Goodbye 2010

I am looking forward to a new year and have prepared a few rituals to close the door on 2010.

All this is very symbolic, but a necessary rite of passage...

I have no resolutions to mention, I believe in transformation, not resolutions...I believe in metamorphosis not lists of - I must, I should...This, on a purely personal level.

Insofar as Iraq is concerned, I am not optimistic. The American/Iranian destruction has been too deeply structurally ravaging - generations of Iraqis will be paying the price of your evilness for decades to come.

I might be closing the door on 2010, but one thing I will never let go of, is my deep contempt and loathing for the United States of America.

I see you as midgets, the midgets of history and no amount of new year resolutions will change that, not in 2011, not in 2020....and no amount of rituals, magic or prayers will lift that cruel but sweet and well deserved karma you will be collectively facing. Of that am sure.

The Dead, the Missing, the Maimed, the Amputated, the Wounded, the Traumatized, the Deformed, the Widows, the Orphans, the Exiled of Iraq wish you a Happy 2011.

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