Waiting for "Mr.Goodbar."

I vaguely remember the title of this film. It was “Looking for Mr.Goodbar”, starring Diane Keaton, if I recall correctly.

Another neurotic, desperate, dependent, insecure, American “woman”, looking for love in all the wrong places... An emotional survival story.

I've read a lot of your so-called emotional survival stories...

Your dog dies, and you seek emotional survival by either sleeping with the first pretender or you are stuck in therapy for another 5 years.

You lose your job and there you go, acting out, fucking around as if there is no tomorrow...

You grandparent or parent dies and ditto, you recourse to the same...

Your twin towers collapse and ditto again – you have been in therapy ever since.

Your therapist is very understanding, after all you pay him/her over 200 dollars an hour and she/he pats you on the back and tells you it’s ok, it’s nothing but a phase of grief...don’t punish yourself, you are just trying to heal...

How very touching indeed.

You the puritanical, hallelujah, people trying to heal through anonymous sex, your mechanical, instant gratification sex.

Reminds me of some Italian friend of mine who said to me years ago. He said “Layla, people fuck the way they eat." I thought about that for a while and came to the conclusion that your way is nothing but junk just like your junk food.

No wonder two cents worth, quacks and charlatan gurus, from India visit you and promise you “opened chakras and spiritual sex” and you pay hefty dollars, serving them and waiting for the inspiration to finally fall on your little putrid heads. You may also, eventually, join an ashram later on and write a book about it. So noble !

Actually, I can say to you without sounding presumptuous that you know absolutely nothing about sex.

I mean hell, look at your diet to start with, and the way you eat. And that even includes, you-- little preppy vegetarians.

It’s the mentality. You have the mentality of a teenager when it comes to love and sex...And you have the mentality of a blasé but still hopeful consumer when it comes to “doing it.”

Well, I have news for you – your shitty, sick, neurotic, mentality has pervaded us. But, with a slight difference. We have no therapists, no gurus and no fad diet to fall back onto.

Quite the opposite in fact. But hey, we have also become sexually liberated.

We have done what you cannot do for yourselves, despite years of bra-burning, chakra mantra-singing and group sex therapy under Guru supervision.

We are also looking for Mr. Goodbar. But we found him. A question of survival.

UNCHR the very “respected“ agency that deals with refugees (and I find myself spelling it out for you since you are so behind and ignorant in everything) calls it “Survival Sex.”

I am sure this term turns you on – after all you have been trying it for years since your sexual liberation and it has not borne any fruits. Well maybe, just maybe, you think to yourself, it will bear fruit in Iraq.

Well, it did. Pat yourselves on the back. “Democracy” and “survival sex.”
What better combo can one wish for ?

Survival sex is rampant not only inside Iraq but also outside.

It happens in alley ways, around shrines, in dirty beds and in bars...Bars in Syria and Jordan.

They are all waiting for Mr.Goodbar.

But contrary to your Hollywood star, they are not there to heal from some relationship gone emotionally sour. Oh no.

They are there to make a bit of money to feed their hungry sisters and brothers waiting for them in some damp, dirty, cockroach ridden, room - where they are all amassed, one on top of the other, hungry and waiting...

Hungry and exiled because of YOU and YOUR fucking democracy. And this is exactly what it boils down to -- a fucking democracy.

Some of them are as old your teenagers - with one major difference.

They are forced into it whilst your teenagers produce videos of it on you tube, counting hits for the highest number of viewers.

Your teenagers will seek therapy eventually. After several miscarriages, unwanted pregnancies, failed marriages and a string of boyfriends and probably end up in some rehab talking about it in a "meaningful sharing way.”

Our teenagers, on the other hand, forced into it by YOU, will remain stigmatized for the rest of their lives and they can already kiss their future goodbye. They have no future.

So tell me, is that not criminal ?

So tell me, does that not make you a complicit criminal people?

Our teenagers prior to their “liberation” did not need to seek survival sex.

They did not need to sit in bars in skimpy dresses waiting for the Mr. who will alleviate the hunger pangs of a whole family.

Did not need to put make up and score the highest number of hits.

Your teenagers do. You brought them up that way. They are your product, from your society.

And you have made sure to export it all to us. Your junk food, your deadly arms, your lousy English (and accent), your neurosis, your perversions, your idioms, your ways and your “survival sex.”

Survival sex in the era of exported democracy – Great title for a smashing Hollywood film or a best seller book.

Survival sex, the Iraqi-American version.

Survival Sex and Mr.Goodbar.

Survival Sex and Mr.Good Democracy.

Good, very good - 10 $ a shot.

No make it 20$- I have a hungry family.

Ok, says Mr.Goodbar, take 20$.

A 20$ shot democracy.

That is what your democracy is worth on the market – but even then, that is too inflated...

I say, you Americans, are not even worth that much.

I am not sure that will necessarily help you in your therapy, but hell, seeing what you are really worth, at least you can bargain your therapist’s fees – down...

While...Your hungry, sad, neurotic, despondent, dependent, women and daughters, are desperately looking and waiting for their Mr.Goodbars.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Abdel Ameer Alwan.


Anonymous said…
gd post
Anonymous said…
fucking bitch!
Anonymous said…
"Uncle Sam" Himself is a sad, neurotic, despondent, dependent...civilization on the wane.

In His egoistic delirium, He might quite well have unconsciously done all of that to our eternal Mesopotamia in the hope of getting to "fuck" the Secret of Survival out of Her...

And to think that He could just have humbly and humanely admit to His decadence and seek regeneration from a mature, respectful, egalitarian relationship of economic and cultural exchanges with Revolutionary Iraq as our Arab Humanist President hoped for in the early times...

Ah, Overpride, Greed and Lust: the three DEADLY sins...
Anonymous said…
I'm your Mr. Goodbar, Layla !

Wanna come over to my place for a fried eggplant-based dinner, some highly intellectual chatter and then who knows...tonight ?
Anonymous said…
Hey as'ad abu khalil, aka Mr. Goodbar,
Dude, remember once a prison bitch, always a bitch. I am a waitin for your return. I miss your tight ass dude even as all the starchy prison food made you constipated and full of shit inside. I sure do miss the sight of you on your knees, bitch, givin us licky licky sucky sucky and takin my big fact cock up your ass. I gotta a new fried egg plant treat for you bitch on your return home. Am gonna take some fried egg plant from your ass and feed it to you boy!
Anonymous said…
Salam Layla

This might be of interest


Best wishes

Anonymous said…
Are the usurping camel turds Al-Sabah from the stolen 19th province happy now that their "prophecy" has been fulfilled ?

Now that the noble young lionesses of Babylon, the beloved daughters, sisters, fiancées, brides, the brilliant schoolgirls and university students, the emancipated citizens, the beautiful, intelligent, joyful, honored and respected "vanguard of the Arab Ummah", have been transformed as if by the curse of some fairy-tale jealous witch into 10 DINAR-WORTH pieces of meat to feed the drooling, rabid-minded, mangy-hearted, but oh how well-trimmed and heavily perfumed lap dogs of the Middle-East...

I pray to God that those poor dears find the strength in their memory and in the human warmth of people of conscience and goodwill never to lose contact with the reality, never to yield to fatalism and blame themselves for what has befallen them, always to keep rooted in their minds and hearts that they were, are and shall remain PEARLS, and however deep in the mud the PIGS may bury them, a blessed day will come when they are dug up, cleaned, polished and reset into the crown of their glorious nation even more shining than before.
Anonymous said…
"Je revois la ville en fete et en délire..."

I absolutely adore that song.

Cursed be the mad crowds that one day carry you shoulder-high and the day after let you down and trample on you...
Anonymous said…
Dammit! You as bad as those Amerikkkan KKKristians when it comes down to complaining about other people's sex-lives.

Happy New Year, you old bat. The Lord has visited you amd I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them. And they shall know that The LORD is a man of war and that the LORD is his name.

It's their turn for the tribulation now. That lying, no-good, son of mine fooled them real good. He takes after his mother. She lied about being a virgin, and about being her nationality.
Anonymous said…
That felt good sister. Keep whipping that sick, impotent, perverted imperialist ass. You will someday stand on a pile of their corpses.
Anonymous said…
"Waiting for Mr Goodbars" ? Perhaps.
We can talk Honor Killings if you'd like. Now that's a piece of humanity worth noting wouldn't ya say?
But that's not why I'm here. We all can go tit for tat for infinity.
What is happening around the World is that corrupt governments are in collussion with large international corporations and we are only people of the herd. Forget for a minute this chitchat about the "Arab World" or the stupid Americans..there's enough lack of morels to go around.
Yes, the so-called "wars" upon Afghanistan & Iraq are scams..they are frauds and there's plenty of American & Arabic co-conspirators involved...
Anonymous said…
Much of the Mideast's leaders love capitalism just as much as the Western leaders. These people occupy the seats of power in government AND in the corporate world. It's about wealth..and lots of it. Currently Saudi Arabia & Kuwait have billions invested in America's Wall Street. And they want more and they will kill to get it.
Forget "democracy", "freedoms" & "liberations". It's been tossed out of America for years. The corporate world is in charge now...
Anonymous said…
The people that occupy the seats of power in the US and in certain Mideast countries will kill for greater control and wealth.

The events of 9/11 was an inside job.

I'm an American and I know full well that America has alot of problems here...ALOT of them. And I also know that the Mideast is not the land of purity and innocence. But I dont know if you think that America is full of riches & wealth fro families here because it's not. . .
Anonymous said…
The American government has been out of touch with the average American for a long time. The government is under control of the corporations.
If it makes you feel better..continue yer sarcastic remarks towards Americans in general...we rightfully deserve it in many ways. But know too that there are people here that are completely disgusted with World events
Anonymous said…
I know I have a series of posts here one after the other. I apologize if this upsets you and you cab banish me if you want.

But for some time I have been reading some of yer writings and have not had the opportunity to post.
Yes, you are angry..you are depressed and uncertain about future events and yet you have only the will to continue forward. I think you have lost hope. I have an eye for the obvious, I know.

You have a hate & contempt for anything that remotely smells American. I'm feeling that too..so much infact that I'm close to moving out. Its in the works.

Many American people are disgusted with American Empire and that we have absolutely no business in dictating the internal affairs of other countries around the World.
Anonymous said…
splendar said
"We can talk Honor Killings if you'd like. Now that's a piece of humanity worth noting wouldn't ya say?
But that's not why I'm here. We all can go tit for tat for infinity."

So its all relative isn't it? That's the kind of logic that emanates from opaque American goggles. Can you document or guess how many honour killings have taken place in the last 5 years or even the last 50? And then ask yourself how many Iraqis have died in the last 5 years. That's well documented by the way, and given your intellectual bent, you must have heard of the Lancet and the OBR reports. The simple fact is there is no comparison with over a million deaths in 5 yrs and 3 million since 1991. That's called genocide. If you still wish to discuss honor killings, why not compare with all the innocent death row inmates who have been euthanized in your land of the free and you can even limit your comparison to only Texas.
You may have had a drink or two for New Years while typing your theses But do try to reconsider, wont' you, before serving up your platitudes American style? And also reconsider exiting the USA. Your emotional survival depends on your living there. Or, at the very least, consult your therapist.
Anonymous said…
splendar is a robot: ignore it.
Anonymous said…
The fried eggplants were my Cupid last night.....

I SCORED with Layla at the New Year's Eve party !!!!!

Eat your heart out, anonymous slanderer above ! hehehehehehe

Glory be to the Conqueror !
Anonymous said…
People like you deserve what you get.
The children of Iraq dont. They truly are innocent.
I have no sympathy for you.
You are of the same ilk of people around the World that assume, that setup barriers and promote murder.

You don't know whether to cry or hate do you?
Anonymous said…
Here's what I will do for today Kofi..and it's all for you and yer kind and it's reallt what you all want.

There are many many Americans and Canadians that give assistance to Iraqis and the Palestinians...you know the websites, Im sure. You can donate checks online or even mail them.

So here's what my mission is today.

I will direct the members involved in these donor organization first..to this website. let them see for themselves the type of people that you are. Let them see the absolute hatred you have and how you promote killings and dont want anything.

And all the other websites I frequent....and all the people I come accross at work and in my life...that I have stuck up for Iraq and not paid my taxes to empire..ferget it.
Anonymous said…
splendar said
"Here's what I will do for today Kofi..and it's all for you and yer kind and it's reallt what you all want.
There are many many Americans and Canadians that give assistance to Iraqis and the Palestinians...you know the websites, Im sure. You can donate checks online or even mail them."

My, my, how typically American of you. Your true colours shine through, red, white and blue. What do you Americans call it, "Indian giving" ? (apologies to SAW et al). Please do go ahead and direct your colleagues and friends to Layla's blog. As your sympathizers at FOX might say, " splendar reports, you decide"!
Anonymous said…
"He said: Layla, people fuck the way they eat"

That's what I see from my American and European kind of "friends" too.

I figure out it might have something to do with their different sentiment, interpretation and use of TIME.

Western biological and social rhythms are regulated to the BREAKNECK SPEED of a Chaplin's "Modern Times"-like nightmarish assembly-line.

Eros as the "art of life-savouring" would require a certain SLOWNESS, a "freeze-framing", dilation, as if eternization of the instant, and it should be a "drinking" from each other's "wine" to inebriation rather than "eating", let alone "bolting down" as one would do the junk food at Mc Donald's or the likes.

There are more things in life for the White Man to learn from the sun-burnt Arab desert's "camel jockeys" than stars in the vault of heaven...
Anonymous said…
Just playin yer game Kofi. See how easy it is to get a reaction. You dweeb. Yer too easy.

What is yer motivation in life Kofi? Have you really found a true cause? Are you truly into the "humanitarian" ways now that war has sparked yer ego?

Or are you into a self righteous religious path? You know..praying th the god on bent knees to give you paradise?

You religious people are all talk and whenforced, are quick to spill blood and damm others. Yer hypocrites. Say what homey?? Yeah..hypocrites.

Hey homeboy. Instead of setting infront of yer PC, go out...get a gun and actualy fight the invaders. Have you done that lately homeboy?? Or would you rather set in yer home infront of yer pc and waste time with chit chat?

Homeboy? Get a gun and go fight? Dont just talk about others doing all the fighting..go get a gun and so it. Come on now...lets go!

Yer a pansy ass speech writer arent ya homey?? Go and activley participate in the cause. Yer death will prove you actually are part of the resistance. Go on now..prove it homey.

But you wont becuz you AINT got the balls.
Anonymous said…

You actually watched an American movie? This goes against yer present beliefs. It must have been in a time of pre-invasion.
Yer decision to view Looking For Mr Goodbar must have grabbed the attention of something deep inside you. Maybe it was a yearning to find a 'love'..and emptiness that dwealt within you.
Maybe it was during a low time in yer Life. It happens. I'm 'assuming' yer still alone.
Anonymous said…

1) Who are you ?

2) What brings you to this blog ?

3) What do you hope to achieve ?

Thanks in advance for answering !
Anonymous said…
In yer sad little pathetic life, Kofi..you talk the talk but cant walk the walk. Yer comedic one-liners are meant to be impressive or what? You amuse yerself or is it meant to amuse others?

DoI really neeeed to get my checkbook, make out a check and mail it to Houston, Texas so the monet can get to the Palestians in need? No. I dont need to do that.

Do you routinely make such donations? Probably not. Yer too wrapped up into building walls and damming others that dont fit into Kofi's world visions.

Are you still breathing? Did you get yer gun yet and fight the invaders? You have every right to ya know? It IS an illegal invasion. I just don't know what's stopping you?
Anonymous said…
Oh MY...
3 questions asks me who I am when Layla wont even enlighten us on her past, present 'self' ??
Its OK.....I'm not afraid.

Obviously I can wtite anything I damm well choose. I could be within the borders of Iraq getting yer exact locations by evesdropping on this little group couldnt I?

Do you trust me? :-)
Anonymous said…

You are the beacon of humanity and the true inner light of all the mysteries of humanity.

Please enlighten me and give me yer defintion of 'love'.

Do look in the mirror as you assemble yer thoughts.

I await yer defintion.
Anonymous said…
"Do you trust me ?"

I neither trust nor distrust you.

You are nothing to me and less than nothing to our patient, suffering and heroic hostess whose personal and collective tragedy you are mocking by spamming this blog with your your IRRELEVANT comments.

In case you missed it, both Layla and Re: Kofi are SECULAR, so you can take all of your self-righteous, pedantic and disrespectful anti-religious ravings and stick them up your presumptuous ass.

Say hello to Mossad & Co.
Anonymous said…
hahaha Mossad & Company. Wow, thats original.

I guess in yer world everybody's out ta get ya huh?

I see alot of clumbsiness in thought on this blog. Alot of presumptions and assumptions and distrust and hate. The responses I get and I see, are proving that point...that is my point.

Me....Mossad?? Hardly

Anonymous said…
Religions. In this World they do serve a purpose. But not a one is without hypocricy. People can find hope thru religions and people can choose to kill by religion.

Mossad. Dont know too much about the pig-bastards. What I do know, I dont like and thats enough for me. F@#k em.

Bush. Far worse than Hitler. The invasion onto Iraq is illegal. 9/11 was an inside job. Its a plan to take over ther the Mideasts oil and to open up investment opportunities into the Mideast and Central / Southwest Asia and to counter Chinese & Russian control...
Anonymous said…
Who am I?

I was born in America. I lived here all my life. I never have cared too much for any form of government. Although governemnts do have a purpose but us in the sheeple herd have lost control on how governments make decisions.

I am 39 years old and male. I have a job but will probably lose it in the near future. Its ok because I have a back-up plan. Such is Life.

I have known for years now, that the American government is fasicist and is a parasite upon the World. Not only do Mideast people suffer, but so do people from Central & South America.

All worship the dollar and pay blessing to Wall Street seems to be the chant coming out of America. Weapons are the number 1 export for America. The American govt does now want peace. Look at their actions. I dont consider that promoting peace.
Anonymous said…
typo error in the above.,

The American govt does NOT want peace
Anonymous said…
Then you are a Persian agent who speaks English like a Texan.

In any fucking case, not an Iraq lover nor a supporter of the Iraqi Resistance's glorious cause.

You are aware that Layla can perfectly well switch on the COMMENT MODERATION back and BAN you from commenting whenever she chooses, aren't you ?

Take my advice, boy: gather the little dignity you have left and fuck the hell off on your own initiative.

Thank you !
Anonymous said…
For the US government to attack Iran would be another wrong.

I came here because I wanted to see a perspective from one living in Iraq. I agree with so much of what Layal writes on and much on what others write on.

But Ive also seen alot of hate and grouping people together to make better targets. I have not seen alot of critical thinking but alot of emotions at work. I certainly am not all knowing amd an image of purity. I dont want to claim to be.

There is so much shit flying back and forthe on this blog that when one ventures into it, one is on the defense and is ducking attacks.

The pitbulls can come and get me now. I have given info with which to attack. Such is the way of this World.
Anonymous said…
No I am not Persian. And I am aware Layla has her authority to ban me.

I do not live this Life in persuit of dignity, egotism, accumalating wealth or forcing my ways upon others. I can observe and see how a dog chases it's tail..and that is all I can truly do.

I cant stop wars or all the assortments of injury that the World inflicts in this Life...all I can do in a limited fashios is try to assist and help the innocent victims left alongside the path of the hateful.
Anonymous said…
"For the US government to attack Iran would be another wrong"


I guess in your world the US and Iran are really the "sworn enemies" they PRETEND to be, right ?!?!

And I also guess in your little blinkered world the Iraq War was a "tragical mistake" and not a scientifically thought-out, planned and executed DIVIDE ET IMPERA operation that is tragically SUCCEEDING - politically, if not militarily - right again ?!?!

I have a nasty feeling that you have read FUCK-ALL of Layla and TOO MUCH of the official "wanker-diverter" of the Zionist Left CHOMSKY...
Anonymous said…
Chomsky. Yes I have heard him speak and agree with alot of his take on American empire. I do not agree with all of his stances on issues.

Im not Lefty or socialist supporter. I think its unwise to give too much control to government and those 'leaders'. I don't supprt capitalism whole heartedly either. The concept of free markets with its supply and demand construct, can lead to further divisions.

I don't know all the inner working of the US powers that be and the Iranian inner workings and their long range plans. One thing I am certain on though, is that wealth is involved.

The invasion onto Iraq was well thought out. 9/11 was wel thought out and was an inside operation. It was the catalyst that sparked the invasion into Afghanistan. There's absolutley no proof Osama was behind 9/11. There is however alot of other damming evidence.

I alos know that the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are far too toght with the American fascists
Anonymous said…


paymane said…
Leyla Anwar is one angry woman. I'd angry too if for no reason but greed my country has been ruined, and my people has been brought to misery. Leyla Anwar is angry and rightly so. But all of her anger can't save Iraq.

Saddam Hussein was not lion of babylon. He was one crazy, maniac. It is not Persians' fault that he committed himself to destruction of three countries, Iraq, Iran and Kuwait. He was the one who shook hands with Rumsfeld and bought loads of chemical material to kill, maim and burn, soldiers and civilians in Iran. Nor is it Kuwaities' fault. So Leyla Anwar and other angry Iraqis have to direct their anger to the place that it belongs.
Anonymous said…

You are to call her LAYLA, not "Leyla" as in your Aryan Nazi idiom, understand ?

And you are also to call Him THE MARTYRED PRESIDENT OF IRAQ, not by His blessed name which your filthy mouth and fingers profane, YA MANYAK.

Your "nationalist" child-conscripter (and fucker) Khomeini gassed the Kurds in Halabja and the double-dealing CIA shuffled the cards later so as to put the blame on the Iraqis.

Iraq NEVER saw half a weapon of those promised by the oh so "friendly" U.S. administration and had to make do with Soviet and French "antiques" to defend Her territory, population and enlightened, progressive Arab identity through 8 endless years of gratuitous aggressions from your obscurantistic barbarian hordes brainwashed in Teheran and Qum.

As for the Donald Duck, have you ever inquired into the REASON behind his famous visit to Baghdad ?

For your information, the bastard was there on a mission to persuade President Saddam Hussein to sign an OIL PIPELINE CONTRACT (Kirkuk-Haifa) which would have enormously benefitted the Zionist Entity IN EXCHANGE FOR U.S. full support against Iran, but OUR LION CATHEGORICALLY REFUSED.

Eat your heart out, you all slanderous parrots of the "Saddam-was-an-American-stooge-he-was-he-was" Propaganda BULLSHIT - Iranians and "anti-war" Westerners ALIKE !
Anonymous said…
Saddam was hung, and the Sunnis lost their power and privileges. They have no oil and resources, and they will no longer enjoy the comfortable lives they did during Abu Omar's time.

Allah humma, Sallee Allah Mohammed, Wa'ali Mohammed, Wa'adjil farajahom, Wala'an aduahom, Wansur waled'ahom, Muqtada! Muqtada! Mouqtada! Ya'allah! Ya Mohammed! Ya Ali! Ya Mehdi! Unsurnah!
Anonymous said…

Maadha ba'da dhaalik? Al'afdal an tatadhakkar maa hawalta an taf'al.
Anonymous said…
You don’t seem to understand that in America Mr. Goodbar is just a character in a movie. In Iraq, Jordan and Syria he is a fellow Muslim. Regrettably watching movies isn’t considered an education and sadly you don’t seem to understand its just a movie.

Life for Iraqi’s is no movie. In Iraq many more Muslims die every day at the hands of fellow Muslims than crusaders and thousands of Iraq women whore themselves for dinars coming from Muslim men.

I believe you were blind to the injustices of Saddam as you are blind to all things that dare confront your pride. Please stop watching movies and open your eyes.
Anonymous said…
"(...) you were blind (...)"

Of course Ali was always blind and there seems no cure for his blindness in the future...
Anonymous said…
What I said is a known fact the entire world knows.

Why, in the name of all that is good do you cling so desperately to an imaginary world in which "your side" is free of all guilt and shame.

Everyone has dirty hands... lets stop blindly hating and confront the truth. Can you do that?
Anonymous said…
"Everyone has dirty hands"

Yeah, Ali has not only dirty hands but also a dirty brain/mind...
Anonymous said…

Fortune is a wheel...

Just as today it turns in your favor, tomorrow it might turn against you...

...ever thought about that ? ;-)

Poor spoilt, ego-worshipping, instinctual, unfeeling little boys ignorant of Life playing at "being men"...

...not even worth a dying curse...
Anonymous said…

Do you really believe acknowledging the truth makes me dirty and you are somehow pure for hiding from the truth?

Tell me, is ignorance bliss?
Anonymous said…
Ali=splendar=a kalb
Anonymous said…
Ali is an ignoranus...
Anonymous said…
Bet Layla was one of Saddam's whores! She hated every minute of it!! Except the chanting his name "Saddam Yes!! Saddam the Master! Saddam I would give my blood and soul for youuuuuuu oooo...then she fakes it. All Arab woman are good at faking it. Look at the hairy smelly men they have to do it with.
Anonymous said…

Saddam, saddam, saddam

I and everyone will call him what we want to.
Anonymous said…
But you are to always call our hostess, LAYLA
Anonymous said…
yolanda the green-zone whore is surely to know her own business well...
Anonymous said…
Layla is correct in her words about life in America.
I'm sure she is well aware that is is just a movie and she is just reflecting back. I'm sure all of us have chose to see a movie that for some reason grabbed our attention and then later, reflect back on it.
I call America, the plastic country. A place where men can hang out in niteclubs and pick up 'meat' and where women can shop for husbands the way they shop for a loaf of bread. When the bread becomes stale, they can easily discard it and get another.

Most Americans are not rich. They want to live as if they are rich though. So they live off credit cards and buy / buy / buy. The banks get rich though off of charging interest on the credit.

The food..ha.....yes, the food. Its full of chemicals and preservatives. They pump growth hormones in the animals and give them antibiotics. The tits of cows are so big because they are so full of chemical milk, the cows are in pain...the chickens and turkeys become so large they cant walk. Fast food joints are all over the place and prescription drugs are handed out like candy, instead of letting the human body do what it is designed to do.

Not all Americans like this way of life though.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Layla that Americans have commodified their lives and left themselves morally and physically bankrupt. They delude themselves into believing that they are beacons of light for the world, then wonder why the world hates them when they force their McLight on others at gunpoint.

I was born American but don’t call myself American now. But that doesn’t exonerate me from the blood I have on my hands. For too many years I lived in the country, paid taxes, and remained silent in the face of horrible US sponsored atrocities, so although I never joined the military, I am just as complicit in murder as the US soldiers.

I am sorry Layla for what my country and I have done to the beautiful people of your country. An apology does you no good, but maybe it’s better than no apology.
Anonymous said…
hahahaha I am a Virgin and don't live in the green zone either. Wrong on both accounts. Try again...
Layla Anwar said…
Thank you - some of you - for their good commenting.
I will not be able to respond to each and single one of you.
But I do wish my REGULAR readers, all the best for 2008.
Layla Anwar said…

You are one of the rare ones who actually got the meaning behind the Edith Piaf song. Bravo!
Layla Anwar said…
As'ad Abu Khalil,

Kindly stuff your eggplants and am still waiting for that famous fall from the window...
Layla Anwar said…

Good one and very funny....
Layla Anwar said…

Nice thread. Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…

Touché. This is exactly what I was driving at.
Anonymous said…
This person claims to be a woman, but doesn't write with the voice of a woman from any culture I've ever encountered: western, eastern, far eastern. "She" doesn't value modesty, propriety, humility, or she wouldn't express herself almost entirely with filthy expletives. This mode of expression is usually a hallmark of embittered uneducated people worldwide who have rejected the manners normally taught in their own society, and have a poor vocabulary.
One of the multitude of complaints, which seem to revolve around a sexual obsession uncharacteristic of women of any culture, even nymphomaniacs, appears to be that all westerners practice "survival sex" and that now all the Iraqis, down to teenagers and younger are doing so. I never heard of a human being who claimed to be an expert on the sexual practices of the entire globe, but Layla seems to have annointed "herself" with this crown.
Perhaps, too, "she" can explain how she lives in about six countries "simultaneously." Quite a feat - apparently "she" has 5 "out of body experiences" going all the time. If so, psychiatrists, clerics, and just plain normal everyday people in most societies would call this person mentally ill, or in a drug-addled state of complete confusion.
The other interesting comment Crazy Layla made was that Saddam Hussein turned Iraq into a "jewel" in less than 30 years. Well, "her" idea of a precious gem is markedly different from most of the world. Basically, a backward hellhole where the dictator snuffs out the opposition by gassing entire villages of men, women, children, elderly, and lays ecological waste to entire river deltas so badly it appears as a blight on the planet from space,
is a beautiful, valuable, desirable place to live, grow, work, and leave a better future for your kids. Yup, this "woman" sure sounds like a gentle, feminine, discreet, lady whom the rest of the world should listen to and emulate. "She" must get awfully close to America's "smelly brave boys" to repeatedly describe them that way. What, exactly, impresses you Layla, about their odor? How does that differ from what your friends and family say you smell like, since you must have trouble washing yourself more than once a year, with all that living in 6 countries simultaneously!
What an idiot. One doesn't need to prefer east over west, up over down, dictatorship over democracy, to recognize that the rantings of this person are just filthy, filthy, badly done propaganda.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and thanks for visiting.
I am happy that you got the message behind this post.
I was reading some of the comments on ICH which did publish this article and was sad but not surprised that quite a few missed the point...
The essential point being that the occupation drove over 4.5 million Iraqis since 2003 into, not only. exile, poverty, menial jobs but also prostitution.

I don't think people are really aware of what Iraqi refugees are going through. Or maybe they are, but the Denial is more powerful.

I can understand why. Take away those blinkers and the crude reality of America and its collaborator's doings and it (reality) will point the fingers in the right direction...

Your words of solidarity are appreciated...
Layla Anwar said…
As for the rest of the USUAL BARKING crowd...

Your insults do nothing to me. I shall keep on telling you, your own Truth in your collective faces - however much you hate it.

I know, hard to swallow it from an Arab Woman eh ? Tough!
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla
I felt compeled to comment on this painting by Abdel Ameer Alwan.
It seems different from most of the other art work you have posted. it is disturbingly western
A woman scantily clad drinking bier and smoking a cigarette.
It just shouts cultural degeneracy,
However, most westerners will not view what I just discribed in the same manner.
Your point is not missed by me.
Anonymous said…

It's "Brava" with a final "a", in this case, or you risk sounding like Barbariya when miscalling our dear friend and indefatigable torch-bearer of the Truth Paola Pisi "Paolo" ;-)

Thank you from the heart for having been discreetly loyal to our beloved Saddam in times when the "crowd" of the courtiers vied in unctuous, false, interested flatteries, and for proving your unconditional passion and devotion in the "hour of need" when so many of them had abandoned him.

He would have needed and deserved more citizens as sincere and reliable as you are.

I was, am and shall forever be at Iraq's service...

Anonymous said…

Now, now, let's not rush things :-)

At least, not until you finally "define" yourself ;-)

"This is exactly what I was driving at."

Drive carefully, for God's sake...Iraq (and myself) needs you "alive and kicking" ;-)

A friendly *sighs* hug from your many-named but one-hearted supporter :-)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the "very funny", Layla, even though I really meant to be serious, nay intimidatory to that piece of turbaned Persian catshit :-)

You too still have moments of pure delightful funniness "sprouting" here and there in the parched, arid land of your grief...

I "feel with" you and your dear ones always.

Anonymous said…
Ritalin, stick to the "point" and leave Puritanism to the still stinking ghost of the unwashed Queen Victoria of England...or to the likes of Abu Zeft, which is the same.

By the way, where is that pervert ?

And, more importantly, where is our dear little JR ???
Anonymous said…
Yolanda the "orgasm faker", do you understand French ?
From Edith Piaf's song "La foule" (again):
"Et la joie éclaboussée par son sourire / Me transperce et rejaillit au fond de moi..."
Mind you, this is a VERY PURGED idea of the effect the Man in question generally made (and still does) on any Iraqi (and non) post-puberal female human with as much as a SMILE (fancy the rest !) unless she was/is:
1) frigid
2) lesbian
3) Zionist/Persian + 1 of the 2 above (not only)
My question to you now is: what are YOU ?!?!
Anonymous said…
"When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down on earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight."

Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said…

That was very deep - indeed.
Anonymous said…
Freud, in "Civilization and it's Discontent's", describes how psychological repression(Puritanism Fundamentalism)
is a necessary step in revolutionary nation building. Only people motivated by disciplined morays could build and take responsible action directed towards vast ansd self abdicating social projects/goals.
Anonymous said…

Forget Sigmund, or at least keep him to yourself.

Layla already has enough narrow-minded, dry-hearted, mysoginist, phallocratic "ideologues" to fight as it is.

No need for an early 1900 Viennese to further complicate things, thank you.
Anonymous said…
" Arab Woman " ?

I dont know if yer Arabic or woman or living in Iraq. But that's ok too.

I do know though that "Arabic women" ( I dislike that terminology because it already establishes a group..oh well ), can be very passionate & compassionate...intelligent and as most women are...very analytical.

I came close to marrying a young lady from Cairo, Egypt.....Zamalek actually. She was not egotistical, narcissistic and had a very intelligent grasp of human behavior and the big picture of World events. She was very comfortable in any situation and looked at the World in a very refreshing way....and she never seemed to crave attention from others just to give her Life meaning.

Anonymous said…
Arab women are relaxed, serene and proud of their being female.

Western women (most of them) are more or less consciously ashamed about it.

Hence, Freudianism (like Marxism) can only apply to the West.
Anonymous said…
I have met too many arab and western women to buy into your stupid generalizations. Grow up!
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said...


That was very deep - indeed.

no probs layla.....i was just registering my presence n continued solidarity as it happens
Anonymous said…
come on people........wakey, wakey.......lets get sum intelligent discussion going....iraq is still under occupation lest we forget

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