Yeah, Iraq again !

I am really sorry to bother you...I know you have more important things. Health insurance, tax cuts, BP spill and another flotilla to Gaza.

Yeah it's Iraq again. And will always be.

I will not let this GENOCIDE go by. I will not allow the Holocaust of Freedom and Democracy vanquish it's Iraq again on the agenda. I put it on the agenda, top priority, top of the list.

Iraq, a country the size of California, where by the words of a General of the, (Odierno), has witnessed the BIGGEST, LARGEST movement of military equipment -- the US armada --since WORLD WAR II.

In other words, since World War II there has not been anything similar...for a country the size of California.

World War II ? Do any of you read history at all ? Do you know how many allies there were during World War II ? And during World War II, military technology was not as "advanced".

Iraq, the size of California, a "third world" country, broken by over 10 years of sanctions, and all this military might to defeat the "enemy". And you expect me to let it go just like that and concentrate on your tax cuts, health insurance, spills and flotillas ?

Oh boy, you don't really know what a true Iraqi is.

Fact of the matter is I will NEVER let it go. Not until some Justice is done. Like it or not - that's the way it is and that's the way it shall be...

No one talks of Iraq anymore...hardly ever. Re-read what I just wrote above.

Fuck it, I will not let those bastards drive us into the shadows of cemeteries. I claim life by claiming words.

Yet I feel so old keyboard, hundreds of articles, hundreds of testimonies and a lonely voice. Where are the Iraqis ?

Did they all become ghosts of this Occupation ? Is there anyone at home ?

At times I want to give up...this is not something I can do alone...I am not superwoman, ignorance surrounds me like a thick wall of silence...I try to keep that tiny flame alive in the darkness. Its death means mine.

No, I will not let them erase it.

Facing my old keyboard and typing these words, incoherent at times, is my only sanity...

No I will not let them erase it.

It's Iraq again.

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