An Appeal -- UPDATE II

Paola Pisi, editor of URUKNET, kindly forwarded me some fresh, official info from the latest UN report as to the rough composition of the bulk of the Iraqi refugees. You can always trust Paola to dig out the exact information for you, and for that am most appreciative.

According to official sources - and please bear in mind that official sources only take into account the Iraqis who officially registered with them. So accordingly,
the figures/ratios are as follows as per the January 2009 UN Report on Refugees.

And I am quoting : " There are also trends in Iraq's refugees. 55% of those registered by the United Nations are Sunnis. Another 18-20% are minority groups such as Christians, Mandeans, Yazidis, Turkmen, and Shabaks, even though they only make up 3-4% of Iraq's population." That leaves only 25% Iraqi Shiites who have also been exiled since the American occupation, since 2003.

What is most evident, is that the bulk of the refugees are made of Sunnis -- 55%.

That, even for a layperson, points very clearly to a deliberate systematic policy of ethnic/sectarian cleansing undertaken by the Shiite militias who now form the current Iraq puppet government - the puppet government under American Occupation.

These Iranian Shiite militias's deliberate policy of ethnic/sectarian cleansing was undertaken to change the DEMOGRAPHY of Iraq and it served one purpose only -- to turn Iraq, at least the Arab part of Iraq (excluding the Kurdish parts of Iraq) to an all Shiite "satellite" country, a DIRECT sphere of Iranian influence in the region. In the North, such as the Nineveh Province and Kirkuk, the Kurds have and are undertaking their share of ethnic cleansing by pushing out and displacing all non Kurds (Arabs, Turkmens...) out of the Northern areas so as to render the place an all Kurdish region only.

Hence all the previous bullshit about Iraq being majority Shiite, in particular Baghdad turned out to be another LIE. And one of the major cornerstones for the idelogical rationalization/justification of the Occupation, was the spewing of the all too familiar crappy broken record -- Iraq is majority Shiite, and they were brutally oppressed by the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein...etc..etc.. Ditto for the Kurds.

Frankly if you cannot put 1 + 1 = 2 by now, you have no business babbling on about Iraq, Iran, the U.S and politics in general, anymore. Go take up some other "hobby" instead.


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