I have no time to finish part 2 of the Uncomfortably Awake previous post. ALL is uncomfortable...

The most urgent pieces of news you need to retain for this morning :

- First and foremost, there is a killing spree against IRAQI CHRISTIANS IN MOSUL. My very informed sources tell me that those behind the killings are the KURDS. The Archbishop of Mosul is urging for patience in the face of Genocide. Viva American Freedom & Democracy.

- Second piece of news, there are very serious death threats being issued regularly against the 500 or so members (mainly Sunni Arabs) who have been excluded from the up coming elections and who belong to the Salih Al-Mutlak bloc of the National Accord Front. First on the list is Saleh Al-Mutlaq himself. Viva American Freedom & Democracy.

- Third piece of news. IRAN, bloody Iran is behind the exclusion of those 500 or so members, it is not in the interest of Iran to have a secular party win the elections, a secular party that is clearly anti-Iran. Iran is doing its utmost, its very best to guarantee that these candidates be erased and if possible finished off for good. The ones who are carrying IRAN's dirty work are of course the Shiite parties, and the Justice and Accountability committee led by Ahmed Chalabi even though he is not in the forefront of the picture. The bogus allegations of Baathism are just bogus, these are just excuses to ensure that IRAQ never, ever, recuperates its ARAB IDENTITY. Viva American Freedom & Democracy.

- Fourth piece of news, point 3 above, is most welcomed by the KURDS who are allergic to the Arab Identity of Iraq as well and who per the ISRAELI agenda are making sure that this never happens. In other words, The KURDS are also blocking the secular party and its candidates. Viva American Freedom & Democracy.

- Fifth point, from what I have gathered, the Americans have reached a point where they will encourage this political "laissez faire " with a hands off policy, thus providing a ripe fertile terrain for another cycle of "Constructive/Creative Chaos" - Viva American Freedom & Democracy.

The MOST urgent thing right now is to mobilize against the Killing of our IRAQI CHRISTIANS.

So all decent Christians of the West, you are to mobilize, denounce and take action against the killings of our CHRISTIAN BROTHERS in Iraq by none other than the forces of Freedom and Democracy, and by the American weapons that have Biblical codes engraved on them...

End of morning bulletin. And don't forget - Viva American Freedom & Democracy !

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