An Appeal.

This is an Appeal to all people of good faith and particularly addressed to those who are currently involved with Iraqi refugees.

You see, the truth is being buried even deeper and I, as an Iraqi woman will never accept that to happen without putting up a fight...

The truth is being occulted with a black magical spin...and I, will never allow that to happen...

But am not God, nor some mythical Super Woman and I cannot do it alone. I need your help.

We all know what the American occupation forces have been guilty of in Iraq and in particular Baghdad. Their crimes are more documented at least by the victims. Maybe not in full details because of the huge cover up that the Iraqi puppet government and the American admin and media are engaged in, but nonetheless, the gross abject crimes committed by the Americans are relatively well known in comparison...

In comparison to the vicious, sadistic crimes of the Shiites Militias...These on the other hand have not been documented because the cover up is two fold.

- the puppet Iraqi government consists of those militias in civil garb and

- the aura of deceit and secrecy revolving around the real nature of these Shiite militias because they are AFFILIATED to IRAN and even though everyone barks against the horrible US and Israel there is a DEADLY SILENCE regarding Iran and its lethally armed death squads in Iraq and the carnage they have committed.

I will not go into ALL the details - I have covered enough of those on my blog and if you are too lazy to dig and read, I am sorry I cannot do it for you.

So this message is not addressed to those who are still trying to figure out which end is up insofar as Iraq is concerned. This message is an appeal to all those who have or are working with Iraqi refugees, particularly in neighboring countries. It is also addressed to the UNHCR.

Why the UNHCR ? Because, no Iraqi can apply for official refugee status unless he/she fills an application form with a detailed historic of why he/she fled the country.

In other words, any allegation of torture, rape, kidnapping, killing etc...must be backed with some form of evidence.

I personally know of a number of Iraqis who had to show pictures, letters, any evidence backing their claims. Those who were unable to do so, would undress in the UNHCR cubicles and show their scars and wounds...from torture. From torture by the Shiite militias.

Those who survived testified (a few survived but the majority of non Shiites, particularly in Baghdad, did not survive. They are now dead!).

Those who deal with Iraqi refugees be it NGO's or the UNHCR know all too well the exact identity of the culprits and they are als very aware of who constitutes the majority of those forcibly displaced outside their homes - they happen to be in MAJORITY -- Sunnis, Christians and other sects like Yazidis, Sabaaens...

Now these NGO's and the UNHCR know that because as I mentioned earlier on, the application forms need to be completed backed with evidence. But again, there is a politically correct silence surrounding these refugees and when you read a good deal of the articles, you are left guessing...

Well I do not wish people to guess anymore. Hence my appeal.

I appeal to all of you out there, who have dealt with Iraqi refugees to start telling it AS IT IS. To give a FULL picture, a precise, uncensored pictured of WHO constitutes the BULK of those refugees, including their religious affiliation, ethnicity and sects...You have the vital information and it is MORALLY incumbent upon you to divulge the FULL truth and to release the information.

I am also appealing to the victims, and I tell them fear not. Get together and document, document and document. Your testimonies are crucial. As crucial as your wounds and scars.

I am also appealing to the Iraqi Rabita (Iraqi League) and others, you are in touch with many of the victims, please prepare a complete dossier - change names if necessary, because the threats are STILL very much real, but please do it...

This genocide within the grander genocide MUST BE MADE PUBLIC in ITS FULL DETAILS.

And the real culprits and their sect affiliation and political/party affiliation must be made known clearly to all.

Because, just as the Americans are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, your valuable information, will show to the world, that Iran and its militias in Iraq, that Iran and its sectarian puppet government in Iraq are AS guilty as the American Zionists, in this Iraqi holocaust.

Enough lives have been completetly ruined because of your hypocritical politically correct stands and your not wanting to rock the boat - the boat has sunk already.
Please do it, lest you want to be considered a partaker in the Iraqi Holocaust, as well.

Thank you.


Just saw this very recent video from Al-Jazeera - "No safe return for Iraq's forgotten people" dated 2.04.09. I am glad that Al-Jazeera comes up with some truths every now and then. An added confirmation to what I have just written above.
Watch it carefully please.

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