Brief News from the Region : Iranian Fingers in the Pie.

Hmm, Let me see where should I start ? Maybe in Ze Lebanon.

- Ze Lebanon.

As you may well know, (most likely not), Ze Lebanese elections are coming up soon in an atmosphere of great tension.

A burning "debate" is still going on, as to whether Hezbollah should be allowed to keep its arms or not. If you want my personal opinion, I would say NO. I mean would you allow an armed sectarian group imposing its own kind of order in your country?
Iraqis have already experienced that with the Shiites militias that came from Iran thanks to the American occupation. And we all know what happened to these militias - they became the puppet government of the dual occupation -- USA/Iran. What a lovely couple. Fit for each other. A match made in the White House heaven or more like in the back corridors of the CIA.

Anways, still on Ze Lebanon and the International tribunal regarding Hariri's assassination. 4 Lebanese generals (with alleged ties to Syria) were incriminated in the murder, but promptly released soon after.
Delmar the guy in charge of the Hariri case is still working on we are told.

But today, a piece of info, that of course Al-Jazeera did not cover, but that Al-Arabyia did. A reporter/investigator from Der Spiegel in a 24 pages article, gives "irrefutable" proof that Hezbollah is the main culprit behind Hariri's assassination.

The International tribunal was quick to dismiss that, by stating that all evidence gathered thus far, regarding the murder are to be kept top secret. Fouad Senioria agreed that this is best left to the Tribunal and Walid Jumblatt (the two faced thug) warned that this is an explosive piece of information and that it may trigger off a civil war, worse than the one experienced in the past. And Hezbollah of course denied it.

The reporter from Der Spiegel said he was not surprised by the reactions from the concerned parties.

Of course it may very well be that this is an American/Zionist ploy to mobilize Lebanese public opinion against Hezbollah. But frankly Lebanese public opinion does not give a fig about Hezbollah whom it sees as a tool of Tehran. And am afraid, I will have to very much agree here.

Or it may be that this investigative journalist has a lead to something very true...and everyone in the Lebanese government is covering up for it precisely because :

1) Hezbollah is armed to the teeth and there is the constant fear of another civil war breaking out


2) Seniora and Co have finally warmed up to Qatar, Iran and the puppet government in occupied Baghdad and they really do not want anything to rock the boat right now.


3) the new American/Israeli/Iranian strategy for the region is not the containment of nuclear Iran but that of the Arabs with particular long term focus on Saudi Arabia. After all, the bad guys of 9/11 had alleged close connections with the following countries -- Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Afghanistan.

Anyways something to ponder on...

- Occupied Palestine

Everytime there is a possibility of a unity government, Hamas needs to screw up.
A few days ago, Khaled Mash'al one of the most shady characters in the Palestinian movement, sacked a couple of his aides for being critical of Iranian interference in Palestinian affairs.
Today, Hamas has issued orders for the execution of 3 Fatah members for the alleged murder of 2 Hamas members. Fatah responded by saying that Hamas has killed 570 members of Fatah in July 2007, and let sleeping dogs lie.
Of course Hamas wants to hear none of it. They want to settle scores but what the Hamas leadership really wants is not only the removal of Abu Mazen (which I don't disagree with) but it also wants to co-opt the whole Palestinian movement. Hamas does not want a Unity government. And Hamas is playing the Iranian card by doing so.

Hmmm....where else should I take you tonight ? Ah yes, the Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan summit.

- With 2 Million Pakistanis internally displaced from the Swat valley, 48% of which are CHILDREN. Some of those kids in the only camp set up by the UN, the Jalala camp, have already lost their parents in the bombardments...with raging street battles taking place in Mingora, between the Pakistani army and the Pakistani Talibans...with the very serious possibility of an ethnic fracture taking place in Pakistan...with thousands demonstrating in Karachi against the government demanding the immediate stop to all warfare activities in the Northern Provinces...

With all of that in the background, guess who met for tea ? Ahmadinejad, Karzai and Zardari in what they liked to call a "security and economic cooperation summit".

Now this is the classic Iranian Taqiya trick --- what I call the double discourse.

On the surface, Ahmadinejad fulfilled his role quite well, and spoke out against the foreign troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan. To be expected from an "anti-imperialist" who is in close alliance with the American puppet Karzai, the American puppet Zardari and the American puppet Nouri Al-Maliki....Funny how these wonderful "anti-imperialists" always know how to team up with American puppets. Don't you think ?

On the agenda were the following topics:

- security and the rooting out of "insurgents and terrorists" in Afghanistan and Pakistan

- stability through enhanced economic cooperation.

However, the hidden discourse, or what is not said or admitted is that this summit would have never taken place without the green light from the USA.

Fact of the matter, America has called upon Iran again, to "stabilize" Afghanistan just as it has and keeps calling on Iran to "stabilize" Iraq.

All this brouhaha about Iran's nuclear dossier is bullshit, pure and utter bullshit. This is stuff for the Pentagon and the White House creeps to verbally flex muscles with...

The Americans have been talking about the Iranian nuclear dossier for ages...and every now and then some fart from the Pentagon will come and give a cowboy rehearsal about how they will put a stop to it...It's all bullshit for domestic and Arab government consumption...The truth of the matter and the Arabs know that very well, is that Iran is not only aiming to be a regional superpower but has become one -- since the fall of Baghdad -- and America cannot do without the Mullahs.

In other words...Great Satan and the Axis of Evil are in bed together and have been so, since 2003 (date of the Iraqi occupation) and I would argue they have been in bed together well before that date. But I will leave that for another chapter.

Hell, who could hope for a better match ?!

But I do not wish to close without giving one last piece of news...not terribly important but still quite important for the "anti-imperialist" supporters of Iran...

You know Facebook don't you ? That terrible Zionist tool...

Well, guess what ? The Iranian government allowed access to Facebook in the past, then banned access to it for 3 months, then allowed it again, only to ban it again.

Why ? No, it's not because it is owned by a Zionist Jew...

It is because the main adversary to Ahmadinejad - who by the way has his profile on Facebook, just in case you want to add him to your list of friends -- the main adversary Al-Musavi, a reformist backed by Ayatollah Khatemi, has also a Facebook profile.

Al-Musavi supporters have been campaigning for him and he had prior to the second boycott -- 40'000 supporters on Facebook, now dwindled to 6'000. Ahmadinejad on the other hand, who is fully backed by Ayatollah Khameini, has only 1'700 supporters...

But of course if we count the current Arab and non Arab "anti-Zionists" hahahahaha, the current "anti-imperialists" hahahahahahaha, am sure Ahmadinejad's list of buddies will grow long enough to engulf the whole Middle East, except Israel of course...

I would not be too surprised if the Israelis don't start adding him as best friend too...It will come, give it a matter of time...

The Israelis and the Iranians know all too well, that not one bullet will be fired in either direction. And they will both be celebrating their respective Divine victories...

Yalla, Mabrook, congratulations to the Palestinians, Iraqis, Lebanese and the rest of the Arab and Islamic "Umma".

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