Contact Dermatitis and other ailments...

I have a tough time falling asleep, hence siesta time or napping is my only way to recuperate...

I dozed off this afternoon, and you know when you are in what I call "the twilight zone", just when you are about to fall into deep slumber, but not quite...Guess who visited me ? Go on, have a wild guess.

In that semi-state, I had a dream (hopefully it's just a dream and not a vision),
I dreamt that Ayatollah Khameini and Ahmadinejad knocked on my door and as I opened it, I was forced by their security forces to kiss both of them on the cheeks (thankfully it was only the cheeks). I tried explaining to the security guards that I had a serious allergy to facial hair, but to no avail...

Meanwhile, I could have sworn I heard some major drilling taking place right next to my ears...

I woke up in a sweat and with a splitting headache...

The major drilling was just the noise of my neighbor's high heels shoes stomping above my head, but when I got out of bed and went to wash my face, I noticed my face break out in a red rash...I must have scratched myself like hell after those "kisses".

I am just hoping the rash will go away by itself...without recourse to a "skin specialist." The positive side -- I now know the psychosomatic cause for my allergy, for my "contact" dermatitis.

I suppose this is a signal that I need to take some time out. So you will not hear from me for some time -- maybe 3, 4, 5, 6 days or more, or less - not that you are going to miss me or anything - just a question of my "condition" clearing up.

Oh and before I log off, I remember they used to produce that stuff called "calamine lotion" for nappy rash they don't anymore. So if you do come across it, kindly send some our way - make it industrial quantities...and one more thing, add some ear plugs too. Thank you.

Till soon, insha'Allah.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Ziad Bakury.

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