The New Iraq : Endemic Sectarianism and Ethnic Partition.

There is really no point trying to find more excuses and justifications, more denial and more masks...IT IS ALL TOO OBVIOUS, even your average idiot can spot it - POLITICAL SHIISM (and its ideology IN PRACTICE) is SECTARIAN. FULL STOP. And it does not take a genius to realize that IRAN IS A FASCIST SECTARIAN SHIITE ENTITY. And it does not take a luminary to realize that America handed IRAQ to the Shiite fascists backed, funded, trained, armed, by IRAN and working FOR IRAN.

Get it ? Or is that too complicated for your simpleton minds ?!

A series of dangerous developments are taking place in Iraq - not that it has ever stopped, but definitely reminiscent of the events that led up to the 2006 sectarian war, instigated and supported by the USA, Iran and Israel.

Two days ago, a sweep of mass arrests of Sunnis took place in Baghdad, Tikrit and Mosul leading to an exodus of families to the Northern part of the country. This mass of arrests came over and above the daily explosions and killings targeting Sahwa members and Sunni officials in the Anbar province.

Yesterday in the Shaab neighborhood of Baghdad, alone, 21 men were arrested by so called "anti-terrorist* squads, and it seems that 2 women were part of those reported as missing. Missing because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM since their arrests. It seems also that those squads that looked like Shiite militias from the way they were dressed, broke doors and destroyed the inside of the homes where the arrests took place. THERE WERE NO CHARGES.

In parallel, M.Mottaki, the Iranian FM was in Baghdad discussing the so called border issues - and the dispute over the Faqa oil field in the Misan province. The Iranian authorities claim that their troops withdrew, while pictures taken from the Misan province show very clearly that the Iranian flag as well as the troops are still stationed there. Hoshar Zebari the "Iraqi" FM assured everyone that the Iranians were of good faith, denying the pictures of NO IRANIAN WITHDRAWAL. Oil field no.4 is just one story because the Majnoon oil fields are also being appropriated by IRAN. This is stuff that your bullshit media does not cover and does not address, because it is part of the Iranian-American deal.

As an Iraqi friend told me - I bet you anything they will give them to the Iranians the whole Misan oil fields. I will not be surprised either. I will be surprised if they did not. The Kurds do not care much if the South is taken over by the Iranians because the deal is that their "independent" Kurdistan is definitely in the making as promised by Bush and by Obama.

The Shiite fascist government does not care about the Southern oil fields given to Iran either, because Iran is the mother -- it is that ideologically depraved entity that put them in power in Iraq in the first place.

And even though some Iraqi Shiites are waking up to that fact, remember the anti-Iranian demonstrations in Basra, Kerbala, Baghdad and Mosul -- they are quickly being called back to "order" by the parties representing their sect as a real Arab Iraqi Shiite awakening poses a major threat to these dominant sectarian parties and consequently to Iran's grip over Iraq.

In the North, General Odierno met with Masoud Barazani, Barham Saleh (his VP) and the Head of the Peshmerga (the Kurdish militia) to discuss a NEW STRATEGY to deal with the so called "insurgency" that is raging in the Nineveh province and which your media is blacking out from the news.

In Baghdad, 14 MEMBERS of the NATIONAL ACCORDANCE FRONT are barred from joining the candidacy list in the so called up coming elections. The most prominent member that has been barred is SALEH AL-MUTLAQ.

I will have to give you some current information on the Iraqi National Accordance Front as this information is quite important.

The most prominent members of the National Accordance Front are Saleh Al-Mutlaq,(Sunni) VP Al-Hashimi (Sunni) and I.Allawi (Shiite). This party has the support of the Southern Arab Shiite tribes (who are anti-Iran) and the support of other Iraqis who would wish a return to some form of a secular rule in Iraq.

About a week ago, the nephew of Saleh Al-Mutlaq was arrested by the Shiite government and was subjected to severe torture. Thereafter he was made to sign a confession accusing his own uncle of wanting to undermine "national security" in Iraq.

A couple of days ago, the de-Baathification committee now renamed "the Justice and Accountability" committee and led by the infamous AHMED AL-CHALABI (Shiite)(the double CIA/Iranian agent) decreed that Al Mutlaq is a Baathist and therefore cannot join the electoral process. Furthermore, according to people close to Al-Mutlaq, it seems that prime Iranian/American puppet Al-Maliki wants to teach Al-Mutlaq a lesson for having been called by him - "SECTARIAN."

Al-Mutlaq has been part of the political process for several years now, and this is not the first time he calls the present puppet government Sectarian.

It worth reminding the reader that the election date was postponed to the month of March 2010 as opposed to the January 2010 scheduled date, as the Shiite sectarian fascist government was blocking all attempts to have the 2 Million+ Iraqis in exile, participate in the ballots. It took much political lobbying from Tarek Al-Hashimi (VP) to have the election law changed so as to include the exiled Iraqis who are for the major part Sunnis and Christians.

There are also definitive rumors fresh from Baghdad that Al-Maliki is seriously considering an alliance with the Iranian fascist Iraqi National Alliance made up namely of Ammar Al-Hakeem head of the fascist Badr Brigades and the notorious chief driller moronic retard Muqtada Al-Sadr, head of the Sadrist party.

What's the deal here ?

The deal is both the Kurdish American/Israeli puppets and the sectarian Shiites American/Iranian puppets are realizing that the chances of a secular party winning the up coming elections are very high. And this is a risk and a gamble they simply can't afford to take in the "new democracy" of the "new Iraq."

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