Brief & Hot News from Liberated Iraq.

1) Najaf

A mass grave of about 3'500 bodies has been unearthed in Najaf. The report did not mention the sect.

But I can tell you which sect they belonged to. Najaf is the stronghold of the fatso Chief Driller (a Shiite) who is still studying in Iran - Muqtada Al-Sadr. A stronghold of his Jaysh Al-Mahdi who is now, we are assured, been transformed into a "cultural" organization.

The "Gandhi" of Iraq as some "objective" western reporters liked to call him , the "fiery brand anti-occupation revolutionary cleric" of P.Cockburn and Nir Rosen, and his Army of the Mahdi - used to kidnap Arab Sunnis from Baghdad and torture and murder them in Najaf.

I personally know of two cases, one which vividly comes to mind, that of a Sunni neighbor of ours, whose 14 years old son was kidnapped by Jaysh Al-Mahdi, tortured to death and dumped in Najaf. When she received a phone call to come and recuperate his body - she had to go in a coffin. Yes in a coffin. She pretended she was dead and was transported in a coffin from Baghdad to Najaf, to get to see her son and take her son's body back to Baghdad for burial. When she finally arrived there, they told her they had nothing to give her. She returned emptied handed in a coffin. I bet you this 14 years old boy could be found in that mass grave.

Maybe Nir Rosen and P.Cockburn should use their "creative writing skills" and start composing the obituaries for Arab Sunnis murdered at the hands of their fiery heroic Gandhi.

2) Baghdad's Ministry of Defense.

Now this one is a real hottie. The Minister of Defense - of course one wonders who and what this Ministry really defends - Abdel Kader Al-Obaidi (a Shiite), sacked one of the top guys in his ministry who goes by the name of Jamal Suleiman. According to the reports, Jamal Suleiman is a very competent military man with years of experience. He must have been a Shiite for being allowed in the Ministry. Now this Suleiman was forced to resign after PRESSURE FROM IRAN TO HAVE HIM REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. The Iranians did not approve of the Iraqi Jamal Suleiman in the IRAQI ministry of Defense.

It seems that Jamal Suleiman discovered -- "unconstitutional cells"-- (whatever that means, since nothing is constitutional in Iraq) within the Iraqi "army". Cells trained by Iranian intelligence for subversive acts. (Hell, I could have given him that piece of information myself).

On a side note - such "intelligence armed cells" from Iran, were caught in Hilla about two weeks ago. I am sure they were quickly released.

Anyways, to continue the story, the Iranians were not too pleased having this piece of information go public, to such an extent. Suleiman got the boot. Let's just pray that his body will not be found dead in a couple of days. Courtesy of Iran and the Iraqi Ministry of "Defense".

(A quick observation here, before I move on to the next paragraph - such pieces of information, already point that a small number of Iraq's Arab Shiites are getting fed up with Iranian occupation and direct influence in Iraqi affairs. A ray of hope? Remains to be seen. It will depend how far their ideological "Mahdi" can sway them in either direction...)

3) Baghdad's Ministry of Oil.

Much criticism has been mounting within the Ministry of Oil against Monsieur the Minister, Al-Sharastani (Shiite of Iranian origins) for corruption and embezzlement. Jaber Khalifah Jaber (another Shiite) said that Monsieur Sharastani has squandered tens of Billions of Dollars ever since he took office in the Ministry, and not ONE oil field or pipeline has been "reconstructed" yet. Jaber added that Monsieur the Minister had no clue about Oil and should really resign. Sharastani sulked and refused. Let's pray that Jaber's body will not be found dead in a couple of days. Courtesy of Iran and the Ministry of Oil.

4) A piece of news that will make the once-a-month bathing Brits drool with much happiness.

"Iraqi" PM- Nouri Al-Maliki (a Shiite with solid Iranian training from his good old days in Tehran) addressing Her Majesty's Parliament and Her Majesty's companies in not so great Britain - assured the once-a-month bathing Brits that "Iraq has its door wide open for a very pro-active English role in its "reconstruction".
(Reconstruction - that dreaded word again. Nothing has been reconstructed)
And Maliki - the Shiite with solid Iranian training added - that "his" country (possibly referring to Iran) was most grateful for the wonderful role the Brits played in Iraq and that he is adamant about keeping transparent, good relations with his masters (Maliki has three masters. Iran/US/and GB) and urges British companies to come and develop Iraq's economy and infrastructure (which his 3 masters destroyed).

5) Last but not least, just for today. 25 Iraqis killed in South Baghdad and the center in the Karrada district, when two cars bombs exploded in their faces. Oh, but that's just a detail.

End of News Bulletin. You can go back to sleep.

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