The Face of Evil...

Another long sleepless night...I thought I'd check for the latest news, I really wish I had not.

This is something I can't remain indifferent to, this is something  I must denounce, and this is something you must actively fight as well.

The Face of Evil is what you need to fight. The Face of Evil and his nick name is VIOLENCE against WOMEN. It must be stopped by any means. ANY MEANS.

I have said it before and will repeat it again, Violence against women kills more women than wars, disease and accidents combined.

Violence in its most brutal, cruel, evil, sadistic form was seen in the New Iraq, where women were raped, tortured in the most abject of ways, mutilated in their genitals, some by the Shiite militias and some were prisoners of Abu Ghraib and suffered rape and torture by your American brave boys. I even mentioned the story of one Iraqi woman I know of, who can no longer walk because she was repeatedly raped by your brave shits and then had both legs tied apart until her pelvic bone exploded... And yes that is true.

I also mentioned acid attacks on women in Iraq, we did not have this before our liberation, we did not have this during the reign of the "tyrant", we had none of this during the "brutal dictatorship".

Violence against Women MUST STOP BY ANY MEANS.

From rape, to torture, to abuse, to battering, to harassment, to acid burning, to trafficking, to honor killings to whatever.... IT MUST BE STOPPED.

There is one remarkable woman, by the name of Musarat Musbah, a Pakistani woman who alone is helping women victims, victims because touched by the Face of Evil. Her foundation is called Smile Again. All my respects and support to you dear Lady.

Now you watch what the Face of Evil looks like.

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