about it because those killed were called Al-Rubaie and happened to be Shiites has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Our new government is fair and just. It's only the Saddamists and those old Baathists that are still terrorizing.

The Shiites militias from Iran are just a figment of my imagination. And how could I have ever thought wrong of them!? They are filled with the best of intentions. They are slaughtering the Sunnis for their own good. Damn, how could I have not realized that profound truth before ?

The corrupt ones are from the old regime and they need to be lynched.

The fact that current ministries are still torture centers and audits tell us that billions of dollars are missing is just another propaganda ploy. An insurgency ploy. An anti-democratic, anti-freedom ploy. It's nothing but a psy-op.

What an ungrateful shameless people they, am -are to level such accusations.

The fact that the DAWA party (of which "our president" is a member) is an Iranian party that was formed during the Iraq-Iran war. The fact that Al-Hakeem, Maliki and Muqtada Sadr are all puppets for Iran is totally inconsequential. The fact that they can't speak Arabic without a Farsee accent is nothing but coincidental.

How could I have been so blind? How could I have been so "sectarian". Shame on me!

After all Iran is the only regional power standing up to the Great Satan (as in Iraq of course) and to the Zionist entity. Iran has no sectarian agenda, it's all pure altruism. It's the charity foundation from which all the anti- war movement can go and quench their thirst. Their thirst for "true anti-imperialism."

The fact that its militias in Iraq have brought down the Palestinian population there from 35'000 to 7'000 is again nothing but a coincidence and a psy-op.

After all Palestinians themselves did not say a word about it, nor did the great anti-Zionist movement Hezbollah. That’s just another proof of what a horrible propaganda campaign I have fallen into.

Even Palestinian bloggers predicted an attack on poor Iran by end of November.
OK, it was supposed to happen a few years ago, then it was a month ago, but do trust Santa Claus for he does deliver...And who am I to criticize?

And it does not stop there...

I have a special apology and a particular appreciation to address to Kurdish "brothers and sisters."

I have misjudged you. Am so sorry.

Your cause is so righteous. You have been terribly oppressed and downtrodden by Saddam's regime and forced into Arabization.

The fact that a lot of you can't even speak Arabic is really besides the point- Patrick Cockburn and his brother said so. They know better.

Not only 100'000 of you were massacred by chemical weapons that did not exist. Oh no, it was 7 million of you, even greater than your total population number, that were annihilated into mass graves in "Iklim Kurdistan." Mass graves we never found...But hey, that’s besides the point.

The point is that you were very oppressed and totally annihilated.

The fact that a few of you are still going strong, just points to the Cockburn/Amnesty International/Darwinian theory that only the brave survive.
The fact that you have engaged in a total ethnic cleansing of other "minorities", just proves what a valiant left-over people you are. Do tell your Cockburns OK? It will just confirm their theory.

Also the fact that you have been having a secret liaison since 1974,(at least) with the Zionist entity- is really nothing to write home about. Chomsky said so.

Chomsky also said that the poor Shiites have been terribly oppressed, not only in Iraq, oh no.

They have also been terribly oppressed in Ze Lebanon where am planning to have my boob job, in Bahrain and in East Saudi Arabia. Chomsky, you are such a wonderful Zionist visionary. Am sorry I have ever doubted you.

After all, you, the Left(hahahahhaha) and the Anti-War movement(hahahahahahaha - sorry it definitely is PMS) are not the voices of the Jewish lobby. Nor you, nor your “ Arab” frauds. You are nothing but pure intentions for the Palestinian, Iraqi, Anti-Imperialist cause...

Damn am so blind. Why did I not see it before ?

Am just delusional, a paranoid that sees conspiracy where there is none.

Again, am terribly sorry and I officially apologize for having slandered you.

As for the Anti-War movement, really how could I have been so short sighted, so myopic ?!

You are indeed la crème de la crème.

How many times you braved the cold weather in 5 years, twice or thrice ?!

How many petitions and letters did you send ?!

How many bouquets of flowers you gave away without counting ?!

How many Sami Ramadanis and Ghali Hassans you upheld ?!

How many P.Bennis and Max Fullers worked tirelessly "free of charge" ?!

How many Brussels Tribunals did bend over backwards for the "good cause."?!

I am truly speechless, with no words left. You are one of a kind. Unsurpassable. Simply excellent.

How could have I been so myopic? So short-sighted?

Today, am so grateful, so thankful. I finally saw the light. I finally realized what an OK bunch you all are and how you are all working for the common good.

Only today I realized, that not only I, but a ONE million++ Iraqis are as grateful as I am.

Not only 1 million ++ DEAD Iraqis are as thankful and as OK as I am, but also 4.5 million Iraqis refugees are OK too. We're OK with it. We think it's cool too.

I personally, just love being that nomadic vagabond. It’s giving me a meaningful perspective on life and it’s been a “growing“ experience.

I am definitely OK and so are they.

Today am born again. Am a changed person. Am an OK person. And so are You.
We are both very OK people.

So let us pray together now. Let us praise Him. Let us chant his name for having delivered and transformed us.

Oh Yeah! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!

God Bless America. God bless Iran. God bless Israel.

God Bless you for turning me into such an OK Person. Into such an OK Woman.

I'm OK- You're OK. We're OK. It's all fine. It's all wonderfully free. Am just simply ecstatic.

I even got myself an Iranian Shiite whip for flogging and I even managed to get myself an American gun...But then I remembered am so OK, I don't need to flog or shoot you anymore. Am a changed woman. Am a product of the "surge." Am so OK.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Maurice Haddad.


Anonymous said…
I agree. Iran is pulling the wool over everyone's eyes by adopting an intransigent stance against the 'Zionist Entity' as they choose to call Israel - through their agents Hizballa and the Hakeemis and Sadris..When are you guys going to wake up? It seems like all one has to do to acquire esteem and credibility in the Arab world is to dredge up the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It's ironic that Iran is so intransigent and they are not even Arab or Semitic - and the Arabs are talking and breaking bread with the Israelis in Annapolis as we speak.
I pray for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians Inshallah - if only so as not to give ammunition to any two bit dictator who uses this conflict to distract the people of the Middle East from the real issues.
Anonymous said…
Dear Leila,

I dug deeper about your claim that Iranians had accepted some military help from the Israelis during the sad episode of warfare between Iran and Iraq. I came across a couple of interesting points:
You were right and the whole deal was organized by the Rafsanjani faction.
The very same Rafsanjani faction convinced Khomeini that he should not accept the rather generous offer from the Saudis to mediate and to pay reparations. Khomeini was deceived by the alliance of Rafsanjani and the Neo-Con predecessors.
The same combination of Rafsanjani clan are trying very hard to help the occupational forces in Iraq in order to oppress the indigenous population.
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi Jew and Amir the Iranian,

I find it very " interesting" that both of you were the first to comment on this post.

Iraq jew,

You will use the anti Iranian rhetoric for the further protection of Israel.


You are using the Rafsandjani argument to let off Iran off the hook in the CURRENT Iraqi fiasco.

Both of you have much in common.

The TRUTH remains, though.

Iran under Ahmadinajad not Rafsandjani and Israel under Olmert and helping the Kurds have destroyed- coupled with the Americans- Iraq and are leading to its partition.

No sense throwing the blame on each other, "You both represent" the criminals" that are currently responsible for this Iraqi genocide.

But you must admit one thing though. Am so fucking tolerant and still give you a platform here to voice it all.

Damn am so OK!
LostHere said…
... y después soñé,
que soñaba!
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar, you're one of the most intelligent bloggers I've come across.
Anonymous said…
For better or worse, on the subjects you write about, you're the only one I want to read these days. I think your writing will make me a better person.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

Sorry for your pain. Thank you for your genius and bravery.

Layla - I think I am speaking for at least one or two other of your thousand fans when I say that I have a fancy feeling for resistance music.

When I see those videos on liveleak.com of blowing up hummers and tanks and when I hear that music, the eerie music, that vocal echo, that trance making music, I am captivated.

As I said, maybe I speak for one or two from your thousand fans, but I like that music a lot and I would like to have a compilation of it.

Am I wrong or right, the Shiite music has drums very often and the Sunni music is purely vocals mostly... I mean within the resistance videos.

You see, this is a very specific question and I didn't see anyone talking about this.

But please, for the one or two of us that like this music and want a compilation CD to play at home, can you help us out? I would like to know if such a compilation exists and if not, how I might make a compilation on my own taking into account that most of the ied videos don't play the songs in full.

Anonymous said…
I am a dimwit.
Anonymous said…
Layla No matter how much spin you put on it by dragging Israel into the Iraqi mess, I don't think it has any influence on the events happening in Iraq.
In my opinion the situation in Iraq at the moment does not serve the interests of Israel or the Palestinians. The only country laughing all the way is Iran.
By the way, 'bela manniah' -no favors- feel free not to post my comments.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
Are you OK?! Silly question, hey?! How can you be with what's going on around you?!
I've sent info for children with leukemia to your e-mail address, did you see it? Please respond.
And please take care.
Anonymous said…
You are more than O.K. You are BRILLIANT!!
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

Eric Berne.. the pdoc founder of Transactional Analysis... who is ok and who is not ok... etc.. and the matches how we are, would be so proud of the way you express it and with your unique creative way !

God bless your skills to write and your deep constant love for our Beloved Iraq.
Much love
Layla Anwar said…
Lost here,

Hola. Am sorry but my spanish is limited. Did not understand.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you. Do I get a brownie point for that? lol
Layla Anwar said…

Hello. I did not know there is a shiite resistance to the occupation, that's news to me.
There are videos supporting the Jaysh al Mahdi- the criminal drillers and they use common Iraqi songs and change the words to praise the master driller Muqtada.

As for the other songs, I don't know where you can get them. I don't think they are planningo on producing a CD anytime soon - lol

Layla Anwar said…

If you say you're a dimwit, who am I to disagree?
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you. That is very kind of you.
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi jew,

Why are you so adamant about defending Israel. I have written so many posts and gave specific references with dates and locations on the Israeli role in Iraq and in particular with the Kurds.

You may be pleased to know that hundreds of Israelis have also bought land in Baghdad.

And don't say bala meniah. However much I dislike your twisted comments, I still publish them.
Bala muzayadat - ayb alech.
Layla Anwar said…

Nacercinis? I need your prayers Nur, serious heavy prayers please. Can't say more here.
I have read your mail concerning the sick children, with the costs being 150'000 per treatment, I think I will faint. Will reply to you directly.
Layla Anwar said…
karl M,

Thank you, I appreciate it. I need all the boosts I can get.
Layla Anwar said…
Dearest Yolla,

Hello. Yolla I need your prayers too. Please send them our way.
Bless you
Lots of love
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

Yes my prayers and heart are with you and Iraq. I will pray more and request prayers from my groups, light workers as well ! All will go your way my dearest Sister and to our
Beloved Iraq !
Bless you !!!!!
Much love
LostHere said…
Please excuse me Layla, it was just a line from a poem of Antonio MAchado. My translations are not very good, but...

Yesterday I dreamed I saw
God, and with God I was talking;
And I dreamed that God heard me…
Then I dreamed I was dreaming.

Ayer soñé que veia
A Dios y que a Dios hablaba;
Y soñé que Dios me oía….
Después soñé que soñaba
Angel said…
Hello Layla,

For Iraqi's it will be a never-win situation, unless the rest of the world holds Amerikkka accountable for attrocities committed against Iraq and her people.

The constant meddling by the West in Middle Eastern affairs is not likely to end any time soon. It is, after all, habitual for multiple generations, starting with Britian.

Your piece is dripping in sarcasm, I love it. What a pity the powers that be don't take into account the people who live and breathe the horror.

I spoke to my Iraqi born and bred, now Amerikkkan citizen Uncle yesterday. He loves Bush, I told him he was a traitor. My Mother, the eldest in the family, is absolutely furious with him. I think she will never speak to him again.

You have to be OK, otherwise........you will have to use that whip you bought.

How is Auntie Sameera?

Stay safe.
Anonymous said…
Hello Layla.

I despair of ever finding someone who can help me with the name of that Iraqi author.

Are you sure you've never read/heard of a philosophical essay about the Self ?

I don't know the Arabic title, but I think it might be the exact translation, "Thulathiyya an-Nafs", or something of that kind.

I'd be much grateful and obliged if you could make a little effort of memory for me.

Best wishes to you and your patient and heroic people.

Keep up the wonderful work.

Anonymous said…
I am a cat.
Anonymous said…
Powerful mix of melancholy and sarcasm, brought tears of rage to my eyes...
I pray to God that you stay the remindful and proud patriot you are throughout this ordeal and never yield to the temptation of becoming "OKified".

A curiosity: "Anwar" = "End War", but what about "Layla" ?
Does "night" have a special meaning to you or is it simply your real name ?

Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said…
"I did not know there is a shiite resistance to the occupation"

You should not be so surprised, after all they made up the bulk of the glorious Iraqi Army once upon a happy "sectless" time...

"they use common Iraqi songs and change the words to praise the master driller Muqtada."

I hope to live long enough to see with these very eyes of mine that empty scrotum of a satanic mass sacrificer who killed my adored President and so many innocent Iraqis being cut to chunks of greasy lard and thrown to feed the rabid stray curs in the streets of Baghdad.

Keep blogging, dearest sister, you are a blessing to mankind.
Anonymous said…
you have a talent for sure.

had you not been such a backstabbing ho, we could have done a lot for iraq together.

so much the worse for you ! hehehehe

kess emeek.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you.
Do you speak Arabic?
You know the song " Al Laylu ya Layla Yua3thibooneee?" or
"Yakoolana ena Layla fe Al Iraqee mareedhaton"
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you and you have a nice pseudo too. I like that name Majid.
Layla Anwar said…
Fleur de Lys,

Wallahee I don't know who wrote al Thulatia. I asked around and no one seems to know either. I have not forgotten you though and I will keep my ears and eyes open.
Layla Anwar said…

Your mom seems to be a cool person.
I have a cousin who was all praise for Bush. I have not spoken to him in 5 years and I doubt I ever will.
Salam to you.
Layla Anwar said…
Lost Here,

I like that poem by Machado. What prompted it? Wait. Don't tell me. I think I know the answer already.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous that sounds like drunken Barabie...

Worked for Iraq together? How so, by getting pissed drunk in Australia?
Stupid is stupid is stupid.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous the cat,

If you say you are a cat, who am I to disagree ?
Cats usually exhibit a high level of intelligence. But there are exceptions, naturally.
Anonymous said…
"Cats usually exhibit a high level of intelligence."

Nothing like being modest, eh ? ;-)

Anyway, I still mantain that I am a cat and a stray, untamed, wild one to boot.

See you in the "season" ;-)
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous stray cat,

Whatever! In your cat's dream, I suppose.
Anonymous said…
I only know "Al Laylu ya Layla", the other I never heard of.

The name Layla brings back both joyful and sad memories to me: a childhood friend, perhaps the dearest I ever had, who died tragically still very young in the fire of her home...

Is it your real name ?
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar did not leave Iraq because of the U.S. invasion.

She had already gone into self-imposed exile a few years earlier.

The Princess of Weathercocks.
Layla Anwar said…
Oh Jeffrey, the american wanker, the US marine. I have been graced by your visit.
So now you're not only an expert on Iraq but also an expert on my personal life...How quaint.
Tell me when did you learn to locate Iraq on a map?
YoUnicorn said…
Dearest Layla

LOL well said
He has not yet !
Snakes never learn.. just bite

Take good care of yourself !
Lots of love
annie said…
no matter how much spin you put on it by dragging Israel into the Iraqi mess, I don't think it has any influence on the events happening in Iraq.


sometimes in all the madness it is good to let out a belly laugh.
Anonymous said…
You are NOT OK!

One winter night a knight in shining armour appeared in a village. He entered a house and uttered: “The world is on the threshold of disaster. Millions of people will die. And you will stand here and prophesy. Do not be afraid! I’ll tell you what you should say.” This phantom visited 30-year-old Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova in January, 1941.

Just like this Vanga started making predictions. Even before that she had abilities to clairvoyance. She could have developed them herself. When she was a child, she thought out a strange game, which irritated her father. Vanga used to put something in the garden or in the house, then put her hands on her eyes and sought for it.

Vanga was known in Bulgaria and abroad, she helped many people from different countries. She could prescribe a medication, warn against false steps and find missing people.

She was blind but saw a lot in past and future. Her house in Rupite at the joint border of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece is believed to be a source of incredible cosmic energy. This energy must have fed the human phenomenon of Vanga.

Vanga had a very difficult life. However, it was not easy for everybody to live in the age of endless wars and revolutions, dictators and tyrants, poverty and stagnation. Her father was conscripted into the Bulgarian Army during World War I, and her mother died when Vanga was quite young. Vanga was a slim girl with blue eyes and blond hair. She herself thought out games and loved playing "healer" – she prescribed some herbs to her friends.

The family was living a hard life after the war. Her father had an animal farm, and Vanga had to drive the milk-can.

A terrible storm occured one day. The sky was dark and strong wind blew. Lumps of mud, leaves and branches created an enormous vortex cavity. This storm lifted 12-year-old Vanga up and threw her in the field. She was found after a long search. Her eyes were covered with sand. Afterwards, she began to lose sight. No healing gave results. Vanga prayed to God. Soon she became blind but acquired another vision.

Gradually, Vanga learned to orientate herself without eyes, do some simple job and wait no extreme happiness from this life.

Vanga started making predictions when she was 16. She helped her father to find a sheep stolen from his flock. She provided a detailed description of a yard where the animal was being hidden by the thieves.

Vanga had dreamed about some distressing events even before the knight appeared. All these events unfortunately came true.

During World War II Vanga attracted more believers — a number of people visiting her, hoping to get a hint about whether their relatives are alive, or seeking for the place where they died. She advised people how to protect themselves on the battlefields, how to cure themselves with herbs, clay and beeswax, where to find lost things.

Long before world-wide fame Vanga was put in prison. She was confined because she predicted Stalin’s death. But in a year set at liberty – Stalin died. Though, she entrusted such important data as leaders’ obits and global disasters only to a limited group of people. She did not want to scare anyone.

When her brother Vasil joined a partisan party, Vanga cried and begged him not to go, telling him that he would be cruelly killed at the age of 23. But Vasil did not believe her. In October of the same year he surrendered. He was terribly tortured and then shot down. It was very difficult for her to know the destiny and have no means to resist it.

She couldn’t save even her own husband. They lived 20 years together. But Dimitar fell into alcoholism in the last years of their marriage. When he was passing away, Vanga stood on knees by his bed with tears in her eyes. When he died, she fell asleep. After that she said: I saw him off up to the place where he should be.

Vanga was not afraid of death. She said that there is no death: "I have told you that after death the body decomposes like anything living, but a part of the body – the soul, or something I don’t know how to call, does not decompose. But what remains from a man is his soul. It does not decompose and continues to develop to reach higher states. This is the eternity of soul.”

When dying Vanga was sent to the resuscitation department, she refused any medical treatment. She was in coma her last days. People who were close to her say that death was deliverance for her. She was very tired of people, of real problems and farfetched tragedies, ambitions and unbelief, endless questions and lack of understanding.

Vanga believed that people are born for good works. Bad works never escape punishment. She always tried to do good for people.

Vanga was a Human Being. You still have not become one and are just as big as failure as those you hate.
Anonymous said…
Hi layla...
ok is better than the alternative.
Anonymous said…
bARABie never touched alcohol in her life.
Unlike yourself, she's a devout Muslim woman.
Layla Anwar said…
kindly welcome the lunatics.
And a big series of applause for Vanga...
hahahahahahahahahahahahah. bunch of freaks.
Anonymous said…

I don't want to be polemical as I agree with most of your thoughts. However, for your information, the 2,4 million displaced that are recorded are not all since 2003.

It doesn't make a big difference for their plight, but approximately 1 million people amongst them are displaced from before 2003. amongst them, less than 2/3 are kurdish.

Nevertheless it means than since the occupation of Iraq, there are more displaced than during the 20 previous years...

YoUnicorn said…
Vanga was a Human Being. You still have not become one and are just as big as failure as those you hate.
4/12/07 11:48 AM

What a stupid, hallow, destructive,
insensitive, disgusting, lack of respect, lazy minded whoever anon is .... bla bla bla
Layla challenges you, right???
Find your answers inside not posting lunatic rubbish !

May God keep you safe and with your amazing strength and love for your people dear Layla.
Once more, so sorry you have to deal with these *freaks*

Lots of love always
Layla Anwar said…

You are actually being polemical.
or simply you are terribly misinformed.
The latest figures from the Red Crescent confirm that there are 2 million internally displaced since 2003.
Figures also confirm that the kurds are displacing arabs, turkmen, assyrians etc...
So what propaganda are you trying to diffuse here? Write a letter of thanks to Cockburn since you both seem to be on the same wavelength.
Anonymous said…
Hi Hi Layla, I always read your stuff, but have never commented before. You caused a stir at SBS a few years ago :) They still love you :)

I had to comment here because I cant believe these Zionist beasts from the Dead sea Garrison have started spamming you. I have lots of trouble with these blood sucking Goebbelite's on my blog.

I always enjoy your stuff I think I should show up more often to make sure these loons from the religious right dont gang up on you.

Watching with disbelief from Australia your friend.
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar: Maybe if you weren't so crude more people might be inclined to listen....

Hate begats hate; a crude mouth begats a crude nature; seeing only black and white blinds you to all of the different shades of grey.

The Christians, the Jews and the Muslims all share the same god, why can we not share our world?

War begats war, why don't we stop it before it destroys our world.
Anonymous said…
Another Canadian barbarian preaching his/her mental castrato hubris...

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