American Blues...

Truth be told, I tremendously dislike times I vehemently hate you.

Iraq apart...aside, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and the rest aside,

I find you petty, stupid, dumb, uncultured and uncivilized...

I hate your fucking chewing gum, your lifestyle, your ideals, and your ideas...I happen to believe you have no ideas. To have an idea presupposes you are capable of independent thought...which, alas, is not the case.

I also tremendously dislike your left, your anti war politically correct crowd. I find them opportunistic, shallow, parrot like, and anyone can buy them with a buck ($) or two.

I don't respect America. Truth be told.

I don't respect America or Americans...

In my hearts of hearts, despite your technology, your death industry, very potent I must add..
Despite your trying so hard to "alternatively" cultivate yourselves here and there...

I find you quite provincial.

Not only do I find you your mind frame, in your ways of being, I also find you terrible naive in an devilish sort of way...

Your lies disturb me, tremendously so. No matter how much you are told the truth, you will stick to any lie that is convenient for you...

Since you are a people who can't see beyond their navels, in other words, totally myopic - regardless of how much you've been around - you are a people that does not interest me the least bit.

You are boring, you are predictable, you are basically full of bullshit.

You have fully become the stereotype you struggle against.

Struggle is a big word...

No American has truly struggled in anything, nor on any front...You are fucking drama queens...inventing enemies and fronts to give you a raison d'être...

Your men are boring, your women are even more so, and your nasal shit of an accent is an affront to anything called "harmony of the senses".

Nothing in you impresses me. Nor your left, nor your right, nor your so called intellectuals...nor God forbid, your academics.

For me, your're like American idol- the show. You like to think you're a cause célèbre, but you're totally perdue. LOST.

Besides, no one outside your borders gives a fuck about you as a "people". Sorry but that's the honest truth.

Yeah, that's the way it is.

I wonder why ?!

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