Against All Odds...

I woke up with a wonderful feeling this morning. I have not felt that happy in ages. Like when you wake up with a smile on your face...I was smiling. I knew then, that something has been sorted out during my sleep.

The troubles with the blog have been sorted out, so it is up and about and running again...but my users stats is still frozen but at 33'000. The detainees have been adding up, I suppose. RELEASE DETAINEE 33'000 NOW ! Unfreeze the bloody thing NOW!

And when I woke up, I checked my inbox -- my morning ritual, I found several mails.
Great ones for which I thank you all. Very touched.

One in particular got me thinking, with racing thoughts, I could not ignore.

This person who is VERY committed to my beloved - Iraq, enquired about why my blog was blocked and said to the effect -- Iraq can be forgotten now and the so-called anti-imperialists, the Arabs and the Palestinians can dance over the corpses of 1 million and half Iraqis and celebrate the US-Iranian alliance.

Sometimes it is one word or one sentence that suffices...more of a reason to keep IRAQ alive and not forgotten - against all odds.

So all of you out there who have supported my Beloved, in your own ways - you too need to keep her alive and not forgotten.

I have throughout those 3 years of blogging given you enough information, enough material, enough evidence, enough food for thought, and to some, enough inspiration. Now the ball is in your court so to speak...

If you are intelligent enough to read this blog and it does require a certain measure of intelligence, then you are intelligent enough to do your share.

Bless those who walk the talk - against all odds.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Ibrahim Rabie

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