The Many Faces of Al-Qaeda.

A daring title but one well worth pondering...

This topic has been on my mind with a growing urgency and now is the time to face it head on...

It is no easy subject as so much has already been said about who and what constitutes Al-Qaeda. Tons of literature and films have been produced since 9/11, all claiming to know who Al-Qaeda is.

I don't know for sure who Al-Qaeda is nor do I have immediate answers...but what I do know is how to link dots...I love linking dots. Don't you ?

So I spend my thinking time linking dots...picking details here and there, gathering them together to get the bigger picture that will take me closer to the Truth...I am no investigative journalist, but I do love detective work.

So who is Al-Qaeda ?

Wrong questions give wrong answers. The question to ask is - Does Al-Qaida as an ORGANIZATION really exist ?

Now that is a much smarter question to start speculating with...

Last week, someone suggested I watch a documentary by the BBC called "The power of Nightmares" (will provide link at the bottom of page). It was long -- in 17 parts but well worth watching. And I urge you to watch it in its entirety.

I watched it as if watching a film. I did not agree with all of its content but the conclusion I was left with is very much in line with what I have believed all along - there is NO organization called Al-Qaeda.

Then I continued the film in my head and thought of all the Al-Qaeda terrorist acts and links as transpired through my various readings/and info regarding events in Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan and name a few.

First of, I noticed a trend, a correlation between discourses and the events that subsequently take place.

I noticed every time the U.S and its puppets are "squeezed" (take that any way you wish), it resorts to Al-Qaeda.


The prime example was in Iraq where the U.S and the U.K claimed irrefutable proof/evidence linking Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda, providing the "rational" excuse for invading and utterly destroying this country.

If one looks at the "work" of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, one will notice another pattern within a greater pattern...

- every time there was/is Resistance in Iraq, anywhere in Iraq - the U.S and its puppet government calls it insurgency aka Al-Qaeda (adding Saddamists to confirm the initial Saddam Hussein/Al-Qaeda pretext/LIE for the occupation)

- all the academics, scientists and doctors killed in Iraq since 2003, were officially blamed on Al-Qaeda, on the insurgents.

- suicide bombers and car explosions in public places are blamed on Al-Qaeda, on the insurgents.

- kidnappings and elimination of ex Iraqi officials are blamed on Al-Qaeda, on the insurgents.

- weapons smuggling, cache and explosives used to kill innocents are blamed on Al-Qaeda, on the insurgents.

You can add your own to the lot...

However in Iraq, it is a known fact that those who killed Resistance fighters over and above the U.S army and over and above the sectarian militias were Al-Qaeda members.(hold on to that thought for a minute as I will get back to it later)

It transpired that those who killed scientists, academics, doctors, ex Iraqi officials were Mossad and Iranian secret intelligence operatives.

It turned out that car bombs were done by none other than American, British, Israeli and Iranian secret intelligence, including the puppet government itself.

And now the latest news I got from a very well informed and reliable source in Iraq --- all the weapons cache/explosives said to be belonging to Al-Qaeda turned out to be IRANIAN made. Not only that, but members of the so called Al-Qaeda Iraq, were Shiites from Shiite families who suddenly embraced Sunnism and financed by Iran for "special operations".

The point I am trying to make here, is that Al-Qaeda as an organization does not exist as such, it is more like an elusive, mercurial front for all kinds of intelligence operatives, run by Israel, U.S, U.K, Iran, or whoever wants to jump on the "war against terror" bandwagon.

I did say I will get back to a point I made earlier on about Resistance fighters being killed by "Al-Qaeda" in Iraq. And for that I will need to make reference to the documentary I mentioned above and use the Algerian example as an illustration:

When the Islamic party won the elections in Algeria and the government cracked down on it, and all hell broke loose in Algeria for many years, the government thought of a very smart tactic to finish off this movement - IT INFILTRATED the ranks of this Islamic movement turning it into an Al-Qaeda -- infiltrating it with agents pretending to be fighters, killing its members along with innocent civilians, terrorizing the population until it achieved its aim - make the whole Algerian people turn against it - i.e against the Islamic party le FILS who had won the elections and had mass popular support.

In Iraq the same tactic was used with the Resistance movement.

This goes  to show  that Al-Qaeda is an umbrella under which anything is possible and permissible. DIRTY WARS necessitate DIRTY MEANS and DIRTY MEASURES. Always remember that.

And you must admit that these 21st century wars of occupations are not only about armies invading..

Never in history of warfare have we witnessed as much intelligence operatives under the name of counter terrorism. The use of security contractors, journalists, dirty gangs, special forces, special squads,  militias, strange obscure sects, ultra secretive subversive agents, mercenaries, ordinary spies, informants, double agents  "Islamic terrorists", you name it we saw it and still see it in Iraq...

Take the Iraqi experiment of "modern warfare" as a yardstick. Trust me here.


Anyone who follows my blog regularly will vouch that I have mentioned Pakistan being next in line after Iraq and that was over 2 years ago. I really can't go through the whole thing again, but Pakistan was framed with the Mumbai bombings which gave a "rational" pretext for the above DIRTY GANG of U.S and OTHERS (Watch out for Iran's full blown move in Pakistan soon) mercenaries, intelligence operatives, security contractors -- leading and paving the way for a permanent U.S military presence in Pakistan.

And every since, Pakistan has experienced nothing but pure terror with "Islamic terrorists" made of a mishmash of "Talibans" "Al-Qaeda" and God knows who else, blowing markets apart. When the whole Pakistani population is pointing the finger at American intelligence operatives one of which is Blackwater  -- now known in Iraq as Xe - its new name with a new contract.

And please don't be naive. A military intervention and presence is not only about stationed army personnel. Think beyond your noses.

I will avoid devoting a paragraph on present Afghanistan, as for me it is all too obvious and is turning out to the hub of the matter, in the continuing "war on terror"...

Again referring to the documentary I mentioned above, Al-Qaeda (the non existent Al-Qaeda - i.e Osama Bin Laden) had no military ties with the Taliban of Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda Afghanistan was nothing but a handful of Arab speaking men following an ultra radical version of Islamic Jihad. Al-Qaeda Afghanistan was no party, was no structured organization, was no Medusa with a thousand heads and it is made out to be.

There was and there is NO Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. There might have been an Osama Bin Laden with a few followers, but they did not have underground bunkers with ultra sophisticated technology able to activate "sleeping cells" anywhere in the claimed by Western propaganda.

The same claims were made regarding Saddam Hussein's army - underground 3 stories bunkers, hi-tech command and control systems, etc...all nicely laid out through power point slides, graphs and diagrams...

In the end, both in Afghanistan and Iraq, they found nothing but empty, abandoned caves and tiny metal covered shelters...

All the hype about WMD's, sophisticated pyramids of communication networks, ultra advanced systems of one button technology were ALL LIES, a fantasy, a science fiction straight out of Hollywood. A fantasy you believed and still believe in.


Already a year ago, I "predicted" that Hell is going to break loose in Yemen. I really can't repeat all my posts here. But I will give you brief reminder: I said everywhere there is a Shiite minority in any Muslim country expect Iran to play the sectarian card as per the imperatives of U.S Zionist Imperialism - hoping to consolidate its sphere of influence and regional power in the process. I also said that anytime you read a U.S statement claiming the active presence of Al-Qaeda in any particular country, expect a military U.S interference, read destabilization, incursion, invasion of that country.

Basing myself upon those two hypotheses derived from my observation of the Iraqi experiment, and armed with a strong premonition, I wrote " Who is coming next to Dinner". (there is a blog google tool search on this website - use it, just type Yemen and you will get essential snippets -- it will save me linking)

And lo and behold, trouble started in Yemen with a surge of political Shiite ideology as embodied by the Houthis funded and armed by Iran. At the same time, Al-Qaeda surged in the South of the country, with the Yemeni army finding itself waging two wars on two fronts. Saudi Arabia got dragged in with the Houthis and now the U.S considers Al-Qaeda Yemen branch to be a global terror threat.

But wait, things are not what they appear to be...

A Yemeni official last week said point blank - We have irrefutable proof that Al-Qaeda Yemen is working in close collaboration with the Houthis and that they are funded by foreign and regional powers...

An article that appeared in October of last year, stated that Iran was funding training camps for the Houthis in Eritrea and that Somalis joined the camps.

Yemen has been complaining about a surge of "migrants" from Somalia in the past 6 the same time in Somalia, the Shabab movement in September of this year, who has been involved in some obscure war in Somalia, which I have not figured out fully yet, gave an official statement pledging allegiance to Al-Qaeda Yemen Branch and vouched to help them topple the Yemeni government.

And just by coincidence, the failed "terror attack" of the hidden explosives in a Nigerian guys underpants, in Detroit, was linked to Yemen, as one of his parents conveniently happened to be of Yemeni origins...and the story goes that this dude was a secular guy and he turned Al-Qaeda once he landed in Yemen...this was picked up by western journals and the German magazine Der Spiegel proclaimed just today that "Yemen is the NATURAL GROUND " for an Al-Qaeda to take root...just to give you a feel of how the ripple effect cascades...

American and Western exaggeration of Al-Qaeda in Yemen meant that religious and racial profiling is now advocated, and Western authorities rushed to install body scanners in airports,"terror linked countries" are given special treatment -- Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia...and of course Iraq and Afghanistan and poor old Nigeria... American public opinion has now turned in favor of another US military incursion/intervention in Yemen to combat the "Al-Qaeda terror." And the Yemeni government is saying - ok there is an Al-Qaeda threat, but it's not as bad as you make it, hold your horses guys, but the U.S is crying Red Alert and Global Threat...and within 24 hours, the U.S, UK, French, German and Japanese embassies closed down in Yemen.

Yemen is the next Iraq. It has all the elements for a next Iraq.

And since am on that subject, everywhere there is a Muslim secular government and a mass of technocrats, intellectuals, cadres, elites -- born out of a national struggle against colonialism, (i.e against Imperialism) like Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, sure that the Americans will find an Al-Qaeda connection there. Except for Iran. There can be no Iranian Al-Qaeda.

There is no "Al-Qaeda" in Iran because Iran is still needed (reformist leaders included - maybe with less Khomeinist zeal) to continue playing the sectarian divide card outreaching all those secular governments right into the heart of Arab Islam - as embodied (rightly or wrongly) in Saudi Arabia where another Shiite minority exists. And Saudi Arabia is on the list of countries to be destabilized...with or with no royal family, regardless...

But not only, the whole set up is so crafty - Al-Qaeda is labeled Salafist Jihadist and Iran and its "oppressed Shiites" are anything but Salafists Jihadists. They are de facto, off the hook.

A point I have to make before concluding . I am not saying that Salafist Jihadist ideology does not exist, I am not saying that Salafist Jihadist sympathizers do not exist, I am not saying that there are no Salafist Jihadists armed fighters, willing...all am saying is who is really pulling their strings, who has infiltrated their ranks, who is the one ultimately benefiting ?

Valid questions to ask in the age of DIRTY wars.

And the grand design, the plan is not over yet...Watch out for a more active Somali Al-Qaeda role, watch out for Sudan, watch out for Al-Qaeda emerging in Libya and Algeria, watch out...and of course watch out for Al-Qaeda Saudi Arabia making a strong entrance...

Watch out, whenever you hear, read, that name, the name for something that does not exist.

And here is the youtube link for the documentary I mentioned - The power of nightmares.(follow the parts uploaded by Sageprophet because it is the complete set) To be used as a starting point for further serious reflection all the while remembering that innocents lives are being destroyed because of one huge American born self seeking, political and murderous fantasy called Al-Qaeda.

And of course, this rather simple post is by no means totally -- comprehensive, exhaustive or conclusive...but at any rate, do me a favor, let go of the Al-Qaeda Fantasy trip and trap.

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