Iraq Will Not Go On The Back Burner.

Yeah you read me right, Iraq will not go on the back burner.

What the fuck is this ?! I am everywhere...I read, I observe, I hear.. All of you should be repeating IRAQ day in, day out...yes Iraq, a WHOLE country gone because of your silence...a WHOLE nation, a WHOLE people...

What the fuck is this ?! Someone slap me, someone pinch me...I can't believe the Silence.

I repeat -- a US military armada greater than the size of the one used during World War II invaded this country, a country the size of California and that during the 21st century-- the age of Human rights, the age of the Global Village, the age of Democracy. And you are still silent?

During World War 2, the civilian cost was roughly 45%. During Vietnam it was 70% and during the US invasion and occupation of Iraq it is at 90%.

And you are still silent ? I can't fucking believe it!

What are you trying to tell me here ? Are you trying to tell me that this a fait accompli and I should accept it ? If this is so -- then, accept the Israeli Jewish Zionist occupation of Palestine.

I am disgusted with you lot, I am disgusted and my disgust knows no nationality, no boundaries, no frontiers...

I am also disgusted with the fucking Iraqis...

I can't believe it. Not over my dead body, Iraq will never go on the back burner.

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