A one way ticket -- hopefully

Al Jazeera announced that Iraqi P.M (hahaha) Al-Maliki is on his way to London for a "routine medical examination."

Roads to Iraq (via Uruknet.info), heard on another TV channel, Al-Sharqiya, that a permission was sought from his family - "Why is he unconscious?" she rightfully asks.

I ask another question, why on the 29th of December, one day before the murder of the late President Saddam Hussein ?

Is Maliki really unconsciously ill ?
Does he want to spend New's Year's eve with Gordon Brown?
Something is being prepared in the coming days?

In any event, one sure conclusion to draw, Iraq is a public health hazard, and what Maliki the sectarian shia shit and his Dawa party sowed, they will definitely reap.

Let's just pray it shall be a one way ticket -- to Hell.


Anonymous said…
"Why is he unconscious ?"

Overdose of self-flagellating.
Anonymous said…
"Why is he unconscious ?"

Serious stab wound in the back.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Dear wonderful sister, if you are not too tired, stay awake tonight.

I'll be watching the stars with you in spirit...awaiting daybreak...

O God, take our lives, our souls for Yourself tomorrow...and give HIM back to Iraq !
Layla Anwar said…

was not planning on sleeping...
RhusLancia said…
I hope Maliki's OK.
Anonymous said…

And most people on this blog hope both Maliki and YOU die painfully.

My question to you now is...why do you keep visiting ???
Anonymous said…
The "or...or...or" construction reminds me eerily of someone else's writing style...

What kind of creature are you ???
RhusLancia said…
Iraq is nothing without Maliki!

ha ha ha ha ha
Anonymous said…
Is Maliki really unconsciously ill ?
Does he want to spend New's Year's eve with Gordon Brown?
Something is being prepared in the coming days?


probably just fancies a holiday
Anonymous said…
""Why is he unconscious?" she rightfully asks."

Actually you sell out bimbo, ladybird from Roads to Iraq is a man.
A man by the name of Nabil Ezzat!
What a sell out BIMBO
RhusLancia said…
layla's regular: "My question to you now is...why do you keep visiting ???"

I will give you three reasons:

1) This site is a hornet's nest of Saddam Sympathizers and Master-Racists. What is the logical thing to do when encountering such a hornet's nest? Why, poke it with a stick and see what happens of course! What? You think you should be left in peace to brood over the thief Saddam and his rightly deposed criminal regime? I don't think so!

2) I really am interested in understanding where Layla & friends are coming from. It is truly odd to see how Saddam's supporters are willing to burn the whole country and make all its people suffer rather than see power transferred away from their criminal hands. Not even the Nazis were that bastardly to the Germans post WWII, but of course they were treated far worse than the deposed Ba'athists and didn't have a chance.

Most reasonable people would be appalled at the genocide committed by Saddam, but here on Layla's we can see how some people are just groovy with the idea of mass-murdering Shia and Kurds, even to this day... yet at the same time willing to deny that such crimes took place at all during the decades when the criminal regime was in power. What gives?

3) Some well-meaning lefties may wander into here and find Layla & Friends singin' a tune that they can dance to. I don't expect to be able to change their minds, but if they are able to think and analyze for themselves what is being said here, they will find the bias, lies, and distortions of Layla's propaganda to be self-evident. Maybe somewhere out there, some formerly smitten reader is beginning to think "yeah... how come Layla said Dawa was formed during the '70s and during the Iran-Iraq war, but can back up neither claim?? What else does she have wrong??" I wish I had time to take Layla apart point-by-point, or that I could engage her in an adult discussion of these views. But alas, neither is the case at present. Too many farts to light, nor does Layla seem interested in thinking through her views.

All this said, I really don't think I "hate" Layla or you fellers, or wish you harm like you do me*. Layla is intelligent, well-educated, a very good writer, and very funny at times, and many of her commenters are too. It's just that she & you have wicked thoughts upon your brains. So I don't hate you all, but I do hate what you stand for.

* except for when I encouraged you guys recently to immolate yourselves in protest for Dear Mustache's demise. But you were already talking about suicide and I just wanted to suggest a more productive and imaginative way of doing it. Like I said, suicide bombing is for wankers.
Anonymous said…
"Like I said, suicide bombing is for wankers"

There might be those mentally challenged so-called "Islamist", actually "ISRA-mist" desperados whom the CIA, Mossad, MI6, Arab vassal regimes Mukhabarat brainwash into blowing up innocent civilians in order to foment division and hatred (the famous CREATIVE CHAOS), but most Iraqi Resisters are just passionately dedicated patriots, enlightened Muslims and proud heirs of the Mesopotamian civilization, who attack EXCLUSIVELY occupiers and collaborationists (just as the European resistances did against the Nazis in WWII) and fight to the death for FREEDOM ALONE.

The problem with you, Rhuslancia, is not that you don't understand things; it is that you understand them, yet DELIBERATELY CHOOSE to distort them.

Orwell would be fond of you.
Anonymous said…
Raise your hands who don't find the mental castrato ameronazi RhusLancia the stupidest poster on the net...
Anonymous said…
"A one way ticket -- hopefully"

Layla, we don't want him here in the UK. I agree he is no good to Iraq either. Yes, Hell is the best place for him.
Anonymous said…

I don't doubt, if your America was bombed, invaded, occupied, devastated, ethnically cleansed, divided, weakened, humiliated, reduced from a united, strong, stable sovereign country into a fucking protectorate and a "meeting sewer" of all breeds of murderous rats from West and East, like our Iraq is now, you would not even just dream in your wildest dreams of sacrificing your precious little individual life to avenge Her...

It is true that young, spoilt, amoral, history-less Amerikkka would neither inspire nor deserve it, but the Land of Assur, Akkad, Sumer, Babylon, the Abbaside Caliphate and the Arab Revolution happens to do.

Now go back to Mojo, he's crying desperately for his daily cocksuck again.
RhusLancia said…
iraqist: "I don't doubt, if your America was bombed, invaded, occupied," etc.

I do doubt it, because our "nationalism" runs deeper than our love for any criminal dictator. When the Republicans lost Congress in '06, how many of them went ape-scat and started destroying services & infrastructure, murdering, kidnapping, and intimidating the "collaborators"??

How does this sound: "Amreeka is nothing without George Bush!!"


Retarded, right?

Thousands of years of rich history and culture, and you believe it's due to the thief Saddam and his criminal regime of the last few decades? Don't you know how silly that sounds?
Anonymous said…
RhuslanCIA, don't try to be smart with me...

The Democrats who won Congress in 2006 are AS AMERICAN AS the Republicans.

The Yankee invaders and their Iranian-born Shiite* and Kurdish separatist** collaborators are NOT IRAQIS.

* and **:
There are also Arab nationalist Shiites (such as the former Information Minister Al-Sahhaf) and patriotic Kurds (such as the murdered Vice-President Ramadan), who are AS IRAQI AS the "Soooooooooneeeees" and both groups ARE represented in the Iraqi Resistance.

And you might want to refrain from comparing your mentally underdeveloped, puritanical, sad-ass CHICKEN HAWK of a President to the FATHER of the united, economically independent, modern, secular, prosperous and dignified Republic of Iraq and MARTYR to the Cause of all revolutionaries of all races, creeds and nationalities against the global tyranny of the One Superpower - or if you prefer the language of the heart, OUR ADORABLE AND ADORED Saddam.

Kindly stick to "Uncle Sam" in abstract, don't make a complete fool of yourself by glorifying Dumbya.

Thank you very much.
Anonymous said…
good pts iraqist
RhusLancia said…
Iraqist, thank you for demonstrating my point so clearly. I see that in a post above that Layla says Saddam transformed Iraq "into a jewel" in three decades. What was it in the centuries before? Does Iraq's greatness seriously run no deeper than a single thief's criminal regime?

"With our blood, with our souls, we sacrifice for you George Bush!"

"With our blood, with our souls, we sacrifice for you George Bush!"

Good lord. Doesn't that sound stupid? You know what would be even stupider? If I taught my kids to chant that!! But I guess that's what it takes to turn you guys into True Believers, eh?
RhusLancia said…
Iraqist: "There are also Arab nationalist Shiites (such as the former Information Minister Al-Sahhaf)"

Yeah, he's a piece of work, isn't he? He so amused the world that they didn't even bother to hang him. The bigger they lie, the harder you fall for them?
RhusLancia said…
talking to the wall: "but most Iraqi Resisters are just passionately dedicated patriots, enlightened Muslims and proud heirs of the Mesopotamian civilization, who attack EXCLUSIVELY occupiers and collaborationists (just as the European resistances did against the Nazis in WWII) and fight to the death for FREEDOM ALONE."

Yeah, the "FREEDOM ALONE" offered by the thief Saddam and his criminal Ba'ath regime.

But the justification turns on how narrowly or broadly you fellows define "collaborationists", doesn't it? I see you guys even here on this very blog defining "collaborationists" very broadly indeed, so who are you trying to fool by claiming the "Iraqi Resisters" are anything but criminal mass-murderers? Yourselves? And what about the attacks on services and infrastructure and the like, key elements of any traditional guerrilla insurgency? Do your beloved "Iraqi Resisters" participate in these, or do you also imagine that they do not?

talking to the wall: "Orwell would be fond of you."

Good one, tttw! Read this and see how well it describes the criminal Ba'ath regime:

The term "Orwellian" refers to the following behavior of "the state" or "the party" (especially when the party is the state):

* The state's manipulation of language for political ends. Obfuscation in naming is a favorite; e.g. WAR IS PEACE. The state's use of language is designed to reduce or eliminate ideas deemed dangerous to its authority.
* Invasion of personal privacy by the state, whether physically or by means of surveillance.
* The exercise of total state control in the daily life of citizens, as in a "Big Brother" society.
* The state's encouragement of policies which contribute to the economic and social disintegration of the family.
* The substitution of traditional religion with the adoration of the state and/or its leaders.
* The state's encouragement of "doublethink," whereby the population must learn to embrace inconsistent concepts without dissent; e.g. giving liberty up for freedom. They are the same thing, hence doublethink.
* The revision of history in the state's favor.
* A dystopian future.

I have bolded a few that apply particularly well to Iraq as it was under Saddam's yoke.

Orwell would be appalled that such a state could develop in the modern world, and that some people could remain so willfully deluded as to defend the indefensible to this day.
RhusLancia said…
One more thing, tttw. I'll give you that "some" of the "Resistance" really were "passionately dedicated patriots" who only fought the MNF and "narrowly defined" collaborators. I will even ignore their prior alliance with AQ if you like. I do this because it is clear they are "Awakening" to see who their real enemies are, and it ain't us. Iraqis will have to come to terms with how much they are willing to accept them and their bloody hands, but for now all forms of violence are declining ('cept wanker suicide bombings) so Iraq may be able to get back on its feet soon. You all can keep your hope alive that the violence will continue and swap fables of the good ol' days and whatever. Iraq will leave you behind to brood and fester as you like, and teach your children stupid slogans.
Anonymous said…

I have more important things to do and no precious energies to waste trying to make the blind(ered) see.

Instead, I shall leave Father Time the honor of refuting your comments...

Are you patient enough to wait a 5 to 15 years ? ;-)
Anonymous said…
"awakening".....yeah, to machiavellism !!!!!

those guys r using you, muppet !!!!!

as soon as they finish off al-qaida, theyll go back to fighting the shia quislings and ur "brave" smelly american boys.....with uncle sam's own funds n weapons !!!!!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha how fucking naive u stupid yanks can get.....
RhusLancia said…
@ iraqist: And a good day to you, too, Sir or Madam. May Iraq rise from the ashes of its awful personality cult to become the great nation it deserves to be!

@ anti-muppets: you can always hope that they'll go back to the dark after seeing the light. Whatever gets you through the day.
Anonymous said…
Rhuslancia said:
"Does Iraq's greatness seriously run no deeper than a single thief's criminal regime ?"

Thief of what ?

"Your" lasciviously drooled over Iraqi black gold through the nationalization ? ;-)

Criminal how ?

By distinguishing the wheat from the chaff, the decent, civilized citizens from the CIA/MI6/Mossad/Iranian Intelligence-backed sectarian terrorists, and reserving each their due treatment ?

Was that not called Justice once upon a time ???

As for the "slogans", do you think your arrogant imbeciles of soldiers would prefer the Resistance to chant:
"With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice for you Nebuchadnezzar"
"With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice for you Haroon Al-Rasheed"
"With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice for you, Salahudeen"

...before blowing up their occupying asses in the same identical way ?

Do let us know !!!
Anonymous said…
Saddam made the fatal mistake of cozying up to the American government..like most so-called leaders do.

Tell me, what do the Shia, Sunni, other forms of Islam, and even the Jews and Christians for that matter, have as fact for theie belief in Allah / God?

It's a bunch of hokus pokus fairy tales. A man was reall swallowed by a fish literally or is it just a metaphore? And falling stars are what?? Pray to yer gods and what difference has it made? Keep praying even though the evidence is right infront of ya....

So Jesus ( Isa ) is the son of god huh?...you christians. Oh, ans tillother christains claim Jesus is god himself. Wow...2 gods for the price of one...must be a capitalist thing I guess.
Now, doesn't the bible say that there is only 1 true god? Did I hear a HELL YA from the Muslim crowd. Well I DO believe I did.

And of course you Muslims..to not be outdone....now have Mohammed (pbuh). Hell...give me Hercules...I'll take Hercules. He's part god part man.

And of course he have the lovely..the oh so lovely zionists. Those lovely little parasitic creatures that wnat the whoooooole world to know about the sufferings they went thru with the Nazis. I beg to differrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Here's a plan. Why not all join hands.......pray to yer gods and wish, wish, wish upon a star....and see who gets sucked up to heaven first.
Anonymous said…
The invasion upon Iraq was criminal Rhuslancia. Plain & simple. Don't try to dress it up in a nice package of humanity. The Nuremberg trials made it clear that such invasions as what the Naziz committed, were to never happen again. But Fuhrer Bush disregarded it all.

I agree with you on some things but I will never support any globalist / corporate / fascist agenda and all that goes along with that.
Anonymous said…
"and see who gets sucked up to heaven first"

y not just shoot urself in ur empty skull, u anti-war wanker (as layla wud call u), u muppet (as i do) ?

its way quicker, u know.
Anonymous said…
Yer all religious twanks. Christians, Jews, Shia, Sunni, Hindu...it makes no difference.
It's all pre-historic thinking.
Oh, the shia must stand with arms at their side and sunni stand with their arms crossed. The jews are still waiting for theie messiah and the christians believein a savior..a king of kings. Ha

WHat petty little pre-historic minds all thinking they know the gods and a bestway to get to paradise.

I guess there's a tooth fairy too huh?

Each religion all skampering about wanting the protection and love from their gods and hope and pray for the destruction of their enemies.

How 'bout I shit on a plate and offer it up to you as mocha pudding?
Anonymous said…
Antiwar? mmmm No. Wrong.
Wars are necessary :-)
Anonymous said…
"Wars are necessary"

The "hygiene of the world", uh ?

How Fascistic...oops, meant to say how Darwinian !

Actually, I would love to see you UNNECESSARY piece of self-righteous, unfeeling, disrespectful dogshit being "cleansed off" this poor long-suffering mother earth of ours...
Anonymous said…
Ooops..you fell down, cant stand pedants. Sorry. :-)

In the minds of most...killing is necessary wouldn't ya say?

Isn't this what is being promoted here...killing in reatliation? Is it wrong? Who IS to say?..a god or allah creature?

Ohhhhhhhh, am I unfeeling?? Poor baby..didn't mean to hurt ya..so sorry. Guess you can dish it out but can't take it.

Yer last paragraph proves my point pork-belly. Now go and pray to yer god and ask him forgiveness and realize shaetan made ya do it. Perhaps yer christian. If thats the case..ask christ figure to cleanse you of yer sins. :-)

And better yet...join Kafi in actively persuing the resistance. You have absoloutely every right under the sun to do it. Get a gun and fight the Western invasion. Go on now!!!! You OWN the World os get busy. There's plenty of targets. They're all around you.
Come on homey.GO GO GO....I cheer you on in yer cause. You have the answers to EVERYTHING. :-)
RhusLancia said…
firebird: "Thief of what ?"

Power in Iraq. How do you think he came to power, if not by theft?

Iraq's wealth. Iraqis starved while Saddam built palaces.

firebird: "Criminal how ?"

Illegally invading his neighbors, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide

firebird: "By distinguishing the wheat from the chaff, the decent, civilized citizens from the CIA/MI6/Mossad/Iranian Intelligence-backed sectarian terrorists, and reserving each their due treatment ?"

Is that how you explain the mass graves, gassing his people, and repression, torture, & murder year upon year?

firebird: "Was that not called Justice once upon a time ???"

No, it's called crimes against humanity and genocide.

firebird: "soldiers would prefer the Resistance to chant:
"With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice for you Nebuchadnezzar"

I think they would find any other personality cult silly too. Try it out:

"With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice for you Brittney Spears"
RhusLancia said…
splendar: "The invasion upon Iraq was criminal Rhuslancia."

It was? OK, thanks. Can you tell me which UNSC resolution condemned it, like the ones condemning Saddam's invasions of Iran and Kuwait ("for oil" no less!!), or others ??
Anonymous said…
United Nations? What authority do they have over countries? They certainly have no business in the internal affairs of any nation. They are American lapdogs.

If the UN had any teeth, why not go after Israel and the sanctions they been busting for years?

Kuwait..hmm, the Brits did do a nice job of drawing up borders didn't they? Kind of reminds me of Mexico & America doesn't it you?
Anonymous said…

You want to talk United Nations..that defacto organization squatting their asses in New York?

Why not talk World Court? Why is it that the american government appears to be scared shitless to fall under the jurisdiction of the World Court? Team Bush Corp wants no part of it does he? I wonder why that is? hmmmmm

Is it becuz he's a genocidal psychopath wrapped in the US flag?
And lets talk of the big red white and blue flag the US government goes around using it as big red white and blue dick to shove up the asses of innocent people, shall we?........
Anonymous said…
Take a look at that red, white and blue American flag Rhuslancia. Se those 50 white stars that are symbols for the 50 States?

Each of those stars represent conquered territories...a genocide that took place because of the invading, greedy, colonizing Europeans. From Canada on southward to the tip of South America they assaulted the People of the entire Western Hemisphere. Civilizations and cultures destroyed.
Recall the United State's INDIAN REMOVAL ACT and all the broken promises and land grabs? Sure ya do? Look at America's take over of the Hawaiian Islands, the Phillipenes and how many more?

The US has set about to colonize the Mideast in their own image. I dont want a World full of "Americas" surrounding the planet.
Anonymous said…

After all you're a decent fellow :-)

Sorry for calling you names...
Anonymous said…
It's ok can't stand pendants.

I too need to send out some apologies...to Kafi, Layla and others I did offend.

Damm..I come here and BAMM... and I went in defense mode.

RhusLancia said…
splendar: "You want to talk United Nations..that defacto organization squatting their asses in New York?

Why not talk World Court?"

I think you mean the International Criminal Court? So if the UN means nothing as a world body, then the ICC is better? And you certainly have a point that since the US is not a member of the ICC the issue of the legality of the Iraq invasion cannot be decided there.

OK. So... how are the trials going for England, Spain, Italy, Australia or any of the other members of the MNF who are members of the ICC?

splendar: "United Nations? What authority do they have over countries? They certainly have no business in the internal affairs of any nation. They are American lapdogs."

Internal affairs: you're right, to a point. The line to be crossed is genocide & crimes against humanity. They are certainly no great shakes in ending genocide when it occurs, but they do produce threatening resolutions and sometimes peacekeeping efforts. But if they are lapdogs the US would've gotten a follow on resolution to 1441 erasing any doubt about the legality of invading.

splendar: "Kuwait..hmm, the Brits did do a nice job of drawing up borders didn't they?"

So do you think Saddam was right to invade Kuwait (for oil!)? Do you think he would've done a better job drawing the borders? I don't recall the Kuwaitis being too keen on Saddam's efforts to "correct" the boundaries.
Anonymous said…
"I don't recall the Kuwaitis being too keen on Saddam's efforts to correct the boundaries."

The constipated, full of shit oil aristocracy (among which the PROVED LIAR "nurse Nairah") was not.

The oppressed PEOPLE was.

There are NO ethnic, linguistic or cultural differences between the so-called "Kuwaitis" and the inhabitants of the Basrah province of IRAQ.

"State of Kuwait", independent and sovereign entity by the Grace of...BRITISH PETROLEUM & GULF OIL COMPANIES !!!


You Western colonialists are really something.
RhusLancia said…
annexationist: "The oppressed PEOPLE was."

Can you back that up? I would really like to learn about the Kuwaiti people's happiness upon their reunification with Iraq. A google search on "saddam liberated kuwait" reveals only a handful of blog comments that make the assertion, none offering any way to verify the claim. Without the quotes above you get all sorts of hits on when the coalition kicked Saddam out of Kuwait, helped by the other countries of the greater Arab nation as I recall.

Since you seem to oppose the British-drawn boundaries of Iraq, do you thin it should be three or more separate countries?
Anonymous said…
The American gov/corp's invasion into and on Iraq was and still is illegal. It also ran against the Geneva Convention.

I hope yer not claiming the Nazi Regime under Adolph Hitler had any legitimacy. If you still insist on giving the UN a place in World affairs, Iraq did open up to the UN and there was no weapons of mass destruction, in the way that the US gov/corp falsely alleged. There was no "mushroom" cloud waiting in the wings, as Condoleeza Rice claimed to the World. There was no "yellow cake" from Niger as the US gov/corp stood before the World and falsely alleged. And what about those "aluminum tubes"? And what really was meant by that anthrax scare where anthrax was being mailed around? It seems like hat whole issue has now become dead and buried.
Who can ferget Colin Powell setting there infront of the UN holding up a test-tube falselyalleging that in Iraq there are tons & tons of such chemical weapons? I cant.
And Rummy...the Rummsfeld who falsely alleged that "they" knew exactly where the WMD's were. Ha.

If you want to claim and hold on to the institutution of the UN as having a place...then look at it as a "trier of facts"..as a court where one is to openly display the facts to show yer case...as in any legitimate courtroom.
Did the US gov/corp tel the truth while setting before the UN with the World watching? NO. They lied. They brought forthe evidence that was false..and still is to this very day false.

You still want to give the UN praises? Check out Scott Ritter. He worked in the UN. He was inspecting the so-called WMD claims made by the US gov/corp. He says there were no WMD's. Hans Blix...........again...no WMD's. But then again....Bush & Cheney..the dynamic duo they are...could not wait to let the bombs begin dropping..the missiles begin flying.

We have no idea on how the victims in Iraq are feeling do we Rhuslncia? We never experinced that have we? Most of us Americans can go out to our cars or trucks and drive somewhere and never once think about whee the gas comes from that makes most of our lives so easy and comfortable.
We're not going into our streets seeing Chinese military equipment or Chinese military personnel talking to our kids in the streets or seeng Chinese military personel breaking into our homes..or raping our kids. We dont experience that do we?

Would you like to? America does have WMD's. They have in fact used them. They infact continue to build them today. They've used them against American citizens before. Do the research.

Since when did the US become the police of morality? When did it become the apex of human civilization on this World?

No..the US gov/corp brought before the UN false allegations, false evidence and false justifications.
Anonymous said…
Do I think Iraq should consist of 3 countries...new borders?

I don't know the deatails of what's going on in Iraq. Iraq was not my home. I did not spend my childhood there, go to school there, live and laugh and make friends there. I did not experience love there and walk the streets there under a beautiful night sky and dream of a future.

Who am I to say what direction Iraq should take now? Now that a US backed pupppet government has been installed...a US backed constition has been put in place and US backed laws put into effect.
Anonymous said…
Rhuslancia said:
"do you think it should be three or more separate countries ?"

No, my honeypuss of an insignificant PAWN, that is how your masters the strategists of Brzezinski's "Grand Chessboard" would have it: "DIVIDE ET IMPERA", as in the classical colonialist tradition.

What WE want is what is ours by NATURAL and HISTORICAL right.

- In the short term: ONE IRAQ totally, truly and definitively free from both US-led occupation and Persian interference.

- In the long term: as in the Nasserist and Ba'athist agendas, ONE ARAB REPUBLIC united, independent and socially egalitarian from Morocco to the Gulf, including a liberated and Arab PALESTINE.

Therefore, NOTHING like a "Caliphate", "from Spain to Indonesia", or other SCAREMONGERING BULLSHIT made in Al-CIAda.

The non-Arab Jews will have to return to their European and American countries of origin where they BELONG, whereas the Arab ones will be considered as CITIZENS of the Arab Republic to all intents and purposes just like their Muslim and Christian fellow-Palestinians.

As for the Persians, they may as well burn in hell for all I care :-)
Seriously though, they will have to withdraw to their borders and renounce their imperialistic ambitions in the region.

Last, we will be only too delighted to form and keep friendly relations based on EQUALITY and MUTUAL RESPECT with all the countries in the world - surprise, surprise: U.S. INCLUDED.

Know that all of the above is not just my wishful fantasy, but it is the post-war commitment of the IRAQI RESISTANCE GENERAL COMMAND.

Now fuck the hell off this blog and take some time to REFLECT - assuming that you know how ;-)

RhusLancia said…
Good luck with that, post-war program. Sounds like Master Racism to me. Maybe you should join your boy Saddam on the moon? The Vandals:

they said:

this nazi sh*t won't do (no)
nazi sh*t won't do (nyet)
nazi sh*t won't do (nein)
and so they launched them to the moo-oo-oon

one small step for man (sieg heil baby)
one goose step for mankind (sieg heil baby)
one small step for man (sieg heil baby)
one goose step for mankind (sieg heil baby)

Here, this will add nothing to the complete picture of history you've learned from Saddam's textbooks, but it is interesting nonetheless:

Imperial History of the Middle East (click "Play" in the center)

Anonymous said…
Raise your hands who think RhusLancia is not a total ameronazi idiot...
rhuslancia just talks stupid things. people like him, i am sure would never understand the obscenity of invasion, obscenity of war, obscenity of war against humanity. better leave them with their rotting imperialism or yankism.
RhusLancia said…
രാജീവ് ചേലനാട്ട്: "i am sure would never understand the obscenity of invasion, obscenity of war, obscenity of war against humanity."

Actually, upon further reflection I think the thief Saddam and his criminal regime forfeited any hope of legitimacy when they invaded Iran. Before that, the world would have done little against his coup, purges, and repression.

If someone could explain how post-war program's dreams are not Master-Racism that would be swell, or why Saddam gets a pass for his invasions and wars against humanity.

RhusLancia said…
coup, purges, and repression.

These being internal matters, of course...
Anonymous said…

What are yer thoughts on Ron Paul?
I like his idea of the US government not getting involved i the internal affairs of other countries and removing US troops from their bases scattered around the globe.

Just in my area alone..where I live...there are Indians from India, Pakistani, Russians, Greeks, Asians of all types of national origin, Mideasterners, (from the Gulf States and surrounding areas), people from Norhthern Africa ( Morocco, Sudan & Tunisia )....people from Latino countries and Europeans.

Why do they keep coming here? Sometimes I think "no more"...close the borders. Just as many people from the Mideast would rather not have anything "American" or "Western" "in their lives"...do "we" need "them" setting up their own communities among "us"?

We here in America have Latino communities, Chinese communities, Mideastern communities, Black communities and White communities. Generally, we live, work and play together and the religious affiliations tend to "work together". There are ofcourse "hate crimes" that come about from time to time here within America.

I don't believe under any circumstances the US should get involved in the internal affairs of other countries. If a 'leader' arises in another country and violence resistance or strife takes palce...and even if hundreds or even thousands are killed in those processes............let it be...let it go.

The bloodshed and deaths that take place will definitely create victims, but let it be.

With the death of Bhutto for example. America needs to stay out of such events. America and all other countries need to stay out. Let Pakistanis handle it themselves. No matter how much "news footage" can be shown of killings and sufferings.....stay out.

"We" need to get out of Iraq. Whatever happens there...happens, and we should not be concerened. They don't want us concerened. Let the Iraqi citizens be on their own in self-determination.

For the most part, the World is a cruel, unforgiving and barbaric place, as our "home" spins within it's galaxy. We have the same basic necessities as animals in the "natural world"...those being food, water, air and shelter from the extreme elements of nature. And within each of our quests to make choices from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we close our eyes at night, conscioulsy and subconsciously, we make choices for basically the preservation of the 'self'.

In the end of course, from the moment Life begins, it is our destiny to die.

All is vane. We will all die no matter where we are and no matter what attachemnts we will currently hold at that time.

No leader nor any country can "fix" the motivations and drive of human behavior nor run fast enough and long enough to escape the reality that we all will cease to exist.
Anonymous said…
In our western country we deal with Lance C.Rhus's by sending them into coventry. It works like a charm - not even the enemy likes to be ignored. Why waste your time on this person. Let him write by all means, but ignore him. Nobody is going to learn anything constructive from this fellow.

For those that are interested Ray Takeyh who is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations - an expert for the US on the Middle East and lives in Washington has this to say about the al Dawa Party -

"In many cases the instrument of Iranian terrorism was the al-Dawa Party, which has since become part of the ruling coalition government in the post-Saddam Iraq." (Meaning the present US/Iranian puppet Iraq government) "Hidden Iran" Ray Takeyh - A Council on Foreign Relations Book Pub.2006 Times Books.

It is no secret that the US Council For Foreign Relations is the face of the US

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former US national security adviser praises this book 'because it points the way to a more constructive relationship with Iran
(see back cover)

The waters get murkier when it comes to the issue of 'terrorism'. One could question when is a terrorist not a terrorist, and the answer in this case would be when the US puts the Iranian al Dawa terrorists into power in Iraq.

Also Layla the last blog I registered
with you seems to have disappeared.
Would appreciate knowing if there was a problem. As I certainly did not intend to cause one.

Full support to the Iraqi Peoples' Resistance!
Anonymous said…
Good post bluegum. There's quite a few "organizations" in the US that maybe alot of the World doesn't know about...highly secretive ones too. The CFR you brought up, yes indeed is powerful and secretive one and has many international contacts. It certainly has an agenda.

I think a huge problem in America is..that we get these bone-headed sperm gurglars who are usually light-footed college preppies..they get into high government positions and begin doing all sorts of crazy ass crap.

Area 51. It exists. Yet the US government has classified that huge piece of real estate as NOT existing...like " folks it's not here so just shut up about it".
What the hell are they doing out there? Creating some kind of creatures that have the genes of a wolf, a man and a gorilla?

Strange shit goin' on out there...

The Bilderbergers are another peice of work. Alex Jones ( I dont know if yer "into" him or not ), but he has vidoed Chalabi attending the latest Bilderberger meeting.

There's gonna be more shitolla comin' down the pipe for the herd here on planet Earth. Hang on to yer asses

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