Baghdad's Bloody Xmas Leaks...

Merry Christmas? Happy Holidays? Season's Greetings? What Christmas, what Holidays, what Greetings?!

Another Christmas has gone by and the American Santa has delivered us nothing but body bags and blood containers...

Now that Arab Sunnis have been ethnically cleansed and exiled in thousands, it is the Iraqi Christians turn.

For the Festivities, they closed down their Churches, ripped the decoration, packed their suitcases and forced themselves into a permanent exile.

Around this time of the year, between the 24 and 31st of December, the corrupt criminal Jingle Bell boys installed by the US Santa are sure to deliver you some goodies...

No wonder this time of the year is the most painful one for me. Excruciatingly so.

Moreover a friend in Baghdad, I'll call him/her A.sent me the following :

I don't know where to start...there is no day that goes by without news of assassinations and killings. The use of the Silencer gun is their preferred method. Just a few days ago, there was another murder a few streets from where we live. The guy was found dumped on the road! Again, a few days ago there was another killing with the Silencer in the Yarmuk area, the body had no ID.

The Silencer has become quite popular. These are deaths I have heard about through friends and some death are so near by... and every other day a member of my family comes home and tells me another person has been killed. Killings are taking place in broad day light even in busy areas... for instance, a couple of people were walking by and all of a sudden some guy just falls over shot with a silencer gun. Some people are saying it reminds them of 05 06 07 when they woke up and found people dead on the streets. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 assassinations a day...many of them we dont know much about because its only word of mouth, things dont get out much here.

Just got today there were HEAPS of Silencer killings today... In Mansour apparently the treasurer of Malikis party was killed and director general of ministry of electricity...those are the known people, the others are unknown. Some say they wonder how they've even managed to dodge all the killings that are going on, its getting worse day by day. Needless to add, there are also daily explosions.

Freedom of speech is as you know very rare, I don't know if I can survive living here any longer, you're not allowed an opinion and you're not allowed to be outspoken in any way. On 5th of December in the Afternoon a journalist was killed in the Mansour broad daylight. People were saying that he was more or less outspoken (probably spoke out against the government). Oh and he was also killed with the Silencer gun.

Christians families are moving out of Baghdad to the North on their way out of the country.
One family I heard of, came back from the North to pack the remaining of their belongings, they were slaughtered outside their house.

People are feeling particularly unsafe this month and all are trying to avoid going out. There is a weird feeling going around, a great feeling of uncertainty. And the rise in assassinations with silencer guns is quite frightening...

Oh and before the electricity goes out, did you know that the government is planning on closing all clubs, even family clubs!

end of message.

That shit radio is playing yet another Christmas song...something in me is dying, it's already dead...

I haven't really celebrated anything since 2003.

And nothing since December 2006.

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