Iraqi Blues...

A Open Letter to the Iraqis.

You must know, it is not you who keeps me going, it is Iraq.
It is the collective memory, the collective consciousness that keeps me going...not you.

You are a sham of a people.
It hurts me to say so publicly but that is the truth.

I am not an idiot. I understand people and where they come from...I know the pain and I know the apprehension, the fear, the shut up keep quiet...
This is not to minimize the wounds
nor to bury the scars
this is a plea for a Revolt
not even a plea
just a statement, an open letter...

I am so disappointed in you
all of you
specially those of you on the outside
I am no idiot
I know you're still alive
I know you're struggling
and I know how opportunistic you have become...

It shames me
I want to hide in shame
cover myself in blankets
of forgetfulness...

This is not what I learned
this is not what I saw

I am not sure anymore
if there's a before
if there's an after

All I know is
lives gone in vain
sacrificed for you
And you
where are you ?

I see no point fighting
in the cemeteries
of Conscience

Green cards, titles, Members of Parliament
special passes and body guards.

You jumped on a bandwagon
that takes you nowhere
you are dead
already dead...

I must call it an open letter to the Dead
I stand a better chance
to be heard.

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