Blow it Away...To a suicide Bomber.

I understand the need to blow up, explode...I see where you, the poor you is coming from...I understand what you've been through, how they managed to capitalize on your pain...

Most likely, you're still young, a starter, wanting to do it well...wanting to gain favors, you who have lost it all.

See that body laying there in's yours.

Next to it lies tens of other bodies...dispersed like flowers in a field...a field, a garden, you've always wanted to visit.

I went to the butcher this afternoon

He's in the habit of selling dead meat

He's a kind man...he's doing his best.

I went to the vegetable stalls,

He's 40 something, has 5 kids, and is God fearing

maybe he does cheat a little every now and then

but his crime is nothing compared to yours...

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