The" New" Iraq for Dummies.

My cousin Bakr (typical Sunni name) calls me.

- Please help us, we must really get out, it has become totally's unlivable, we simply can't continue...

Everyday there is an explosion, we can't even make it to the gates of the house. We are surrounded by Iranians and Shiite militias. Even the police cannot be trusted. I never knew the Shiites to be like that. You know X, Y and Z, they had to embrace Shiism, they had to, they had no choice. Your uncle is going crazy, he can't believe what has happened to us. I can't find a job, am too scared to seek one. Your other cousin is too scared to venture out, what if they kidnap him. We can't afford it anymore. We have no more income, no savings left...everything is too expensive. We can't afford it anymore. Nothing functions anymore...I am tired of hearing Persian spoken here and they block all the roads every time an Iranian dignitary passes by... Qum is ruling us. I am too scared for our lives...Please help us.

- And what about the Americans ?

- They are idiots and hayawanat ( = animals in Arabic.) They understand nothing. It's out of their control now. So can you do anything for us ?

- I will try

- No Layla, you cannot just try. Get us out of here. I beg of you...

The line was cut --- Dead at the other end of the receiver.

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