The Unfolding Nightmarish Script...

Yes I know, these are all variations on the same theme.

This is nothing but a short follow up on my American-Iranian Long Horror film, which I ask you to read again, to refresh your memories.

I did say in that post that I dreamt of Ahmadinejad moving around in oil sleek Basra with no bodyguards as if it was his own territory. Did I not ? Do you know when I had that dream ? In August. I dared not speak about it, lest it comes true. But guess what ? It is coming true...

Read the short article below reproduced via Uruknet. And read ALL of it.

Two Shi'ite lawmakers have called for a referendum on turning the oil-rich province of Basra in southern Iraq into a mini-state.

The push signals a renewed effort by Shi'ites to grant regions self-rule in what would be a federalist system of government.

Sunnis oppose the idea, fearing it could lead to the country's eventual break up or isolate them from oil wealth concentrated in mainly Shi'ite and Kurdish areas.

Sheik Kheir-Allah al-Basri, a Shi'ite lawmaker from a small secular party, sought to ease such fears on Saturday, arguing that the push for autonomy is not a "secessionist motion".

Wail Abdul-Latif, another secular lawmaker from Basra, argued that granting regions more power would give Iraq's political process "more chances for stability."

He added that they have collected some 35,000 signatures from supporters in the region to press the electoral commission to hold a referendum on an autonomous region.

The idea of creating a federalist system in Iraq is expected to play a prominent role in the country's provincial elections, which are to be held before January 31, and the three largest Shi'ite parties have used the issue in their fight to win supporters ahead of the vote.

The largest bloc - the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council - strongly backs the creation of a nine-province autonomous region.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Dawa Party and the movement headed by radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr both oppose the proposal, arguing it poses a threat to national unity.

The region of Kurdistan in northern Iraq already enjoys self-rule.

And while some of you are still basking in the Obama post-orgasmic glow, I want to remind you of something I wrote in June 2008 regarding Iran and the American administration.

Talking about the American-Iraqi agreement, SOFA this is what I said.

"... high ranking sources in Iran have the perception that this is what Bush is looking for and that the recent moves by the Sadrists and Sistani in Iraq who supposedly "oppose" this deal are part of Iran's pressure on Bush to tell him that if he badly needs this agreeement with Iraq, he will have to sign with Iran a COMPREHENSIVE deal"

Obama the Booma wins the elections, and the first thing he does, apart from having J.Biden and M.Albright, the Iraqi baby killer on board, he makes inflammatory speeches about fighting terrorism in Afghanistan where the Talibans are winning.

And who is he going to ask for help in his fight against "terrorists" in Afghanistan? Iran of course. (article here)

If Obama calls on Iran to help him win the war in Afghanistan, do you think that has no price tag attached ? Don't you think that perhaps Obama's "gift" to Iran is part of that comprehensive deal that I referred to above ?

And what is that comprehensive deal, apart from the Iranian nuclear dossier ? Southern Iraq. Yes Southern Iraq.

Re-read that article. The argument for a independent state of Basra, read Southern Iraq, is "more political stability." That was/is Biden's argument.

But I thought we had stability in Iraq with Maliki and the surge no ?
So what are they telling us now - that if this does not go through, there will be more carnage, of Sunnis in particular ? Like what ? Have the ARAB Sunni population dwindle down from 55% to less than 20% to 0% ?

And read what the rest of the article says - It says that Maliki and Muqtada Al-Sadr supposedly oppose the secessionist plan. Do you know why they oppose it, IF they truly oppose it that is. Because Maliki desperately needs to stay in power, and he knows all too well that if this plan goes through prematurely, sectarian strife will erupt again in Iraq. He needs more to time to pacify things and hand it over in a proper fashion to Iran. Don't forget he has the Kurds on his back, pushing for a fully fledged independent state and Iraqi Christians running away from Kurdish persecution. As for Sadr, he would like to come back into the political limelight with more force and finish off the few Sunnis and Christians that are left in the arena. It is very possible that we might witness another inter Shiite front developing between Maliki's DAWA party and the Sadrists of Muqtada - yet again. This latter has reorganized his militia to supposedly "fight the occupation".
This possible alliance between the Dawa and the Sadrists remains to be seen and I do not exclude it. Call it the race for power.

Meanwhile I can assure you that a great majority of the Iraqis in exile have no inclination whatsoever to live under sectarian fascist Shiite rule nor under Iranian rule, nor under American rule. So whatever the outcome, we are out of the game. Better be safe than sorry as they say.

But the biggest question remains, and this is something I will really have to tackle in my future posts - Why has Zionist America propped Iran to become a regional superpower in the Arab World ? Anyone vying for the gates of Mecca by any chance ?

Think about it, until we "meet" again. Insh'Allah.

Book Art : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Al-Shammarei . Stamp, 2005


Anonymous said…
KMWR--You are certainly correct to be out of the game. But, there are other possibilities--all the elements for a much greater military explosion and intervention is being set up.
NATO is at the doorstep. Turkey's military is already involved. Consider further. And,I know where is the economic coordinating center, something repeated on my blogs, ad nauseum. So...what better way to deal with ALL the resistance, everywhere, to economic domination then ESCALATE.
Sinbad said…
Agrees with her wholeheartedly.
Anonymous said…

In the comment section of Layla's previous entry, you de facto labelled me as an antisemit and maybe a fascist because i dared to say that an AWOVED zionist website such as your beloved Emperor's clothes is just zionist, and then you didn't reply at all to my posting showing the evidences of what i said.

Therefore i repost my replies to your offensive and slandering remarks and am waiting for a comment from you.

Is "the characterization of TENC as "Zionist" a truly odd and inexplicable one"???? Maybe you profusely quote it without reading it. It is one of the worst zionist websites in the world. It strongly supports Israel and uses to slander and insult Palestinians and Arabs: for instance:
According to TENC, whoever dares to criticize a bit Israel is an antisemit:

If TENC is not a revolting zionist website, i can't even understand what the world "zionist" means.

When President Milosevic issued a statement of condolence for the death of Yasser Arafat, TENC rabidly attacked Milosevic too, claiming that Arafat was a NAZI:

Of course TENC defamed the late iraqi President Saddam Hussein too, and accused him of being ... guess what! ... an antisemit and a Nazi:

Must i go on?

Yes, TENC is anti-iranian, but it is anti-iranian just because it hates all the muslims, sunni and shia.

Therefore, if you quote that racist zionist anti-arab webisite to probe that Clark is a sell-out, i surely can't agree with you. Whatever Clark could be, he is always better than TENC.

And as for Clark, i don't accuse people of being corrupt without strong evidences. Surely many of the "leftist" mullahs' lovers are on "someone"'s payroll, and i have already clearly said it:

But there are also many opportunists and above all many brainwashed and stupid people. I personally know some so-called leftist guys who defend and support Iran in absolute good faith.

And surely am not always able to tell the opportunists and the morons from the corrupt ones.

And 2.

Addendum to the above: NO, "being of Jewish background or documenting the historical and current use and crimes of anti-Semitism, Fascism, Nazism, etc.," is NOT synonymous with being Zionist. On the contrary, there are also anti-zionist Jews and i have always condemned any form of racism (i hate zionism just because it is a racist ideology and for the same reason i hate antisemitism).

But praising Israel and its crimes, insulting and defaming Arabs and palestinians just because they are arab and palestinian, accusing everyone criticizes Israel of being a nazi and an antisemit - as TENC always does - YES, is synonymous with being racist and Zionist.
Anonymous said…
PS. of course i meant AVOWED Zionist...

and am still waiting...
Anonymous said…
KMWR--I wrote back on the OTHER post.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,
I saw posted here the italian translation of " long American-Iranian Film.":
"Il lungo film U.S.A.-Iran"
Anonymous said…
Layla, how about Al-Ahwaz?
Anonymous said…
"Anyone vying for the gates of Mecca by any chance ?"

Anyone going to divorce rationalism and embrace esoterico-mystico-millenarianistic thinking ?
Layla Anwar said…
KMWR - You mention military explosions, escalations etc...which countries are you referring to exactly ? Please don't tell me Iran again.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks Captain, your support is ALWAYS appreciated.
Layla Anwar said…
Paola and KMWR,

I did follow the comments on TENC.
I don't have much to say because I am not TOO familiar with TENC. However the links that Paola provided and I did check them out, do strongly suggest that TENC is a Zionist Website.
Therefore this whole spin on this "anti semitic" business is really out of place in my opinion, and am referring to KMWR.
I, as a SEMITE, and ARABS ARE SEMITES are sick and tired of hearing this Western slanders about anti-semitism, anytime anyone dares to say anything against the JEWISH STATE and they call themselves the JEWISH STATE so whom I to say otherwise !
Secondly, this anti-semitism was born in the WEST and not in our part of the World.
I therefore believe that these Western projections are just that, PROJECTIONS, to alleviate a never ending burdened conscience.
I am going off on another slight deviation here, so I will stop.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for pointing out the Italian translation of my post. Appreciated.
Layla Anwar said…

What about al Ahwaz ? It's a done deal for Iran. Ask the Ahwazis.
Layla Anwar said…

You said ""Anyone vying for the gates of Mecca by any chance ?"

Anyone going to divorce rationalism and embrace esoterico-mystico-millenarianistic thinking ?"

What is that suppose to mean ???

What esoterico bullshit are you talking about ? Seems to me you are unaware of the sectarian card being played out by Iran with the full backing of the US. Be it in Lebanon, Pakistan and Yes eventually Saudi Arabia.
Or maybe you understand zilch about international politics.

So when you talk of Rationalism, you may want to redefine what it means for you.
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said
- Anyone going to divorce rationalism and embrace esoterico-mystico-millenarianistic thinking ? -

"Anyone" referred to you ma'am. Seems to me you're fascinated with the "war of religions" discourse so dear to the enemy Propaganda, otherwise you'd have said "Anyone vying for the Arab nation" ? What "Mecca", for fruitcake's sake !!!!! Neither Israel nor Iran have problems with Islam per se but with the Arab aspiration to unity, power and prosperity. They did not destroy Mecca or Medina, they destroyed Baghdad the beacon of the Arab secular modernist revenge. If the Saudis or any other Muslim people keep their heads down they will be left alone with all of their spiritual beliefs. It's the political, economic, territorial hegemony the real Zionist/Iranian goal, not the religious one. Therefore it's not with religion but with national consciousness that Arabs must respond.
Anonymous said…

On the other post you DO NOT reply me at all. You wrote that "anti-Semitism is utilized amongst our GCC Arab "allies," and Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and is little mentioned, studied or even acknowledged, here, because the reverse dominates all the discussion in terms of the ubiquitous, monolithic "Israel lobby." Of course there are some anti-semits (or better, anti-jews, since Arabs too are semite) among arabs and among other peoples , but Emperors Clothes doesn't attack anti-semitism, it attacks the whole arab and muslims world and whoever criticizes israel and its racist politics. And as for the "Israeli lobby", for your information i think that even if the Israeli lobby DOES EXIST, on the whole it is Israel that takes orders from the US and not the other way around. Israel is a criminal state(clarification: i do NOT mean that all the israeli jews are criminal, of course) , but it serves as U.S.proxy for its ME and global domination agenda. Imperialism and zionism are inseparable, and U.S. imperialist interests are necessarily pro-Israel/zionist, because the interests of israel, a US client-state, are essential to the u.s. “middle east’ and global domination agenda, not because the US, the world-dominant imperialist superpower, was hijacked by a bunch of israelis. But you seem to suggest that in the western counties none cares the terrible "arab anti-semitism",whilst everyone accuses the poor Israel and its lobby: and this is simply grotesque.

And you added that "Facts and quotes are selected out of context" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Well, I'd posted a lot of links. Now i post some quotations from the website that you like so much.

What Kanana has done is typical of anti-Israel propagandists. He has taken advantage of the widespread fantasy-view of the Middle East in which groups like the PLO are supposedly freedom fighters similar to Martin Luther King's Civil Rights movement, minus the non-violence. Anti-Israel propagandists build on this false image, likening Palestinians to blacks in South Africa under Apartheid or in the US under Segregation, and likening Jews to racist whites in these countries. Kanana knows that his audience is ignorant of basic realities in the Middle East, where half of Israel's Jewish population are refugees from terror in Arab-run countries, and where Arab racism against Jews and sub-Saharan Africans is common, Aside from the fact that Arabs live better in Israel than in any Arab country, the attempt to liken Israel with South Africa under Apartheid ignores other facts.
For one thing, white people are fairly recent arrivals in South Africa. But the situation in the Middle East is quite different. The only state that has ever existed in the area now occupied by Israel was the ancient state of...Israel. Eugenics assumes the existence of 'racially inferior' groups, but racist speech and discrimination are illegal in Israel. By contrast, in the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinian institutions preach that Jews are subhumans who should be killed. (What German Nazi leader does that remind you of?) [....] These were King's words almost a year after the Six Day War - that is to say, after the Arabs provoked a war with the intention of committing genocide and lost, leaving Israel in possession of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights. All these areas had been used as staging grounds to launch military attacks on the state of Israel and/or terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. Immediately after the war, Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol offered to turn over much of this land to the Arab states in exchange for a mere public promise of peace. Egyptian President Nasser rejected the offer and the Arab League then voted to refuse even to negotiate with Israel, suggesting that Arab leaders were committed to their oft-repeated public promise to wipe out the Jews.

Slobodan Milosevic issued a statement of "deepest condolences" for the "loss" of Yasser Arafat, whom he called "one of the most important symbols of the struggle for the rights of peoples in our times" and the "President of Palestine."
In eulogizing Arafat, Milosevic does not represent the Serbian people, not even the relatively small number who, like myself, have actively defended him against the fabricated charges at The Hague Tribunal. If Milosevic were sincere about defending the Serbs against oppression, why would he endorse Arafat, the latest incarnation of the Islamic fanatics who have been murdering Serbs for centuries? I can find no mention of any 'nation of Palestine' in history books. The creation of this mythical state, complete with a 'people' called 'the Palestinians', has been a project of the NATO governments, the media and Arab leaders... By constantly referring to them as 'Palestinians', the media has imbued them with national status. This was aided by the refusal of Arab governments to let 'Palestinian' refugees become citizens in the Arab states; by the UN, which has given them a fortune in aid on condition that they remain 'Palestinians' and refugees; and by the US government, which coerced Israel to accept a 'Palestinian state'...
Milosevic called Arafat "one of the most important symbols of the struggle for the rights of peoples in our times." He can make this preposterous statement because the mainstream media routinely portrays Arafat as a secular progressive. In fact, Arafat's Fatah is heir to the deadliest scourge of the 20th century, the wedding of Islam and Nazism, which slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies, and played a key role in the Holocaust... This is the man who fashioned the post-war 'Palestinian' movement, born of the wedding of fanatical Islam and German Nazism, complete with an imaginary 'Palestinian people' that was designed to create world support for the destruction of Israel by depicting this destruction as an act of national liberation. By calling Arafat a symbol of the fight for justice, Milosevic is in fact endorsing the line of the Western Establishment. It is not the first time. The Western media image of Milosevic as a militant defender of the Serbs is pure fiction....

To grasp what [Saddam] Hussein is, it's really only necessary to read his speeches. He sees the world as dominated by "Zionist imperialism" which translates, "The Jews." He believes in Arab supremacy. He whips people up into a real ultra-nationalist frenzy. Just compare any of his speeches (6) with Milosevic's speech at Kosovo Field in '89. (7)
I would wager that sooner or later we will learn that the CIA backed the violently anti-communist and anti-Semitic coup that brought the Arab Baath "Socialists" to power. We already know from freedom-of-information documents that the US foreign policy establishment played the anti-Semitic card in the Arab world by calling Communism a Jewish plot starting in the 1950s. Saddam Hussein was raised in the household of his uncle Khayrallah Tulfah. Tulfah participated in the pro-Nazi coup and subsequent slaughter of Jews in Iraq in 1941. This was organized by that Nazi, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. According to the Wiesenthal Center:
"Iraqi state television, both on its terrestrial and satellite broadcasts, has initiated a new daily program dedicated to reading select paragraphs from the Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion. Every evening at around 8:00pm Baghdad time the reader introduces the Protocols and presents his readings for the day." (4)
The Baath Party has a history of this sort of thing. After Iraq lost to Israel in the 1967 war, the Baath regime hanged as spies fourteen people, eleven of them from the ruthlessly persecuted and always-spied-on Jewish community. The Baath Party called on people to "come and enjoy the feast" and paraded 500,000 chanting demonstrators past the bodies, which were swinging on ropes. There was an international outcry, to which Baath radio responded, "We hanged spies, but the Jews crucified Christ." (5)
And that is aside from slaughtering socialists and communists and persecuting Shiites, Kurds, Assyrians - in other words, most people - and all opponents in the country. Nevertheless some non-Iraqis on the Left pay homage to Iraq and allow themselves to be used in Iraqi communiqués. And they wonder why the Left has scant credibility! This echoes the unfortunate Soviet policy of endorsing some of the worst forces in the Middle East.
As for the oft-repeated description of Iraq as a secular state, perhaps it is secular in the sense that the government is not dominated by religious leaders. But you wouldn't know it from Mr. Hussein's speeches. E.g., at the end of one speech, which includes statements such as:
"... after they cleanse the land of Palestine from Zionist desecration. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. with millions of gun-barrels, exchanging places on the battle- fronts, or being stationed where they ought to be from the start of the battle until Allah grants His final victory."
Hussein concludes with:
"Allah is Great Allah is Great Allah is Great There is no God but Allah Allah is Great Praise be to Allah." (6)
If this be secular, may God defend us from religion.

I was once part of what may be called the Hopeful Left. The Hopeful Left is a species associated with the Arab-Israeli dispute. It believes that the Arabs fighting Israel are waging a classic struggle for national liberation. All they want is a state of their own in Judea and Samaria, otherwise known as the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. Since Arab violence is viewed as stemming from supposed Israeli suppression of national aspirations, the Hope is that if Israel showers Arabs with concessions, extremists will be isolated; moderates (once meaning Yasser Arafat and now meaning Mahmoud Abbas, otherwise known as Abu Mazen, President of the Palestinian Authority) will be empowered; peace will reign. Such is the Hope of the Hopeful Left. Beginning three years ago, I was forced by the tremendous escalation of media attacks on Israel to study the facts about the Arab-Israeli dispute. I now believe the Hopeful Left is dangerously wrong. There is much evidence that the so-called Palestinian movement is not an outgrowth of the history of some Palestinian people, but an artificial creation of the Arab states, with much help, at various times, from Great Powers, such as the former Soviet Union, the United States, Britain and others [....]
So let us look at ‘disengagement’ in terms of this question: is the PLO involved in a movement for national liberation? Or against Jews? Arabs live in Gaza; until now, Jews have lived there too. Gaza Jews built towns and villages out of what was previously considered un-farmable land. Junk land. In 1967, when Israel seized Gaza from Egypt, that land was inhabited by nobody. These are indisputable facts. Arab leaders tell the world that their struggle is not against Jews per se, but against a supposedly expansionist Israel. All they want is a state for the Palestinians; so, for national liberation, not against Jews. As a recovering Hopeful Leftist, I remember believing this. I began recovering from my Hopeful condition when I began testing this belief against reality. For example, if Arab organizations were really fighting for a positive (self-determination) and not a negative (against Jews), what would have been their attitude towards the Jews who lived in Gaza for 38 years? The answer is, they would have welcomed Jewish individuals to stay. The Palestinian Authority would have published official documents guaranteeing protection of the rights of what would be, upon the departure of Israeli forces, a Jewish minority. And they would have guaranteed that attacks on Jewish people, prior to the proposed pullout, were punished as sharply as possible, thus making an international statement. This would be a brilliant stroke, creating the impression that Arab leaders were anti-racist. It would have weakened Jewish opposition to turning Gaza over to full Arab control. Why haven’t Arab leaders taken this politically shrewd stand? There is a substantial Arab minority in Israel, with normal rights; indeed, Israeli Arabs enjoy more rights than those in any Arab state. For example, in what Arab state can Arabs organize and campaign for government office without fear of police repression? Israeli Jews who physically assault Israeli Muslims are subject to the extreme penalties of the law. In Israel it is a hate crime, and one that is actively prosecuted, to call for physical attacks on Muslims or make remarks considered insulting to Muslims. So, even if the Arab Palestinian movement is based on hatred of Jews, it would have been smart for Arab leaders to welcome Gaza Jews to remain, thus telling the world that the Arab movement is just as humane as Jews. What was the reality? No Arab leader invited Jews to stay; none promised to protect them from attack. Quite the contrary, prior to the implementation of ‘disengagement,’ every Palestinian Arab faction attacked the plan to evict Jews from Gaza as inadequate and insincere. Not only did no Arab faction ask Jewish residents to stay in Gaza, but none denounced the continuing attempts to murder them. Palestinian Authority leaders sometimes suggested that these terrorist attacks should temporarily be halted lest they interfere with the planned evictions. But why would any terrorist group take such suggestions seriously when the Palestinian Authority-controlled mass media continued to incite Arabs to murder Jews and laud those who did it? In June and July we had the absurd spectacle of the United States praising the Palestinian Authority (and the PA praising itself) for supposed efforts to halt terrorist attacks even as the attacks continued, with the full blessing of the media controlled by...the Palestinian Authority. It was pure doubletalk. Case in point: on Saturday, June 18th, CNN reported that Mahmoud Abbas, alias Abu Mazen, President of the Palestinian Authority, held a joint press conference with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. For months, Arab terrorists had been shooting at and launching rockets at Gaza Jews. For example: “Earlier Saturday (i.e., the day of the press conference - JI) two Palestinian militants opened fire at Israeli troops guarding an Israeli settlement in Gaza, Israeli and Palestinian officials said. One militant was killed and another was wounded when the soldiers opened fire, Palestinian officials said.”
-- CNN, June 18, 2005 And after the press conference ended: “Shortly after Rice spoke, a blast was heard in Gaza. Palestinian militants said they had launched two rockets toward an Israeli settlement in southern Gaza.”
-- CNN, June 19, 2005. Notice that in one case, the attack was directed at settlements, meaning the homes of Jewish civilians. In the other case, the Arabs tried to kill the troops protecting those Jewish civilians from murder. So, both attacks told Jews that their presence in Gaza was an offense punishable by death. How did Secretary Rice and Mahmoud Abbas react? Ms. Rice told the assembled reporters about her meetings with Arab officials and spoke of the need for a “peaceful withdrawal,” not mentioning that rockets were targeting Jews and that Arab terrorists were trying to kill soldiers protecting the Jews. These were non-events. As for Abbas, he was Orwellian: “We discussed with Dr Rice the issue of the calm in general and the Palestinian factions’ commitment to this calm. We will continue to maintain the calm to reach a favorable result, whereby everybody will be committed so as to move to other steps after the withdrawal.” -- Transcript of June 18th press conference. Notice that Abbas spoke of “continu[ing] to maintain calm,” calling the assembled world media’s attention to “the Palestinian factions’ commitment to this calm.” So, War is Peace; Murdering Jews is Calm. The world writes this off on the grounds that the attacks are supposedly the work of Hamas, which is supposedly the fringe of Arab politics. The idea is that supposed moderates, like Abbas, don’t dare to oppose Hamas terror, lest they isolate themselves.If this bizarre defense were accurate, it would mean that the Arab population in Gaza was so thoroughly indoctrinated to hate Jews that even with Israel about to pull all security forces out - and evict all Jewish residents - no Arab politician dared to say killing Jews is wrong, let alone welcome Jews as citizens in a future Arab state. And this despite the international political gain from making such statements, even if they were lies. So if it had been Hamas trying to kill Jewish residents and the troops protecting them, the Abbas-can’t-do-anything-lest-he-be-isolated argument would be absurd. However, it was not Hamas: “Two Palestinian militant groups, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Islamic Jihad, claimed joint responsibility for the failed attack. And what is Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades? A terrorist group controlled by Fatah, which leads the PLO, and whose candidate in the Arab election was Abu Mazen, alias Mahmoud Abbas, now president of the Palestinian Authority. That is, the guy who spoke alongside Secretary Rice at the June 18th press conference. And, as I mentioned earlier, the Palestinian Authority TV and radio, which the PA controls with an iron hand, continues to incite and praise the murder of Jews. According to your Emperor clothers, even the US-Israle puppet Abbas is an dangerous Arab terrorist!

"Facts and quotes selected out of context", eh?

And these are not occasional statements, i could post many other: one of the main purposes of Emperor clothes is the fanatical defence of Israel and the rabid onslaught on the arab and muslim world. Bibi Netanyahu and the whole Likud party are far lesser zionist that your Emperor clothes.

You can say that you agree with Emperor clothes, that they are right in defending Israeli politics and in claiming that palestinians are not a people but a bunch of terrorists and nazi thugs, that all the arabs and muslims are anti-semit criminals and that Saddam Hussein was a mass-murderer on the CIA payroll and persecuted Jews, commies, shiites, kurds and assyrians; you can say just all what you like, but you can't deny that an avowed zionist and anti-arab website is zionist.

For your information, calling someone "zionist" is not an insult,
whilsts "antisemit" IS an insult, and you insulted and slandered me because i said that a zionist is a zionist and because am anti-zionist and defend palestinian rights.
Anonymous said…
I am a lonely woman, I need someone to react and respond to the things I write here.... Even if you talk shit about MUSTAFA KEMAL, please someone throw a bone at me, please....
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla, right from the word go, from the planning to invade Iraq, to the illegal invasion and occupation and subsequent entry of Iran into Iraq (together with the entire 'coalition of the willing'), the breaking up of Iraq (federalism) was the primary goal - all the more easier to steal its natural resources and to wipe out the Iraqis. Everybody's busy dividing Iraq, while Iraqis continue to suffer - damn them all.

At a loss for words.

In solidarity.
Sinbad said…
I am not too worried about Uncle Sam he will be pre-occupied cleaning his backyard which is full of clutter. The immediate threat in the middle-east and in the other regions of the world is Iran. Will it be so simple that Iraq will be given to Iran on a platter served with black dessert I hope not.

What baffles me that the Arab states dominated by the Sunnis are keeping mum? By resting on their laurels -are they of the opinion that the train will stop at the destination Iraq. If the Arab states would have heeded to the passionate appeal of Saddam Hussein to stand up to the American aggression- and convene on one platform to say a big No to the Americans and to their cronies-then Iraq would not have been bleeding and ahmedinejad would not have been dining with the Americans today. But no the Arabs were too drunk with black wine and the rest just merely enjoyed in the glory of the pyramids - the remaining were ecstatic about David beckam’s investment in the palm islands.

I don’t see the Arab leaders or their masses taking charge of the deteriorating situation in the region. The Arabs are always a nation in waiting. I hope they don’t wait too long like the last Mughal emperors -who were inattentive to the realities-since they were excessively busy playing chess and being charmed by women and wine-while the British were busy occupying the land. I hope this scenario does not catch up with the Arabs- who are submerged in black gold unconscious to notice the situation on the ground

If Americans and its darling Iran think that they will be able to stamp their authority in Afghanistan then their idea is totally misplaced. The northern frontier of Afghanistan which is backed by Iran and the Americans- were given a resounding blow by the Taliban and now they have buried themselves in some cave somewhere. If Alexander the great- Greek conqueror could not hoist his flag in the land of the mountains and the soviets that waged a 10 year war could not swallow it then this notion of the west that it will sit pretty in Kabul is farfetched.

Zardari the Mr. 10 %- the hopeless playboy is playing tango with Ms Rice and having given his assent to the Americans to land their troops in Pakistan will not help Uncle Sam or NATO to counter terrorism. Pakistani public which is unruly and understands only Martial Law-will drag the bodies of American marines through the streets- they are predestined to face the same fate as they did in Somalia. Although the Iranian influence also prevails in Pakistan they will not be able to achieve anything substantial.

Arab leaderships have shown over and over again on many forums that they cannot deal with any crisis leave alone reclaim Palestine they have ceded more land to the Zionists. Institutions like Arab league should be done away with. I think for now the only solution is the Sunni insurgency to all the problems which beleaguer the middle- east and the rest.

I sincerely hope that the kings of the lands of the sands are not reduced to roaring lambs. I leave you with the quote of a great warrior of the east Tipu Sultan “it’s better to live for one day like a lion than to live hundred days like mice”.
Anonymous said…
KMWR--I will ask just one question?
After all the above about how the website, TENC characterizes everything, what does this do or tell me or any of us that's new and HOW to CHANGE it, alter reality, affect power relationships? Or, affect Palestinians positively? I can focus on the above from now until doomsday, which is exactly what happens. I'm NOT characterizing ANYONE, from you to him to anyone, with ANY of the above categories. I NEVER use ANY of those terms, myself. I NEVER bring it up. I do use Fascist and Nazi, since this is precisely what I consider ALL these policies. I still consider his reasearch about Yugoslavia good. The rest of his work is not good. And, he has NO power. Everybody knows the role Israel plays as a surrogate for the US. So, what does any of this tell me? How does it help change ANYTHING? I happen to think the REAL power relationships that CAN be affected or changed are important. I think Sinbad, above, makes part of my point. I NEVER, for example, EVER, asked the question, myself, on any of my blogs, which Sinbad does: Where are all the Arabs and the Arab countries in this scenario? And the reason I do not ask it, in part, is because it assumes an homogenous "Arab." I do not know who is the homogenous Arab. I know their LEADERS, like Sinbad alludes, are part of the problem, part of the Fascist/Nazi power equation and relationships, along with Israel. And, ALWAYS, whenever I have SOME information of ANY kind of united resistance or opposition to that leadership in the Arab countries I try to highlight it. But, I am limited in my sources by language, primarily, time, etc.
I can't change the state of Israel, at least, not directly, altho, it would be more than happy NOT to subsidize Israel AND Egypt, not to mention lots of other places,part of our humungus defense budget. But, I certainly CAN highlight, for example, the role of Ramsey Clark and his coalition and their positions at the Anti-Imperialist Conference and say this is wrong. Say NO to it. Point it out and why this position is both dangerous and wrong and how it assists broader goals. This is something WE can do and affect, directly, if it's coordinated. I can highlight the role of the GCC "conspiracy," their economic interconnections and say, this MUST be opposed, exposed, blocked, halted, stopped, BY ALL CONCERNED and ask, here and elsewhere, why we have no control over our union pension funds and why we are ALL mortgaging ourselves and buying into the power relationship being developed in the Gulf PIVOTAL IN SUPPORTING THIS PROJECT. We SHOULD have power over our own investments, shouldn't we? I CAN support the demonstrations in Turkey and labor opposition against privatiziation and their Fascist AKP policies. And so on. I'm regurgitating my blog.
I will just say, I do NOT care, one way or another, IF the things quoted above were SAID OR NOT SAID, anymore than I bother with what Obummer says and promisses and the Nation of Islam, which spews forth venom. I NEVER regurgitate what ANY of them SAY. I never give ANY credibility or legitimacy to ANY of their public posturing. It's all the same to me.
And, that's that.
Anonymous said…
I have a question for @ Mrs. Layla Anwar and/or @Mrs. Paola Pisi:

Who is resisting against the occupation in Iraq today; I mean truly resisting, not playing double cross or committing acts of terrorism. How are they called today and what is their ideology/program today.

Thanks a lot and keep writing.
Anonymous said…
u always know too much and too in advance...methinks u were/are in almukhabarat.
Anonymous said…
Hey you guys, did you know THAT I AM VERY ANGRY?
I 've been coming to this blog and writing all kinds of nonsense and for some reason everybody is ignoring me. I am a KEMALIST! I will not be ignored, not pushed to the side like a used, dirty rag. Who do you think you are, AKP ?... OK, every election we Kemalist suck donkey balls since 2002 but this is too much, soon Kurdish minority in TURKEY will be getting free and kicking the Turkish oppression to the gutter. Then what?... Just sad memories of how we used to be an empire and all that crap. Have pity on us. Turkish pride is falling faster than NY stock exchange.
Anonymous said…

Enough is enough. And stop changing the cards on the table. In a short comment at Layla's previous entry i only wrote that i don't trust too much Emperor's clothes because is a zionist website. Period. You replied me with TWO postings, claiming that what i said was untrue, Emperor's clothes is "possibly one of the best resources", is NOT zionist at all, and that i characterized it as zionist only because it is run by a guy of jewish background and documents the historical and current use and crimes of anti-Semitism, Fascism, Nazism.
In plain words, you accused me of being an antisemit or a nazi or both.

And after i posted tons of stuff showing that Emporor clothes is a racist anti-arabs anti-palestinians ultra-zionist website, now you came out saying that you never use the term "zionist". So what? should i assume that now the zionists don't exist anymore because you don't use that term?
And this is nothing: you had the nerve to add that you "do NOT care, one way or another, IF the things quoted above (i.e. the abominable racist anti-arabs, anti-palestinians and anti-iraqis shit posted by the fanatical zionist Emperor clothes) were SAID OR NOT SAID". THEY WERE SAID, and i posted all the links: am not a liar. And i do care if a website is racist and ultra-pro-israel and sings the praises of the zionist crimes against palestinians. And i think that all decent people do care.

And i add that Emperor clothes harmed Milosevic and Serbs' cause, as well knows whoever really devoted himself to it. Linking Milosevic' cause to Israel's one was of course counterproductive, since Serbs' and Milosevic enemies said many times: " look at what disgusting people are defending Milosevic. They praise Milosevic and call for a palestinian genocide. They are just right: Milosevic is as innocent of ethnic cleansing as Israel is!"

Oh-- but you don't give a damn about the palestinans who are dying, because you are "bother with.. the Nation of Islam, which spews forth venom"!!!!!!!! I can't even understand what is that alleged Nation of Islam, since there is no such thing as "nation of Islam": there are islamic countries, and they are are different one from another. Yet i understand very well that you agree with Emperor clothes in hating the muslims. You are not criticizing reactionary forms of political islam, you are just claiming that the Nation of Islam ( the Ummah?) spews forth venom! And you have even the impudence to write such thing on a website of an Arab muslim woman whose country and whose life were destroyed by the imperialists and zionists.

However, i checked you blog, since i read it but not always carefully, and so i wished to see if you had written something about Israel and Palestine. Well, this is the best gem i found:
Of couse, everyone might recall, it was Citigroup's Siniora who emerged victorious, the new leader of Lebanon, after Lebanon's manufactured Cedar Revolution, Syria's subsequent withdrawal, Hariri's assassination, and, then, courtesy of Iranian sponsored terrorists, Hamas and/or Hezbollah, depending on place and circumstances, provocations and Lebanon's subsequent occupation by US/NATO/EU/UN forces after Israel's invasion

So according to you it was Hamas (?????????) and Hezbollah's fault if Israel was forced to destroy half of lebanon and slaughter 1000+ civilians? and not only Hezbollah but Hamas too is a bunch of terrorists, isn'it it?
No, dear KMWR: one can like or dislike Hamas, but it is a RESISTANCE movement, not a terrorist organization. And even if i surely strongly dislike Hezbollah and its sectarianism, i have to admit that Hezbollah too is (or has been) a resistance movement. Hezbollah is both the Iran's occupation army in Lebanon and a resistance movement.

The guys that fight the occupiers in occupied countries are RESISTANCE fighters, not terrorists, even if they are muslims and even if you despise them. Therefore:
1. Hamas activists are resistance fighters and not terrorists, even if they are muslims, since Palestine is occupied by Israel.
2. Afghan Taliban are resistance fighters and not terrorists, even if they are muslims, since Afghanistan is occupied by Nato.
3. the Islamic Army in Iraq and the other islamic resistance groups (clarification: NOT al-Qaeda) are resistance fighters and not terrorists, even if they are muslims, since Iraq is occupied by US and Iran.
4. Hezbollah members are (or at least have been) resistance fighters and not terrorists, even if they are muslims (and Iran-backed), because they fought against the israeli occupation of lebanon.

Understand? It is not so difficult. I repeat: the guys that fight the occupiers are RESISTANCE fighters, not terrorists.

But Israel and the US say that hamas is a terrorists organization! Right! Exactly as the Nazis once called the European resistance fighters "terrorists".

And this is my last reply to you. Forever.
Layla Anwar said…
To those who commented.

I don't have much time now to reply to each comment but will do so later. And will take it one at a time, as I believe some of the comments here provide excellent material that can be used for more debate, exchange or duels.
Layla Anwar said…
Samy, I will start with you.

1) First of all Mecca was used symbolically to refer to Saudi Arabia.

2) it is implied that Saudi Arabia is an Arab nation even though one may not like what it stands for today. But that is besides the point.

3) Saudi Arabia has no choice but to keep its head down in view of the current rulers that govern having been brought to a state of utter dependency on the USA. And this does not apply to Saudi Arabia alone but to Egypt as well. Another regional "power."

4) if you look carefully at the axis that is in place, you will find "satellite" arab countries gravitating towards Iran, in particular Syria and Lebanon. Hence not only a political split camp, but a fundamental"IDEOLOGICAL" split (within Islamic sphere) within these Arab countries.

5) however much you may dislike it and however much this may not fit into your own "ideological framework", you cannot DISMISS so flippantly, the role of the "ideological superstructure" to use a Gramsci term, in shaping power politics.

6) it is all too clear that whatever US-Iranian alliance there is, this latter(Iran) will not come outright and say " hey we are using the sectarian card", but we know, at least I do know that this is what has been done in IRAQ, and consequently, to reduce that aspect of the conflict to a mere breaking up of the ARAB NATION without taking into consideration that very important facet.

7) Pakistan is NOT an Arab country, yet you will witness that same sectarian card being played out with the help of IRAN.

8) Another point I would like you to ponder, is why is it that these resistance movements against Occupation be it in Iraq or Lebanon or Palestine or Afghanistan or even Pakistan, took on an Islamic coloring and why in some instances " a shia" or a "sunni" one, (and am not debating right here who is good and who is not) IF the vying is only for the ARAB nation as you claim. And I do agree partially with this assumption but not fully, as per the points I expounded above.

9) you claim that Iran and Israel have no problem with "Islam" per se. You are wrong here, you are historically wrong. I think you may need to re-read some bits of Islamic history, if not all.
Persia/and Iran of PERSIAN political shiism has a HUGE problem with current Islamic thought/trend. This may be the MUAWIYA excuse of 1'500 years ago, but it is still VERY MUCH active or ACTIVATED in people's mind. Therefore to brush off the "religious" dimension of the conflict is terribly reductionist on your part. Ditto for Israel.

I have more to say but you ponder on these points first before throwing YOUR political bullshit my way.
Layla Anwar said…
Sinbad, KMWR, Paola, Little Deer...

Will respond later. I really am rushed right now. Thanks.
Anonymous said…

Imagine a good teacher, a very knowledgeable, intellectually honest and eloquent one, BUT who would end her lesson saying to her pupils: "Ok, now go home and study the lesson as I taught it to you and don't you dare come back spewing your own bullshit."

My question is: where the hell would the need be for such a disdainful, humiliating add ???????

This apply to many of your replies to other commenters, in fact you have made sarcasm a trademark of your "replying style", where patience and educational effort would be far more "strategical" (i.e. FRUITFUL).

Luckily, I like you too much in the overall to let this one unpleasant trait "off-put" me so easily ;-)

Hence, I shall ponder on those points and continue following your writings.

Anonymous said…

a friend of mine emailed me that probably KNWS was referring to the "Nation of Islam" as the heterodox black islamic US movement, which is anti-Israel and allegedly anti-semite (or anti-jews). I don't know too much about the US Nation of Islam: i only know that Malcom X and Cassius Clay joined it, that the ADL issued a lot of statemensts against it and that the far-rightists accused Obama of having links with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan (but Obama condemned him and for that reason the ADL praised Obama). Therefore i am totally unable to judge the US black muslims and i cannot know if they are really antisemite.

But if KMWS said that she couldn't care less about Palestinian tragedy, because she is concerned with more serious things. i.e. a relatively small US black islamic sect, that "spews forth venom", in a certain sense it would be even worse.
Anonymous said…

Why is it that resistance movements took on an Islamic coloring ?

Because religions console of human fragility and finitude that are so painfully evident during WARTIME, Islam is now perceived as the only safe and reassuring "ferryboat" through the river of death from life to life.

But once freedom and peace and back, I don't know in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia but surely in IRAQ, the average man and woman will feel again the desire for an earthly envisionment of life and a religiously super partes political and social system.
Anonymous said…
As for the Empire having problems with Islam per se, what about all the times that America/Israel had NO problems at all arming, training and backing Sunni Islamic fighters against secular UNITARIANIST powers, such as in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo ?

The fact that in the Arab region the Sunnis happen to be the enemy to destroy (with the help of Iran) is not due to some particular character related to their sect but to their being the most loyal repositories of a NATIONAL UNITARIAN awareness THAT STANDS IN THE WAY of both the Zionist and the Iranian expansionist political projects.

Israel, America, Iran, only hate those people, Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, atheists, DEPENDING ON THE REGION, who defend their NATIONAL identity ABOVE every other consideration, while they don't hesitate to befriend all those (of all religions) willing to give up such identity.

Please correct me if I am wrong/ need for insulting !!!!!!

Best regards.
Layla Anwar said…
OK Samy, with your 10000 aliases, which are becoming tedious puerile pranks, I shall not reply to you anymore. You are deliberately provocative. And if you don't like the way I respond, go seek "your knowledge" elsewhere. This is not a classroom and I am not a mental teenager like yourself.
Layla Anwar said…

Captain, I read your comment. What can I say but that I do agree with you. But there is one point you missed in your short exposé, namely that the Arab world has gone, since 1948, through over 15 wars all with western interference.
Over 15 WARS. How many countries will sustain 15 wars in such as short period of time. We are just keeping our heads above water. This point is very important when you are refering to the MASSES.
Layla Anwar said…

Kindly clarify what you mean by the NATION OF ISLAM ? I am quite confused on that issue. Are you referring to Louis Farakkhan in the US or are you referring to the Nation of Islam as in the Muslim Ummah, or are you taking the nation of Islam (USA)as a yardstick for muslim nations as a whole. I think this point deserves being clarified.
Layla Anwar said…
Paoal Pisi,

I agree with you.However I would like to take up on another point still related though...but not quite directly.
And this is a question for a personal opinion more than anything else.

How does one reconcile this PARTICULAR SLANT OF ISLAMIC RESISTANCE MOVEMENTS, which for me appears rather ideologically retrograde when it comes to Women's issues, with anti imperialism and anti-occupation.

I did stress that PARTICULAR SLANT of ISLAMIC movements, because I do believe that ISLAM is VAST enough for more clement interpretations insofar as women are concerned.

This point specifically poses for me a tremendous ideological problem. Some input for the sake of exchange is appreciated.
Layla Anwar said…

I cannot reply on behalf of Paola Pisi, I can only tell you what I hear and know and my knowledge is not complete either.

I was watching an interview the other day with some Iraqi Resistance fighters and they said to the effet - that they have not stopped their struggle against the occupation and now with the SOFA agreement, they find their objectives to become even more since SOFA means the institutionalization of American interests in Iraqi Society - this is different from a forthright occupation.

As for their program. From what I know, it is a loose program with the sole aim of driving the occupier out. I am not aware of the intricacies or the after plan.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Little Deer,

I suppose you summed it all up in a nutshell. That is exactly it.
Layla Anwar said…

How clever! How did you guess ???
I actually work for the Iranian mukhabarat, the ex savak turned mullahs. Keep up the "brilliant" detective work.
bARABie said…
"How does one reconcile this PARTICULAR SLANT OF ISLAMIC RESISTANCE MOVEMENTS, which for me appears rather ideologically retrograde when it comes to Women's issues, with anti imperialism and anti-occupation."

The same way one did during Salah á Deen's times. As you have pointed out, Islam "is VAST enough for more clement interpretations insofar as women are concerned.".
And Saddam Hussein has already answered that question for you, "EDUCATION" of the masses.
bARABie said…
"Kindly clarify what you mean by the NATION OF ISLAM ?"

KMWR is referring to the Negro yanks "nation of Islam" (mental cases more like it). The one that farrakhan heads, the same farrakhan that took advantage of Ahmed Deedat when Ahmed was sick in bed.
The same farrakhan that has done more damage to the image of Islam than any other house nigger.
Anonymous said…

I am really sorry that you perceived me as "provocative" and a "mental teenager".

All I meant was to submit to you my strictly personal (hence relative and imperfect) point of view on the situation - as people normally do in a blog's comment section.

Can you please point out to me where you disliked my approach ?

Thank you and best regards.
Anonymous said…
One more thing...

I don't have 1000 "aliases". I have "moments", 1 of plenitude each 1000 of void...

But I still prefer life...partly thanks to you.


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